1Antipolo CityAcademy Integrated School of AntipoloMarigma, Antipolo CityNoneNoneRecognized since 1994NoneNone
2Antipolo CityAMA Computer College East Rizal Branch, Inc.AMA Bldg., Marcos Hi-way, Brgy. Mayamot, Antipolo CityK-437, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
3Antipolo CityAngels Learning Center (ALC) High SchoolB12 L2,3,12,13 Robinson Homes, Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo CityK-053E-03728NoneNone
4Antipolo CitySouthridge Private High School#26 Martinez St., Brgy San Roque, Antipolo CityK-005None63NoneNone
5Antipolo CityANRI Montessori School, Inc.262 Purok Silangan, Brgy. Dela Paz, Antipolo CityNoneNone6NoneNone
6Antipolo CityAntipolo Dela Virgen School, Inc.238 San Jose St., Brgy San Isidro, Antipolo CityK-037E-027NoneNoneNone
7Antipolo CityAntipolo Faith Christian SchoolRoad 2., Inday Subd. Brgy San Jose, Antipolo CityK-003E-0028NoneNone
8Antipolo CityAntipolo Immaculate Conception school, Inc. Villa Carmen Subd., San Roque, Antipolo CityK-007E-004, s. 1995NoneNoneNone
9Antipolo CityAntipolo Immaculate Conception School, Inc.Carigma Ext., Tanag, Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo CityNoneNone001, s. 1997NoneNone
10Antipolo CityAntipolo Lady of Lourdes School Foundation, Inc.Parugan Interior National Road, Antipolo CityK-117, s. 2016E-025,3NoneNone
11Antipolo CityAntipolo Mindfield Academy, Inc.#205 Sitio Broadway Brgy Dela Paz, Antipolo CityNoneNone48NoneNone
12Antipolo CityAssumption AntipoloSumulong H way, Brgy Sta Cruz, Antipolo CityK-161E-6112NoneNone
13Antipolo CityBagong Nayon II Antipolo Christian School, Inc. Blk. 36 Lot 2 Bagong Nayon II, Antipolo CityNoneNoneRecognized since 2005NoneNone
14Antipolo CityBagong Nayon II Christian School (Dela Paz)1625 Phase III BN II, Brgy Dela Paz, Antipolo CityK-021E-024NoneNoneNone
15Antipolo CityBagong Nayon II Christian School (San Isidro)NHA Avenue, Brgy. San Isidro, Antipolo CityK-021E-024NoneNoneNone
16Antipolo CityBarangka Community School Inc.Blk. 26 Lot 14 Col. Cuenco Ave., Unit II Pagrai Hills, Mayamot, Antipolo CityNoneE012, s. 2017NoneNoneNone
17Antipolo CityBlessed Marian College of Science and Technology Inc. (F.: Blessed Marian Academy Kingsville Inc.)Kingsville 2, Marcos Highway, Brgy. Mayamot, Antipolo CityK-066, s. 2013E-067, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
18Antipolo CityBrighton Institute of Arts & TradeMarcos High-way Puting Bato San Luis, Antipolo CityNoneNone80NoneNone
19Antipolo CityBrightthub Development and Tutorial CenterNo. 48 Saint Agatha St., Maries Village 2, Mayamot, Antipolo CityK-065, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
20Antipolo CityBurning-Bush Child Development Center, Inc.Don Enrique Rd. Brgy San Roque, Antipolo CityK-036E-133, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
21Antipolo CityChildren's Learning Center of Antipolo City Inc.Sto. Niño cor. Sumulong St., Brgy San Jose, Antipolo CityK-038E-011NoneNoneNone
22Antipolo CityChristus Victor Academy#1 Victory Drive Metro Exec. Homes Mayamot, Antipolo CityK-040E-0483NoneNone
23Antipolo CityColegio De San Antonio Village Antipolo Rizal, Inc.San Antonio Village, Brgy Dalig, Antipolo CityK-008E-025NoneNoneNone
24Antipolo CityCollege of San Benildo-Rizal Foundation, Inc. (F.: San Benildo Integrated School Foundation, Inc.)Sumulong Highway, Antipolo CityNoneNone15NoneNone
25Antipolo CityCreative Fun Learning CenterRobinsons Homes East, Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo CityK-025NoneNoneNoneNone
26Antipolo CityDaughters of Saint Dominic School Inc.Atis Rd. Nayong Silangan Subd, Antipolo CityK-002NoneNoneNoneNone
27Antipolo CityDiadem Christian Academy Inc.50 Ocean St. Summerville Subd., Mayamot, Antipolo CityK-001E-02536NoneNone
28Antipolo CityDivine Mercy School of Antipolo Inc. (F.: Divine Mercy Learning Center of Antipolo Inc.)L. Sumulong, Circumferential Road (Siete Media St.), Brgy. San Isidro, Antipolo CityK-015, s. 1998E-010, s. 2005009, s. 2005NoneNone
29Antipolo CityDon Antonio De Zuzuarregui, Sr. Memorial Academy, IncorporatedSt. Anthony, Brgy Inarawan, Antipolo CityK-035E-0326NoneNone
30Antipolo CityFamous Christian AcademyC. Lawis Ext. San Luis, Antipolo CityK-027E-02822NoneNone
31Antipolo CityFirst Crayons Learning Center, Inc.Bayugo-Buliran Rd., Primavera Homes, Antipolo CityK-093E-072NoneNoneNone
32Antipolo CityGalmi Christian Academy#50 Buntong Palay Brgy San Juan,Antipolo CityK-027E-03156NoneNone
33Antipolo CityGeorgia Academy (Antipolo), Inc. (F: Georgia International School)Ascencion Road, Brgy. Dalig, Maia Alta, Antipolo CityK-009, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
34Antipolo CityGolden Sunbeams Christian SchoolNat'l Rd. Brgy Dalig, Antipolo CityK-013E-01141NoneNone
35Antipolo CityGrace School of Antipolo, Inc.#86 Sumulong St., Antipolo CityK-004E-018NoneNoneNone
36Antipolo CityGreen House Montessori School of the Phils., Inc.16 Jensen St., Village East,, Brgy. Muntindilaw, Antipolo CityK-037, s. 2013E-077, s. 2017NoneNoneNone
37Antipolo CityHaggai Christian Academy (Coramdeo Christian Academy)Soliven Ave., Mayamot, Antipolo CityK-170E-03916NoneNone
38Antipolo CityHankuk Educational Foundation Inc.Lot 1 Blk 3-4, C. Lawis Ext. San Luis, Antipolo CityK-023E-0255NoneNone
39Antipolo CityHarper & Louise Child Development Center Inc.#40 E. Rodriguez, Brgy. Dalig, Antipolo CityK-013E-022NoneNoneNone
40Antipolo CityHarvest Christian College Cam Sung Foundation International Inc.15 Sitio Payong Brgy Dalig, Antipolo City K-074E-05443NoneNone
41Antipolo CityHillcrest School, Inc.#2 Corner Roads 22 and 26, Phase II Cogeo Village Brgy. Bagong Nayon, Antipolo CityK-038E-02828NoneNone
42Antipolo CityHoly Child School of Antipolo, Inc.#104 St Anthony 2 Brgy Inarawan, Antipolo CityK-112E-04540NoneNone
43Antipolo CityHoly Spirit Integrated School Foundation#27 St. Anthony St., Milagros Subd., Antipolo CityK-051E-05027NoneNone
44Antipolo CityHope Mission Christian School of Antipolo Inc.Lot 3-A Lornaville Subd., Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo CityNoneE-371, s. 2015S-217, s. 2014NoneNone
45Antipolo CityInfant Jesus AcademyNHA Ave. Bagong Nayon II, Antipolo CityK-011E-00929NoneNone
46Antipolo CityInteri Educational School Inc.Blk. 5 Lot 5 Phase 2B, Bagong Nayon II, Brgy. San Luis, Antipolo CityK-084, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
47Antipolo CityJupiter School of Antipolo#114 Tapales Rd. Tubigan Brgy Dalig, Antipolo CityK-017E-0157NoneNone
48Antipolo CityKids International Learning Academy (K.I.L.A)Village East Executive Homes, Brgy Muntindilaw, Antipolo CityK-028NoneNoneNoneNone
49Antipolo CityKids of the King Christian Academy, Inc.Blk. 85 Lot 33 Molave St., Brgy. San luis, Antipolo CityK-058E-0407NoneNone
50Antipolo CityKindergarten Camp Learning Center47 P. Oliveros Ticzon Park Dela Paz, Antipolo CityK-043NoneNoneNoneNone
51Antipolo CityKings Little Jewels Learning Center-KLJLC, Inc.151 San Jose St., Brgy San Isidro, Antipolo CityK-016E-007NoneNoneNone
52Antipolo CityLa Salle College Antipolo Foundation, Inc.1985 La Salle Ave. Town & Country Heights, Brgy. San Luis, Antipolo CityNoneE-014E-014NoneNone
53Antipolo CityLady Charity School of AntipoloC. Lawis Ext. Brgy, San isidro Anitpolo CityK-008E-02070NoneNone
54Antipolo CityLady of the Rosary SchoolBlk 4 LB Cattleya St. Ferretville Subd., Antipolo CityK-004E-01028NoneNone
55Antipolo CityLafayette AcademyM.L. Quezon Ext., San Roque, Antipolo CityNoneNoneRecognized since 1999NoneNone
56Antipolo CityMarcelli School of Antipolo6 Marigman St., Brgy San Roque, Antipolo CityK-066E-050NoneNoneNone
57Antipolo CityMarian School Foundation of AntipoloPeace Village San Luis, Antipolo CityK-011E-007NoneNoneNone
58Antipolo CityMaries Christian School#4 St John St., Marie Ville Mayamot, Antipolo CityK-001E-01353NoneNone
59Antipolo CityMary Angelicum Development Academy, Inc. (Formerly: Maryown Angelicum Normal School, Inc.)NHA Avenue, Bagong Nayon II, Brgy. San Isidro, Antipolo CityNoneNone74NoneNone
60Antipolo CityMontessori Children's House1 Sen. Lorenzo Sumulong Memorial Circle Dela Paz, Antipolo CityK-007NoneNoneNoneNone
61Antipolo CityMontessori Integrated School of Antipolo1 Sen. Lorenzo Sumulong Memorial Circle Dela Paz, Antipolo CityNoneE-05151NoneNone
62Antipolo CityMother Goose Montessori Grade School24 M Santos St. San Roque, Antipolo CityK-005E-004NoneNoneNone
63Antipolo CityMountaintop Christian AcademyBlk-59 L1 Ph 7 Pagrai Hills Subd., Antipolo CityK-030E-00710NoneNone
64Antipolo CityNazareth Christian School of AntipoloKm 12-7 Sumulong H-way Mambugan, Antipolo CityK-317E-05711NoneNone
65Antipolo CityNCD Integrated School Inc.#5 Road 24 Cogeo Village, Brgy. Bagong Nayon, Antipolo CityK-024, s. 2022E-025, s. 20227NoneNone
66Antipolo CityOur Lady of Deliverance (Cogeo)GSIS Ave, Brgy Bagong Nayon I, Antipolo CityRecognizedRecognizedRecognized since 2005NoneNone
67Antipolo CityOur Lady of Deliverance School (Antipolo Hills)Sitio Banaba, San Isidro, Antipolo CityNoneNoneRecognized since 1990NoneNone
68Antipolo CityOur Lady of Hope Integrated Academy Inc. (F.: Justo Learning Academy Inc.)#71 Cadena de Amor St., cor. Orchid St., Greenheights Subd., Mayamot, Sumulong, Antipolo CityK-046E-02718SPED-003None
69Antipolo CityOur Lady of Peace SchoolP. Oliveros St. San Jose Antipolo CityK-45E-0063NoneNone
70Antipolo CityParef Rosehill PreschoolSta Monica Estate Mission Hills, Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo CityK-018NoneNoneNoneNone
71Antipolo CityParef Rosehill School Inc.Sun Valley Estate, Brgy. San Juan, Antipolo CityNoneE-015"027NoneNone
72Antipolo CityPencils and Crayons Integrated School Inc.S. Pedracio St., Brgy. Dalig, Antipolo CityK-006, s. 2012E-039, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
73Antipolo CityPilgrims Montessori Academy of Antipolo City, Inc.721 NHA Avenue Phase V, Brgy. Dela Paz, Antipolo CityK-030E-047NoneNoneNone
74Antipolo CityPotter's Hand Christian Academy Inc.#17 Ocean St., Summerville 2, Brgy. Mayamot, Antipolo CityK-032None31NoneNone
75Antipolo CityPrimaschola Integrated Academy (F.: Kids "R" Us Early Childhood Center)Village East Executive Homes, Mambugan, Antipolo CityK-003NoneNoneNoneNone
76Antipolo CityPrince of Peace Integrated School Inc.C. Lawis Ext. Brgy San Luis, Antipolo CityK-044E010, s. 201719NoneNone
77Antipolo CityRecoletos AcademyLores Country Homes, Antipolo CityK-037E-031NoneNoneNone
78Antipolo CityRich Golden Shower MontessoriMontessori Lane Rancho Bueno, M. L. Quezon Ext., Dalig, Antipolo CityK-082E-0312NoneNone
79Antipolo CityRockfort Christian AcademyNat'l Rd. Inday Subd. Brgy San Jose, Antipolo CityK-001E-00147NoneNone
80Antipolo CitySacred Heart School of Antipolo, Inc.Road 3 Phase 4 Cogeo Village, Antipolo CityK-052E-059NoneNoneNone
81Antipolo CitySaint John Paul II Minor Seminary Inc.Maguey Road, Brgy. San Luis, Antipolo City None NoneS-011, s. 2017NoneNone
82Antipolo CitySaint Regina Academy of Antipolo City, Inc.#4 Warm St., Virginia Summerville Subd., Mayamot, Antipolo CityK-224, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
83Antipolo CitySan Isidro Labrador Academy Region IV San Juan Antipolo, Rizal Inc.Blk. 7 Lot 9-14 Sitio Inalsan, Brgy. San Juan, Antipolo CityNoneNone56NoneNone
84Antipolo CitySaviour SchoolBently Park Subd., Brgy. San Cruz Antipolo CityK-021E-01626NoneNone
85Antipolo CitySchool of Everlasting Pearl, Inc.Siruna Village Mambugan II, Antipolo CityK-042E-041, s. 201226NoneNone
86Antipolo CitySenora Dela Paz AcademyC. Lawis Ext. San Luis, Antipolo CityK-026E-02746NoneNone
87Antipolo CitySeven Dolours School CorporationSitio Tibagan Brgy San Jose, Antipolo CityNoneNone7NoneNone
88Antipolo CityShepherd Angels Christian School of Antipolo Inc. - MainL-4 B-18 Phase 3, NHA Ave. Bagong Nayon II, Antipolo CityK-059E-04521NoneNone
89Antipolo CityShiloh Learning Center#2 M.L. De Leon St., Gloria Heights, Antipolo CityK-061E-00338NoneNone
90Antipolo CitySmart Kids First School1 Mt. Washington St., Marcos Hi-way, Antipolo CityK-024E-025NoneNoneNone
91Antipolo CitySouthridge Private High SchoolCircumferential Rd., San Roque, Antipolo CityNoneNone13NoneNone
92Antipolo CitySt. Andrew's Cleverland School (SACS), Inc.518 M.H. del Pilar St., Antipolo CityK-003E-0323NoneNone
93Antipolo CitySt. Benedict School of Antipolo City, Inc.Cluster E, Bagong Nayon I, Cogeo, Antipolo CityK-041E-127, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
94Antipolo CitySt. Catherine Special Learning CenterBankers Village III, Ph. I, Antipolo CityK-063E-045NoneNoneNone
95Antipolo CitySt. Clare Montessori SchoolAntipolo CityK-006E-008NoneNoneNone
96Antipolo CitySt. Clare Science High School of Antipolo City Inc.18 C. Lawis St. Brgy. Dela Paz, Antipolo CityNoneNone1NoneNone
97Antipolo CitySt. Elijah Christian Academy, Inc.Brgy. San Luis, Antipolo CityNoneNoneRecognized since 2005NoneNone
98Antipolo CitySt. John Mary Vianney Academy of AntipoloAster St. La Colina Subd., Antipolo CityK-009E-1049NoneNone
99Antipolo CitySt. John's Wort Montessori School of Antipolo30 M L Nayong Silangan, Dalig I, Antipolo City K-003E-00619NoneNone
100Antipolo CitySt. Joseph of Mambugan Learning Center#3 Sparrow St., Francisville Subd., Mambugan, Antipolo CityK-243, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
101Antipolo CitySt. Pascual Baylon Academy Inc.N.H.A. Avenue Sitio Lucban Brgy. Dela Paz, Antipolo CityK-001E-00332NoneNone
102Antipolo CitySt. Therese Development CenterB61 L28 Avocado St., Antipolo Hills, Brgy. San Luis, Antipolo CityK-015E-037NoneNoneNone
103Antipolo CitySta. Clara De Antipolo School Inc.No. 2 Road 1 Corner Road 7, Phase IV-Cogeo Village, Antipolo CityNoneNoneRecognized since 2005NoneNone
104Antipolo CitySta. Clara International Academy (Antipolo) Inc.2 Rd. 7 Corner Rd. I Ph IV Cogeo Village, Antipolo CityNoneNone41NoneNone
105Antipolo CitySummerville Academy, Inc.#6 Tocs Ave. Summerville Subd. Mayamot, Antipolo CityK-002E-00513NoneNone
106Antipolo CitySumulong Memorial High SchoolGen. Luna St., San Roque, Antipolo CityNoneNone235NoneNone
107Antipolo CitySun Hwa International Academy Foundation, Inc.126 M. Santos Extension corner Circumferential Road, Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo CityK-038E-03228NoneNone
108Antipolo CityTalitha Cumi Academy Inc.Lot 3, 4 & 5 Blk. 6 Phase III-A Bagong Nayon II, Antipolo CityK-031E-02857NoneNone
109Antipolo CityThe Jesus Church Children of Tomorrow Inc.Sto. Niño, Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo CityK-003E-085, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
110Antipolo CityThe Light of the Lord Christian School Inc.Sitio Tanza II, Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo CityNoneNone008, s. 2010NoneNone
111Antipolo CityThe Montessori Schoolhouse at Kent, Inc.#17 Kent St. Filinvest East Homes, Mayamot, Antipolo CityK-033E-01831NoneNone
112Antipolo CityThe Pleasant Mount School12 Pleasant St. Summerville Subd. Mayamot, Antipolo CityK-030E-00517NoneNone
113Antipolo CityUnciano Colleges, Inc. Circumferential Rd Brgy San Roque, Antipolo CityK-095E-09510NoneNone
114Antipolo CityVictory Elijah Christian College Inc. (F.:Victory Elijah School Systems, Inc. ) Lot 10 Blk. 2 (#43) Rose St., Lourdes Subd., Brgy. Mambugan, Antipolo CityK-038, s. 2022E-0732NoneNone
115Antipolo CityVineyard Christian Academy, Inc.#20 3rd St. V. Summerville Subd. Phase I, Mambugan, Antipolo CityK-062, s. 2013E-063, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
116Antipolo CityVirtudes De La Academia, Inc.M. L. Quezon St. corner Villa Ligaya Rd., Brgy. Dela Paz, Antipolo CityK-083, s. 2013E-039, s. 2022NoneNoneNone
117Antipolo CityWestern Antipolo Mission School, Inc.Sitio East Kamias, Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Antipolo CityK-009E-02437NoneNone
118Antipolo CityWILL School of Antipolo, Inc.#700 Topaz Lane Cristimar Village, Antipolo CityK-014E-0127NoneNone
119Antipolo CityParef-Northfield School for Boys, Inc.Highland Park Ave., Sun Valley EStates, Brgy. San Juan, Antipolo CityNoneNoneS-041, s. 2022NoneNone
Antipolo CityLove and Serve Christian School Inc.Lot 30 Knights of Columbus, Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo CityK-052, s. 2022NoneNoneNoneNone
Antipolo CityRechab Academy, Inc.Buliran Road, Sitio Bayugo, Brgy. San Isidro, Antipolo CityK-053, s. 2022E-054, s. 2022NoneNoneNone
1Bacoor CityAcademy for Christian Education, Inc.Queen's Row Central, Bacoor CityK-034, s. 2005E-003, s. 2009002, s. 2010NoneNone
2Bacoor CityAcademy of Gentle Potter's Children IncNiog III, Bacoor CityK-110, s. 2013E-141, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
3Bacoor CityAsian Master's Academy (AMA) Inc.Bacoor CityNoneNoneRecognized since 2006NoneNone
4Bacoor CityBacoor Parish School172 Ocampo St. Digman, Bacoor CityK-019, s. 1990E-013, s. 199012, s. 1979NoneNone
5Bacoor CityBacoor Parochial School of St. Michael The Archangel091 C. Gawaran St. Digman, Bacoor CityK-002, s. 2006E-002, s. 2006066, s. 2006NoneNone
6Bacoor CityBacoor Unida Evangelical School Inc.107 Banalo, Bacoor CityK-009, s. 1995E-041, s. 1996018, s. 2006NoneNone
7Bacoor CityBeatea Mariae Academy, Inc.Blk. 1 Lot 2 Phase 1 Mary Homes Subd., Molino, Bacoor CityK-115, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
8Bacoor CityBerrien Springs Academy, Incorporated19 Fuscia St., North Springville 1 Subd., Molino, Bacoor CityK-082, s. 2003NoneNoneNoneNone
9Bacoor CityBlessed Virgin Learning CenterSentero Subd., Habay, Bacoor CCityK-045, s. 1996E-056, s. 1999NoneNoneNone
10Bacoor CityBristle Oak Academe, Inc.Bonair Homes Molino Bacoor CityK-012, s. 2003E-386, s. 2015S-479, s. 2016NoneNone
11Bacoor CityBrookstone Academy of the South, Inc.Blk. 28 Lot 13 Marcos Alvarez Ave., Green Valley Subd., Bacoor CityK-005, s. 2009E-097, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
12Bacoor CityCasa de San Miguel Montessori SchoolPanapaan, Bacoor CityK-004, s. 2004E-004, s. 2004020, s. 2005NoneNone
13Bacoor CityCavite Christian School38 Aniban St, F de Castro Subd. Bacoor CityK-006, s. 1988K-002, s. 1993059, s. 2006NoneNone
14Bacoor CityCavite School of LifeEVU Comp. Espiritu St. Panapaan Bacoor CityK-040, s. 2003E-041, s. 2003014, s. 2003NoneNone
15Bacoor CityCavite School of St. MarkAguinaldo Highway Bacoor CityK-009, s. 1990E-003, s. 1991010, s. 1990NoneNone
16Bacoor CityCavite Southern Emerald AcademyB2 L2 Perpetual Village 8, Bacoor CityK-034, s. 2001E-049, s. 2002NoneNoneNone
17Bacoor CityCavite Sto Niño SchoolB30 L7-9 Camella Springville Central Ph2 Molino, Bacoor CityK-086, s. 2003E-066, s. 2003NoneNoneNone
18Bacoor CityChain of Wisdom Colleges of Cavite Inc. (F: Chain of Wisdom House of Learning Inc.)0191 Celestino St., New Niog Village, Niog II, Bacoor CityK-111, s. 2013E-112, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
19Bacoor CityCherry's Infant Learning Center Inc.Blk. 10 Lot 15 Ph. 4 Sampaguita St., Cherry Homes Subd. Mambog 1, Bacoor CItyK-046, s. 2005NoneNoneNoneNone
20Bacoor CityChildren's School of Tomorrow, Inc.No. 6 Uranus St., Ph. 2-D Camella Homes Salinas, Bacoor CityK-060, s. 2012E-038, s. 2012S-066, s. 2022NoneNone
21Bacoor CityChild's Quest Center Inc.B8 L15 Cactus St. Sorrento, Panapaan, Bacoor CityK-002, s. 2008E-002, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
22Bacoor CityChristian Life Academy of Bacoor, Cavite, Inc. Blk. 23 Lot 1 Queen Ann St., Queens Row East, Bacoor CityK-275, s. 2014E-276, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
23Bacoor CityChristian Values Scool Foundation Inc.Km. 18 Aguinaldo Highway Bacoor CityK-011, s. 1990E-001, s. 1992023, s. 1999NoneNone
24Bacoor CityCitiville Christian Academy, Inc.Blk. 5 Lot 9 Ph. 3 Daisy St., Citihomes, Molino IV, Bacoor CItyK-036, s. 2010NoneNoneNoneNone
25Bacoor CityCrest View Academy of CaviteQueen's Row Subd. Molino Bacoor CityK-017, s. 1991E-001, s. 1993025, s. 1999NoneNone
26Bacoor CityDiamond Academy, Inc.B10 L10 Queens Row Central, Molino Bacoor CityK-121, s. 2003E-025, s. 2005015, s. 2007NoneNone
27Bacoor CityDivine Jesus Learning CenterApacible St. Cor Evangelista, Bahayang Pag-asa, Bacooor CityK-076, s. 2008E-067, s. 2008035, s. 2007NoneNone
28Bacoor CityDivine Light AcademyTown And Country West, Molino, Bacoor CityK-022, s. 1996E-012, s. 1997008, s. 1997NoneNone
29Bacoor CityDon Stevens Institute of Cavite IncorporatedSampaguita Dr. Central P1 Springville II,Molino, Bacoor CityK-037, s. 1992E-045, s. 1997035, s. 2004NoneNone
30Bacoor CityDunamis of Wisdom Christian School Inc.Daang Hari, Molino III, Bacoor CityK-057, s. 2011E-032, s. 2012NoneNoneNone
31Bacoor CityEmmaus Learning Center Inc.257 Duhat Rd. Justinville Subd. Bacoor CityK-053, s. 1997None017, s. 2005NoneNone
32Bacoor CityEscuela La Madrid of Cavite Incorporated3 Piñahan, Mabolo 3, Dulong bayan Bacoor CityK-038, s. 2012E-028, s. 2012NoneNoneNone
33Bacoor CityEvergreen State AcademyFrancisco Compound 44 Niog Bacoor CityNoneNone014, s. 2004NoneNone
34Bacoor CityFirst Books Learning Center, Inc.Blk. 10 Lots 5-6 Ph. 1 SHIV, Molino, Bacoor CityK-044, s. 2008E-063, s. 2022NoneNoneNone
35Bacoor CityGeorge Mueller Christian Academy, Inc.George Town Heights Subd, Molino 4, Bacoor CityK-110, s. 2003NoneNoneNoneNone
36Bacoor CityGod's Grace Christian School of Bacoor CorporationSergio Guinto Comp., San Nicolas I, Bacoor CityK-087, s. 2008E-079, s. 2008S-132, s. 2017NoneNone
37Bacoor CityGraceland Academy Inc.Mary Homes Subd. Molino 4 Bacoor CityK-024, s. 2001E-022, s. 2004025, s. 2011NoneNone
38Bacoor CityGreen Ridge SchoolB20 L1 P2, Soldiers Hills 4 Molino Bacoor CityK-042, s. 1999E-038, s. 1999NoneNoneNone
39Bacoor CityGreen Valley AcademyGVA Subd. Molino 3, Bacoor CityK-068, s. 1997E-074, s. 2003001, s. 1986NoneNone
40Bacoor CityGrowing Years Learning School, Inc.Blk. 10 Lot 1-3 J. P. Rizal St., South 2, Camella Springville, Molino 3, Bacoor CityK-384, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
41Bacoor CityHarrel Horne Integrated School3 Basa St. Bahayang Pag-asa Subd. Molino, Bacoor CityK-020, s. 1996E-041, s. 1998041, s. 2003NoneNone
42Bacoor CityImmaculada Concepcion CollegesSoldiers Hills IV Molino Bacoor CityNoneRecognizedRecognized since 1994NoneNone
43Bacoor CityImmanuel Grace Learning Center024 Coastal Green St. Aguinaldo Hi-way, Bacoor CityRecognizedRecognizedRecognized since 2005NoneNone
44Bacoor CityJesus Our Wisdom Christian SchoolMulawin St. Meadowood Subd. Bacoor CityK-031, s. 1996NoneNoneNoneNone
45Bacoor CityJohn Paul Montessori128 Ligas Bacoor CityK-003, s. 1995E-009, s. 1996NoneNoneNone
46Bacoor CityJoseph Immanuel Christian School, Inc. B2 L1 Dahlia St., P1, Bacoor CityK-206, s. 1994E-028, s. 1997NoneNoneNone
47Bacoor CityJubileum Academy of Bacoor181 Niog Ibaba Talaba VII, Bacoor CityK-087, s. 2002E-008, s. 2005036, s. 2009NoneNone
48Bacoor CityJunior Explorers Play School Inc.11 Violeta St., Andrea Village 1, Panapaan 6, Bacoor CityK-045, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
49Bacoor CityKing James Academy of Cavite, Inc.Mambog I, Bacoor CityK-034, s. 2012E-026, s. 2012036, s. 2012NoneNone
50Bacoor CityLa Camelle SchoolPieces St. Camella Homes II, Bacoor CityK-003, s. 1993None022, s. 2007NoneNone
51Bacoor CityLittle Angels Learning School, Inc.Narra St. Aniban I, Bacoor CityK-032, s. 2005E-069, s. 2008S-068, s. 2022NoneNone
52Bacoor CityLogic-Gestalt Integrated Learning School, Inc. (F: Logic Gestalt Integrated Learning Center, Inc.)Ashtonville Subd. Molino 3, Bacoor CityK-029, s. 2009E-156, s. 2013NoneSPED-157, s. 2014None
53Bacoor CityMacasa Learning CenterAddas IV-A, Mambog, Bacoor CityK-038, s. 1999E-040, s. 2003071, s. 2007NoneNone
54Bacoor CityMarella Christian InstituteB37 L1 Mahogany St., Phase 3 central, Molino, Bacoor CityK-016, s. 2000E-003, s. 2004001, s. 2003NoneNone
55Bacoor CityMaria Mae Academy Inc.St. James St., Mary Homes Subd. Molino IV, Bacoor CityK-046, s. 2004E-063, s. 2008S-097, s. 2018NoneNone
56Bacoor CityMarie Osmund School, Inc.Blk. 25 Lot 2 Ph. 4 Soldiers Hills IV, Molino, Bacoor CityK-013, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone
57Bacoor CityMarvelous Faith Academy of Bacoor Inc.FTM Comp., Greenpoint Homes, Wakas, Mambog IV, Bacoor CityK-014, s. 2007E-036, s. 2007024, s. 2011NoneNone
58Bacoor CityMarville Center of Education, Inc.B27 L20 Gumamela St., Queens Row West Bacoor CityK-089, s. 2008E-082, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
59Bacoor CityMizpah Community Christian Academe Inc.Blk. 8 Lot 10 Progressive Village 15, Molino 2, Bacoor CityNoneNoneS-113, s. 2019NoneNone
60Bacoor CityMontessori Dei San Lorenzo Child Development Center, Inc.M. B. Villar Ave., Springville South 1, Molino, Bacoor CityK-042, s. 2011E-085, s. 2017S-086, s. 2017NoneNone
61Bacoor CityMother Care Academy, Inc.#90 Avenida St., Ph. 2 Bahayang Pag-asa Subd., Molino V, Bacoor CityK-071, s. 2000None051, s. 2009NoneNone
62Bacoor CityMother of Christ Montessori Integrated SchoolB19 L6 Cherryhomes 2, Mambog, Bacoor CityK-053, s. 1999E-018, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
63Bacoor CityMother Theresa SchoolP6 BPS Beige St., North Springville Camella Homes, Molino, Bacoor CityK-063, s. 1996E-069, s. 1997050, s. 2003NoneNone
64Bacoor CityMt. Olives Divine Wisdom Academy Inc. (F: Mt. Olives International School of Tomorrow)Mary Homes Subd., Molino IV Bacoor CityK-060, s. 2011E-033, s. 201122NoneNone
65Bacoor CityMt. Pisgah Learning Center, Inc.Pulong Mabilog, Molino IV, Bacoor CityK-022, s. 2009NoneNoneNoneNone
66Bacoor CityNewville Heights Academy, Inc.San Nicolas I, Bacoor CityK-050, s. 2012E-036, s. 201227NoneNone
67Bacoor CityNorquins Living Legacy Academy285 Quuen of Joy St., Queens Row Bacoor CityK-064, s. 2008E-063, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
68Bacoor CityNorris Hilton Academy Inc.Blk. 46 Lot 13 Ph. 2 Georgetown Heights Subd., Bacoor CityK-289, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
69Bacoor CityOnesimus Developmental School Inc.Blk. 6 Lot 3 San Rafael Classic Homes, Habay I, Bacoor CityK-098, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
70Bacoor CityOur Lady of Guadalupe Montessori School of Cavite, Inc. Blk. 36 Lot 16 Greenvalley Subd., Molino 3, Bacoor CityK-058, s. 2011NoneNoneNoneNone
71Bacoor CityOur Lady of the Sacred Heart Learning Center Inc.#7, 2nd Street, Brgy. Kaunlaran Subd., Molino II, Bacoor CityK-043, s. 2011E-199, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
72Bacoor CityPhoenix International Schl. of Sci. & Tech.B3 L3 Queens Row Central Bacoor CityK-003, s. 2005E-005, s. 2007004, s. 2009NoneNone
73Bacoor CityPillars of God Academy in Bacoor Cavite Inc.Blk. 58 Lot 7-10 Georgetown Executive Heights, Molino IV, Bacoor CityK-099, s. 2018E-100, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
74Bacoor CityPIMSAT CollegesNiog Street Bacoor CityK-036, s. 2012E-068, s. 2013S-069, s. 2013NoneNone
75Bacoor CityPrecious Gems of Camella School7 Jupiter St. Camella Homes Bacoor CityK-085, s. 2002E-080, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
76Bacoor CityPrince and Princess Academy of Cavite, Inc.Agustin Village Panapaan Bacoor CityK-108, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
77Bacoor CityQueen of Heaven SchoolB13, L19 Area S. Queens Row Subd. Bacoor CityK-075, s. 2008E-053, s. 2012NoneNoneNone
78Bacoor CityQueen's Academy of Queens Row, Inc.Zinnia corner Sampaguita Sts., Queens Row West, Bacoor CityK-065, s. 2008NoneNoneNoneNone
79Bacoor CityQueens Row Christian AcademyB19 L28 Area A QueensRow Molino Bacoor CityK-109, s. 2003E-088, s. 2003039, s. 2007NoneNone
80Bacoor CityQueens Row Gospel Church Christian SchoolB19 L28 Queen's Row "a' Central Bacoor CityK-035, s. 1991E-084, s. 2003NoneNoneNone
81Bacoor CityQueens Row Integrated Science School Corp.Blk. 1 Lot 19 Rea S, Queens Row East, Bacoor CityK-194, s. 2014E-195, s. 2014001, s. 2003NoneNone
82Bacoor CityQueensville SchoolDaisy St. Queens Row Bacoor CityRecognizedNoneRecognized since 2011NoneNone
83Bacoor CityQuest Academy2nd St. Salinas Bacoor CityK-045, s. 2001E-066, s. 2002013, s. 2004NoneNone
84Bacoor CityRedeeming Grace Learning Center, Inc.Blk. 8 Lot 1 Ph. 1 Pag-ibig St., Mary Homes Subd., Molino IV, Bacoor CityNoneNone024, s. 2004NoneNone
85Bacoor CityRochepol Jane AcademyLucban St. Habay Bacoor CityK-086, s. 2008E-078, s. 2008021, s. 2009NoneNone
86Bacoor CityRuther E. Esconde Tutorial & Learning CenterTirona Hiway Bacoor CityK-035, s. 2010E-043, s. 2012NoneNoneNone
87Bacoor CityRuther E. Esconde Tutorial School of Multiple Intelligences, Inc.39 Evangelista St., Alima, Bacoor CityK-064, s. 2012E-054, s. 2012191, s. 2014NoneNone
88Bacoor CitySaint Alphonsus Liguori Integrated SchoolSt. Michael St., Addas 2 Village, Molino 2, Bacoor CityK-013, s. 1997E-009, s. 1997022, s. 2004NoneNone
89Bacoor CitySaint Francis of Assisi College of Cavite, Inc.96 Bayanan, Bacoor CityK-024, s. 1995E-056, s. 1998018, s. 1998NoneNone
90Bacoor CitySaint Jude de Cavite School Inc.Gumamela St. Area Queens Row Subd. Bacoor CityK-029, s. 2010NoneNoneNoneNone
91Bacoor CitySalinas Evangelical School2nd Street, Salinas 1, Bacoor CityK-084, s. 2002E-047, s. 2005NoneNoneNone
92Bacoor CitySeed of Wisdom Learning Center, Inc.Blk. 6 Lot 1 Camella Homes, Salinas 1, Bacoor CityK-0914, s. 2008NoneNoneNoneNone
93Bacoor CitySeven Seas AcademyRosal St. Cherry homes Subd., Mambog I, Bacoor CityK-099, s. 2003E-082, s. 2002007, s. 2005NoneNone
94Bacoor CityShiloh Hills Christian College Inc.Camella Springville City, West Phase 3, Molino, Bacoor City None NoneRecognized since 2003NoneNone
95Bacoor CitySt. Clare De Molino Academy Inc. (F: Little Angels Learning Center)Blk. 5 Lot 1 Micah cor. Ezra Sts., Infant Jesus Subd., Molino, Bacoor CityK-062, s. 2003E-007, s. 200442NoneNone
96Bacoor CitySt. Dominic College Basic Education Inc.St. Dominic Complex, Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Talaba, Bacoor CityK-196, s. 2014E-197, s. 2014S-385, s. 2015NoneNone
97Bacoor CitySt. Francis Institute & Learning SchoolQueens Row Molino Bacoor CityRecognizedRecognizedRecognizedNoneNone
98Bacoor CitySt. Francis Institute & Learning SchoolP3, Maryhomes Subd., Molino, Bacoor CityRecognizedRecognizedRecognizedNoneNone
99Bacoor CitySt. Francis Learning SchoolSpringville Molino Bacoor CityRecognizedRecognizedRecognizedNoneNone
100Bacoor CitySt. Francis Learning SchoolP3, Soldier Hills IV, Molino, Bacoor CityRecognizedRecognizedRecognizedNoneNone
101Bacoor CitySt. Francis Learning School (Branch)Bahayang Pag-asa Subd. Molino Bacoor CityRecognizedRecognizedRecognizedNoneNone
102Bacoor CitySt. Genevieve of France Academy, Inc.Blk. 2 Lot 5 Adelfa St., Ph.2 Soldiers 4, Molino, Bacoor CityK-114, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
103Bacoor CitySt. Jerome Emiliani InstituteBahayang Pag-asa Subd. Molino Bacoor CityK-025, s. 1996E-015, s. 1997016, s. 2003NoneNone
104Bacoor CitySt. John Fisher SchoolAtis St., Phase 2 Camella Springville West, Molino 3, Bacoor CityK-025, s. 1996E-015, s. 1997058, s. 2000NoneNone
105Bacoor CitySt. Matthew Academy of CaviteNiog 1, Bacoor CityK-090, s. 2003E-081, s. 2003012, s. 2003NoneNone
106Bacoor CitySt. Michael School of CavitePhase 1 Citihomes Subd., Molino 4, bacoor CityK-002, s. 1993E-016, s. 1996009, s. 2000NoneNone
107Bacoor CitySt. Michael's Institute of Bacoor, Inc.Citihomes Molino 4 Bacoor City95, s. 1974NoneNoneNoneNone
108Bacoor CitySt. Michael's Institute of Bacoor, Inc. (Branch)Baytown, Habay I, Bacoor City95, s. 1974NoneNoneNoneNone
109Bacoor CitySt. Perigrine Institute144 Evangelista St., banalo, Bacoor CityK-013, s. 1986E-001, s. 1987010, s. 1985NoneNone
110Bacoor CitySt. Therese Of Lisieux SchoolB3 L13 Charlie St., Orient Ville I, Molino 1, Bacoor CityK-050, s. 1997E-012, s. 1998NoneNoneNone
111Bacoor CitySt. Thomas More Academy (Main)Avenida Rizal St., Molino 3, Bacoor CityK-006, s. 1992E-040, s. 1998032, s. 2004NoneNone
112Bacoor CitySt. Vincent de Paul College Inc.Niog Road, Niog 1, Bagtihan St., meadowood, Bacoor CityK-098, s. 2003E-079, s. 2003023, s. 2002NoneNone
113Bacoor CityStatefields School Inc.National Road, Molino 3, Bacoor CityK-008, s. 2001E-030, s. 2001027, s. 2002NoneNone
114Bacoor CityTechnology Integrated Montessori of Meadowoods, Inc.B1 L1 Tanguile St., Meadowood Exec. Village, Panapaan 8, Bacoor CityK-018, s. 2010E-015, s. 2016NoneNoneNone
115Bacoor CityThe Bearer of Light and Wisdom Academy Academy0601 Progressive 20-21, Molino 1, Bacoor CityK-024, s. 2006E-044, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
116Bacoor CityThe Bearer of Light and Wisdom Colleges, Inc. (F.: The Bearer of Light and Wisdom Academy Academy, Inc.)403 Bee Bien Bldg., Molino I, Bacoor CityNoneNone013, s. 2008NoneNone
117Bacoor CityThe Higher Ground Academy of Cavite, Inc.Bacoor CityNoneNoneRecognized since 2005NoneNone
118Bacoor CityThe Palmridge SchoolCitta Itallia Mambog III, Bacoor CityK-045, s. 2008E-044, s. 2008015, s. 2008NoneNone
119Bacoor CityTheos Higher Ground Academe Inc. (F.: Theos Learning Center Inc)96 Gold St., Citihomes Subd., Molino 4, Bacoor CityK-029, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
120Bacoor CityTheresian School of Cavite, Inc.Tirona Highway Habay Bacoor CityK-009, s. 1991E-002, s. 1992006, s. 1995NoneNone
121Bacoor CityUniversity of Perpetual Help System Dalta (F: University of Perpetual Help Rizal Inc.)Molino 3, Bacoor CityK-028, s. 1996E-021, s. 1997002, s. 1997NoneNone
122Bacoor CityVictorious Christian Montessori CollegeB3 L1 Silver Homes Classic Perpetual Village 7, Mambog 1, Bacoor CityK-006, s. 2003E-007, s. 2003044, s. 2003NoneNone
123Bacoor CityWaynesville Learning Center Inc.Mercado St. Panapaan IV, Bacoor CityK-040, s. 2003E-043, s. 2003S-455, s. 2015NoneNone
124Bacoor CityWoodridge CollegeSoldiers Hills IV Molino 6, Bacoor CityK-005, s. 1995E-008, s. 1995004, s. 1995NoneNone
125Bacoor CityYoung Shepherd's School, Inc.San Nicolas 2, Bacoor CityK-004, s. 1988E-016, s. 1994S-044, s. 2017NoneNone
Bacoor CityCavite Bible Baptist Church and Schools, Inc.75 Aniban 3, Bacoor CityK-064, s. 2022E-065, s. 2022NoneNoneNone
Bacoor CityLa Vlaize Integrated Science School Inc.Niog I, Bacoor CityNoneNoneS-067, s. 2022NoneNone
1Batangas CityBatangas Christian School, Inc.De Joya Compound, Alangilan, Batangas CityK-018, s. 2002E-001, s. 2003019, s. 2006NoneNone
2Batangas CityBatangas Kipsi Memorial School, Inc. (Chinese Kipsi Memorial School)A. Delas Alas Drive, Batangas City06, s. 1980165, s. 1973NoneNoneNone
3Batangas CityCasa Del Bambino Emmanuel Montessori Integrated High SchoolContreras Comp., Alangilan, Batangas CityK-025, s. 1999E-018, s. 2001053, s. 2005NoneNone
4Batangas CityChrist the Lord Institute Foundation, Inc.Alangilan, Batangas CityK-067, s. 2001E-034, s. 2002044, s. 2000NoneNone
5Batangas CityDivine Child Academy of Batangas Inc.P. Panganiban St., Batangas CityK-331, s. 2014E-332, s. 2014S-333, s. 2014NoneNone
6Batangas CityDivine Grace Escuela Casa, Inc.Gulod Itaas, Batangas CityK-458, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
7Batangas CityGolden Gate Colleges, Inc.P. Prieto St., Batangas CityK-130, s. 2017E-131, s. 2017150NoneNone
8Batangas CityGood Shepherd Christian Academy of Batangas Inc.Arce Subd., Hilltop, Kumintang Ibaba, Batangas CityK-055, s. 2005E-042, s. 1997NoneNoneNone
9Batangas CityGood Shepherd Developmental School Inc.Sta. Rita Karsada, Batangas CityK-057, s. 1996E-081, s. 1997009, s. 2005NoneNone
10Batangas CityHoly Cross Montessori SchoolCuta Central, Batangas City NoneRecognizedNoneNoneNone
11Batangas CityKing's Kids Christian Academy, (KKCA) Inc.Cuta, Batangas CityK-065, s. 1998E-016, s. 2000003, s. 2011NoneNone
12Batangas CityLyceum of hte Philippines University-Batangas, Inc.Capitol Site, Kumitnang Ibaba, Batangas CityNoneNoneS-313, s. 2014NoneNone
13Batangas CityMaranatha Christian Academy of Batangas City, IncAlangilan, Batangas CityK-106, s. 2018E-107, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
14Batangas CityMarian Learning Center and Science High School, Inc.Alangilan, Batangas CityK-334, s. 2014E-335, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
15Batangas CityMcKinley Hill School and Leadership Academy for Children Batangas Inc.Mckinley Hill Drive, Don Florencio Caedo Vill, Kumintang Ibaba, Batangas CityK-053, s. 2008E-041, s. 2010004, s. 2011NoneNone
16Batangas CityMetro Batangas Adventist Elem. SchoolSitio Looban 2, Banaba West, Batangas CityK-002, s. 2003E-002, s. 2003NoneNoneNone
17Batangas CityMissionary Catechists of the Sacred Heart School Inc.San Antonio, Isla Verde, Batangas CityK-131, s. 2013E-132, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
18Batangas CityPrinceton Science School-Home of Young Achievers Inc.68 Taurus St., Lourdes Village, Bolbok, Batangas CityK-001, s. 2009E-033, s. 2012S-001, s. 2017NoneNone
19Batangas CityRegis Benedictine AcademyTierra del Oro Subd., Santa Rita, Batangas CityK-100, s. 1997E-073, s. 1997021, s. 2002NoneNone
20Batangas CityScuola Maria Batangas, Inc. ( doing business under the name & style of Immaculate Heart of Mary Learning Center and School of Values)Sambat Ibaba, Batangas CityK-058E-0344NoneNone
21Batangas CitySIMCO Village Learning Center Inc.San Isidro, Batangas CityK-011, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
22Batangas CitySovereign Shepherd School of Values and Learning, Inc.Sorosoro Ibaba, Batangas CityK-048, s. 2008E-047, s. 2008, s. 2011'001NoneNone
23Batangas CitySt. Bridget College, Inc. M.H. del Pilar St., Batangas City306, s. 1946308, s. 1946322, s. 946NoneNone
24Batangas CitySt. Peter D'Rock School, Inc.Libjo Central, Batangas CityK-047, s. 2008E-046, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
25Batangas CitySt. Therese of the Child Jesus Multiple Intelligence School Inc.GC Berberabe Commercial Area, Pallocan East, Batangas CityK-040, s. 2011E-003, s. 2019S-112, s. 2017NoneNone
26Batangas CityStonyhurst Southville International School-Batangas, Inc.) (F: Stonyhurst International School, Inc. (10 Grade Plan & 12 Grade Plan)National Road, Gulod Itaas, Batangas CityK-015, s. 2001E-017, s. 2001002, s. 2006NoneNone
27Batangas CitySunhill Developmental Education, Inc.Gulod Itaas, Batangas CityNoneNoneNoneSPED-002, s. 2009None
28Batangas CitySunhill Montessori Casa Inc.Pastor Road, Gulod Labac, Batangas CityK-046, s. 2008NoneNoneNoneNone
29Batangas CityThe Holy Child School, Inc.Brgy. 3 Rizal Avenue, Batangas City2526NoneNoneNone
30Batangas CityU.P. ED. Montessori-Eclectic Child Advancement Center, Inc.Bolbok, Batangas CityK-052, s. 2008E-051, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
31Batangas CityUB Waldorf School, Inc.Pallocan East, Batangas CityK-303, s. 2014E-416, s. 2015NoneNoneNone
32Batangas CityUCCP Hope Christian School of Batangas, Inc.Brgy. 9 C. Tirona St., Bats. CityK-013, s. 1980E-052, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
33Batangas CityUniversity of BatangasM. H. Del Piklar St., Batangas City14821, s. 1953524, s. 1953NoneNone
34Batangas CityWestmead Academy of Science and Technology Foundation, Inc. Megaheights Subd., Alangilan, Batangas CityK-108, s. 2018E-109, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
Division: Batangas Province
1Batangas ProvinceAgoncillo College, Inc.(Agoncillo Institute)R. Mendoza St., Poblacion, Agoncillo, BatangasK-022, s. 2022E-030, s. 20003, s. 1967NoneNone
2Batangas ProvinceMedalya Milagrosa Catholic School Inc.Subic Ibaba, Agoncillo, BatangasNone NoneS-016, s. 2018NoneNone
3Batangas ProvinceAlitagtag College, Inc. (High School Department Main)Poblacion West, Alitagtag, BatangasK-051, s. 2006None 22, s. 1950NoneNone
4Batangas ProvinceAlitagtag College, Inc. (High School Department Pinagkurusan Branch)Pinagkurusan, Alitagtag, Batangas None None016, s. 1988NoneNone
5Batangas ProvinceSt. Bridget College Alitagtag Inc.Brgy. Dominador East, Alitagtag, BatangasK-056, s. 2009E-178, s. 2014026, s. 2010 NoneNone
6Batangas ProvinceBalayan Adventist Elementary SchoolCaybunga, Balayan, BatangasK-102, s. 1997E-076, s. 1997 NoneNoneNone
7Batangas ProvinceBalayan Children's CenterBalayan, BatangasNoneNoneRecognized since 1994NoneNone
8Batangas ProvinceBalayan CollegesCalulang St., Balayan, BatangasNone 150, s. 1968150, s. 1968NoneNone
9Batangas ProvinceBalayan Kiddie Learning Center Corporation159 Fe St., Balayan, BatangasK-012, s. 2003E-049, s. 2017None NoneNone
10Batangas ProvinceBlessed Christ Child Montessori FoundationBrgy. Ermita, Balayan, BatangasK-201, s. 1975E-007, s. 1987002, s. 1994NoneNone
11Batangas ProvinceCore Science Academy, Inc. (F: STI College Balayan, Inc.)PED Plaza Business Centre Ermita, Balayan, Batangas None NoneS-461, s. 2015NoneNone
12Batangas ProvinceImmaculate Concepcion CollegeBrgy. IV, Plaza Mabini, Balayan, Batangas106, s. 1937106, s. 1938106, s. 1946NoneNone
13Batangas ProvinceMaranatha Christian Academy of Balayan Inc.Brgy. Gumamela, Balayan, BatangasK-076, s. 2017None NoneNoneNone
14Batangas ProvinceNuestra Señora De La Paz Learning Center Inc.Antorcha, Balayan, BatangasK-229, s. 2014None None NoneNone
15Batangas ProvinceSt. Paul College BalayanCaloocan, Lanatan, Balayan, BatangasK-120, s. 1998E-013, s. 2001040, s. 2005NoneNone
Batangas ProvinceLyceum of Southern Luzon, Inc.Brgy. Lanatan, Balayan, BatangasNoneNoneS-023, s. 2022NoneNone
16Batangas ProvinceBalete Family Farm SchoolMakina, Balete, BatangasNoneNoneS-039, s. 2017NoneNone
17Batangas ProvinceOur Lady of Fatima Educational System, Inc.Makina, Balete, BatangasK-043, s. 2002E-036, s. 2006021, s. 2006NoneNone
18Batangas ProvinceBauan Adventist Elementary SchoolVilla Florentina Subd., Manghinao Proper, Bauan, BatangasNone 61, s. 1974/ 16, s. 1978None  NoneNone
19Batangas ProvinceBauan Adventist Elementary School, BAES Inc.A. Buendia St., Poblacion, Bauan, BatangasK-061, s. 2008E-033, s. 200914, s. 1950NoneNone
20Batangas ProvinceFaith Kingswood Academy Inc.2 Balintawak St., Bolo, Bauan, BatangasK-029, s. 2018E-030, s. 2018None NoneNone
21Batangas ProvinceOur Lady of Lourdes School of Bauan, Inc.Sitio Pandayan, Manghinao Proper, Bauan, BatangasK-186, s. 2014E-324, s. 2014S-325, s. 2014NoneNone
22Batangas ProvinceShepherd's Flock Learning CenterInicbulan, Bauan, BatangasK-006, s. 2009 NoneNoneNoneNone
23Batangas ProvinceShilonite Kids Montessori Inc.San Pedro, Bauan, BatangasK-017, s. 2018E-018, s. 2018None NoneNone
24Batangas ProvinceSt. John Berchmans Creative Learning CenterVilla Florentina Subd., Manghinao Proper, Bauan, BatangasK-015, s. 2002None None NoneNone
25Batangas ProvinceSt. Josemaria Escriva Montessori SchoolNuestra Señora de Guia Subd., Poblacion 2, Bauan, BatangasK-047, s. 2000E-047, s. 2000NoneNoneNone
26Batangas ProvinceSt. Jude Elem. Sch. Of Lrng. Inc.35 Cruz St., Bauan, BatangasK-077, s. 1989NoneNoneNoneNone
27Batangas ProvinceSta. Teresa CollegeBauan, Batangas169, s. 1953170, s. 195318, s. 1954NoneNone
28Batangas ProvinceSunhill Montessori Casa-Bauan, Inc.Villa Florentina Subd., Manghinao, Bauan, BatangasK-047, s. 2019E-048, s. 2019None NoneNone
29Batangas ProvinceCalaca Academy, Inc.Adona St., Brgy 2, Calaca, BatangasK-189, s. 2014E-322, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
30Batangas ProvinceCalaca Christian Institute of Batangas Inc.Gitna Timbain, Calaca, BatangasK-010, s. 2001E-008, s. 2001None NoneNone
31Batangas ProvinceR. Concepcion Montessori School, Inc.San Rafael Village, Bgy. 4, Calaca, BatangasK-355, s. 2015E-356, s. 2015S-071, s. 2016NoneNone
32Batangas ProvinceSt. Raphael Archangel Parochial School Inc.Poblacion 3, Calaca, BatangasNone NoneS-321, s. 2014NoneNone
Batangas ProvinceCalaca Academy, Inc.Admana St., Poblacion 2, Calaca, BatangasNoneNoneS-018, s. 2022NoneNone
33Batangas ProvinceCalatagan Institute, Inc.Santo Domingo St., Calatagan, BatangasNone None 9, s. 1966NoneNone
34Batangas ProvinceOur Lady of Carmel School-A.R. of Calatagan, Inc.Sto. Domingo St., Calatagan, BatangasNoneNone30, s. 1973 (Second to Fourth Yr of the Secondary Course)NoneNone
35Batangas ProvinceCuenca InstituteGen. Malvar St., Cuenca, BatangasNone None 356, s. 1955NoneNone
36Batangas ProvinceFieldridge Learning Center, Inc. San Felipe, Cuenca, BatangasK-065, s. 2003None NoneNoneNone
37Batangas ProvinceKalayaan Christian School Inc.Nat'l Road, Ibabao, Cuenca, BatangasK-032, s. 1984E-034, s. 1997026, s. 2002NoneNone
38Batangas ProvinceSt. Isidore Catholic School, Inc.Poblacion 3, Cuenca, BatangasK-081, s. 1998E-012, s. 1999S-057, s. 2022NoneNone
39Batangas ProvinceACTS Christian Academy Inc.J. Pastor St., Poblacion, Ibaan, BatangasNone None NoneNoneNone
40Batangas ProvinceIbaan Nazareth School, Inc.Ibaan, BatangasK-055, s. 2009None None NoneNone
41Batangas ProvinceIbaan Saint James Academy, Inc. and Ibaan High SchoolIbaan, BatangasK-063, s. 1998E-001, s. 2000407, s. 1955NoneNone
42Batangas ProvinceSt. Jude Science and Technological School of Ibaan, Inc.M. Mercado St., Poblacion, Ibaan, BatangasK-133, s. 2017E-049, s. 2019S-134, s. 2017NoneNone
43Batangas ProvinceAcademia De Mayuga Inc.Brgy. Leviste, Laurel, Batangas NoneNone S-110, s. 2019NoneNone
44Batangas ProvinceDOFLI School Inc.Poblacion 3, Laurel, BatangasK-118, s. 2018None None NoneNone
45Batangas ProvinceServite Catholic SchoolLaurel, BatangasK-050, s. 2003E-046, s. 2006018, s. 2009NoneNone
46Batangas ProvinceSt. Clare Community Foundation School Inc.Brgy. Leviste, Laurel, BatangasK-003, s. 2011None 031, s. 2011NoneNone
47Batangas ProvinceAcademy for Able Children with Exceptionalities Inc.Blk. 4 Lot 27 Las Villas De Aguila Subd., Bagong Sikat, Lemery, BatangasK-114, s. 2019None None NoneNone
48Batangas ProvinceChristianKnights Academy Inc. (fr. Little BuildersLC)Brgy. Palanas, Lemery, BatangasK-050, s. 2017E-051, s. 2017S-052, s. 2017NoneNone
49Batangas ProvinceCollege of St. Jerome Dalmacia Inc. (F.:St. Jerome International School, Inc.)R. Diokno St., Lemery, BatangasRecognizedRecognizedRecognized since 1999NoneNone
50Batangas ProvinceDiezmos Learning CenterMataas na Bayan, Lemery, BatangasK-040, s. 2017 NoneNoneNoneNone
51Batangas ProvinceLemery Christian Academy Inc. (F.: Lemery Christian Learning Center Inc.)A. Mabini St., District I, Lemery, BatangasK-062, s. 2008None NoneNoneNone
52Batangas ProvinceLemery Colleges, Inc.A. Bonifacio St., Bagong Sikat, Lemery, Batangas None NoneS-031, s. 2018NoneNone
53Batangas ProvinceMaranatha Shekinah Christian SchoolSinisian West, Lemery, BatangasRecognizedRecognizedNoneNoneNone
54Batangas ProvinceSaint Mary's Educational InstituteIlustre Ave., Lemery, BatangasK-024, s. 1999E-012, s. 200628, s. 1959NoneNone
55Batangas ProvinceSwiss Montessori School, Inc.17 Justicia St., Lemery, BatangasK-098, s. 2013E-187, s. 2014S-323, s. 2014NoneNone
56Batangas ProvinceUniversal Scholastic Academe Inc. (F.: Philadelphia Montessorian Academy Inc. )Sinisian, Lemery, BatangasK-019, s. 2018E-020, s. 2018S-021, s. 2018NoneNone
Batangas ProvinceR. Concepcion Montessori School-Lemery Inc.R. Diokno St., District 1 (Pob.) Lemery, BatangasNoneNoneS-026, s. 2022NoneNone
57Batangas ProvinceLian InstituteJ.P. Rizal St., Bungahan, Lian, BatangasNoneNone204, s. 1962NoneNone
58Batangas ProvinceSaint Anne Academy, Inc.Binubusan, Lian, BatangasNoneNone29, s. 1974NoneNone
59Batangas ProvinceSaint Claire AcademyRizal St., Lian, Batangas35, s. 197436, s. 197437, s. 1974NoneNone
60Batangas ProvinceLobo Institute, Inc.Olo-olo, Lobo, BatangasNoneNone22, s. 2004NoneNone
61Batangas ProvinceLord Immanuel Institute Foundation, Inc. (F.: Lobo International Institute Foundation, Inc. )J. P. Rizal St., Poblacion, Lobo, BatangasNoneNone053, s. 2004NoneNone
62Batangas ProvinceSt. Michael The Archangel Parochial School of Lobo Inc.P. Burgos St., Poblacion, Lobo, BatangasNoneE-022, s. 2018038, s. 2010NoneNone
63Batangas ProvinceLady Fatima Montessori School (Mabini, Batangas) Inc.Poblacion, Mabini, BatangasK-026, s. 1991E-036, s. 1993NoneNoneNone
64Batangas ProvinceMabini College of Batangas Incorporation (Formerly: Mataas na Paaralang Mabini)J. Panopio St. Pob., Mabini, BatangasNone None 71, s. 1950NoneNone
65Batangas ProvinceSaint Francis AcademyPoblacion, Mabini, BatangasNoneNone 66, s. 1974NoneNone
66Batangas ProvinceSanta Fe Integrated School Inc.88 V. Panopio Drive, Niogan, Mabini, BatangasK-027, s. 2000E-006, s. 2001None NoneNone
67Batangas ProvinceSt. Elizabeth School of Mabini Inc.San Jose, Mabini, BatangasK-066, s. 2019E-067, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
68Batangas ProvinceSt. Lucrecia's School Inc.249 F. Castillo Blvd. P. Niogan, Mabini, BatangasK-185, s. 2014E-110, s. 2018None NoneNone
69Batangas ProvinceImmaculate Conception Montessori School of Malvar, Batangas, inc.449 Montecer St., Poblacion, Malvar, BatangasK-067, s. 1998E-017, s. 2000None NoneNone
70Batangas ProvinceSaint Elizabeth Ann School Malvar Batangas, Inc.J. Lantin St., Poblacion, Malvar, BatangasK-057, s. 2016E-021, s. 2019None NoneNone
71Batangas ProvinceMother Hand Educational School Inc. (F.: Smart Kids Montessori School Inc.)Poblacion, Malvar, BatangasK-098, s. 1997E-013, s. 2000None NoneNone
72Batangas ProvinceSouthgate Intitute of Malvar, Inc. (F: General Malvar High School)Poblacion, Malvar, BatangasNone  None372, s. 1968NoneNone
73Batangas ProvinceHoly Trinity School of Padre Garcia Bats. Mataas na Kahoy Branch Inc.M. V. Templo St., Poblacion, Mataas Na Kahoy, BatangasK-182, s. 2014E-190, s. 2014024, s. 2007NoneNone
74Batangas ProvinceLa Purisima Concepcion AcademyBrgy. II, Mataasnakahoy, BatangasK-006, s. 1999E-014, s. 2000444, s. 1949NoneNone
75Batangas ProvinceMother Chiara Biagiotti School, Inc.Brgy. Santol, Mataasnakahoy, BatangasK-022, s. 2003E-058, s. 200816NoneNone
76Batangas ProvinceTimothy Chrisitan Academy Batangas Inc. (F.:Timothy Disciple Mission Christian Academy Batangas Inc.)Carma St., Brgy. 2-B, Poblacion, Mataasnakahoy, BatangasK-102, s. 2016E-103, s. 2016 NoneNoneNone
77Batangas ProvinceAcademia De San Francisco Javier, Batangas Inc.Ruiz Martinez Street, Nasugbu, BatangasK-093, s. 2008E-184, s. 2014S-113, s. 2017 NoneNone
78Batangas ProvinceCreative Dreams School Inc.Brias, Bgy. 10, Nasugbu, BatangasK-050, s. 2002E-336, s. 2014None NoneNone
79Batangas ProvinceDr. Francisco L. Calingasan Memorial Colleges Foundation Incorporated (F.: Isabelo B. Calingasan Memorial Institution and I. B. Calingasan Memorial Institution)Camp Avejar, Nasugbu, BatangasNone NoneA.R. 39, s. 1980NoneNone
80Batangas ProvinceNasugbu Christian Faith AcademyNasugbu, Batangas NoneNone Recognized sicne 2006NoneNone
81Batangas ProvinceNasugbu InstituteJ.P. Laurel St., Nasugbu, Batangas NoneNoneRecognized sicne 1947NoneNone
82Batangas ProvinceNicolites Montessori School, Inc.Nasugbu, BatangasK-094, s. 2013E-095, s. 2013S-177, s. 2014NoneNone
83Batangas ProvincePedagogia School Inc.Concepcion St., Brgy. 8, Nasugbu, BatangasK-029, s. 1999E-048, s. 2003None NoneNone
84Batangas ProvinceRBCordero Academy Inc.Concepcion Street, Nasugbu, Batangas None NoneRecognized sicne 2008NoneNone
85Batangas ProvinceSt. Paul Foundational Learning and Excellence Centre Inc.Camp Abejar, Nasugbu, BatangasK-032, s. 2006E-013, s. 2007035, s. 2011NoneNone
86Batangas ProvinceHoly Family Academy of Padre Garcia, Batangas, Inc.Padre Garcia, BatangasK-045, s. 1998E-001, s. 199930, s. 1964NoneNone
87Batangas ProvinceHoly Trinity School of Pedro Garcia Bats. Inc.Padre Garcia, BatangasK-002, s. 2001E-001, s. 2000003, s. 2002NoneNone
88Batangas ProvinceTouching Minds Learning Center of Padre Garcia, Inc.Poblacion, Padre Garcia, BatangasK-008, s. 2009NoneNoneNoneNone
89Batangas ProvinceChrist Faith Child Academy363 Rodelas St., Rosario, BatangasK-036, s. 2000E-025, s. 2000014, s. 2000NoneNone
90Batangas ProvinceGood Shepherd Diocesan School (IFI-Rosario) Inc.Brgy. B, Rosario, BatangasK-183, s. 2014E-005, s. 2010None NoneNone
91Batangas ProvinceJaphet Learning Center124 Carandang St., Brgy. C, Rosario, Batangas'K-059, s. 2008E-005, s. 2009NoneNoneNone
92Batangas ProvinceKinderpath Learning Center, Inc.23 Carandang St., Brgy. C, Rosario, BatangasK-004, s. 2009E-164, s. 2014None NoneNone
93Batangas ProvinceMaranatha Christian Academy of San Roque Rosario Batangas Inc.J. Belen St., Brgy. San Roque, Rosario, BatangasK-327, s. 2014E-023, s. 2018None NoneNone
94Batangas ProvinceMKA College & Institute of Technology, Inc.San Carlos, Rosario, BatangasK-058, s. 2005E-044, s. 2005054, s. 2006NoneNone
95Batangas ProvinceMontessori Institute De Manila South, Inc.No. 72 Rosario Complex Subd., San Roque, Rosario, BatangasK-051, s. 2010E-026, s. 2011NoneNoneNone
96Batangas ProvincePadre Vicente Garcia Memorial AcademyBrgy. B, Rosario, BatangasNone None500, s. 1947/ 73, s. 1948NoneNone
97Batangas ProvinceRev. Father Elias May KindergartenNamunga, Rosario, BatangasK-050, s. 2006 None NoneNoneNone
98Batangas ProvinceRosario Advent High School Inc.Namunga, Rosario, Batangas NoneNone 075, s. 2006NoneNone
99Batangas ProvinceRosario Adventist Elementary SchoolNamunga, Rosario, BatangasK-030, s. 1999E-023, s. 1999 NoneNoneNone
100Batangas ProvinceSaint Joseph College of Rosario Batangas Inc. (f: Saint Joseph Institute)Barangay E, Rosario, Batangask-054, S. 1998E-002, s. 20009, s. 1964NoneNone
101Batangas ProvinceSanto Rosario Academy of Alupay, Rosario, Batangas Inc.Alupay, Rosario, BatangasK-023, s. 1996E-008, s. 199616, s. 1973NoneNone
102Batangas ProvinceSto. Niño Formation and Science HS of Rosario, BatangasJ. Belen St., Rosario, BatangasK-014, s. 1990E-009, s. 1992020, s. 1999/ 012, s. 2007NoneNone
103Batangas ProvinceUnited Church of Christ in the Philippines Good Samaritan School Inc.G. Recto St., Rosario, BatangasK-044, s. 2007NoneNone NoneNone
104Batangas ProvinceDr. Concepcion A. Aguila Memorial CollegeSan Jose, BatangasRecognizedRecognizedRecognized since 1950NoneNone
105Batangas ProvinceGolden Key Integrated School of St. Joseph Inc.Lapolapo 1st, San Jose, BatangasK-014, s. 2018E-015, s. 2018S-050, s. 2019NoneNone
106Batangas ProvinceHoly Family Montessori School of San Jose BatangasSan Jose, BatangasK-101, s. 1996E-121, s. 1996057, s. 2003NoneNone
107Batangas ProvinceOblates of St. Joseph Minor Seminary San Jose, Batangas Inc. and Oblates of St. Joseph Minor SeminarySan Jose, Batangas None None007, s. 1986NoneNone
108Batangas ProvinceSaint Joseph AcademySan Jose, Batangas None None259, s. 1949NoneNone
109Batangas ProvinceSt. Anthony Montessori, Inc.Sto. Cristo, San Jose, BatangasK-031, s. 2008E-026, s. 2008006, s. 2013NoneNone
110Batangas ProvinceST. Paul School of San Jose Batangas Inc.Sto. Cristo, San Jose, BatangasK-065, s. 2017E-066, s. 2017S-001, s. 2018NoneNone
111Batangas ProvinceBatangas Eastern Colleges (Batatangas Eastern Academy)Javier St., PoblacionSan Juan, BatangasK-044, s. 1998E-030, s. 1998317, s. 1946NoneNone
112Batangas ProvinceJoseph Marello Institute, Inc. (Oblates of St. Joseph)Burgos St., Poblacion, San Juan, Batangas'K-054, s. 1998E-038, s. 1998AR-007, s. 1984NoneNone
113Batangas ProvinceAcademia De San Isidro Labrador, Batangas Inc.Poblacion, San Luis, BatangasK-052, s. 2011E-188, s. 2014None NoneNone
114Batangas ProvinceSan Luis Academy, Inc.Calumpang, San Luis, Batangas'None None205, s. 1956NoneNone
115Batangas ProvinceSt. Blaise Community Academy, Inc.Poblacion, San Luis, BatangasNone NoneS-001, s. 2022NoneNone
116Batangas ProvinceSan Nicolas (Batangas) Academy Inc.Malvar St., Poblacion, San Nicolas, BatangasNone  None321, s. 1958/ 377, s. 1960NoneNone
117Batangas ProvinceSt. Nicholas Children's Center for LearningSan Nicolas, BatangasK-059, s. 2012None  NoneNoneNone
118Batangas ProvinceAGAPE Christian Academy of San PascualAyala Ave., San Pascual, BatangasK-024, s. 2007E-025, s. 2007None NoneNone
119Batangas ProvinceGardner School of Multiple intelligences Inc.San Antonio, San Pascual, BatangasK-111, s. 2019E-112, s. 2019None NoneNone
120Batangas ProvinceGratia De Regina School Inc (F: Gratia De Regina International School Inc.)Christina Homes, Bo. Sambat, San Pascual, BatangasK-043, s. 2007E-097, s. 2013073, s. 2007NoneNone
121Batangas ProvinceRefiner's Fire Christian Academy, Inc.Poblacion II, Sta. Teresita, BatangasNone NoneRecognized since 2005NoneNone
122Batangas ProvinceSt. Therese Catholic School Batangas, Inc.103 Poblacion II, Sta. Teresita, BatangasK-182, s. 2014 NoneNoneNoneNone
123Batangas ProvinceAlmond Academy Foundation, IncorporatedSan Fernando, Sto. Tomas, BatangasK-018, s. 1993E-011, s. 1994040, s. 2007NoneNone
124Batangas ProvinceBlue Isle Integrated School, Inc.Sta. Maria, Sto. Tomas, BatangasK-044, s. 2000E-044, s. 2000023, s. 2002NoneNone
125Batangas ProvinceGreenville Academy of Sta. Clara, Inc.Sta. Clara, Sto. Tomas, BatangasK-007, s. 2001E-005, s. 2001045, s. 2004NoneNone
126Batangas ProvinceHis Care Christian Institute of Santa Maria Sto. Tomas Batangas, Inc. (F: His Care Learning Center of Santa Maria Sto. Tomas Batangas, Inc.)Blue Isle, Filinvest, Sta. Maria,S to. Tomas, BatangasK-101, s. 2018E-102, s. 2018S-103, s. 2018NoneNone
127Batangas ProvinceHope Christian Academy of Sto. Tomas, Batangas, Inc.Sto. Tomas, BatangasRecognizedRecognizedRecognized since 2001NoneNone
128Batangas ProvinceMaranatha Christian Academy of Filinvest Blue Isle Inc. (F.: Maranatha Christian Academy of Filinvest Blue Isle Subd. Sta. Maria, Sto. Tomas, Batangas Inc.)Sec. 5 Blk. 1 Lot 1-8 Blue Isle Subd. Sta. Maria, Sto. Tomas, BatangasK-180, s. 2014E-326, s. 2014S-460, s. 2015NoneNone
129Batangas ProvinceMaranatha Christian Academy of Sto. Tomas Batangas Chapter Inc.#0362 J.P. Laurl Highway, San Roque, Sto. Tomas, BatangasK-104, s. 2016E-052, s. 2019None NoneNone
130Batangas ProvinceMother Barbara Micarelli School, Inc.San Miguel, Santo Tomas, BatangasK-018, s. 1993E-011, s. 1994S-032, s. 2018NoneNone
131Batangas ProvinceSaint Thomas AcademyMalvar Ave., Poblacion 3, Santo Tomas, BatangasNoneNone42, s. 1947NoneNone
132Batangas ProvinceSt. Thomas Montessori Learning CenterR. Carpio St., Santo Tomas, BatangasK-021, s. 1991E-010, s. 1995009, s. 1995NoneNone
133Batangas ProvinceSan Bartolome Adventist Elementary SchoolSan Bartolome, Santo Tomas, BatangasRecognizedNoneRecognizedNoneNone
134Batangas ProvinceBlessed Elena Kindergarten SchoolLabac, Taal, BatangasK-014, s. 1983NoneNoneNoneNone
135Batangas ProvinceCasa de San Dominico Learning Center Inc.Bagong Pook, Balisong, Taal, BatangasK-056, s. 2002E-072, s. 2016NoneNoneNone
136Batangas ProvinceFame Academy of Science and Technology (FAST) Inc.Taal, BatangasNoneNoneNone020, s. 2006None
137Batangas ProvinceOur Lady of Caysasay AcademyPoblacion, Taal, Batangas028, s. 1984None357, s. 1946104, s. 1950None
138Batangas ProvinceRizal College of TaalG. Marella St., Poblacion, Taal, BatangasNoneNone1, s. 1946NoneNone
139Batangas ProvinceSt. Martin Montessori School (Taal, Batangas), Inc.San Martin St., Taal, BatangasK-043, s. 1993E-037, s. 1993NoneNoneNone
140Batangas ProvinceSouthampton E.D.G.E. Montessori School Inc.Butong, Taal, BatangasK-002, s. 2018E-003, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
141Batangas ProvinceStanford School of Batangas Inc.Brgy. Halang, Taal, BatangasK-053, s. 2019E-054, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
142Batangas ProvinceDove del Casa Learning School, Inc.Balagbag St., Aya, Talisay, BatangasK-099, s. 2013NoneNone NoneNone
143Batangas ProvinceGolden Pond SchoolC. Mendoza St., Talisay, BatangasK-005, s. 1999E-038, s. 2003None None None
144Batangas ProvinceSan Guillermo AcademyTalisay, BatangasK-055, s. 1998E-066, s. 20033, s. 1968NoneNone
145Batangas ProvinceTalisay High SchoolGen. Laurel St., Talisay, Batangas NoneNone437, s. 1957NoneNone
146Batangas ProvinceTalisay Polytechnic InstituteBanga, Talisay, BatangasNone None013, s. 1995NoneNone
147Batangas ProvinceDagatan Adventist Elementary SchoolDagatan, Taysan, BatangasK-036, s. 2003E-039, s. 2003None NoneNone
148Batangas ProvinceOur Lady of Mercy AcademyTaysan, BatangasK-043, s. 1998E-023, s. 20012, s. 1968NoneNone
149Batangas ProvinceTaysan High School and Child Development Center Inc. (Formerly: Taysan High School) Poblacion West, Taysan, BatangasNoneE-69, s. 2008S-004, s. 2018NoneNone
150Casamarra School of LearningPutol, Tuy, BatangasK-054, s. 2010E-029, s. 2010NoneNoneNone
151Dr. Francisco Calingasan Memorial Coll. Found.Rizal St., Tuy, BatangasK-031, s. 1990E-018, s. 199018, s. 1986NoneNone
152Our Lady of Peace AcademyLuna St., Tuy, BatangasK-057, s. 2009E-063, s. 2009162, s. 1955NoneNone
Division: Biñan City
1Biñan CityAlpha Angelicum AcademyGolden Meadow Subd., San Antonio, Biñan CityK-073, s.1996E-014, s.1996014, s. 1998NoneNone
2Biñan CityAnn Arbor Montessori Learning Center, Inc.Southville Subd., Brgy. Calaboso, Santo Tomas, Biñan CityK-037, s. 1996E-001, s. 1996015, s. 1997NoneNone
3Biñan CityBiñan Faith Christian School, Inc.Villa Catalina II, Sto. Tomas, Biñan CityNone E-002, s. 2011032, s. 2008NoneNone
4Biñan CityBiñan SDA High School Inc.National Highway, San Vicente, Biñan CityNone  NoneS-031, s. 2019NoneNone
5Biñan CityBrent International School Manila, Inc.Brentville Subd., Brgy. Mampalsan, Biñan CityNone None 254, s. 2014NoneNone
6Biñan CityCaritas Don Bosco SchoolBiñan CityK-059, s.1996E-007, s.1996057, s.2005NoneNone
7Biñan CityCasa Del Libro Inc.Blk. 1 Lot 23-25 Santol St. Olivarez South Homes, Sto. Tomas, Biñan CityK-204, s. 2014None NoneNoneNone
8Biñan CityCasa Del Niño Montessori School of BiñanPhase 2C, Macaria Village, Canlalay, Biñan CityK-095, s.2003E-076, s.2003NoneNoneNone
9Biñan CityCatholic School of PacitaMacaria Vill. V, Canlalay, Biñan CityNone  NoneRecognized since 1997NoneNone
10Biñan CityColegio San AgustinSouthwoods Interchange, San Francisco, Biñan CityK-003, s. 1987E-005, s. 1987001, s. 1989NoneNone
11Biñan CityColegio San AntonioSan Antonio, Biñan CityRecognizedRecognizedRecognizedNoneNone
12Biñan CityCranberry School of Dela paz Inc. (temporary/voluntary closure SY 2020-2021)No. 4 P. paterno St., Dela Paz, Biñan CityK-026, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
13Biñan CityDe Aquinas Science SchoolSan Antonio, Biñan CityRecognizedRecognized NoneNoneNone
14Biñan CityDe La salle University Incorporated (F: Della Salle Canlubang)Laguna Blvd., LTI Spine Road, Brgy. Biñan CityK-062, s. 2012E-044, s. 2012001, s. 2006NoneNone
15Biñan CityEscuela De Gracia of Biñan, Inc.99 P. Burgos St., Brgy. Sto. Domingo, Biñan CityK-344, s. 2014E-003, s. 2016None NoneNone
16Biñan CityFBC Biñan Christian SchoolB7 L14 St. Francis Homes V, Canlalay, Biñan CityK-071, s.1996E-042, s.2001None NoneNone
17Biñan CityHead Starter Woekshop(Main)Cecilia St., Mercedes Homes III, Sto. Tomas, Biñan CityK-001, s.2002NoneNoneNoneNone
18Biñan CityHeritage of Faith Christian Academy Inc. (F.: The Word of Faith Baptist Academy of Services Inc.)Blk. 7 Lot 2 St. Francis Homes V, Canlalay, Biñan CityK-075, s. 2018NoneNone NoneNone
19Biñan CityHoly Child Jesus Academy of Biñan, Inc.Blk. 17 Lot 3 Juana 1, Biñan CityK-040, s. 1996E-099, s. 2016None NoneNone
20Biñan CityHoly Family of Nazareth School, Inc.Rose Ville Subd. II, Casile, Biñan CityK-014, s.1996E-042, s.1997001, s. 2002NoneNone
21Biñan CityHoly Infant Jesus of Praque Catholic School of Biñan, Laguna, Inc.St. Francis 7, San Antonio, Biñan CityK-019, s.1997E-024, s.1998035, s. 2002NoneNone
22Biñan CityHoly Spirit SchoolMadre Giuseppina Arcucci St., South City Homes, Santo Tomas, Biñan CityK-003, s. 1992E-001, s. 1994039, s. 1999NoneNone
23Biñan CityInfant Jesus Montessori CenterBiñan CityK-056, s. 2005E-043, s.2005None NoneNone
24Biñan CityIntegrated Jubilation Montessori Center of Biñan Inc. (F: International Jubilation Montessori Center of Biñan, Inc.)Phase 2 Evergreen County, Jubilation Subd., New Biñan CityK-201, s. 2014E-202, s. 2014049, s. 2009NoneNone
25Biñan CityJesus First Christian School Inc.388 Balagtas St., Brgy. San Antonio, Biñan CityK-005, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
26Biñan CityKids Haus Child Development Cenetr Integrated School, Inc.B12 L1 Cebu St., South City Homes, Sto. Tomas, Biñan CityK-028, s. 2000E-050, s. 2012None NoneNone
27Biñan CityKids Power Learning CenterBlk. 9 Lot 4 Phase 1 Adelina Complex III, Biñan CityK-077, s. 2018 NoneNone NoneNone
28Biñan CityKidsfirst Integrated School Inc.Blk. 11 Lot 20-21 Summerbreeze Country New Jubilation, Brgy. Platero, Biñan CityK-046, s. 2016 None NoneNoneNone
29Biñan CityLa Consolation College-Biñan Inc. Santo Tomas, Biñan CityK-010, s. 1987E-004, s.1990006, s. 1989NoneNone
30Biñan CityLake Shore Educational Institution, Inc.Canlalay, Biñan CityNoneNone045, s. 2006NoneNone
31Biñan CityLBEV School Inc. (F.: LBEV Learning Center and Tutorial Services Inc.)Blk. 1 Lot 4 Iriga St., South City Homes, Sto. Tomas, Biñan CityK-394, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
32Biñan CityMary Immaculate Academy of Loma, Inc.Chrysanthemum St., Brgy. Loma, Biñan CityK-059, s. 2019E-060, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
33Biñan CityMary's Child Learning CenterSan Francisco, Biñan CityK-002, s.1987E-009, s.1990NoneNoneNone
34Biñan CityMontessori Children's WorkshopWoodside Village, Canlalay, Biñan CityK-024, s. 1991E-030, s.2011NoneNoneNone
35Biñan CityNBL Education System Inc.Mindanao Drive, Macaria Village Stage V, San Francsico, Biñan CityK-128, s. 2013E-129, s. 2013S-130, s. 2013NoneNone
36Biñan CityNewgen Kids School, Inc.Blk. 26 Lot 22 Golden City Subd., Canlalay, Biñan CityK-004, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
37Biñan CityPanorama Montessori School, Inc.Canlalay, Biñan CityK-019, s.1993E-013, s.1993036, s. 1999SPED-002, s. 2016None
38Biñan CitySaint Francis of Assisi College of Biñan Inc.Ph3 Juana Complex, San Francisco, Biñan CityK-042, s. 2008E-040, s. 2008068, s. 2007NoneNone
39Biñan CitySaint Machael's College of LagunaPlatero, Biñan CityK-066, s. 1983067, s. 1983/ E-001, s. 1986A.R.40, s. 1980NoneNone
40Biñan CitySan Isidro School, Inc.Dr. A. Gonzales St., Biñan CityNone9, s.1975030, s. 2002NoneNone
41Biñan CitySouth Central Luzon Elementary School (now: Biñan Adventist Elementary School)National Highway, San Vicente, Biñan CityNone486, s. 1947NoneNoneNone
42Biñan CitySouth City Homes AcademySouth City Homes, Santo Tomas, Biñan CityK-011, s.1987E-007, s.1991001, s. 1998NoneNone
43Biñan CitySouth City Homes Christian SchoolPhase VI South City Homes, Sto. Tomas, Biñan CityK-049, s. 2000E-032, s. 2000NoneNoneNone
44Biñan CitySouth Horizon AcademyB5 L4 Lagrimas St., Ireneville Subd., Biñan CityNoneE-004, s. 2001NoneNoneNone
45Biñan CitySt. Charles Agustine SchoolBo. Timbao, Biñan CityK-095, s. 1997E-002, s. 2001NoneNoneNone
46Biñan CitySt. Gabriel Archanged Academy (Biñan, Laguna) Inc.B22 L15 & 16 Minnesota-Mississippi Sts., Southville Subd., Biñan CityK-037, s.1999E-027, s.1999015, s. 2005NoneNone
47Biñan CitySt. John Mark AcademyJuana Complex III, Biñan CityNoneNoneRecognized since 1993NoneNone
48Biñan CitySt. Therese School of SouthvilleB9 L25 Hawaii St., Southville, Biñan CityK-059, s.1997E-016, s. 2007S-027, s. 2008NoneNone
49Biñan CitySta. Catalina CollegeSan Antonio, Biñan City204, s.1955203, s.1955548, s. 1947NoneNone
50Biñan CityThe Beacon Academy, Inc.Cecilia Araneta Parkway, Laguna Technopark, Brgy. Biñan CityNoneNone013, s. 2012NoneNone
51Biñan CityUniversity of Perpetual Help System LagunaSanto Niño, Biñan CityK-010, s. 1986E-002, s.1986A.R. 16, s. 1979NoneNone
52Biñan CityWords of Hope Learning Center Inc. (temporary/voluntary closure SY 2020-2021)Blk. 4 Lot 11 Golden City Subd., Canlalay, Biñan CityK-061, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
53Biñan CityDofli School Inc.#55 Silangan St., San Francisco, Biñan CityK-045, s. 2022NoneNoneNoneNone
Division: Cabuyao City
1Cabuyao CityAgustinian School of Cabuyao Laguna, Inc.65 Banaybanay, Cabuyao Cityk-002, s.1998E-025, s.1993NoneNoneNone
2Cabuyao CityAngels Faith Christian School Inc.Phase 1 Blk. 3 Lot 2 San Isidro Heights Subd., San Isidro, Cabuyao CityK-034, s. 2011NoneNoneNoneNone
3Cabuyao CityAngels In Heaven School, Inc.138 Bonifacio St., Cabuyao CityK-002, s. 1992E-036, s. 1999NoneNoneNone
4Cabuyao CityAngels In Heaven School, Inc.5035 National Highway, Sala, Cabuyao CityK-040, s. 1993E-002, s. 1997013, s. 2010NoneNone
5Cabuyao CityArise and Shine AcademyJ.P. Rizal Ave., Cabuyao CityK-038, s.2002E-038, s.2002NoneNoneNone
6Cabuyao CityBible Baptist School of Excellence and Development Inc.#44 Rosario Village, Sala, Cabuyao CityK-343, s. 2014E-066, s. 2018S-027, s. 2019NoneNone
7Cabuyao CityCabuyao Nursery School and Child CenterCabuyao CityK-336, s.1996E-020, s.1992NoneNoneNone
8Cabuyao CityCentennial School of the Philippines, Inc.Blk. 19 Lot 12-24 Atty. David Fleming Hickok School Campus, Centennial Homes Subd., Pulo, Cabuyao CityK-073, s. 2012E-193, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
9Cabuyao CityChild Jesus AcademyShineland Village, Sala, Cabuyao CityK-015, s.1990E-006, s.1990001, s. 1994NoneNone
10Cabuyao CityChrist the King School of Cabuyao, IncMabuhay City Subd., Mamatid, Cabuyao CityK-027, s.2001E-029, s.2002033, s. 2002NoneNone
11Cabuyao CityCiti Global College Inc. (F. Don Bosco Institute of Arts and Sciences Inc.)Cabuyao CityNoneNoneS-067, s. 2018NoneNone
12Cabuyao CityColegio de Sto. Niño de Cabuyao (temporary/voluntary closure SY 2020-2021)Poblacion, Cabuyao CityK-018, s.1990E012, s.1990NoneNoneNone
13Cabuyao CityDiamond Learning Center, Inc.Cabuyao CityK-003, s.1997E-075, s.2008NoneNoneNone
14Cabuyao CityDivinity Infinity Learning Center, Inc.Blk. 2 Lot 1 Phase 5 Mabuhay City, Mamatid, Cabuyao CityK-030, s. 2017E-025, s. 2018S-029, s. 2022NoneNone
15Cabuyao CityDivinity Infinity Learning Center, Inc.Blk. 127 Lot 1 & 2 Ph. 2 Mabuhay City, Cabuyao CityK-028, s. 2019E-030, s. 2022NoneNoneNone
16Cabuyao CityEmmanuel's Christian School of Cabuyao Laguna, Inc.Blk. 17 Lots 30-32 Phase 2 St. Joseph 7 Subd., Brgy. Marinig, Cabuyao CityK-042, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
17Cabuyao CityEmmanuel's Christian School of Cabuyao Laguna, Inc.St. Joseph Homes, Gulod, Cabuya CityNoneE-043, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
18Cabuyao CityESL-Excellent and Smart Learning Institute Inc.Blk. 17 Lot 16 Centennial Townhomes, San isidro, Cabuyao CityK-100, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
19Cabuyao CityFr. Angelico Lipani School, Inc.Cabuyao CityK-020, s.2002E-019, s.2006NoneNoneNone
20Cabuyao CityGloridane Montessori School, Inc.Blk. 16 Lot 1-8 Grand Acacia Subd., Banay-Banay, Cabuyao CityNoneNone032, s. 2012NoneNone
21Cabuyao CityHoly Angels Montessori SchoolMamatid, Cabuyao CityK-029, s.2000NoneNoneNoneNone
22Cabuyao CityHoly Redeemer School (HRS) of Cabuyao Laguna, Inc.Banlic, Cabuyao Cityk-047, s.2003E-010, s.2004S-459, s. 2015NoneNone
23Cabuyao CityHoly Redeemer School of San Isidro Laguna Inc.Mabuhay City, P5 B32 L1-21 Brgy. San Isidro, Cabuyao CityK-021, s.2004E-007, s.2004NoneNoneNone
24Cabuyao CityHosanna Christian Academy, Inc.Lot 9 Blk. 33, St. Joseph Village 6, Butong, Cabuyao CityK-073, s.2002NoneNoneNoneNone
25Cabuyao CityInfant Jesus Montessori Center (Laguna) Inc.Blk. 213 & 214 Lots 1-43 Ph. 2 Mabuhay City, Mamatid, Cabuyao CityK-032, s. 2022E-033, s. 2022S-043, s. 2019NoneNone
26Cabuyao CityInfant Jesus Montessori Center (Laguna) Inc.Blk. 4 Lot 34-39, 40-46 Phase 3 Mabuhay City, Mamatid, Cabuyao CityK-034, s. 2022E-035, s. 2022S-042, s. 2019NoneNone
27Cabuyao CityInfant Jesus Montessori SchoolCamella Homes, Banlic, Cabuyao CityK032, s.1995E-023, s.1995001, s.1995NoneNone
28Cabuyao CityJeremiah Montessori School Inc.Blk. 27 Lot 10 Phase 2 St. Joseph Village 6, Brgy. Butong, Cabuyao CityK-056, s. 2011E-031, s. 2011001, s. 2011NoneNone
29Cabuyao CityJesus and Mary School of Cabuyao (temporary/voluntary clsoure SY 2020-2021)Blk. 11 Lot 19 St. Joseph 7, Marinig, Cabuyao CityNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
30Cabuyao CityLady of Rose academy, Inc.Cabuyao CityK-021, s.2001E-006, s.2002025, s. 2004NoneNone
31Cabuyao CityLakeside Integrated Sch. Of cabuyao (temporary closure, SY 2020-2021)Gulod, Cabuyao CityK-061, s.2001E-0226, s.2003NoneNoneNone
32Cabuyao CityLiceo de CabuyaoA. Mabini St., Cabuyao CityK-001, s.1992E-016, s.1987013, s. 1988NoneNone
33Cabuyao CityLiceo de MamatidMamatid, Cabuyao CityNoneNoneRecognized since 1974NoneNone
34Cabuyao CityMaranatha Christian Academy of Cabuyao Inc.515 National Highway, Brgy. Sala, Cabuyao City'K-063, s.2001E-051, s.2002NoneNoneNone
35Cabuyao CityMary's Angel Learning Center Inc.Blk. 5 Lot 30 Our Mahogany Village II, San Isidro, Cabuyao CityRecognizedNoneNoneNoneNone
36Cabuyao CityOur Lady of Assumption College of Laguna Inc. (Formerly: Our Lady of Assumption Schoo, Inc.)Phase 2 Blk. 220 Lot 1-29 Main Road Mabuhay City Subd., Brgy. Mamatid, Cabuyao CityK-034, s. 2019E-030, s. 2002008, s. 2002NoneNone
37Cabuyao CityOur Lady of Divine Grace SchoolBermudez Cpd., Cabuyao CityNoneNoneRecognized since 1997NoneNone
38Cabuyao CityPaulinian Learning School, Inc. (voluntary/temporry closure SY 2020-2021)Blk. 3 Lot 2 San Isidro, Cabuyao CityK-093, s. 2019E-094, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
39Cabuyao CityPrecious Treasures Christian School of Cabuyao Inc.Blk. 2 C3 & C4 Ph1 San Isidro Heights, San isidro, Cabuyao CityK-105, s. 2016E-062, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
40Cabuyao CityPrecious Treasures Christian School of Cabuyao Inc.Along Brgy. Hall Road, San Isidro, Cabuyao CityNoneNoneS-412, s. 2015NoneNone
41Cabuyao CityRP Mabuhay City Academy Cabuyao Laguna (RPMCA) Inc.Ph2 Mabuhay City Subd., Mamatid, Cabuyao CityK-061, s. 2003E-039, s. 2008030, s. 2011NoneNone
42Cabuyao CitySacred Heart of Jesus and Mary School of Cabuyao Laguna Inc. (temporary/voluntary closure, SY 2020-2021)Bermudez Cpd., Cabuyao CityK-047, s. 2004E-033, s. 2004NoneNoneNone
43Cabuyao CitySaint Isidore Academy of Laguna Inc.Blk. 56 Lot 190-232 Phase 6 Mabuhay City, Mamatid, Cabuyao CityK-007, s.2004E-006, s.2004009, s. 2004NoneNone
44Cabuyao CitySaint Jude Montessori of Cabuyao Inc.St. Joseph Village 4, Brgy. Butong, Cabuyao CityK-085, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
45Cabuyao CitySaint Matthew Montessori and Science High School Inc.P1 Blk. 90 Lots 21-29 Mabuhay City, Mamatid, Cabuyao CityK-070, s.2002E-060, s. 2002044, S. 2007NoneNone
46Cabuyao CitySaints John Mark Montessori de Cabuyao Inc.Phase 1 Block 2 Lots 10-11-35 Lakesidenest, Brgy. Banay-Banay, Cabuyao CityK-048, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
47Cabuyao CitySchola Angelicus, Inc.Brgy. San Isidro, Cabuyao CityK-005, s. 2017E-008, s. 2018S-031, s. 2022NoneNone
48Cabuyao CitySchool of Saint Joseph de Cabuyao Inc.Blk. 19 Lot 12 -14 Ph. 1 St. Joseph Village 6, Brgy. Butong, Cabuyao CityK-068, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
49Cabuyao CityShepherd Flock School of CabuyaoPulo, Cabuyao CityK-020, s.2000E-153, s.2012NoneNoneNone
50Cabuyao CitySouth Pearl Educational Center Inc.Blk. 5C Lot 1-2 St. Joseph Homes 1, Gulod, Cabuyao CityK-079, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
51Cabuyao CitySt. Aloysius Gonzaga Castiglione School Inc.Blk. 16 Lot 9-10 Mahogany Village, San Isidro, Cabuyao CityK-126, s. 2017E-039, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
52Cabuyao CitySt. Dominique Montessori School of CamellaCabuyao CityK-009, s.2002E-010, s.2011NoneNoneNone
53Cabuyao CitySt. Jerome integrated School of Cabuyao, Inc.47 Mamatid, Cabuyao CityK-025, s.2012E-045, s. 2004043, s. 2012NoneNone
54Cabuyao CitySt. John Bosco Academy of CabuyaoHongkong Village, Banay-banay, Cabuyao CityRecognizedRecognizedNoneNoneNone
55Cabuyao CitySt. Mary Montessori of Cabuyao Inc. (Annex 1)Blk. 26 Lot 3-4 Ph. 5 Mabuhay City, Brgy. Mamatid, Cabuyao CityK-124, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
56Cabuyao CitySt. Mary Montessori of Cabuyao, Inc. (Main)Blk. 18 Lots 23-32 Phase 1, Mabuhay City, Mamatid, Cabuyao CityK-051, s. 2001E-045, s. 2002NoneNoneNone
57Cabuyao CitySt. Vincent College of Cabuyao Inc. (F.: St. Vincent Academy, Inc.)Mamatid, Cabuyao CityK-002, s.2000E-006, s. 1999030, s. 1999NoneNone
58Cabuyao CityThe Cecilian School of Laguna Inc.Blk. 9 Lot 1 Mabuhay City, Mamatid, Cabuyao CityK-020, s. 2008None33NoneNone
59Cabuyao CityTherese of The Lake School, Inc.145 Marinig, Cabuyao CityK-411, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
60Cabuyao CityToday's Kids Creative Learning Center Inc.Blk. 59 Lot 6-11/Blk. 58 Lot 5-11 Phase 1 Mabuhay City, Baclaran, Cabuyao CityK-071, s. 2013E-200, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
61Cabuyao CityWell of Wisdom Preparatory and Grade School Inc.B6 Lots 39-43 St. Joseph Village 7, Bo. Marinig, Cabuyao CityK-032, s. 2019E-033, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
62Cabuyao CityWhiz Kids Montessori Schoolhouse Inc.Blk. 19 Lot 2 ABC Centennial Townhomes, San Isidro,Cabuyao CityK-198, s. 2014E-041, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
63Cabuyao CityWhiz Kids Montessori Schoolhouse Inc.Blk. 1D Lot 1 Gran Seville, Brgy. Banlic, Cabuyao CityK-108, s. 2017E-040, s. 2018S-057, s. 2019NoneNone
64Cabuyao CityWoodhill Integrated School, Inc.Blk. 31 Lot 24 Phase 1 San Isidro Heights, San Isidro, Cabuyao CityK-076, s. 2018E-077, s. 2019NoneNone None
65Cabuyao CityIFL Christian Academy, Inc.IFL Compound, Gulod Diversion Road, San Isidro, Cabuyao CityK-014, s. 2022E-015, s. 2022S-016, s. 2022NoneNone
Division: Calamba City
1Calamba CityAcademy of Young Achievers Villa de Calamba Inc.Blk. 67 Lot 11 Ph. 3 Villa de Calamba La Mesa, Calamba CityK-054, s. 2001NoneNoneNoneNone
2Calamba CityActive Community Contributors Institute Inc.Doctora St., Mayapa Calamba CityK-307, s. 2014E-011, s. 2016S-012, s. 2016NoneNone
3Calamba CityAljustrel Learning CenterMaligaya Village, Lawa, Calamba CityK-039, s. 2002NoneNoneNoneNone
4Calamba CityAngels of the Lord School of Calamba Inc.Blk. 9 Lot 2 Pine Road, Acacia Park Homes, Saimsim, Calamba CityK-038, s. 2010NoneNoneNoneNone
5Calamba CityArchangel Christian School Sucol Calamba City Inc.667 R. Domingo St., Purok 4, Brgy. Sucol, Clamaba CityK-018, s. 2019E-019, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
6Calamba CityArk of Angels Academy (Laguna) Inc.Villa Palao Subd., Banlic, Calamba CityK-116, s. 2017E-073, s. 2019049, s. 2006NoneNone
7Calamba CityArk of Angels Academy of Calamba Inc.Blk. 5 Lot 1-5 Bougainvilla Homes Subd., Bañadero, Calamba CityK-061, s. 2017E-074, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
8Calamba CityAsian Computer College, Inc.Doctora St., Mayapa, Calamba CityK-070, s. 2017E-024, s. 2018026, s. 2004NoneNone
9Calamba CityCalamba Adventist Elementary School, CAES Inc.Elepaño Subd., Brgy. 3, Calamba CityK-017, s. 20199, s. 1978NoneNoneNone
10Calamba CityCalamba Christian Academy, Inc.Apitong,L.E. Vill., Lingga, Calamba CityK-469, s. 2015E-470, s. 2015061, s. 2000NoneNone
11Calamba CityCalamba Doctors' CollegeKm. 49 National Highway, Calamba CityK-063, s. 2019E-064, s. 2019S-065, s. 2019NoneNone
12Calamba CityCalamba InstitutePurok 2 Halang, Calamba CityK-009, s. 2007E-007, s. 2007038, s. 1999NoneNone
13Calamba CityCalamba Institute-Canlubang Inc.Canlubang, Calamba CityK-154, s. 2013E-155, s. 2013S-306, s. 2014NoneNone
14Calamba CityCanlubang Christian School227 Savio, Mayapa, Calamba CityK-108, s. 1997E-106, s. 2001010, s. 2012NoneNone
15Calamba CityCanossa Academy - Calamba, Laguna, Inc.Lakeview Subd., Halang, Calamba City124, s. 1965125, s. 1965S-002, s. 2022NoneNone
16Calamba CityCasa Del Niño Montessori School Ciudad De Calamba, Inc.Brgy. Punta, Ciudad de Calamba, Calamba CityK-013, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
17Calamba CityChildren of God Learning Academy Inc.Blk. 24 Lot 29 Phase 2 Ceris 3, Canlubang, Calamba CityK-192, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
18Calamba CityChristian Science Academy (formerly Christian Playskool Learning Center)Waling-waling St., Canlubang, Calamba CityK-022, s. 1993E-005, s. 1994024, s. 1998NoneNone
19Calamba CityColegio de San Juan de LetranIpil-ipil St., Bucal, Calamba CityK-001, s. 1986E-003, s.1986AR-003, 1984NoneNone
20Calamba CityDiscovery Montessori School Inc.Blk. 49 Lots 30, 32 & 34 Laguna Buenavista Executive Homes, Barandal, Calamba CityK-047, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
21Calamba CityDon Bosco Children Center MayapaMary Help of Christians Parish, Mayapa, Calamba CityK-132, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
22Calamba CityDon Bosco College, Inc.Don Jose Yulo Blvd. Sr., Canlubang, Calamba CityK-047, s. 2011E-016, s. 2012004, S. 2001NoneNone
23Calamba CityErabco Academy of Calamba, Inc.Ph. 1 Blk. 20 Lot 15-17 Mahogany Villas, Brgy. Looc, Calamba CityK-085, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
24Calamba CityEverlasting School of Calamba Inc.Villa Crispina Subd., San Cristobal, Calamba CityK-078, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
25Calamba CityGalilee Christian Learning Center# 109 Aplaya, Lingga, Calamba CityK-465, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
26Calamba CityGolden Wisdom School of Calamba Inc.Palo-Alto, Calamba CityK-010, s. 2012E-008, s. 2012025, s. 2012NoneNone
27Calamba CityGood Samaritan Mary SchoolB23 L27 Kapayapaan Vill. Canlubang, Calamba CityK-032, s. 2000E-015, s. 2001NoneNoneNone
28Calamba CityGrand Rose Montessori Center Inc. (formerly Rose Montessori Learning Center)Blk. 134 Lot 56 Ph. 7 Villa De Calamba, La Mesa, Calamba CityK-041, s. 2002NoneNoneNoneNone
29Calamba CityHoly Redeemer School of Calamba, Laguna Inc.Hacienda Hills, Palo Alto, Calamba CityK-012, s. 2008E-005, s. 2008012, s. 2008NoneNone
30Calamba CityHoly Trinity Academy of Calamba, Inc.Tagaytay Rd., Barandal, Calamba CityK-063, s. 2012E-045, s. 2012039, s. 2012NoneNone
31Calamba CityImmaculate Conception Catholic School-Calamba Inc.Saimsim, Calamba CityNoneNone026, s. 2012NoneNone
32Calamba CityIntegrated Montessori CenterHalang, Calamba CityK-009, s. 2003E-046, s. 2005NoneNoneNone
33Calamba CityJesus Is Lord Colleges Fnd. Inc.Villa Carpio, Parian, Calamba CityK-040, s. 1995E-013, s. 1996023, s. 2004NoneNone
34Calamba CityJoy R. Christian Lighthouse Academy Inc.Saimsim, Calamba CityK-264, s. 2014E-265, s. 2014038, s. 2008NoneNone
35Calamba CityKiddie Integrated Dev'l School (KIDS) Inc.391 Chipeco Ave., Lecheria, Calamba CityK-117, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
36Calamba CityKolehiyo de CanlubangKapayapaan Ville, Calamba CityK-027, s. 1995E-017, s. 1995033, s. 1999NoneNone
37Calamba CityLaguna College of Business and ArtsJ. P. Rizal St., Calamba CityK-005, s. 1991E-006, s. 1994165, s. 1946NoneNone
38Calamba CityLiceo de CalambaJP Rizal St., Calamba CityK-016, s. 1987E-017, s. 1987039, s. 2005NoneNone
39Calamba CityLittle Jesus Learning CenterKapayapaan Village, Canlubang, Calamba CityK-091, s. 1997E-005, s. 2000059, s. 2007NoneNone
40Calamba CityLiving Waters Children Institute Inc.Villanueva Subd., Lingga, Calamba CityK-030, s. 1998E-004, s. 2000035, s. 2010NoneNone
41Calamba CityLyceum of the Philippines-Laguna, Inc.Km. 54 National Highway, Makiling, Calamba CityNoneNoneS-305, s. 2014NoneNone
42Calamba CityMaranatha Christian AcademyCriscor Comp., Crossing, Calamba CityK-068, s. 2001E-034, s. 2004006, s. 2005NoneNone
43Calamba CityMary Belle Montessori School - CanlubangAsia 1, Canlubang, Calamba CityK-069, s. 2003E-059, s. 2003041, s. 2004NoneNone
44Calamba CityMary Belle Montessori School - Mayapa, Inc.2545 Mayapa Road, brgy. Mayapa, Calamba CityK-128, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
45Calamba CityMary Help of Christians CollegeAcacia St., LEDC Canlubang, Calamba City56, s. 1975005, s. 1981003, s. 1991NoneNone
46Calamba CityMeldenfield Chrisitan Academy Inc. (F: Children's House of Instructions, Learning and Development881 Purok 5 Brgy. Bucal (National Highway), Calamba CityK-006, s. 2016E-062, s. 2017NoneNoneNone
47Calamba CityMiriam College Foundation, Inc.Diversity Ave. Cor. Evoliving Parkway, Nuvali, Cnalubang, Calamba CityK-308, s. 2014E-309, s. 2014S-063, s. 2017NoneNone
48Calamba CityMontessori House of Learning, Inc.San Jose Ave., parian, Calamba CityK-007, s. 2007E-028, s. 2010NoneNoneNone
49Calamba CityMorning Star Montessori SchoolVilla Zenaida Subd., Del Pilar St., Calamba CityK-066, s. 1996E-072, s. 1997NoneNoneNone
50Calamba CityOlaso Child Study Center Inc.Blk. 16 Lot 41 Villa Palao Subd., Banlic, Calamba CityK-118, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
51Calamba CityReal Christian School (formerly Door of Faith Christian Sch.)Purok 5, Brgy. Real, Calamba CityK-030, s. 1996E-052, s. 1999NoneNoneNone
52Calamba CityRizal College of Laguna, Inc.Crossing, Calamba CityNoneNone040, s. 1999NoneNone
53Calamba CityRizal Institute (Canlubang)Calamba CityNoneNone065, s. 2005NoneNone
54Calamba CitySaints John and Paul CollegesCalamba CityNoneNone028, s. 2000NoneNone
55Calamba CitySan Sebastian College - Recoletos, Inc.Wisdom Avenue, Carmelray Industrial Park 1, Canlubang, Calamba CityNoneNoneS-124, s. 2016NoneNone
56Calamba CitySouthhill Montessori School, Inc.Laguerta, Calamba CityK-012, s. 2013E-013, s. 2013S-263, s. 2014NoneNone
57Calamba CitySt. Benilde Int'l School Calamba Inc.Calamba CityK-007, s. 2005E-021, s. 2006002, s. 2005NoneNone
58Calamba CitySt. Dominic Savio School of Calamba, Inc.Paciano Rizal, Calamba CityK-118, s. 2017E-017, s. 1993073, s. 2005NoneNone
59Calamba CitySt. Francis of Assisi College SystemMilan Barandal, Calamba CityK-035, s. 1993E-024, s. 1993015, s. 1996NoneNone
60Calamba CitySt. John CollegesChipeco Ave., Calamba CityK-002, s. 2007E-056, s. 1999018, s. 1999NoneNone
61Calamba CitySt. Mary Magdalene Colleges of Laguna, Inc. (F.: St. Mary Magdalene Learning Center)Almon St., Looc, Calamba CityK-048, s. 1999NoneNoneNoneNone
62Calamba CitySt. Mary Magdalene Colleges of Laguna, Inc. (F.: St. Mary Magdalene Learning Center)Purok 1, Uwisan, Calamba CityNoneNoneS-003, s. 2022NoneNone
63Calamba CitySt. Peter AcademyLandmark Subd., Parian, Calamba CityK-003, s. 2002E-004, s. 2002002, s. 2002NoneNone
64Calamba CitySt. Simon Montessori SchoolCrossing, Calamba CityK-014, s. 1987E-008, s. 1990076, s. 2006NoneNone
65Calamba CitySta. Cecilia Catholic School Foundation, Inc.Old Stable Canlbubang, Calamba CityNoneE-083, s. 2008040, s. 2004NoneNone
66Calamba CitySunflower Learning CenterFarconville Subd., parian, Calamba CityK-064, s. 2001E-009, s. 2007NoneNoneNone
67Calamba CityTech-Grow Kids Developmental School inc.Lot 66 Blk. 5, Gran Avila Majada Out, Calamba CityK-005, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
68Calamba CityUniversity of Perpetual Help System DaltaPaciano Rizal, Calamba CityK-014, s. 2017E-031, s. 1999017, s. 1999NoneNone
69Calamba CityWellspring Academy of Canlubang, Inc.Blk. 42 Lots 12 & 14 Palao, Kapayapaan Village, Canlubang, Calamba CityK-311, s. 2014E-058, s. 2016S-041, s. 2017NoneNone
70Calamba CityXavier School, Inc.Sitio Mangumit, Brgy. Canlubang, Calamba CityK-310, s. 2014E-467, s. 2015S-468, s. 2015NoneNone
Division: Cavite City
1Cavite CitySt. Joseph CollegePlaridel St., San Roque, Cavite City299E-374346NoneNone
2Cavite CityAcademe of Donna Christine2 Voca, Dalahican, Cavite CityK-031E-01827NoneNone
3Cavite CityBulilit Preparatory SchoolCavite CityK-022NoneNoneNoneNone
4Cavite CityCavite Bible Baptist Church & SchoolJulian Felipe Blvd., Cavite CityK-088, s. 2012E-061, s. 20128NoneNone
5Cavite CityCenter for Continuous LeaningHermanos del Trabajo St., Cavite CityNoneK-013NoneNoneNone
6Cavite CityColumbia Polytechnic InstituteDalahican, Cavite CityNoneNoneRecognized since 1989NoneNone
7Cavite CityGospel Light Christian AcademyM. Gregorio St., San Antonio, Cavite CityNoneE-11877NoneNone
8Cavite CityJhay-Anne MontessoriDra. Salamanca, Cavite CityNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
9Cavite CityJimel AcademyCresini St. Caridad Cavite CityNoneNoneRecognized since 1983NoneNone
10Cavite CityKing of Glory Academy607 Movido St., Caridad, Cavite CityNoneE-01129NoneNone
11Cavite CityPag-asa Elementary SchoolCavite CityK-004NoneNoneNoneNone
12Cavite CityRuther E. Esconde School of Multiple Intelligences, Inc.#484 T. Gomez St., Caridad, Cavite CityK-142, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
13Cavite CitySan Sebastian College RecoletosP. Burgos Ave., san Roque, Cavite CityNoneE-06252NoneNone
14Cavite CitySovereign Christian Grace AcademyMartinez St., Caridad, Cavite CityNoneE-03738NoneNone
15Cavite CityWesley Learning CenterCavite CityK-011NoneNoneNoneNone
Division: Cavite Province
1Cavite ProvinceArigo-Villegas (A.V.) Academy , Inc.Topaz St., Marcville Subd.Wakas Kawit CaviteK-054, s. 2011None012, s., 2009NoneNone
2Cavite ProvinceBeloved Angels School138 Tirona St., Wakas Kawit, CaviteK-006, s. 2003NoneNoneNoneNone
3Cavite ProvinceBrickwood School of Kawit4k Subd., Tabon, Kawit, CaviteK-010, s. 2004E-008, s. 2007NoneNoneNone
4Cavite ProvinceChild Development and Guidance Center Inc.Covelandia Road, Pulborista St., Binakayan, Kawit, CaviteK-142, s. 2019NoneS-349, s. 2015NoneNone
5Cavite ProvinceHeadstart Rockwell Learning School Inc.L15 B6 Rockwell Subd., Toclong, Kawit, CaviteK-233, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
6Cavite ProvinceIntegrated School of Science (Kawit, Cavite), Inc.135 Magdalo Kawit, CaviteK-004, s. 2006E-348, s. 2015042, s. 2010NoneNone
7Cavite ProvinceLiving Stream Christian School of CaviteJTLSCF Compound, Tabon, Kawit, CaviteK-122, s. 2003E-060, s. 2003NoneNoneNone
8Cavite ProvinceMaria Corrine College Inc.Covelandia Road Binakayan, Kawit, CaviteK-016, s. 1990E-004, s. 1994028, s. 2002NoneNone
9Cavite ProvinceMary Montessori School of CaviteVilla Canacao, Sta. Isabel, Kawit, CaviteK-056, s. 1996E-049, s. 1999014, s. 2007NoneNone
10Cavite ProvinceMilden Academy, Inc.Magdalo, Kawit, CaviteK-005, s. 2006E-012, s. 2007001, s. 2008NoneNone
11Cavite ProvinceOur Lady of Fatima Academy of Binakayan, Inc.Fatima St., Congbalay, Binakayan Kawit CaviteK-037, s. 2011E-021, s. 2011NoneNoneNone
12Cavite ProvincePerpetuo Succor Developmental Reading and Learning SchoolBinakayan Kawit CaviteK-072, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone
13Cavite ProvinceSt. Mary Magdalene School (Parochial), Inc.7 Bayani St. Compound, Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite67, s. 1968132, s. 1972251, s. 1977NoneNone
14Cavite ProvinceStudents' Haven Tutorial & Learning Center Inc.No. 66 Margarita Subd., Balsahan, Binakayan, Kawit, CaviteK-111, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
16Cavite ProvinceAtheneum SchoolSan Rafael III, Noveleta, CaviteK-015, s. 1993E-035, s. 1993007, s. 1995NoneNone
17Cavite ProvinceHoly Cross Catholic School of Noveleta Inc.Poblacion, Noveleta, CaviteK-095, s. 2017E-001, s. 2019S-002, s. 2019NoneNone
19Cavite ProvincePatnubay Academy, Inc.037 San Juan St., Noveleta, CaviteK-046, s. 1996E-033, s. 1995006, s. 2004NoneNone
20Cavite ProvincePhronesis Learning Center Inc.Montenegro Subd., San Rafael 4, Noveleta, CaviteK-075, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
21Cavite ProvinceRoses and Cheeses Playschool and Learning Center Inc.105 Teacher's Country Village, Magdiwang, Noveleta, CaviteK-105, s. 2017NoneNoneSPED-138, s. 2019None
22Cavite ProvinceSaint Therese Catholic School, Inc. (Formerly: Hermano Miguel Integrated School)Coastal Bay City Noveleta, CaviteK-079, s. 2012E-055, s. 2012015, s. 2009NoneNone
23Cavite ProvinceUnida Nehemiah Christian AcademySta. Rosa II, Noveleta, CaviteK-039, s. 2004E-006, s. 2005009, s. 2007NoneNone
24Cavite ProvinceBible Christian Academy of Cavite, Inc.L5 B8 Graceland Village, Tejeros, Rosario, CaviteK-032, s. 2003E-035, s. 2003010, s. 2005NoneNone
25Cavite ProvinceCafuir Learning CenterMarsella St. Bagbag, Rosario, CaviteK-054, s. 1983E-003, s. 1987006, s. 1988NoneNone
26Cavite ProvinceCavite State University-Rosario CampusTejeros Convention, Rosario, CaviteNoneNoneRecognizedNoneNone
27Cavite ProvinceGalilee Academy, Inc.520 C. Abueg St., Sapa I, Rosario, CaviteK-033, s. 2012E-025, s. 2012031, s. 2012NoneNone
28Cavite ProvinceILA Memorial SchoolGen. Trias Drive, Rosario, CaviteK-011, s. 1983E-012, s. 1983AR 015, s. 1985NoneNone
29Cavite ProvincePhilien Christian Academy Inc.Marsella St. Bagbag, Rosario, CaviteNoneNone094, s. 2007NoneNone
30Cavite ProvinceRosario Institute, Incorporated (Rosario Institute)C. Abueg St., Rosario, CaviteK-119, s. 2018E-120, s. 2018349, s. 1949-1950NoneNone
31Cavite ProvinceSanto Rosario Catholic School, Inc.Poblacion, Rosario, CaviteK-096, s. 2017E-143, s. 2019S-097, .s. 2017NoneNone
32Cavite ProvinceScience Technology Institute of Rosario Cavite, Inc.Lolo Polo Bldg., Gen. Trias Drive, Tejero, Rosario, CaviteNoneNoneS-381, s. 2015NoneNone
33Cavite ProvinceSLKS Kiddie School IncorporatedGigi St., Greenfields Subd., Bagbag I, Rosario, CaviteK-138, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
34Cavite ProvinceSTI College-Rosario, CaviteRosario, CaviteNoneNone052, s. 2006None None
35Cavite ProvinceBiblica La Delle Academy, Inc.Marahan II, Alfonso, CaviteK-059, s. 2003E-054, s. 2003025, s. 2009None None 
37Cavite ProvinceGracious Gift School of Cavite, Incorporated199 Luksuhin Ilaya Alfonso, CaviteK-017, s. 2008E-060, s. 2012NoneNoneNone 
38Cavite ProvinceMaranatha Living Hope AcademyMojica I, Alfonso, CaviteK-066, s. 2008NoneNoneNoneNone 
39Cavite ProvinceNazareth Institute of Alfonso, Inc.Pajo, Alfonso CaviteK-287, s. 2014E-288, s. 2014NoneNoneNone 
40Cavite ProvinceNazareth School of Alfonso, Inc.Pajo, Alfonso CaviteNoneNone043, s. 2007NoneNone 
41Cavite ProvinceParokya ni San Jose Educational Foundation Inc.Kaytitingga Alfonsa, CaviteK-031, s. 2012E-022, s. 2012S-317, s. 2014NoneNone 
42Cavite ProvinceSacred Heart School of Cavite - AnnexBurgos St., Alfonso, CaviteK-056, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone 
43Cavite ProvinceSacred Heart School of Cavite, Inc. (F.: Sacred Heart Schools, Cavite Highland, Inc.) (F.: Cavite Highland Institute, Inc.)Brgy. 2, Mabini St., Alfonso, Cavite5, s. 1978E-006, s. 1989221, s. 1953NoneNone 
44Cavite ProvinceVictorious Christian Montessori College Alfonso Inc. (F.: Victorious Christian Montessori College (Alfonso Branch) Inc.)Brgy. 2 Mabini St. Alfonso, CaviteK-019, s. 2001E-021, s. 2001011, s. 2002NoneNone 
45Cavite ProvinceAWCI de Le Mar Academy (Amadeo Weste Cavite Instituto De Le Mar) Inc.B Villanueva St., Brgy. 8, Amadeo, CaviteNoneNone004, s. 2005NoneNone
46Cavite ProvinceBrightways AcademyBanay BAnay, Amadeo, CaviteK-012, s. 2007E-004, s. 2007003, s. 2007NoneNone
47Cavite ProvinceDom Geraldo Childrens Center (voluntary/temporary closure SY 2020-2021)Salaban Amadeo CaviteNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
48Cavite ProvinceDorcas Samaritan Academe, Inc.J. Dela Peña St., Amadeo, CaviteK-011, s. 1991NoneNoneNoneNone
49Cavite ProvinceFather Luigi Caburiotto SchoolBuho, Amadeo, CaviteK-013, s. 1996E-011, s. 2001NoneNoneNone
50Cavite ProvinceIstituto Maria Immacolata Inc.214 Banaybanay, Amadeo, CaviteK-058, s. 2012E-123, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
51Cavite ProvinceScuola Maria Santissima, Inc.419 Brgy. Tamakan Amadeo, CaviteK-122, s. 2013E-027, s. 2022NoneNoneNone
52Cavite ProvinceSt. Mary Magdalene Parochial School of Amadeo, Cavite, Inc.348 P. Zamora St. Amadeo, CaviteK-010, s. 1996E-040, s. 1996NoneNoneNone
53Cavite ProvinceSt. Raphael School for Special Children, Inc.Amadeo, CaviteK-057, s. 2012NoneNoneSPED-130, s. 2018None
54Cavite ProvinceSunstar Academy Inc.Villanueva St., Amadeo CaviteK-112, s. 2018E-113, s. 2018NoneNone None
55Cavite ProvinceHoly Mother Cavite InstituteGen. Emilio Aguinaldo, CaviteNoneNone220, s. 1953NoneNone
56Cavite ProvinceNazareth School of General Aguinaldo, Cavite, Inc.Brgy 1, Poblacion, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, CaviteK-083, s. 1997E-060, s. 1997S-062, s. 2022NoneNone
57Cavite ProvincePetal Preparatory School, Inc.Brgy. Castaños Cerca Gen. E, Aguinaldo, CaviteK-055, ,s. 2012E-040, s. 2012NoneNoneNone
58Cavite ProvinceAcademia de San Vicente Ferrer-Cavite Inc.Lumampong Indang, CaviteK-139, s. 2019E-140, s. 2019001, s. 2007NoneNone
59Cavite ProvinceCavite State University Science High SchoolIndang CaviteNoneNoneRecognizedNoneNone
60Cavite ProvinceDSAC Child Development CenterCvSU, Indang, CaviteK-010, s. 1990E-011, s. 1995NoneNoneNone
61Cavite ProvinceHillcrest Periwinkle School Indang Branch Inc.Indang Village, Calumpang Lejos I, Indang CaviteK-032, s. 2012E-023, s. 2012S-273, s. 2014NoneNone
62Cavite ProvinceHoly Family School of Indang, Inc.168 Brgy. Harasan Indang CaviteK-053, s. 2012E-114, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
63Cavite ProvinceIndang Christian AcademyAlulod, Indang, CaviteK-053, s. 1996E-019, s. 1999005, s. 2009NoneNone
64Cavite ProvinceLiceo dela ConcepcionPulo, Indang, CaviteK-038, s. 2003E-027, s. 2007060, s. 2005NoneNone
65Cavite ProvinceLycee de San Antonio Montessori of Indang Inc.Tambo Kulit Indang, CaviteNoneNone075, s. 2007NoneNone
66Cavite ProvinceNazarene Christian School of Indang Inc.Cocoville Subd., Calumpang Cerca Indang, CaviteK-084, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone
67Cavite ProvincePerpetual Cavite InstituteSan Gregorio, Buna Cerca, Indang, CaviteK-051, s. 2004E-008, s. 2004AR15, s. 1979NoneNone
68Cavite ProvinceRoyal Palm Academy of Cavite, IncIndang Cavitek-025, S. 2012E-018, s. 2012029, s. 2012NoneNone
69Cavite ProvinceSaint Gregory Academy Inc.Poblacion 3,Indang, CaviteK-019, s. 1983E-098, s. 20175, s. 1967NoneNone
70Cavite ProvinceSebastien Montessori, Inc.Calumpang Cerca, Indang, CaviteK-064, s. 2012E-046, s. 2012NoneNoneNone
71Cavite ProvinceDe Guia Academy of Magallanes, Inc.De Guia St. Poblacion 3,Magallanes, CaviteK-407, s. 2015E-408, s. 2015007, s. 2009NoneNone
72Cavite ProvinceGazellian College Foundation Inc. (F.: Magallanes Kiddie Learning School and Gazellian College Foundation, Inc.)90 de Guia St. Brgy. Poblacion IV Magallanes, CaviteK-014, s. 2009E-006, s. 2009009, s. 2009NoneNone
73Cavite ProvinceKurios Christian School Foundation, Inc.Bendita I, Magallanes, CaviteK-077, s. 2003E-017, s. 2007019, s. 2008NoneNone
74Cavite ProvinceMagallanes Adventist Elementary SchoolSalcedo St. Magallanes, CaviteK-067, s. 2008E-003, s. 1976NoneNoneNone
75Cavite ProvinceMagallanes Western Cavite InstituteDe Guia St. Poblacion 3,Magallanes, CaviteNoneNone36, s. 1960NoneNone
76Cavite ProvinceAmora 828 Christian Academy Inc.39 M. Dimapilis St., Brgy. Anuling Cerca I, Mendez-Nuñez, CaviteK-006, s. 2020NoneNoneNoneNone
77Cavite ProvinceGreengrove Academy Inc.M. Dimapilis St., Anuling Lejos II, Mendez, CaviteK-207, s. 2014E-316, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
78Cavite ProvinceMary's Greenfield Academy, Inc.St. Francis Street, Brgy. Miguel Mojica, Mendez, CaviteK-054, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone
79Cavite ProvinceMendez Christian Academy Inc.Brgy. Miguel Mojica, Mendez, CaviteK-054, s. 2003E-013, s. 2006018, s. 2011NoneNone
80Cavite ProvinceMendez-Nuñez Montessori, Inc.Alfonso Rd. Mendez, CaviteK-060, s. 2002E-053, s. 2002011, s. 2005NoneNone
81Cavite ProvinceSaint Augustine School, Inc.146 J. P. Rizal Street, Mendez, CaviteNone143, s. 1971008, s. 1996NoneNone
82Cavite ProvinceSan Isidro Montessori of Mendez Inc.144 P. Ferma St., Anuling Lejos 1, Mendez, CaviteK-115, s. 2018E-116, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
83Cavite ProvinceTagaytay Mendez AcademyJ.P.Rizal St. Mendez, CaviteNoneNone419, s. 1948NoneNone
84Cavite ProvinceYoung Kwang Gukje School2767 Brgy. Panungyan I, Mendez CaviteK-003, s. 2012E-002, s. 2012020, s. 2012NoneNone
85Cavite ProvinceBethany Christian Academy of TagaytayMaitim II, Tagaytay City, CaviteK-077, s. 2008E-070, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
86Cavite ProvinceBlessings in the World Fellowship School Inc.155 JP, Rizal St., Kaybagal South Tagaytay City, CaviteK-206, s. 2014E-350, s. 2015S-351, s. 2015NoneNone
87Cavite ProvinceLa Asuncion Montessori of TagaytayPatutong Malaki, Tagaytay City, CaviteK-044, s. 1996E-005, s. 1997031, s. 2002NoneNone
88Cavite ProvinceMater Dei Academy of Tagaytay IncorporatedMahogany Avenue, Tagaytay City, CaviteK-009, s. 1996E-008, s. 1997062, s. 2003NoneNone
89Cavite ProvincePater Noster Montessori SchoolMaitim II, Tagaytay City, CaviteK-001, s. 2006E-001, s. 2006NoneNoneNone
90Cavite ProvinceSafi Integrated Learning Academy Inc.Pag-ibig St., Brgy. Francisco, Tagaytay City, CaviteK-135, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
91Cavite ProvinceSamuel Mission International School Inc. (Formerly: Samuel Mission Integrated School Inc.)Lourdes St., Maitim 2nd Central Tagaytay City, CaviteK-213, s. 2014E-013, s. 2012023, s. 2012NoneNone
92Cavite ProvinceShim International School, Inc.Dominican Road, Tolentino West, Tagaytay City, CaviteNoneNone0s. 2007NoneNone
93Cavite ProvinceSis. Maria Carmela Brescia SchoolSt. Francis Compound Brgy. San Jose, Tagaytay, CaviteK-052, s. 2000E-016, s. 2004NoneNoneNone
94Cavite ProvinceSisters of Mary Immaculate School-Tagaytay Inc.9056 Patutong Malaki Guinhawa st., 4120 Guinhawa North, Tagaytay City, CaviteK-132, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
95Cavite ProvinceSt. Francis of Assisi AcademyBonifacio Drive Silang Crossing West, Tagaytay City, CaviteK-017, s. 1992E-030, s. 1996NoneNoneNone
96Cavite ProvinceTagaytay Christian Academy Inc.9081 Calamba Road, Brgy. San Jose, Tagaytay City, CaviteK-022, s. 2011E-028, s. 2022015, s. 2004NoneNone
97Cavite ProvinceTagaytay Montessori School Inc.Patutong Malaki South, Tagaytay City, CaviteK-005, s. 2012E-208, s. 2014S-080, s. 2018NoneNone
98Cavite ProvinceTropical Innovative School of ExcellenceFrancisco St., Kaybagal South, Tagaytay City, CaviteK-018, s. 2009E-011, s. 2009031, s. 2009NoneNone
99Cavite ProvinceZion Crest Christian Academy (closed)Ligaya Dr. Sungay Tagaytay City, CaviteK-101, s. 2003NoneNoneNoneNone
CARMONA Cavite Province
100Cavite ProvinceAranda Educational InstitutionBancal, carmona, CaviteK-070, s. 2001E-027, s. 2001NoneNoneNone
101Cavite ProvinceCarmona Christian School Inc.9221 Altarez Village, Carmona CaviteK-277, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
102Cavite ProvinceChildren of Mary Immaculate School068 Sarmiento St. Carmona, CaviteK-005, s. 1993E-034, s. 1995051, s. 2004NoneNone
103Cavite ProvinceColegio de San Jose of Carmona044 Magallanes St. Carmona, CaviteNoneNone005, s. 1996NoneNone
104Cavite ProvinceDe Guia Academy of Magallanes, Inc.Magallanes St. Carmona, caviteNoneNoneRecognized since 2009NoneNone
105Cavite ProvincePaw Elite Preschool Academy Inc.Carmona, CaviteK-225, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
106Cavite ProvinceSt. Anthony De Carmelli Academy Inc.Carmona Estate, Brgy. Lantic Carmona, CaviteK-017, s. 2011E-024, s. 2012035, s. 2012NoneNone
107Cavite ProvinceSt. Joseph Learning Center of Carmona Cavite Inc.Magallanes St., Carmona, CaviteK-006, s. 1991E-003, s. 1992NoneNoneNone
108Cavite ProvinceSt. Michael Montessori De Carmona, Inc.City Land, Mabuhay, Carmona, CaviteK-072, s. 2017E-001, s. 2020NoneNoneNone
109Cavite ProvinceSuperior Smart Educator Academe of Carmona Inc. (F.: Todlers Smart Learning Center Inc.)11219 J. M. Loyola St., Mabuhay, Carmona, CaviteK-001, s. 2010E-057, s. 2012NoneNoneNone
110Cavite ProvinceWashington School Inc. (F: WA School of Carmona Phils. Inc.) (F: Manila Southwoods Gukje School Inc.)Gate 5, Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club, Brgy. Cabilang Baybay, Carmona, CaviteNoneNone043, s. 2012NoneNone
111Cavite ProvinceZion Academy of Carmona, Inc. Brgy. Mabuhay, Carmona, CaviteNoneNone010, s. 2010NoneNone
Gen. Mariano Alvarez
113Cavite ProvinceAlta Tierra Integrated School Inc.Blk. 1 Lot 4 Alta Tierra Homes, Brgy. A. Olaes, GMA, CaviteK-445, s. 2015E-092, s. 2016S-093, s. 2016NoneNone
114Cavite ProvinceBiyaya Polytechnic AcademyMaderan GMA, CaviteK-045, s. 1995E-032, s. 1996033, s. 2000NoneNone
115Cavite ProvinceChristian Grace School of Caviteb4 Brgy. San Gabriel GMA, CaviteK-064, s. 1996E-004, s. 1998025, s. 2002NoneNone
116Cavite ProvinceEvangelical Christian School (ECS) Foundational, Inc.GMA, CaviteK-090, s. 2012E-063, s. 2012NoneNoneNone
117Cavite ProvinceGrace Baptist Christian School of GMA Inc.Congressional Road, Brgy. Lumbreras, G.M.A. CaviteK-023, s. 2011E-014, s. 2011003, s. 2010NoneNone
118Cavite ProvinceHill Side Academy, Inc.Monteverde Vill. F. de Castro GMA, CaviteK-007, s. 1991E-003, s. 1993016, s. 1999NoneNone
119Cavite ProvinceHoly Family Academy of GMA, Inc.Congressional Road, Brgy. Poblacion 5, GMA, CaviteK-069, s. 1997E-052, s. 1997045, s. 2001NoneNone
120Cavite ProvinceKarunungan Village Academy Inc.B9 LII Teachers Vill. Brgy San Gabriel GMA, CaviteK-014, s. 2008E-020, s. 2009023, s. 2010NoneNone
121Cavite ProvinceMaranatha Christian Academy of GMA Inc.Blk. C2 Lot 22 Brgy. Maderan Gen, Mariano Alvarez, CaviteK-080, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone
122Cavite ProvinceMonte Cristo Research and Educational Institute, Inc.Monteverde, GMA, CaviteK-052, s. 2012E-037, s. 2012036, s. 2012NoneNone
123Cavite ProvinceMy Messiah School of Cavite, Inc.Lot 3, Blk. 13-G, Poblacion 1, GMA, CaviteK-028, s. 2012E-019, s. 2012024, s. 2012NoneNone
124Cavite ProvinceMy Messiah School of Cavite, Inc.Pasong Saguing De Las Alas, Gen. Mariano Alvarez, CaviteK-127, s. 2018E-128, s. 2018S-006, s. 2022 NoneNone
125Cavite ProvinceOur Lady of Grace Academy of Gen. Mariano, Inc.B4 L46 Sun Shine Homes F. de Castro GMA, CaviteNoneNone047, s. 2000NoneNone
126Cavite ProvinceOur Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Learning Center Inc.Ph. 3 Blk. 4 Lot 10 Sunshine Homes, Brgy. F. de Castro, Gen. Mariano Alvarez, CaviteK-146, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
127Cavite ProvincePadre Pio Child Development Center Inc.B C1A L5 Brgy. N. Virata, GMA, CaviteK-231, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
128Cavite ProvinceShalom Learning CenterNorma Compound GMA, CaviteK-006, s. 1995E-029, s. 1995026, s. 1999NoneNone
129Cavite ProvinceShekinah Learning School of San Jose GMA Cavite Inc.Blk. 18 Lot 12 Brgy. San Jose, Gen. Mariano Alvarez, CaviteK-082, s. 2012E-017, s. 2022NoneNoneNone
130Cavite ProvinceSt. Jonah Grace SchoolB5 L6 Sunshine Homes F de Castro GMA, CaviteK-017, s. 1996E-039, s. 1996NoneNoneNone
131Cavite ProvinceUniversity of Perpetual Help GMA CampusSan Gabriel GMA, CaviteK-012, s. 1999E-008, s. 1999009, s. 1999NoneNone
132Cavite ProvinceUpon This Rock Christian Academy, Inc.Ph. 4-B Blk. 17 Lots 15-18 Casa de Monteverde, Brgy. F. de Castro, Gen. Mariano Alvarez, CaviteK-032, s. 2008None042, s. 2004NoneNone
133Cavite ProvinceVessel of Wisdom Christian School Inc.258 Mt. Mayon St. Brgy. Elises, Gen. Mariano Alvarez, CaviteK-078, s. 2002NoneNoneNoneNone
134Cavite ProvinceVictorious Christian Montessori School Foundation, Inc. (F.: Victorious Christian Montessori College Inc. (F.: Victorious Christian Montessori, Inc.)323 Brgy. San Gabriel B4, Cong. Rd., GMA, CaviteK-048, s. 1995E-017, s. 1996014, s. 1997NoneNone
135Cavite ProvinceVision Christian Academy (G.M.A. Cavite) Inc. (closed)106 Congressional Rd. Memije, GMA, CaviteNoneNone022, s. 2010NoneNone
136Cavite ProvinceVox Dei Academy of GMA Inc. (formerly Christ the King Learning Center)A. L. Ignacio St. Brgy. Poblacion I, GMA, CaviteNoneNone042, s. 2009NoneNone
SILANGCavite Province
137Cavite ProvinceAcademia De Doxa, Inc.#92-A, Pooc 2 Silang CaviteK-060, s. 2004NoneNoneNoneNone
138Cavite ProvinceAdventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, Inc. Lalaan I, Silang, CaviteK-144, s. 2019NoneS-120, s. 2013NoneNone
139Cavite ProvinceAdventist University of the PhilippinesPuttingkahoy Silang CaviteNone90, s. 1946NoneNoneNone
140Cavite ProvinceAmanah Integrated School, Inc. (F: Dar Amanah Children's Village Foundation Inc.)Brgy. Hoyo, Silang, CaviteK-044, s. 2012E-103, s. 2013S-133, s. 2019NoneNone
141Cavite ProvinceBeatitudes Technological and Theological College-Silang, Cavite Inc.131 Molave St., Brgy. San Miguel II, SIlang, CaviteNoneNone046, s. 2012NoneNone
142Cavite ProvinceBiga Achievers' Learning Institut, Inc.Calanog St., PMI Compound, Biga I, Silang, CaviteK-030, s. 2012E-021, s. 2012S-121, s. 2018NoneNone
143Cavite ProvinceBrown International School Inc. (Formerly: Borwn Guk Je School Inc.)Suk Ho Bldg., St. Paul Road, Lalaan 1, Silang, CaviteK-004, s. 2012E-003, s. 2012019, s. 2012NoneNone
144Cavite ProvinceCasa Real Montessori Inc.San vicente II By-pass Road, Silang, CaviteK-016, s. 2012E-086, s. 2018S-087, s. 2018NoneNone
145Cavite ProvinceCavite Institute Inc.EKB Heights Iba, Silang, CaviteK-028, s. 2005E-008, s. 199221, s. 1950SPED-081, s. 2018None
146Cavite ProvinceCavite State University-Silang CampusBiga II, Silang, CaviteNoneNoneRecognizedNoneNone
147Cavite ProvinceChild of Zion AcademyZII Tatic Homes, Bulihan Silang, CaviteK-028, s. 2007E-037, s. 2010034, s. 2012NoneNone
148Cavite ProvinceFar Eastern College-SilangMetrogate Silang Estate, Silang, CaviteK-085, s. 2012E-058, s. 2012022, s. 2012NoneNone
149Cavite ProvinceFr. Michael Dohoner Memorial School, Inc.J.P Rizal St. Silang, CaviteK-013, s. 1992E-004, s. 1993NoneNoneNone
150Cavite ProvinceFranceville Academy, Inc.#8 Denmark Drive , Franceville Homes, Bulihan, Silang, CaviteK-013, s. 1999NoneNoneNoneNone
151Cavite ProvinceHephzibah School Inc. (F.: Hephzibah International School)Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Brgy. Tartaria, Silang, CaviteNoneNone011, s. 2009NoneNone
152Cavite ProvinceHilltop Adventist Elementary School, Inc.Tartaria, Silang, CaviteK-069, s. 2017E-009, s. 1995NoneNoneNone
153Cavite ProvinceImperial Learning Center, IncB15 L16-22, Buklod Bahayan, Tartaria, Silang, CaviteK-016, s. 2004E-011, s. 2005008, s. 2008NoneNone
154Cavite ProvinceInfant Jesus Academy of Silang, Inc.Silang, CaviteNoneNone64, s. 1949NoneNone
155Cavite ProvinceInfant Jesus Montessori Center of Santa Rosa Heights Silang Cavite, Inc.Phase 1 Commercial 2 Lot 3 Sta. Rosa Heights, Putingkahoy, Silang, CaviteK-087, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone
156Cavite ProvinceJacob's Well Kiddie Learning Center Inc. Malabag Unida Chrurch Compound, Malabag, Silang, CaviteK-038, s. 2007NoneNoneNoneNone
157Cavite ProvinceJohn Paul Learning Center (Silang, Cavite) Inc.58 Blumentritt St., Tubuan 1, Silang, CaviteK-038, s. 2006E-062, s. 2012NoneNoneNone
158Cavite ProvinceJollikiddie Montessori Center216 Biga II Silang, CaviteK-079, s. 1996E-045, s. 2003NoneNoneNone
159Cavite ProvinceLa Victoria Learning and Training CenterSan Vicente, Silang, CaviteK-068, s. 1998NoneNoneNoneNone
160Cavite ProvinceLearninglinks Academy of Sta. Rosa, Inc.Main Street South Forbes, Golf City, Inchican, Silang, CaviteK-046, s. 2011NoneS-127, s. 2016NoneNone
161Cavite ProvinceLearninglinks Academy of Sta. Rosa, Inc.South Forbes Golf Villas, Metro, Sta. Roza, Silang, CaviteNoneNoneS-127, s. 2016NoneNone
162Cavite ProvinceLittle Heirs AcacdemyB72 L11, Ipil 2, Bulihan, Silang, CaviteK-032, s. 2010E-019, s. 2010033, s. 2012NoneNone
163Cavite ProvinceLiving Lamp Academy Inc. (formerly Living Lamp Learning Center)J.P. Rizal St. Silang, CaviteK-047, s. 1995E-104, s. 2013S-128, s. 2016NoneNone
164Cavite ProvinceLora Carnig School of All NationsTubuan, Silang, CaviteK-074, s. 2008E-013, s. 2009NoneNoneNone
165Cavite ProvinceLumbini Institute of Cavite Inc.238 Brgy. Pooc II, Silang, CaviteK-088, s. 2018E-089, s. 2018S-130, s. 2019NoneNone
166Cavite ProvinceMadre Giuditta Martelli SchoolE. Aguinaldo Highway, Brgy. Lalaan II, Silang, CaviteK-025, s. 2010E-014, s. 2010NoneNoneNone
167Cavite ProvinceMother Leopoldina Social Center Inc.Ramos St., Lalaan II, Silang, CaviteK-318, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
168Cavite ProvinceNeville Learning School Inc.Phase IV-B, Blk. 78 Lot 6 Brgy. Ipil 2, Silang, CaviteK-033, s. 2010E-090, s. 2016S-091, s. 2016NoneNone
169Cavite ProvinceNew Life Christian School of Cavite314 Brgy. Maguyam, Silang, CaviteK-042, s. 2006E-059, s. 2008028, s. 2009NoneNone
170Cavite ProvinceN-K Learning Center, Inc. (voluntary/temporary closure SY 2020-2021)L31 B22, Buklod Bahayan, Tartaria, Silang, CaviteK-061, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone
171Cavite ProvinceOur Lady of Peace Academy of Cavite, Inc.B161 L2 Zone 4, AFP Housing Bulihan, Silang, CaviteNoneNone026, s. 2006NoneNone
172Cavite ProvinceOverflowing Christian Academy Inc.Brgy. Balite II, Silang, CaviteK-091, s. 2018E-010, s. 2022NoneNoneNone
173Cavite ProvinceParaclete Foundation Community School, Inc.B89 JVP-BSSP,AFP Housing Bulihan, Silang, CaviteK-051, s. 2002E-232, s. 2014S-090, s. 2018NoneNone
174Cavite ProvincePlo School of Glocal, Inc.Linsan Bldg. By-pass Rd., Aguinaldo HW, San Vicente 2nd, Silang, CaviteK-138, s. 2013E-139, s. 2013S-140, s. 2013NoneNone
175Cavite ProvinceRisen Christ Catholic SchoolBrgy Acacia , Lalaan II ,Bulihan Silang, CaviteK-054, s. 1995E-036, s. 1995020, s. 1998NoneNone
176Cavite ProvinceRogationists' College (ST. Anthony's Boys' Village), Inc. (F: Rogationist Academy [St. Anthony's Boys' Village), Inc.])Lalaan II, Silang, CaviteNoneNone009, s. 1990NoneNone
177Cavite ProvinceSacred Heart of Jesus and Mary Academe of Cavite Corp.Franceville Homes, Bulihan, Silang, CaviteK-078, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone
178Cavite ProvinceSacred Heart Villa School Maria Schinina, Inc.Aguinaldo H-way , Lalaan I Silang, CaviteK-030, s. 2000E-010, s. 2001011, s. 2010NoneNone
179Cavite ProvinceSaint Gaetano Catanoso School, Inc.Ilaya Pulo Brgy. Iba, Silang, CaviteK-091, s. 2003E-406, s. 2015NoneNoneNone
180Cavite ProvinceScuola Di Scienza Del Mija Inc.56 Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Rd. Purok 2, Lumil, Silang, CaviteK-003, s. 2012E-082, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
181Cavite ProvinceSilang Adventist Elementary School, Inc.Tubuan I, Silang, CaviteK-226, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
182Cavite ProvinceSilang Pre-SchoolHouseSan Vicente Poblacion Silang, CaviteK-003, s. 1996NoneNoneNoneNone
183Cavite ProvinceSir Raymiel Academy Inc.Lalaan I, Silang, CaviteK-131, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
184Cavite ProvinceSisters of Mary School-Adlas, Inc.Adlas, Silang, CaviteNoneNoneS-230, s. 2014NoneNone
185Cavite ProvinceSt. Scholastical's Collage WestgroveAyala Westgrove Heights, Silang, CaviteK-046, s. 2003E-047, s. 2003025, s. 2004NoneNone
186Cavite ProvinceStella Duce Learning Center, Inc.Brgy. Ulat, Silang, CaviteK-134, s. 2019E-135, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
187Cavite ProvinceThe Sisters of Mary School ( Girls)Brgy. Biga 2, Silang, CaviteNoneNoneRecognizedNoneNone
188Cavite ProvinceThe Sisters of Mary School (Boys)Brgy. Adlas, Silang, CaviteNoneNoneRecognizedNoneNone
189Cavite ProvinceThe Uniting Christian Church SchoolB23 L3 Acco. Homes, Bulihan Silang, CaviteK-058, s. 2001E-033, s. 2006NoneNoneNone
190Cavite ProvinceTrustworthy Learning CenterGov. Drive. Bulihan, Silang, CaviiteK-026, s. 1997E-037, s. 2001NoneNoneNone
191Cavite ProvinceWitzkidz Montessori & Tutorial Center, Inc.Blk.1, Lot 12 & 13, La Milla Subd., Salitran Silang, CaviteK-007, s. 2013E-008, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
MARAGONDON Cavite Province
192Cavite ProvinceBishop Segunda Gatdula Learning CenterMaragondon CaviteK-006, s. 1993NoneNoneNoneNone
193Cavite ProvinceMaragondon Parochial School, Inc.Poblacion I-A, Maragondon, CaviteK-012, s. 1990E-014, s. 1993NoneNoneNone
NAICCavite Province
194Cavite Province Abeniano delos Santos Academy, Inc.Ibayo Silangan, Naic, CaviteK-045, s. 2006E-015, s. 2006056, s. 2007None None 
195Cavite ProvinceCavite Community AcademyNazareno Naic, CaviteNoneNone461, s. 1947NoneNone 
196Cavite ProvinceCavite State University-Naic CampusBucana, Naic, CaviteNoneNoneRecognizedNoneNone 
197Cavite ProvinceColegio De Montessori Inc.A. Soriano Hi-way Timalan, Naic, CaviteK-086, s. 2013E-428, s. 2015S-052, s. 2016NoneNone 
198Cavite ProvinceColegio De Naic, Inc.Ibayo Silangan Naic, CaviteK-053, s. 2005E-048, S. 2012014, s. 2008NoneNone 
199Cavite ProvinceGranby Colleges of Science and Technology Inc.Ibayo Silangan, Naic, CaviteK-068, s. 2012E-429, s. 2015S-075, s. 2017NoneNone 
200Cavite ProvinceHoly Redeemer School of Ciudad Nuevo Naic Cavite Inc.Blk. 34 Lot 13-30 Homes Ciudad Nuevo, Brgy. Sabang, Naic, CaviteK-347, s. 2015E-106, s. 2017S-107, s. 2017NoneNone 
201Cavite ProvinceImmaculate Concepcion School of Naic, Inc.Latoria Naic, CaviteK-024, s. 1980E-024, s. 1981014, s. 1985NoneNone 
202Cavite ProvinceKing's Way Christian AcademeGoverno'rs Drive, San Roque Highway, Naic, CaviteK-039, s. 2009E-036, s. 2009024, s. 2009NoneNone 
203Cavite ProvinceLa Vlaize Integrated Science School Inc.Brgy.ala Highway, Naic, CaviteK-029, s. 2012E-020, s. 2012017, s. 2010NoneNone 
204Cavite ProvinceLabac Christian Learning Center, Inc.Makalabas St., Labac, Naic, CaviteK-122, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone 
205Cavite ProvinceMaricar Learning CenterLatoria Naic, CaviteK-002, s. 1994NoneNoneNoneNone 
206Cavite ProvinceOne Naic Educational Academy (Academy One) Inc.168 A. Soriano Highway, Ibayo, Silangan, Naic, CaviteK-077, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone 
207Cavite ProvinceSacred Heart Montessori SchoolBlk.6, Lot 21, Retirees Ville III, Timala Concepcion, Naic, caviteK-048, s. 2003NoneNoneNoneNone 
208Cavite ProvinceThe Valley Cathedral AcademyLabac, Naic, CaviteK-036, s. 2001E-021, s. 2004027, s. 2006NoneNone 
210Cavite ProvinceWestern Colleges Inc. (F.: Western Cavite Institute)Capt. C. Nazareno St. Naic, CaviteNoneNone320, s. 1946NoneNone 
TANZA Cavite Province
211Cavite ProvinceChanceteam Christian Academy, Inc.B50 L6-20 P8 Carrisa Homes Bagtas, Tanza , CaviteK-036, s. 2005E-031, s. 2005025, s. 2006NoneNone
212Cavite ProvinceDawn Amadis Christian School Inc. (Formerly: Dawn Kiddie School)Blk. 9 & Blk. 6 Ph. 5 Carissa Homes, Brgy. Bagtas, Tanza, CaviteNoneNoneS-135, s. 2018NoneNone
213Cavite ProvinceDei Gratia School Inc.B32 P1 Carissa Homes, Bagtas, Tanza, CaviteK-033, s. 2003E-036, s. 2003023, s. 2005NoneNone
214Cavite ProvinceDeo Roma College of Tanza Inc.36 A. Soriano Hi-Way, Amaya, Tanza, CaviteK-029, s. 2002E-026, s. 2002010, s. 2002NoneNone
215Cavite ProvinceDe-Roman Montessori School Corporation119 Rosal St. De Roman Subd. Daang Amaya, Tanza, caviteK-049, s. 2003E-049, s. 2003020, s. 2009NoneNone
216Cavite ProvinceGolden Heart Pre School (temporary closure effective SY 2020-2021)Retiree's Village, Tanza, CaviteK-004, s. 1990NoneNoneNoneNone
217Cavite ProvinceGood Tree International School(Formerly Carissa Grace Mission School)Bagtas Road, Tanza, CaviteK-016, s. 2009E-010, s. 2009003, s. 2009NoneNone
218Cavite ProvinceGreen Ridge SchoolB11 L49,55,62,64,65 P4 Carissa Homes, Bagtas, Tanza, CaviteK-041, s. 1999E-039, s. 1999049, s. 2000NoneNone
219Cavite ProvinceHillcrest Periwinkle Montessori SchoolB2 L54 Landmass Park Subd., Biga, Tanza, CaviteK-058, s. 2003E-052, s. 2003-2004NoneNoneNone
220Cavite ProvinceHoly Nazarene Christian School and SPED Centervof Cavite, Inc.Nazarene Compound, Mulawin, Tanza, CaviteK-021, s. 2006E-038, s. 2006041, s. 2006001, s. 2008None
221Cavite ProvinceLa Mizpah Ville Academy Inc.Vista Acacia Homes, Amaya, Tanza, CaviteNoneE-145, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
222Cavite ProvinceLittle Minds Development Center of Tanza Inc.Belvedere Subd., Town 1, Paradahan 1, Tanza, CaviteK-055, s. 2011NoneNoneNoneNone
223Cavite ProvinceMaddalena Starace SchoolBrgy. Calibuyo Soriano Hi-way , Tanza, CaviteK-047, s. 2001E-032, s. 2003012, s. 2005NoneNone
224Cavite ProvinceOur Lady of the Holy Rosary SchoolRosaryville Comp., Mulawin, Tanza, CaviteK-055, s. 1996E-017, s. 1997052, s. 2005NoneNone
225Cavite ProvincePedro M. Gimenez Academe Inc. (formerly Pedro M. Gimenez Academe)Brgy. Bagtas, Tanza, CaviteK-030, s. 2009E-025, s. 2009NoneNoneNone
226Cavite ProvinceSaint Augustine School, Inc.Poblacion, Tanza, Cavite110, s. 1971Gr. 2 - 111, s. 1971/ Gr. 3 -6-206, s. 19751-2 Yr.-112, s. 1971/ 3-4 Yr.-57, s. 1980NoneNone
227Cavite ProvinceSawyer Integrated School, Inc.Blk. 17 Lot 6 Lhinette Homes Subd., Biga, Tanza, CaviteK-053, s. 2011E-029, s. 2011NoneNoneNone
228Cavite ProvinceSpring of Wisdom Educational Center, Inc.Blk. 13 Lot 13 Lhinette Homes, Biga, Tanza, CaviteK-129, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
229Cavite ProvinceSt. Mary's of the Woods Academy Cavite Inc.Ph. 1 Blk. 14 Lot 36-39, 41-44 Carissa Homes, Bagtas, Tanza, CaviteNoneNone072, s. 2007NoneNone
230Cavite ProvinceSt. Nino de Lebelle Academy, Inc.St. Anthony St., Belvedere Towne I, Paradahan I, Tanza, CaviteK-020, s. 2009E-014, s. 2009NoneNoneNone
231Cavite ProvinceTanza Child Development Center102 Arca St. Biwas, Tanza, CaviteK-010, s. 1991E-006, s. 1996008, s. 2001NoneNone
232Cavite ProvinceTanza Del Carmen, School, Inc.B1 L3 S3 Belvedere Towne II Subd. Paradahan Tanza, CaviteNoneE-012, s. 2009NoneNoneNone
233Cavite ProvinceThe International School for Children, Inc.A. Soriano Highway, Brgy. Mulawin, Tanza, CaviteK-053, s. 2003E-043, s. 2008020, s. 2008NoneNone
Cavite ProvinceCala Institute of the Philippines, Inc.#043 Villa Maxima Compound, Brgy. Santol, Tanza, CaviteK-003, s. 2023NoneS-004, s. 2023NoneNone
Cavite ProvinceJhoan Colleges of the Philippines, Inc.Blk. 27-29 Lots 1-2 Ph. 8 Blooming Groove Subd., Punta 1, Tanza, CaviteK-005, s. 2023NoneS-006, s. 2023NoneNone
235Cavite ProvinceAcademy of St. John NepomuceneBrgy. Luciano, Trece Martires City, CaviteK-015, s. 1997E-016, s. 1999NoneNone None
236Cavite ProvinceAmore Academy of TMC, Cavite Inc. (F.: Amore International School of Trece Martires, Inc.); (F.: Amore Academy, Inc.)Indang Trece Road, Brgy. Luciano, Trece Martires City, CaviteK-022, s. 2006E-016, s. 2006035, s. 2006None None
237Cavite ProvinceBlessed Family Academy (formerly City Homes Aca .)Sampaguita Village Brgy. Inocencio, TMC, CaviteK-006, s. 2008E-001, s. 2008006, s. 2008None None
238Cavite ProvinceChristian Child Development Learning CenterBrgy. Cabuco, Trece Martires City, CaviteK-075, s. 2012E-052, s. 2012NoneNone None
240Cavite ProvinceDei Gracia Academy Inc.Brgy. Cabuco, TMC, CaviteK-078, s. 1998E-061, s. 1998021, s. 1998None None
241Cavite ProvinceDivine Academy of Cavite, Inc.Transville, San Agustin, TMC, CaviteK-052, s. 1992E-047, s. 1998009, s. 2002None None
242Cavite ProvinceEcole Maternelle Corp.Km. 45 Governors Drive, San Agsutin, Trece Martires City,C AviteK-002, s. 2020NoneNoneNone None
243Cavite ProvinceELIM Christian Academy Inc.Brgy. De Ocampo , Trece Martires City, CaviiteNoneNone017, s. 2003None None
244Cavite ProvinceGateway International School of Science and Technology Inc.Summerfield Subd., Trece Martires City, CaviteK-006, s. 2008E-002, s. 2009016, s. 2007None None
245Cavite ProvinceGod is Good Learning Center, Inc.Blk. 68 Sampaguita Village Brgy. Inocencio, Trece Martires City, CaviteK-417, s. 2015E-131, s. 2018NoneNone None
246Cavite ProvinceJesus' Friends AcademyBrgy. De Ocampo , Trece Martires City, CaviteK-060, s. 1998E-023, s. 2000NoneNone None
247Cavite ProvinceJohn Merced Academy, Inc.B22, RV 2000 Brgy. Inocencio TMC, CaviteK-013, s. 2006NoneNoneNone None
248Cavite ProvinceKrislizz International Academy, Inc.Apple Blossom St., Capitol Hills, TMC, CaviteK-021, s. 1997E-051, s. 2000024, s. 2005None None
249Cavite ProvinceLyceum of the Cavite-East, Inc.B12 L2 RV 2000 Subd. Brgy. Inocencio, TMC, CaviteK-003, s. 2006E-038, s. 2007013, s. 2009None None
250Cavite ProvinceMarella Christianne InstituteTrece Martires, Inc.B14 P2 Flamingo St. Capitol Hills Subd. TMC, CaviteK-042, s. 2005E-034, s. 2005017, s. 2007None None
251Cavite ProvinceMaryhills School of Cavite, Inc.San Agustin, Trece Martires City, CaviteK-076, s. 2012NoneNoneNone None
252Cavite ProvinceNew Generation International School ( NGIS) Inc.Tres Cruses Road, Brgy. De Ocampo, TMC, CaviteK-019, s. 2009E-013, s. 2009037, s. 2009None None
253Cavite ProvinceNotre Dame of Trece Martirez Inc.Don Bosco Executive Vill. Cabuco TMC, CaviteK-043, s. 2003E-037, s. 2000060, s. 20023None None
254Cavite ProvinceSaint Thomas Becket Academy Inc. (Formerly: Academia De Regina Inc.)Brgy. Inocencio, Trece Martires City, CaviteNoneE-057, s. 2004089, s. 2006None None
255Cavite ProvinceSanta Lucia School of Light, Inc. (formerly Kidscamp Learning School)Blk. 15 Lot 14, Malvar St., Ciudad Adelina Subd. Brgy. Conchu, Trece Martires City, CaviteK-353, s. 2015NoneNoneNone None
256Cavite ProvinceSt. Jude Parish School, Inc.Brgy. San Agustin, Trece Martires City, CaviteK-209, s. 2014E-061, s. 1997035, s. 1999None None
257Cavite ProvinceSto. Niño de Praga Academy of La Paz Homes II Inc.B48 L35-40 La Paz Homes II, Trece Martires City, CaviteK-039, s. 2003E-042, s. 2004023, s. 2008None None
258Cavite ProvinceSung Kwang Global Christian Leadership Academy, Inc.Ph. 3 Hugo Perez, TMC, CaviteNoneE-132, s. 2018NoneNone None
259Cavite ProvinceYoung Bright Achievers Christian Academy, Inc.Blk, 3, Lot 1,2 & 3, Karlaville Subd. Brgy. Hugo Perez, Trece Martires City, CaviteK-354, s. 2015NoneNoneNone None
Division: Dasmariñas City
1Dasmariñas CityAcademia De San Raphael Inc.H2 Congressional Rd., Dasmariñas CityK-049, s. 2008E-049, s. 2009042, s. 2007NoneNone
2Dasmariñas CityAcademia Trinitas Inc. (From: Happy Learners Camp.)18 Villa Luisa, San Agustin 3, Dasmariñas CityK-026, s. 1999E-018, s. 2005035, s. 2005NoneNone
3Dasmariñas CityAccademia di Maria MediatriciB24 Gergen St., San Marino West, Salawag, Dasmariñas CityK-043, s. 1999E-043, s. 1999029, s. 2000NoneNone
4Dasmariñas CityAsian Trinity School, Inc.D. Mangubat Ave., Burol Main, Dasmariñas CityK-063, s. 2002E-056, s. 2002011, s. 2002NoneNone
5Dasmariñas CityBaptist Heritage Academy of Dasmariñas Cavite, Inc.J. Abad Santos Ave., Salawag, Dasmariñas CityNoneNone067, s. 2005NoneNone
6Dasmariñas CityBeaulah Land Integrated System School Phils., Inc. (F.: Beulah Land Integrated Science School, Inc. )Fairway View, Salawag, Dasmariñas CityK-036, s. 2009NoneS-117, s. 2018NoneNone
7Dasmariñas CityBlessed Hope Christian Academy of Cavite Inc.Paliparan II, Dasmariñas CityK-008, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
8Dasmariñas CityBlessed Mary AcademySalitran, Dasmariñas CityK-013, s. 1995E-015, s. 1996019, s. 2000NoneNone
9Dasmariñas CityBlessed School of Salitran Inc.Blk. 106, Lot 22, Brgy. Sta. Lucia, Dasmariñas CityK-016, s. 1997E-041, s. 1999008, s. 2003NoneNone
10Dasmariñas CityBrentwood Academy of Dasmariñas Inc.Burol Main, Dasmariñas CityK-012, s. 2006E-006, s. 2006013, s. 2005NoneNone
11Dasmariñas CityBrightways Academy (Guevarra Campus)Asuncion Subd., Guevarra St., Dasmariñas CityK-064, s. 2003E-056, s. 2003010, s. 2000NoneNone
12Dasmariñas CityBrooke's Point Academy, Inc.Mabuhay Homes 2000, Paliparan II, Dasmariñas CityK-061, s. 2002E-034, s. 200242, s. 2003NoneNone
13Dasmariñas CityCarissa Homes Christian School Inc.Blk. 27 Lot 47 Ph. 2 Sweden St. San Marino West, Salawag, Dasmariñas CityK-035, s. 2008E-029, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
14Dasmariñas CityCavite School of Life (dasmariñas Branch) Inc.Salawag Crossing, Salawag City, Dasmariñas CityK-043, s. 2011E-024, s. 2010002, s. 2011SPED-001, s. 2011None
15Dasmariñas CityChildren of Mary School of Cavite Inc.B26L2Ph1 Golden City, Salawag, Dasmariñas CityK-035, s. 2004E-024, s. 2005NoneNoneNone
16Dasmariñas CityChrist Life Academy Foundation, Inc.Blk. 35 Lot 2 Zone IV Bautista Property, Dasmariñas CityK-049, s. 2006E-039, s. 2009058, s. 2004NoneNone
17Dasmariñas CityChrist The King College of Cavite Foundation, Inc. (Christ the King School of Cavite, Inc.) Blk. 1, 2 & 3 San Marino West, Carissa Homes, Salawag, Dasmariñas CityK-043, s. 1996E-002, s. 1996011, s. 1997NoneNone
18Dasmariñas CityChristar Academy Inc.Blk. 34, Lot 22 Cityhomes Resortville Subd., Dasmariñas CityK-019, s. 1999E-040, s. 2000056, s. 2005NoneNone
19Dasmariñas CityChristian Vision Sch. Of Dasmariñas, Inc. 39 P. Campos, Zone I, Dasmariñas CityK-085, s. 1998E-034, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
20Dasmariñas CityChristianhood Learning Center, Inc.R.S> Tirona Road, San Agustin II, Dasmariñas CtyK-029, s. 2004E-048, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
21Dasmariñas CityColegio de SalitranSouth Border Homes III, Salitran, Dasmariñas CityK-033, s. 2001E-042, s. 1999028, s. 1999NoneNone
22Dasmariñas CityCorinthian Institute of Cavite, Inc.Bagong Bayan, Dasmariñas CityK-035, s. 2001E-038, s. 2001039, s. 2003NoneNone
23Dasmariñas CityDanhill Academy, Inc.Salawag, Dasmariñas CityK-052, s. 2002E-043, s. 2002034, s. 2002NoneNone
24Dasmariñas CityDansart Angels Academy, Inc. (F: Dansart Angels Learning School, Inc.)Blk. 24 Lot 13-18 Rome St. Summerwind Village IV, Dasmariñas CityK-029, s. 2003E-031, s. 2003028, s. 2005NoneNone
25Dasmariñas CityDisciples Learning Acad. of Dasma, Cavite (fFrom: Disciples LC)Don Placido Campus Ave., Sabang, Dasmariñas CityK-090, s. 1997E-056, s. 2006NoneNoneNone
26Dasmariñas CityFiat Lux Academe (Dasmariñas), Inc.Brgy. San Jose, Dasmariñas CityNoneNone5NoneNone
27Dasmariñas CityFrere (Saint) Benilde Romancon Education Foundation (De La Salle University-Dasmariñas), Inc. (temporary closure, SY 2021-2022, JHS Only)DBB-B, Dasmariñas West Avenue, Dasmariñas CityNoneNoneS-016, s. 2016NoneNone
28Dasmariñas CityFruit of Spirit Christian School IncorporatedPointsettia St., Via Verde Village San Agustin II, Dasmariñas CityK-029, s. 2007E-014, s. 2006085, s. 2006NoneNone
29Dasmariñas CityGlenridge School Corp.Jose Abad Santos Ave., Salitran IV, Dasmariñas CityK-073, s. 2013E-005, s. 2011021, s. 2008NoneNone
30Dasmariñas CityGod the Almighty Academy Inc.Windward Hills Subd., Burol I, Dasmariñas CityK-072, s. 2004E-053, s. 2004069, s. 2005NoneNone
31Dasmariñas CityGod's Grace De Salitran (Formerly: Creative Learning Center)Ph. 2 Andreaville, Saltran IV, Dasmariñas CityK-031, s. 2007NoneNoneNoneNone
32Dasmariñas CityGrace Baptist Academy of Dasmariñas, Inc.Blk. 1 Lot 1-6 Brgy. Sta. Fe, Dasmariñas CityK-035, s. 2005None058, s. 2006NoneNone
33Dasmariñas CityGrace Christian Community School of Paliparan, Inc.Blk.162 Lot 10, Ph.4 Paliapran III, Dasmariñas Cityk-172, S. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
34Dasmariñas CityGreat Mercy Academy of Cavite Inc.Salitran II, Dasmariñas CityK-020, s. 2007E-021, s. 2007053, s. 2008NoneNone
35Dasmariñas CityHoly Blessing Montessori Inc.Congressional Avenue, North Salitran III, Dasmariñas CityK-012, s. 1997E-060, s. 1997005, s. 2010NoneNone
36Dasmariñas CityHoly Child Jesus Montessori School of Dasmariñas IncorporatedVilla Luisa Homes 4, San Agustin III, Dasmariñas CityK-018, s. 2005E-045, s. 2016069, s. 2006NoneNone
37Dasmariñas CityHoly Redeemer School of DasmariñasMabuhay City, Paliparan, Dasmariñas CityK-069, s. 2000E-050, s. 2000034, s. 2000NoneNone
38Dasmariñas CityImmaculate Conception Academy, Inc. Dasmariñas, Cavite (East Campus)Congressional Avenue, Burol Main, Dasmariñas CityK-131, s. 1974E-008, s. 1981121, s. 1981NoneNone
39Dasmariñas CityImmaculate Conception Academy, Inc. Dasmariñas, Cavite (Science HS)Poblacion, Dasmariñas CityK-131, s. 1974E-008, s. 1981121, s. 1981NoneNone
40Dasmariñas CityImmaculate Conception Academy, Inc. Dasmariñas, Cavite (South Campus)Governor's Drive, Langkaan 3, Dasmariñas CityNoneNoneS-139, s. 2018NoneNone
41Dasmariñas CityImmaculate Conception Academy-North CampusSalitran II, Dasmariñas CityNoneNoneS-138, s. 2018NoneNone
42Dasmariñas CityImmaculate Conception Academy-West CampusAmuntay Road, Zone III, Dasmariñas CityNoneNoneS-140, s. 2018NoneNone
43Dasmariñas CityInfant Jesus Colleges-Cavite, Inc.Blk. 13 Lots 1-28, San Marino City South-1, Salawag, Dasmariñas CityK-097, s. 2003E-090, s. 2003092, s. 2006NoneNone
44Dasmariñas CityInfant Jesus Montessori CenterSan Marino City, Salawag, Dasmariñas CityK-047, s. 1996E-010, s. 1996005, s. 1997NoneNone
45Dasmariñas CityIRMA Educational Foundation, Inc.#16 Don P. Campos Ave., San Jose, Dsmariñas CityNoneNoneRecognized since 2004NoneNone
46Dasmariñas CityIslamic Studies, Call and Guidance of the Philippines, Inc.Salitran I, Dasmariñas CityK-020, s. 2000E-034, s. 2003032, s. 2007NoneNone
47Dasmariñas CityJabez Christian School, Inc. Project Jabez Dev't. Ctr., Palapala, Dasmariñas CityK-057, s. 2002E-048, s. 2002028, s. 2006NoneNone
48Dasmariñas CityJesu Mari School Inc.Blk. 2 & 22 Lot 1-4 Ph. V, San Marino East, Salawag, Dasmariñas CityNoneE-015, s. 1999028, s. 2002NoneNone
49Dasmariñas CityJesus Christ King of Kings and Lord of Lords Academy (JCKL Academy), Inc. (F:Jesus Christ King of Kings and Lord of Lords Found. Sch.)Marilag Subd., Zone I-A, Gen. Aguinaldo Highway, Dasmariñas CityK-007, s. 1995E-031, s. 1995008, s. 2000NoneNone
50Dasmariñas CityJesus Son of Mary Academy, Inc.DBB-A, Dasmariñas CityK-077, s. 2002E-055, s. 2004078, s. 2006NoneNone
51Dasmariñas CityJesus The Heart of God Christian Academy (JHGCA) Inc.Mabuhay Homes 2000 Paliparan II, Dasmariñas CityK-052, s. 2005E-048, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
52Dasmariñas CityJesus The Heart of God Christian Academy (JHGCA) Inc. (Branch)Armstrong Village, Salawag, Dasmariñas CityK-070, s. 2022E-071, s. 2022S-266, s. 2014NoneNone
53Dasmariñas CityJogen Andrila Academy Inc.Blk. 109 Lot 14 Phase 3, Paliparan 3 Dasmariñas CityNoneE-029, s. 2009063, s. 2007NoneNone
54Dasmariñas CityKerusso Christian Academy Inc.COG Bldg., Marilag Subd., Aguinaldo Highway, Dasmariñas CityK-007, s. 2011NoneS-099, s. 2017NoneNone
55Dasmariñas CityKin Yang Academy Inc.Blk. 4 Lot 23, 25, 26, 27, 29 Pearl St. Goldenville II, Sabang, Dasmariñas CityK-075, s. 2007E-042, s. 2007090, s. 2006NoneNone
56Dasmariñas CityLancaan Learning Center, Inc.Blk. 39 Lot 38 Cityhomes Resortville, Dasmariñas CityK-170, s. 2014E-171, s. 2014016, s. 2008NoneNone
57Dasmariñas CityLegacy of Wisdom Academy of Dasmariñas, Inc.B45 L8-18 P3 Golden City, Dasma I. Salawag, Dasmariñas CityK-036, s. 2004E-003, s. 2006018, s. 2008NoneNone
58Dasmariñas CityMabuting Pastol Parochial School, Inc.Palapala, Dasmariñas CityK-375, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
59Dasmariñas CityMahonri Academy and Science High School, Inc.Phase I & III, Mabuhay Homes 2000, Dasmariñas CityK-088, s. 2002E-025, s. 2002033, s. 2002None None
60Dasmariñas CityMaria Ausiliatrice Montessori, Inc.Lanka St., Greenfield Subd., Dasmariñas CityK-059, s. 1999E-042, s. 1999048, s. 2003NoneNone
61Dasmariñas CityMarvelous Light of Christ Church Inc.B19 L3 Lisbon St., Summerville 4, Burol Main, Dasmariñas CityK-075, s. 2002E-065, s. 2002032, s. 2004NoneNone
62Dasmariñas CityMary Mediatrix of All Grace SchoolWindward Hills, DBB II, Dasmariñas CityK-051, s. 1995E-068, s. 2002NoneNoneNone
63Dasmariñas CityMater Christe Academy Inc.Albatross St., San Agustin 2, Dasmariñas CityK-048, s. 2001E-070, s. 2003NoneNoneNone
64Dasmariñas CityMetanoiah Academy of Dasmariñas Inc.Mabuhay City, Paliparan III, Dasmariñas CityK-059, s. 2000E-042, s. 2000053, s. 2008NoneNone
65Dasmariñas CityMinaog Academy, IncBlk. 14 Lot 27 St. Anthony Vill. Salitran III, Dasmariñas CityK-036, s. 1999E-033, s. 1999009, s. 2003NoneNone
66Dasmariñas CityMt. Carmel School of Cavite (Jesu Cristi School)PhV San Marino City, Salawag, Dasmariñas CityK-027, s. 2009E-023, s. 2009004, s. 1997NoneNone
67Dasmariñas CityNational Academy of Science & Technology, Philippines, Inc.Amafel Bldg., Aguinaldo Highway, Dasmariñas CityNoneNoneS-055, s. 2019NoneNone
68Dasmariñas CityOxford Louise Academy of Dasma, Inc.P. Campos Avenue Corner Emerald Crest Village San Jose, Dasmariñas CityK-062, s. 2004E-016, s. 2005S-047, s. 2013NoneNone
69Dasmariñas CityOxford-Philippines Int'l. School Inc.Brgy. Paliparan III, Dasmariñas CityK-011, s. 2006E-008, s. 2006022, s. 2006NoneNone
70Dasmariñas CityPhilippine Christian University CorporationBrgy. Sampaloc III, Peila, Dasmariñas CityK-092, s. 1947E-092, s. 1947052, s. 1947NoneNone
71Dasmariñas CityPrince Aris Christian School Inc.Blk. 2 Lot 1 & 2, Goldenville I, Sabang, Dasmariñas CityK-001, s. 2005E-002, s. 2005005, s. 2008NoneNone
72Dasmariñas CityPTM Jesus is Love Academy, Inc.Asia Pacific Mission Center NIA Road, Paliparan I, Dasmariñas CityK-051, s. 2011E-050, s. 2013S-374, s. 2015NoneNone
73Dasmariñas CityPTS College & Advance Studies, Inc.Carlos Trinidad Avenue, Salitran IV, Dasmariñs CityK-165, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
74Dasmariñas CityQueen Anne School of Dasmariñas Cavite, Inc. (F: Queen Anne Learning Center of Sta. Rosa, Inc.)Blk. 7 Lot 100-123 Mabuhay Homes Paliparan, Dasmariñas CityK-082, s. 2008E-076, s. 2008030, s. 2007NoneNone
75Dasmariñas CityRabbi Christian Institute of Dasmariñas, Inc. (F.: Rabbi Christian Academy Inc. )B4L5 Viva Homes, Salawag, Dasmariñas CityK-008, s. 2011E-004, s. 2011NoneNoneNone
76Dasmariñas CityRL Learning SchoolSan Juan G, Dasmariñas CityK-033, s. 2008E-027, s. 2008NoneNone None
77Dasmariñas CitySacred Heart of Jesus Academy of Dasmariñas Cavite, Inc.Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Blk. 9 Lot 2 San Simon, DBB-C, Dasmariñas CityK-373, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
78Dasmariñas CitySaint Francis of Assissi CollegeCuevas Cmpd., Paliparan II, Dasmariñas CityK-035, s. 2007E-042, s. 2007044, s. 2004NoneNone
79Dasmariñas CityScuola Sorelle Fiaoli, Inc.Brgy. Paliparan, Dasmariñas CityK-064, s. 2004E-032, s. 200717NoneNone
80Dasmariñas CitySeo Gwang Christian School Inc.Lorenzo Sicop St., Brgy., Burol Main, Dasmariñas CityK-094, s. 2016E-095, s. 2016S-007, s. 2017NoneNone
81Dasmariñas CityShalom Learning Center Inc., Burol, Dasmariñas, CavitePrivate Lot, Fatima 1, DBB-F, Dasmariñas CityK-063, s. 1997E-044, s. 1998026, s. 2007NoneNone
82Dasmariñas CitySolid Rock Learning SchoolB2L10 Don Gregorio Hts. Subd. II, Dasmariñas CityK-082, s. 1997E-064, s. 2002NoneNoneNone
83Dasmariñas CitySons of Holy Mary Immaculate Montessori School, Inc.Brgy. Salawag, Dasmariñas CityK-125, s. 2016E-056, s. 2019S-072, s. 2022NoneNone
84Dasmariñas CitySouthern Luzon College of Bus., Maritime, Science & Tech.Congressional East Ave., Dasmariñas CityK-041, s. 2000E-043, s. 2000027, s. 2000NoneNone
85Dasmariñas CitySt. Aloysius Academy of Dasmariñas Inc. (temporary closure, SY 2021-2022)Ext. Mabuhay City, Paliparan III, Dasmariñas CityK-018, s. 2006E-010, s. 2006029, s. 2006NoneNone
86Dasmariñas CitySt. Anthony Montessori Integrated SchoolSunny Crest Vill., Salitran II, Dasmariñas CityK-025, s. 1996E-042, s. 1996007, s. 1996NoneNone
87Dasmariñas CitySt. Beatriz Academy Inc.Blk. 1 Lot 6 & 7 Ph. 2 Andreville Executive Homes, Salitran 4, Dasmariñas CityK-141, s. 2018E-142, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
88Dasmariñas CitySt. Jude Academy of DasmariñasAmuntay St., Dasmariñas CityK-061, s. 1998E-038, s. 1999008, s. 2001NoneNone
89Dasmariñas CitySt. Jude College Dasmariñas Cavite Inc.URC Avenue, Salitran IV, Dasmariñas CityK-009, s. 2001E-007, s. 2001003, s. 2001NoneNone
90Dasmariñas CitySt. Lazaro School , Inc.Mabuhay Homes 2000, Salalwag, Dasmariñas CityK-031, s. 2003E-051, s. 2000NoneNoneNone
91Dasmariñas CitySt. Mary's Academe (fr. Little Wings Academy Inc. - Annex)Sampaloc IV, Cityhomes Subd., Dasmariñas CityNoneE-036, s. 2007NoneNoneNone
92Dasmariñas CitySt. Mary's Academe Inc. (F: Little Wings Academy Inc.) (Main)Blk. 13 Lot 14 Brgy. Fatima I-K, Dasmariñas CItyNoneRecognizedRecognized since 2006NoneNone
93Dasmariñas CitySt. Nicholas De Myra School, Inc.Dasma Gardenville Bldg., Congressional East Avenue, Burol Main, Dasmariñas CityK-019, s. 2005E-017, s. 2005026, s. 2005NoneNone
94Dasmariñas CitySt. Paul College, Island Park, Inc.Island Park Subd., Brgy. Paliparan, Dasmariñas CityK-041, s. 2003E-044, s. 2003079, s. 2006NoneNone
95Dasmariñas CitySt. Paul Technological Institute of Cavite Inc.Governor's Drive, Brgy. Langkaan I, Dasmariñas CityK-472, s. 2015E-473, s. 2015S-474, s. 205NoneNone
96Dasmariñas CitySt. Therese of the Child Jesus School of Cavite, Inc.St. Charbel South Executive Village, Dasmariñas CityK-133, s. 2016E-134, s. 2016NoneNoneNone
97Dasmariñas CityTemple Academy of Dasmariñas, Cavite Inc.Brgy. San Miguel I, DBB, Dasmariñas CityK-123, s. 2003E-043, s. 2004NoneNoneNone
98Dasmariñas CityThe First Uniting Chrisitan School Inc. (F.: The First Uniting Christian College Inc.) (F: The First Uniting Christian School Inc.)Blk. 52 Lot 2 Cityhomes Resortvillw 2 Bo. Langkaan 2 Dasmariñas CityK-169, s. 2014E-002, s. 2010031, s. 2007NoneNone
99Dasmariñas CityTorch of Wisdom Montessori (TWM) Inc.Blk. C5 Lot 4 San Simon, Dasmariñas CityK-035, s. 1997E-085, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
100Dasmariñas CityVel Maris SchoolAguinaldo Highway, Dasmariñas CityK-083, s. 1998E-058, s. 1998024, s. 1998NoneNone
101Dasmariñas CityWesthill International School, Inc.Carlos Trinidad, Salitran IV, Dasmari♫as CityK-048, s. 2005E-045, s. 200815NoneNone
102Dasmariñas CityWisdom Christian School, Inc.B10L8 Goldenville I, Sabang, Dasmariñas CityK-024, s. 1997E-046, s. 2003NoneNoneNone
103Dasmariñas CityWizbee School Inc.Km. 30, Aguinaldo Hi-way, Dasmariñas CItyK-017, s. 2010NoneNoneNoneNone
104Dasmariñas CitySaint Pancras Academy Inc. (Formerly: Seamen's Village St. Pancratius Academy Inc.)Blk. 1 Seamen's Village Brgy. Piela, Sampaloc III, DasmariñasK-045, s. 2004E-010, s. 2011006, s. 2009NoneNone
Dasmariñas CityOzphil College of Cavite Inc.Blk. 43 Lot 1 The Garden Grove, Salitran IV, Dasmariñas CityK-074, s. 2022NoneNoneNoneNone
1General Trias CityA1.W.M Learning Academy Inc.Governor's Drive, Brgy. Manggahan, Gen. Trias CityNoneNoneS-044, s. 2018NoneNone
2General Trias CityAngelicum Immanuel Montessori of Cavite, Inc.B26 PI L321 Tierra Nevada Sybd., Gen. Trias CityK-046, s. 2004E-034, s. 2004042, s. 2005NoneNone
3General Trias CityBethel Academy of Gen. Trias, Cavite Inc.Sta. Clara Gen. Trias CityK-067, s. 2000E-048, s. 2000031, s. 2000NoneNone
4General Trias CityBlessed Maria Cristina Brando School Inc.419 Arnaldo Highway, Brgy. Santiago, 4107 Gen. Trias CityK-015, s. 2008E-016, s. 2008S-210, s. 2014NoneNone
5General Trias CityClaremont School of Gen. Trias Cavite Inc.Grand Riverside Subd. Pasong Camachile Gen. Trias CityK-037, s. 2004E-029, s. 2004033, s. 2005NoneNone
6General Trias CityColegio Alfonso de MadridAlangilan Pasong Camachile, Gen. Trias CityK-005, s. 2004E-001, s. 2005014, s. 2009NoneNone
7General Trias CityColegio de Francesca Inc.Sec. 6 Blk. 7 Lot 49 Sunny Brooke 2, San Francisco, , Gen. Trias CityK-040, s. 2006None040, s. 2010NoneNone
8General Trias CityColegio de San Francisco (Gen. Trias Cavite) Inc.Sampaloc Gen. Trias CityK-002, s. 2010E-001, s. 2011010, s. 2004None None
9General Trias CityEvangel Christian Educational Center Inc.Buenavista III, Gen. Trias, CityK-118, s. 2003E-010, s. 2007NoneNoneNone
10General Trias CityFamily Life Integrated Montessori School, Inc.L26-30 B3 P2 Mary Cris Complex Gen. Trias CityNoneNone044, s. 2005NoneNone
11General Trias CityFiat Lux Academe of General Trias, CaviteB26 LI-10 PI Grnad Riverside , Gen. Trias CityK-072, s. 2002E-029, s. 2003010, s. 2003NoneNone
12General Trias CityGateway Integrated School of Science & Technology Inc. (F: Gateway International Science of Science & Technology, Gen. Trias Branch)Sitio Tinungan, Brgy. Manggahan, Gen. Trias CityK-078, s. 2018None021, s. 2012NoneNone
13General Trias CityGeneral Trias Cavite-Academy of Saint John,Inc.General Trias CityK-060, s. 2003E-055, s. 2003024, s. 2003NoneNone
14General Trias CityGovernor's Hills Science School, Inc.Governor's Hills Subd., Gen. Trias CityK-037, s. 2007E-038, s. 2008S-102, s. 2013NoneNone
15General Trias CityHaven of Wisdom Academy Inc.B75 L4-5 Mrycris Complex Gen. Trias CityK-109, s. 2003E-033, s. 2005019, s. 2011NoneNone
16General Trias CityHillcrest Periwinkle School of General Trias Branch, Inc.108 Torres Building, San Juan I, Gen. Tias CityK-073, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
17General Trias CityKing Solomon Academy of Cavite (KSAC) Inc.108 San Juan 1, General Trias CityK-426, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
18General Trias CityLyceum of the Philippines University, Inc. (Formerly: Lyceum of the Philippines, Inc.)Governors Drive, Gen. Trias CityNoneNoneS-268, s. 2014NoneNone
19General Trias CityMary Queen of Hearts School of Gen. Trias Cavite inc.Parklane Cityhomes, Gen. Trias CityNoneNone019, s. 2007NoneNone
20General Trias CityMiriam Carmeli SchoolB28 L14 Emerald St. Tierra Nevada, SF, Gen. Trias CityK-023, s. 2009E-018, s. 2009NoneNoneNone
21General Trias CityMother Threresa School (Gen. Trias, Cavite), Inc.Sunny Brooke I, San Francisco Gen. Trias, CityK-040, s. 2004E-030, s. 2004073, s. 2006NoneNone
22General Trias CityNew Buenavista Academy Inc.Stateland Brgy. Manggahan Gen . Trias CityK-030, s. 2003E-026, s. 2004009, s. 2010NoneNone
23General Trias CityNineveh Learning Center, Inc.Brgy. San Francisco Gen. Trias CityK-409, s. 2015E-410, s. 2015048, s. 2009NoneNone
24General Trias CityOur Lady of Remedios College of Science & Technology, Inc. (Our Lady of Remedios Montessori School (Gen. Trias), Inc.)Blk. 9-11, Sunshine Country, Buenavista II, Gen. Trias CityK-002, s. 2008E-002002, s. 2007NoneNone
25General Trias CityOur Lady of the Holy Rosary Educational Foundation General Trias Branch Inc.Brgy. Pasong Kawayan I, Gen. Trias CItyK-427, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
26General Trias CityPeter Paul Academy, Inc.Parklane Country Homes P4 B12 L32, SF, Gen. Trias CityK-078, s. 2004E-015, s. 2007NoneNoneNone
27General Trias CitySamuel Christian College of General Trias Inc.Navarro, General Trias CityNoneNoneS-262, s. 2014NoneNone
28General Trias CitySan Francisco de Malabon Parochial School Inc.Poblacion, Bagumbayan, Gen Trias CityK-015, s. 2009E-013, s. 1998S-345, s. 2014NoneNone
29General Trias CitySaving Grace Christian School in Gen. Trias Cavite, Inc.P6 B2 L36-39,Tierra Nevada,SF,General Trias CityK-007, s. 2010E-003, s. 2010NoneNone None
30General Trias CitySFS Aid of Angels Learning Center Inc.#37 36th St., Gen. Trias CityNoneNoneNoneSPED-074, s. 2016None
31General Trias CitySt. Clare of Assisi Special Education School Inc.Academy of St. John Compound, Brgy. Sta. Clara, Gen. Trias CityNoneNoneNoneSPED-104, s. 2019None
32General Trias CitySt. Francis SchoolSan Juan St. Gen. Trias City27, s. 1968Gr. 1-2-28, s. 1968/ Gr. 3-77, s. 1969/ Gr. 4-76, s. 1970/ Gr. 5-105, s. 1971/ Gr. 6-31, s. 1975 A.R.212, s. 1983NoneNone
33General Trias CityStar Blossoms AcademyP2 B49 L191 Parklane Country homes Gen. Trias CityK-073, s. 2003E-032, s. 2006NoneNoneNone
34General Trias CitySure Foundation SchoolSunny Brooke I, Sec.10 B23-26 San Francisco Gen. Trias CityK-044, s. 2004E-032, s. 2004080, s. 2006NoneNone
35General Trias CityThe Centennial Academy of the Blessed Trinity-Cavite, Inc.Sampalucan, General Trias CityK-269, s. 2014E-448, s. 2015S-449, s. 2015NoneNone
36General Trias CityThe Palmridge School Inc.Blk. 58 Lot 28-31 Bella Vista Subd., Brgy. Santiago, General Trias CityK-010, s. 2018E-004, s. 2020S-069, s. 2022NoneNone
37General Trias CityThomas Aquinas SchoolB46 L17-20, Grand Riverside Subd. General Trias CityK-046, s. 2007E-052, s. 2007036, s. 2007NoneNone
38General Trias CityYoung JI International School Inc.Sunny Brooke II, Sec. I, Blk. 1, Lot 2, ABCD Brgy. San Francisco CityK-002, s. 2009E-001, s. 2009002, s. 2008NoneNone
39General Trias CityYoung Mind Learning Center, Inc.Brgy. San Francisco Gen. Trias CityK-044, s. 2003NoneNoneNoneNone
40General Trias CitySt. Carmen Salles School, Cavite Inc.Lot 2635A Gov. Ferrer Drive, Buenavista II, General Trias CityK-021, s. 2022NoneNoneNoneNone
Division: Imus City
1Imus City4th Watch Maranatha Christian Academy, Inc.Malagasang II - D, Imus CityK-012, s. 1995E-046, s. 1998020, s. 2002NoneNone
2Imus CityAbbey de Saint Agustine SchoolMalagasang I-C, Imus CityK-005, s. 2007E-015, s. 2010NoneNoneNone
3Imus CityAcademia de BarcelonaBarcelona Subd.Camella Homes, Tanzang Luma, Imus CityK-013, s. 2000E-041, s. 2002NoneNoneNone
4Imus CityAcademia de Covina Inc.Camella St. Covina Village Imus CityK-207, s. 2010E-013, s. 201123NoneNone
5Imus CityAcademia de Julia Victoria of Cavite, Inc.National Road Buhay Na Tubig, Imus CityK-173, s. 2014E-174, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
6Imus CityAcademia Primera School, Inc.498 Anabu I-C, Imus CityK-012, s. 2004E-105, s. 2013S-124, s. 2013NoneNone
7Imus CityAcademia Primera School, Inc.Anabu II-C, 4103, Imus CityK-116, s. 2019E-048, s. 2022NoneNoneNone
8Imus CityACM Sherwood Kiddie School, Inc. (Main)Blk. 12 Lots 1 & 3 ACM Sherwood Anabu 2B, Imus CityK-117, s. 2003NoneNoneNoneNone
9Imus CityAngelicum Primarosa Montessori School Inc.Buhay Na Tubig Imus CityK-081, s. 2008E-006, s. 2011034, s. 2011NoneNone
10Imus CityAngelorum School, Inc.Com. Marquez Ave. Diamond Village Anabu II, Imus CityK-078, s. 1997E-039, s. 2002021, s. 2010NoneNone
11Imus CityAngels of de Vera Learning Center Inc.Molave St., Blk. 13 Lot 5 & 7 ACM Sherwood Homes Anabu II-B, Imus CityNoneNone45NoneNone
12Imus CityAnn Maris Montessori School2 Mercury St., P4 Golden City, Imus CityK-007, s. 1996E-053, s. 2003031, s. 2004NoneNone
13Imus CityAshtonville School Inc.Blk. 4 Lot 11, 13, 15 & 17 Goodwood Homes Subd., NIA Road, Carsadang Bago, Imus CityK-051, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone
14Imus CityBakersfield Learning Center Inc.Sunnydale Villas Malagasang Imus CityK-051, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone
15Imus CityBeatitudes Technological and Theological College -Imus, Cavite Inc.Anabu I-E, Imus CityK-049, s. 2011None113, s. 2008NoneNone
16Imus CityBenidictine Institute of LearningAbad Homes Subd.. Madicion I-B Imus CityK-026, s. 2002E-077, s. 2003011, s. 2005NoneNone
17Imus CityBhrems School IncorporatedCarsadang Bago Imus CityK-076, s. 2002E-034, s. 2009NoneNoneNone
18Imus CityBlessed Green Field Academy Inc.122 Alapan I-A, Imus CityK-047, s. 2012E-387, s. 2015NoneNoneNone
19Imus CityBrilliant Minds Academy Inc. (F.: Brilliant Minds Science Academy Inc.)Blk. 23 Lot 35 Greenplace Homes, Malagasang 1-G, Imus CityK-148, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
20Imus CityBrimestone Academy Inc. (Main)Blk. 44 Lots 55-65 Greenplace 1, Malagasang 1-G, Imus CityK-270, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
21Imus CityCachapero Academe, Inc. (F.: Cachapero Learning School Inc.)B7 L13 Mahogany St. Narra Homes Carsadang Bago 2, CityK-032, s. 1997E-038, s. 2002S-047, s. 2017NoneNone
22Imus CityCasa Real MontessoriPark Place Ave. Park Place Village, Imus CityK-025, s. 2003E-026, s. 2003023, s. 2003NoneNone
23Imus CityCavite Sto. Niño School, Inc.Mary Cris Homes, Bukandala, Imus CityRecognizedRecognizedRecognizedNoneNone
24Imus CityCentennial Heritage Colleges (F: Centennial Academy, Inc.)Regal Homes Subdivision, Alapan A-1, Imus CityRecognizedRecognizedRecognized since 2000NoneNone
25Imus CityCharis Christian Institute (Imus), Inc.#24 Delgado St., Ph. 4-A, BPS, Imus CityK-004, s. 2011E-030, s. 2012NoneNoneNone
26Imus CityChildren of Isaac Learning Academy, Inc.294 Pedro Reyes St. Malagasang I, Imus CityK-050, s. 2012NoneNoneSPED-153, s. 2013None
27Imus CityChristian Jo Ann School Inc.Malagasang II-F, Imus CityK-079, s. 2002NoneNoneNoneNone
28Imus CityCLV Development School of Learning, Inc.Blk. 2 Lot 10 ph. 3 Mary Cris Homes, Bucandala 3, Imus CityK-151, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
29Imus CityColegio De ImusSamalabanan Subd., Medicion II, Imus CityNoneNoneRecognized since 1999NoneNone
30Imus CityD' Cup of Wisdom Christian School, Inc.Blk. 5 Lot 10 Atis St., Mandarin Homes II, Malagasang II, Imus CityK-037, s. 2010NoneNoneNoneNone
31Imus CityDamascus Educational Center of Scholars Inc.Blk. 1 Lot 3-4 Cattleya Pag-asa, Imus CityK-147, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
32Imus CityDe La Carese Montessori School (Main)Golden City, Imus CityK-015, s. 1995E-038, s. 1995017, s. 1998NoneNone
33Imus CityDei Christum AcademeB19 L33-34 P1, Golden City Imus CityK-015, s. 1996E-050, s. 1998NoneNoneNone
34Imus CityDel Pilar AcademyF. Tirona St., Poblacion III-A, Imus CityNoneNone22, s. 1953NoneNone
35Imus CityDr. Espero Educational Foundation CollegesPasong Buaya II, Imus CityK-003, s. 1988E-005, s. 1992022, s. 1998NoneNone
36Imus CityElizabeth Seton SchoolAnabu II -D Imus CityK-056, s. 1999E-034, s. 2000005, s. 2004NoneNone
37Imus CityFiat Lux Academe, Inc.Phase 4 Golden City Imus CityK-012, s. 1996E-022, s. 2001063, s. 2003NoneNone
38Imus CityGroeien Learning CenterACM Woodstock Alapan I-A, Imus CityK-027, s. 2010E-029, s. 2012NoneNoneNone
39Imus CityHaven of Wisdom AcademyAlapan I-B, Imus CityK-367, s. 2005E-502, s. 2008070, s. 2009NoneNone
40Imus CityHephzibah Praisers Academe Inc.289 Lancevillle Subd., Malagasang II-A, Imus CityK-006, s. 2011E-106, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
41Imus CityHoly Grail of Jesus Learning and Development Center Inc.Blk. 14A Lot 1 and Blk. 16 Lot 14 Golden Villas Subd., Carsadang Bago II, Imus CityK-046, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone
42Imus CityHoly Spirit School of Imus Inc.B2 L1 Good Family Homes Anabu I Imus CityK-126, s. 2003E-066, s. 200841NoneNone
43Imus CityHoly Spirit School of Imus Inc.Blk. 15 Lot 31-36 Greengate Homes (Main Road), Phase 1, Malagasang 2-A, Imus CityK-285, s. 2014E-286, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
44Imus CityICBC Christian Academy Inc.Sampaguita Village, Tanzang Luma, Imus CityK-109, s. 2013E-149, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
45Imus CityImus Institute of Science and Technology, Inc.Molave St., Dimasalang Subd., Brgy. Poblacion IV-D , Imus CityNoneNoneS-121, s. 2017NoneNone
46Imus CityImus School of Prime Studies, Inc.Balimbing Drive, Medicion I-B, Imus CityK-144, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
47Imus CityImus St. Rose Learning School, Inc.480 Rose St. Real Subd. Imus CityK-004, s. 1995E-056, s. 1997S-107, s. 2013NoneNone
48Imus CityImus Unida Christian SchoolSol Bella St. Palico, Imus CityK-025, s. 1981E-002, s. 1998015, s. 2005NoneNone
49Imus CityInternational British Academy Inc.Km. 30. Aguinaldo Hiway, Imus CityK-006, s. 2006E-004, s. 2006016, s. 2006NoneNone
50Imus CityJesus Good Shepherd SchoolPalico II, Imus CityK-222, s. 1966E-074, s. 1971068, s. 2006NoneNone
51Imus CityJoseph Immanuel Christian School, Inc.Kalsadang Bago, Imus CityK-003, s. 2003E-090, s. 2007NoneNoneNone
52Imus CityJosiah Christian Values Academe, Inc.Blk. 26 Lot 3 & 4, Monterra Homes Subd., Bucandala 5, Imus CityK-136, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
53Imus CityJosiah Christian Values High SchoolBlk. 26 Lot 3 & 4, Monterra Homes Subd., Bucandala 5, Imus CityNoneNone32NoneNone
54Imus CityJubilee Christian Faith AcademyBucandala 5, Imus CityK-009, s. 2010E-027, s. 2012NoneNoneNone
55Imus CityLa Asuncion Montessori of CavitePlaridel Subd.II, Bayang Luma, Imus CityRecognizedRecognizedRecognized since 1999NoneNone
56Imus CityLa Trinidad AcademyTreelane III-C Bayan Luma, Imus CityK-006, s. 1997E-006, s. 1997024, s. 1999NoneNone
57Imus CityLa Verne AcademyB29 L22 P1 Washington St. Golden City Imus CityK-061, s. 1996E-034, s. 2001003, s. 2005NoneNone
58Imus CityLight House Science High SchoolVillanueva St., Medicion I, Imus CityNoneNone008, s. 2004NoneNone
59Imus CityLittle Haven Christian School Inc.26 Margelo St., Camella Homes, Bayan Luma 5, Imus CityK-004, s. 2008E-050, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
60Imus CityMemorare Academe of Cavite Inc.Greenplace Homes 1, Malagasang I-G, Imus CityK-066, s. 2012E-028, s. 2011NoneNoneNone
61Imus CityOur Lady of Lore School Inc.Blk. 10 Lot 19 & Blk. 7 Lots 25-27 Phase 7, ACM, Alapan I-A, Imus CityK-033, s. 2009NoneNoneNoneNone
62Imus CityOur Lady of the Pillar Catholic School, Inc.F. Tirona St., Poblacion III-A, Imus CityK-004, s. 2006E-005, s. 2006022, s. 2009NoneNone
63Imus CityPag-asa Bible Baptist Academy-Imus, Inc.Espeleta St., Ph. 3-A, BPS, Imus CityK-271, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
64Imus CityParolang Munti Christian SchoolVillanueva St. Medicion I, Imus CityK-024, s. 1996E-605, s. 1997NoneNoneNone
65Imus CityPastorelle-Jesus Good Shepherd School, Inc.Imus CityNoneNoneRecognized since 2006NoneNone
66Imus CityPrime Times Learning Circle, Inc. Blk. 34 Lot 7G Felizana Estate Subd., Pasong Buaya II, Imus CityK-143, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
67Imus CityQueen of Angels Learning CenterBuhay na Tubig, Tanzang Luma, Imus CityK-008, s. 1989E-026, s. 1997072, s. 2006NoneNone
68Imus CityS.V. MontessoriP8 Bahayang Pag-asa Subd. Imus CityK-047, s. 1997E-024, s. 1997050, s. 2004NoneNone
69Imus CitySaint Francis Institute Learning SchoolWoodsite I, Bahayang Pag-asa Subd. Imus CityK-054, s. 2000E-036, s. 2000012, s. 2000NoneNone
70Imus CitySaint Simon of Cyrene Academy, Inc.39 Reyes Compound, NIA Road, Carsadang Bago II, Imus CityK-039, s. 2012E-031, s. 201238NoneNone
71Imus CitySchool of Knowledge and Skills for Beatus Angelus, Inc.Blk. 1 Lot 17 Celina Plains Subd., Malagasang I-B, Imus CityK-119, s. 2013NoneNoneSPED-150, s. 2013None
72Imus CitySeraiah Academy, Inc668 Better Life Subd., Imus CityK-061, s. 2004E-145, s. 2013060, s. 2006NoneNone
73Imus CityShammah Christian School Inc.B1 L25 Land Trust Subd. Anabu II - E, Imus CityK-020, s. 1999E-035, s.2001020, s. 2010NoneNone
74Imus CitySouthdale Inclusive School Inc.NIA Rd. Carsadang Bago Imus CityK-146, s. 2013E-130, s. 2016S-131, s. 2016NoneNone
75Imus CitySouthern Philippine Institute of Science And TechnologyTia Maria Bldg., E Aguinaldo H-way Anabu II-A, Imus CityK-062, s. 2002E-055, s. 2002043, s. 2003NoneNone
76Imus CitySouthwoods School of Cavite, Inc.Alapan I-A, Imus CityK-048, s. 2007E-122, s. 2017046, s. 2007NoneNone
77Imus CitySt. Benedict Academy of Cavite, Inc.15 Lukban St. P7 Bahayang Pag-asa, Imus CityNoneNoneRecognized since 1992NoneNone
78Imus CitySt. Clarisse Faith School Inc.Blk. 28 Lot 15 Phase 8-B Bahayang Pag-asa Subd., Imus CityK-012, s. 2010NoneNoneNoneNone
79Imus CitySt. Edward Integrated School Foundation-Cavite IncorporatedLancaster Estates, Imus CityK-142, s. 2013NoneS-319, s. 2014NoneNone
80Imus CitySt. Emilene Academy167 Gen. Satorre St., Imus CityK-038, s. 1993E-029, s. 1993006, s. 1996NoneNone
81Imus CitySt. Hilary School Inc.Medicion I-B, Imus CityK-023, s. 1996E-446, s. 2015NoneNoneNone
82Imus CitySt. John Bosco SchoolVilla de Primarosa Buhay na Tubig Imus CityK-035, s. 2003E-068, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
83Imus CitySt. John Fisher SchoolBuhay na Tubig, Tanzang Luma, Imus CityK-023, s. 1997E-030, s. 1999021, s. 2003NoneNone
84Imus CitySt. Martha Kiddie Training CenterPrima Homes Bucandala III, Imus CityK-115, s. 2003E-010, s. 2010NoneNoneNone
85Imus CitySt. Martha Montessori School-Barcelona, ImusBuhay Na Tubig Imus CityK-001, s. 2012E-005, s. 2012S-158, s. 2014NoneNone
86Imus CitySt. Martin de Tours School of Cavite, Inc.B9 L11, Ilang-ilang St. Gardenville Subd., Imus CityK-105, s. 2003E-035, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
87Imus CitySt. Odillard SchoolPag-asa Subd., Bucandala, Imus CityK-044, s. 1996E-003, s. 1996018, s. 2001NoneNone
88Imus CityStateville Academy Inc.Green Mark-I Subd., Brgy. Malagasang II-B, Imus CityK-145, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
89Imus CityThe Thomas Aquinas Institute of Learning, Inc.Buhay Na Tubig, Imus CityK-471, s. 2015E-040, s. 2022S-458, s. 2015NoneNone
90Imus CityTierra Santa Montessori School, Inc.292 Anabu I-C, Imus CityK-047, s. 1997E-081, s. 2008016, s. 2011NoneNone
91Imus CityTriumphant Christian School565 Gen. Bautista St., Poblacion II, Imus CityK-004, s. 1996E-035, s. 2000NoneNoneNone
92Imus CityUCCP - Anabu Christian School, Inc. (F.: UCCP-Anabu Christian Learning Center, Inc.)E. Aguinaldo Highway, Anabu I-F, Imus CityK-024, s. 1998E-020, s. 1998S-006, s. 2017NoneNone
93Imus CityUnida Christian Colleges, Inc. (F.: Pag-ibig Unida School Inc.)820 Unida St., Anabu I-F Imus, CityK-020, s. 1992E-018, s. 1999001, s. 2000NoneNone
94Imus CityVox Dei Play and Learn Center (VDPLC) Inc.Blk. 22 Lots 11-13 Ph. 2 ACM Woodstock Homes, Alapan I-A, Imus CityK-040, s. 2008NoneNoneNoneNone
Division: Laguna Province
1Laguna ProvinceCresmat Learning Center Inc.#58 Del Pilar St., Brgy. 1, Alaminos, LagunaK-008, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
2Laguna ProvinceMaranatha Christian Academy of Alaminos, Laguna Inc.238 Del Pilar St., Brgy. 2, Poblacion, Alaminos, LagunaK-057, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
3Laguna ProvinceMarcelino Fule Memorial CollegeDel Pilar St., Alaminos, LagunaK-024, s. 1993E-016, s. 1990185, s. 1947NoneNone
4Laguna ProvincePalm Valley Multiple Intelligence School Inc.Denmark St., Alaminos Heights, Alaminos, LagunaK-074, s. 2012E-051, s. 2012S-388, s. 2015NoneNone
5Laguna ProvinceReymarie's SchoolF> Fule St., Alaminos, LagunaK-009, s. 1994E-043, s. 1996NoneNoneNone
6Laguna ProvinceSaint Paul Learning SchoolAlaminos Heights Subd., Alaminos, LagunaNoneNoneRecognized since 2002NoneNone
7Laguna ProvinceDiamond Learning Center, Inc.Masaya, Bay, LagunaK-003, s. 1991E-075, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
8Laguna ProvinceEscuela De Brigida Montessori, Inc.Manese St., San Agustin, Bay, LagunaNoneNone082, s. 2006NoneNone
9Laguna ProvinceFr. Angelico Lipani School, Inc.Asiaville Ubd., Masaya, Bay, LagunaK-020, s. 2002E-019, s. 2006NoneNoneNone
10Laguna ProvinceJehovah Shammah Christian Community School, Inc.645 Paciano Rizal, Bay, LagunaNoneNone037, s. 2003NoneNone
11Laguna ProvinceJehovah Shammah Christian Community School, Inc.225 Punzalan St., San Nicolas, Bay, LagunaK-125, s. 2019E-126, s. 2019S-127, s. 2019NoneNone
12Laguna ProvinceJehovah Shammah Christian Community School, Inc.9003 BE Lopez Jaena St., Bitin, Bay, LagunaK-128, s. 2019NoneS-129, s. 2019NoneNone
13Laguna ProvinceLiceo de BaySan Agustin, Bay, LagunaNoneNone150, s. 1970NoneNone
14Laguna ProvinceLittle People's SchoolSan Isidro, Bay, LagunaK-002, s. 1990E-001, s. 1990012, s. 1995NoneNone
15Laguna ProvinceMaranatha Christian Academy of Calo Bay Inc.507 Calo, bay, LagunaK-046, s. 2000E-054, s. 2001041, s. 2010NoneNone
16Laguna ProvinceSan Agustin Learning Center of Bay Inc.F. Arrieta Street, Brgy. San Agustin, Bay, LagunaK-052, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
17Laguna ProvinceScience and Technology School of Los BañosPaciano Rizal, Bay, LagunaK-083, s. 1996None011, s. 1997NoneNone
18Laguna ProvinceGrace Christian Communty Schools, Calauan, Inc. (Grace Christian Community School System, Foundation, Inc.)Roadside Park Subd., Prinza, Calauan, LagunaK-034, s. 1992E-027, s. 1992001, s. 1995NoneNone
19Laguna ProvinceLiceo de CalauanPoblacion, Calauan, LagunaK-77, s. 1972NoneNoneNoneNone
20Laguna ProvinceMaranatha Christian Academy of Calauan Inc.National Highway Road, Masiit, Calauan, LagunaK-424, s. 2015E-425, s. 2015NoneNoneNone
21Laguna ProvinceProverbsville Baptist Academy , Inc.J. Del Valle St., Prinza, Calauan, LagunaK-110, s. 2017E-072, s. 2019S-036, s. 2022NoneNone
22Laguna ProvinceSaint Bridgette Integrated School, Inc. (F:St. Brigette International School, Inc.)Brgy. Masiit, Calauan, LagunaK-093, s. 2012E-066, s. 2012S-119, s. 2017NoneNone
23Laguna ProvinceSaint Therese School of Calauan, Inc.Brgy. Dayap, Calauan, LagunaK-022, s. 2004E-017, s. 2004NoneNoneNone
24Laguna ProvinceSisters of The Child Jesus School, Inc.Calauan, LagunaK-013, s. 2003E-023, s. 2010NoneNoneNone
25Laguna ProvinceThe refiner's Christian SchoolCalauan, LagunaK-047, s.2007E-054, s.2007045, s.2007NoneNone
26Laguna ProvinceDeaf School (Deaf Evangelistic Alliance Foundation Inc.)Paowin, Cavinti, LagunaNoneE-0015, s. 1977103, s. 1982NoneNone
27Laguna ProvinceLiceo de CavintiCaviti, LagunaK-409, s. 2000E-046, s.2001039, s. 2006NoneNone
28Laguna ProvinceJesus Friend Integrated School (Permanent Closure, SY 2022-2023)Tunhac, Famy, LagunaK-025, s. 1995E-028, s. 2004NoneNone None 
29Laguna ProvinceLiceo de San AntonioBrgy. San Antonio, Kalayaan, LagunaNoneNoneRecognized since 1979 None None
30Laguna ProvinceLiceo de LiliwLiliw, LagunaK-040, s. 1999E-036, s. 1999030, s. 2006NoneNone
31Laguna ProvinceMarantha Christian Academy of Liliw Laguna, Inc.Brgy. Calumpang, Liliw, LagunaK-089, s. 2016E-115, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
32Laguna ProvinceSaint John The Baptist Academy of Liliw, Laguna Inc. (voluntary/temporary closure SY 2020-2021)Brgy. Ibabang, San Roque, Liliw, LagunaK-070,s .2002E-058, s.2002055, s. 2003NoneNone
33Laguna ProvinceSantuario de San Antonio Children Learning478 J.P. Rizal St., Liliw, LagunaK-072, s. 1994E-039, s. 2001NoneNoneNone
34Laguna ProvinceSt. John Bosco Calumpang High School Inc.Liliw, LagunaK-070, s. 2001E-058, s. 2001055, s. 2003NoneNone
35Laguna ProvinceChristian Bible Baptist Academy of Los Baños, Inc.Nature's Ville, Anos, Los Baños, LagunaK-098, s. 2016E-100, s. 2017S-101, s. 2017NoneNone
36Laguna ProvinceChristian School InternationalKanluran Road, College, Los Baños, LagunaK-034, s. 1993None004, s. 1993NoneNone
37Laguna ProvinceColegio de Los Baños Inc. (temporary closure, SY 2021-2022, Kinder and Elem only)Lopez Avenue, Brgy. Batong Malake, Los Baños, LagunaK-033, s. 2018E-034, s. 2018S-035, s. 2018NoneNone
38Laguna ProvinceFranciscan Montessori School of Nativity-Los Baños, inc.Los Baños, LagunaK-039, s. 2010E-021, s. 2010NoneNoneNone
39Laguna ProvinceGateway Learning Center CorporationCarbern Village, Anos, Los Baños, LagunaK-105, s. 2018E-030, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
40Laguna ProvinceGT Tots and Kids Care CenterLos Baños, LagunaK-054, s. 2002NoneNoneNoneNone
41Laguna ProvinceHasik Bagong Buhay Christian School, Inc.Los Baños, LagunaK-017, s. 2002E-044, s. 2004NoneNoneNone
42Laguna ProvinceJoy In Learning School IncorporatedLos Baños, LagunaK-29, s.2001E-28, s.20001NoneNoneNone
43Laguna ProvinceLiceo de Los BañosPoblacion, Los Baños, LagunaK-014, s. 1992E-008, s. 1989NoneNoneNone
44Laguna ProvinceLos Baños Faith Christian School Inc.Los Baños, LagunaK-008, s. 2010E-003, s. 2011NoneNoneNone
45Laguna ProvinceMaranatha Christian Academy of Los Baños, Inc.9029 Batong Malake, Los Baños, LagunaK-063, s. 2001E-051, s. 2002045, s. 2012NoneNone
46Laguna ProvinceMontessori Children's House of Los BañosLos Baños, LagunaK-011, s.1994NoneNoneNoneNone
47Laguna ProvinceMontessori School of Our ChildrenTikling St., Rhoda Subd., Anos, Los Baños, LagunaK-143, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
48Laguna ProvinceMorning Star Montessori School Inc.L.A. Village, Brgy. Tuntungin, Los Baños, LagunaK-006, s. 1986E-010, s. 1990033, s. 2006NoneNone
49Laguna ProvinceSouth Hill School, IncorporatedCollege, Los Baños, LagunaK-040, s.2001E-041, s.2001NoneNoneNone
50Laguna ProvinceSt. Anthony (F.: Saint Francis of Assisi College System)Jardin Leonila Subd., Maahas, Los Baños, LagunaK-016, s. 1991E-012, s. 1991015, s. 1996NoneNone
51Laguna ProvinceThe Learning Place10966 Kanluran Road, Faculty Hills, UPLB, Brgy. Batong Malake, Los Baños, LagunaNoneE-396, s. 2015NoneNoneNone
52Laguna ProvinceThe Maquilng School Inc.UP Colleges, Los Baños, LagunaNone32, s. 1946016, s. 2002NoneNone
53Laguna ProvinceTrace CollegeTrace Village Subd., Brgy. Batong Malake, Los Baños, LagunaK-030, s.2001E-029, s.2001S-020, s.2002NoneNone
54Laguna ProvinceVEA SchoolDangka St., Mayondon, Los Baños, LagunaK-026, s. 1993E-018, s. 1993NoneNoneNone
55Laguna ProvinceLiceo de LuisianaCorner Fabricante & Bonifacio St., Luisiana, LagunaNoneNone5, s. 1971NoneNone
56Laguna ProvinceL. Bernardo Memorial High School, Inc.Bala st., Luisiana, LagunaNoneNone415, s. 1955NoneNone
57Laguna ProvinceLuisiana Advertist Elem. SchoolLuisiana, LagunaK-068, s.2003E-058, s. 2003NoneNoneNone
58Laguna ProvinceUCCP Agape Child Development CenterLuisiana Evangelical Church, Roasa St., Luisiana, LagunaK-104, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
59Laguna ProvinceLittle Shepherd Business and Science High School of Lumban, Laguna Inc.Lumban, Lumban, LagunaNoneNone043, s. 2000NoneNone
60Laguna ProvinceLittle Shepherd Integrated Montessori SchoolLumban, lagunaK-031, s. 1992E-021, s. 1992NoneNoneNone
61Laguna ProvinceLumban Academy-Nitanny School, Inc. (Lumban Academy/Nitanny School, Inc.) (Lumban Academy)Sitio Lacao, Brgy. Concepcion, Lumban, LagunaNoneNone001, s.1987NoneNone
62Laguna ProvinceSt. Lucy Filippini Montessori School Inc.068 Zamora St., Brgy. Bagong Silang, Lumban, LagunaK-080, s. 2017E-081, s. 2017NoneNoneNone
63Laguna ProvinceSt. Vincent de Paul Montessori SchoolLumban, lagunaK-092, s.1997E-067, s.1997S-029, s.1999NoneNone
64Laguna ProvinceBlessed James Cusmano Academy, Inc.Brgy. San Antonio, Mabitac, LagunaK-071, s. 2003None027, s. 2004None None 
65Laguna ProvinceAngel's Faith Christian SchoolRizal St., Poblacion, Magdalena, LagunaK-011, s.2008E-042, s.2008047, s. 2012None None 
66Laguna ProvinceBanahaw InstituteJ.P. Rizal St., Magdalena, LagunaNoneNone451, s. 1949NoneNone 
67Laguna ProvinceLiceo de MajayjayPlaza Rizal St., Majayjay, LagunaK-009, s. 2003NoneNoneNoneNone
68Laguna ProvinceBarnabas Christian School Inc.Brgy. Maravilla, Nagcarlan, LagunaK-086, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
69Laguna ProvinceBright Shiners Elementary School Inc.Brgy. Bambang, Nagcarlan, LagunaK-034, s. 2017E-013, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
70Laguna ProvinceElyon Academia Foundation, Inc.Brgy. Alibumbungan, Nagcarlan, LagunaK-033, s. 1995E-023, s. 1998019, s. 2004NoneNone
71Laguna ProvinceLiving Hope Learning School186 C. Lirio St., Poblacion II, Nagcarlan, LagunaK-026, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
72Laguna ProvinceNagcarlan Adventist Elementary SchoolNagcarlan, LagunaK-059, s. 2002E-052, s. 2002NoneNoneNone
73Laguna ProvinceNagcarlan Montessori School186 E. Lirio St., Nagcarlan, LagunaK-097, s. 1997E-045, s. 1999NoneNoneNone
74Laguna ProvinceRizal Standard AcademyRizal Ave., Brgy. II, Nagcarlan, LagunaNone36, s. 1956166, s. 1946NoneNone
75Laguna ProvinceSt. Mary's Academy of Nagcarlan Laguna, Inc. (Formerly: Nagcarlan Sacred Heart Academy, Inc.)Nagcarlan, LagunaNoneNone47, s. 1966NoneNone
Laguna ProvinceAnanda Marga Pracaraka Samgha In Maharlika, Inc.Brgy. Wakat, Nagcarlan, LagunaK-020, s. 2022NoneNoneNoneNone
76Laguna ProvinceLiceo de Paete (Formerly: San Santiago High School)Brgy. Tinawin St., Paete, LagunaK-018, s. 2008E-019, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
77Laguna ProvincePaete Nativity Montessori SchoolJ.P. Rizal St., 4 Paete, LagunaK-088, s. 1997E-064, s. 1997NoneNoneNone
78Laguna ProvincePaete Science and Business College Inc. (F: Eastern Laguna Colleges, Inc.)J. P. Rizal St., Paete, LagunaK-030, s. 1992E-119, s. 197093, s. 1966NoneNone
79Laguna ProvinceSan Antonio Abad SchoolP. Paterno St., Ermita, Paete, LagunaK-088, s. 1997E-023, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
80Laguna ProvinceAngelita V. Del Mundo Foundation (AVM Foundation) Inc.Rizal St., Pagsanjan, LagunaK-013, s. 2016E-014, s. 2016S-111, s. 2017NoneNone
81Laguna ProvinceLiceo de PagsanjanPagsanjan, LagunaK-017, s. 1987E-019, s. 1987057, s. 2005NoneNone
82Laguna ProvincePagsanjan Academy, Inc.632 Mabini St., Pagsanjan, LagunaK-041, s. 2019E-076, s. 2019313, s. 1947NoneNone
83Laguna ProvinceLiceo de PakilBurgos, Pakil, LagunaK-069, s. 2001E-057, s. 2001117, s. 1975NoneNone
84Laguna ProvinceSt. Peter of Alcantara College, Inc.176 Tavera St., Pakil, LagunaK-053, s. 2018E-054, s. 2018S-337, s. 2014NoneNone
85Laguna ProvinceColegio Monterei de PilaNational Highway, San Antonio, Pila, LagunaK-015, s.1987E-015, s.1987008, s. 1995NoneNone
86Laguna ProvinceLiceo de PilaSan Antonio, Pila, LagunaNoneE-026, s. 1999130, s. 1950NoneNone
87Laguna ProvinceMissionary Oratorians of Jesus College, Inc. (F: Arcadio-Benita Relova-Missionary Oratorians of Jesus School Inc.)Brgy. Tubuan, Pila, LagunaK-419, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
88Laguna ProvinceRainbow Institute of Learning Inc.008 Rizal St., Brgy. Sta. Clara, Pila, LagunaK-056, s. 2003E-028, s. 2006014, s. 2010NoneNone
89Laguna ProvinceSan Antonio de Padua College Foundation of Pila Laguna, Inc. (San Antonio de Padua College)National Highay, Brgy. Sta. Clara Sur, Pila, LagunaK-076, s. 2016E-338, s. 2014014, s. 1986NoneNone
90Laguna ProvinceSouth Greenville School Inc.Bagong Pook, Pila, LagunaK-021,s .2002E-019, s.2002076, s. 2005NoneNone
91Laguna ProvinceSt. Therese College of Arts and Science, Inc. (F.: St. Therese School of Arts & Science Inc.); (F.: St. Therese of the Child Jesus Academy of Pila Laguna Inc.); (F: St. Therese of The Child Jesus Learning Center of Pila Laguna Inc.)Pila, LagunaK-030, s. 2004E-026, s. 2006023, s. 2009NoneNone
92Laguna ProvinceStar of Hope Christian School (Pila), Inc.Villa Adelina III, Brgy. Bulihgan Sur, Pila, LagunaK-069, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
Laguna ProvinceJesus reigns United Methodist Christian School Inc.040 Balagtas St., Sta. Clara Sur, Pila, LagunaK-036, s. 2022NoneNoneNoneNone
93Colegio Sta. Isabel of Laguna Inc.Brgy. Mendiola, Siniloan, LagunaK-067, s. 2002E-058, s. 2002040, s. 2003None None
94Fame Institute, Inc.L. De Leon St., Siniloan, LagunaNoneNone030, s. 2000NoneNone
95Laguna Northwestern College-San Lorenzo Ruiz Montessori Center-Siniloan Inc.P. Burgos St., Siniloan, Laguna'K-001, s. 1998E-003, s. 1998013, s. 2007NoneNone
96The Bridgewater School, Inc.Q. Dela Rosa St., Brgy. Halayhayin, Siniloan, LagunaK-001, s. 2012E-002, s. 2012S-339, s. 2014NoneNone
97Laguna ProvinceCapitol View Christian SchoolSta. Cruz, LagunaK-007, s. 1979E-035, s. 1999NoneNoneNone
98Laguna ProvinceImmaculate Conception Catholic School-Sta. Cruz Inc.Valenzuela St., Poblacion, Sta. Cruz, LagunaK-129, s. 2017E-068, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
99Laguna ProvinceLaguna Sino-Filipino Educational Foundation, Inc.Felix Sario St., Sta. Cruz, LagunaK-095, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
100Laguna ProvinceMaranatha Christian Academy of Sta. Cruz Laguna, Inc.Calios, Sta. Cruz, LagunaK-103, s. 2003E-082, s. 2017S-083, s. 2017NoneNone
101Laguna ProvinceMind Builders Academy School Inc.Lynville Subdivision, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Sta. Cruz, LagunaK-021, s.2012E-015, s.2012S-019, s. 2022NoneNone
102Laguna ProvinceMt. of Olives Blessed School Inc.Lot 4 Block 4 Remedios Country Homes Bubukal, Sta. Cruz, LagunaK-079, s. 2016E-080, s. 2016NoneNoneNone
103Laguna ProvinceOur Lady of Maulawin Kindergarten And G.S. (temporary/voluntary closure SY 2020-2021)Sta. Cruz, LagunaK-020, s.1990E-001, s.1995NoneNoneNone
104Laguna ProvinceOur Little Friends KinderMonteserrat Subd., Sta. Cruz, LagunaK-770, s. 1986NoneNoneNoneNone
105Laguna ProvinceSouthbay Montessori School and Colleges inc. (F.: Southbay Montessori School Inc.)Sitio Huwaran, Brgy. Pagsawitan, Sta. Cruz, LagunaNoneNone017, s. 2009NoneNone
106Laguna ProvinceSt. Mary's Montessori De Laguna Inc.M. H. Del Pilar St., Poblacion, Sta. Cruz, LagunaK-060, s. 2017E-071, s. 2018S-072, s. 2018NoneNone
107Laguna ProvinceSt. Therese Martin of Lisieux School & Business High SchoolSta. Cruz, LagunaK-088, s.2000E-011, s.2003005, s.2005NoneNone
108Laguna ProvinceUnion College of Laguna, Inc.A. Mabini St., Sta. Cruz, LagunaK-57, s.1963303, s.1965319, s.1949NoneNone
109Laguna ProvinceOur Lady of Los Angele SchoolSta. Maria, LagunaK-048, s. 2000NoneNoneNoneNone
110Laguna ProvinceSta. Maria (Laguna) Academy, Inc.Poblacion, Sta. Maria, LagunaK-018, s. 1991E-008, s.1991174, s. 1960/ 28, s. 1963NoneNone
111Laguna ProvinceLiceo de VictoriaBlk. 6 Lot 19 Brgy. Nanhaya, Victoria, LagunaNoneNone66, s. 1971NoneNone
112Laguna ProvinceMaranatha Christian Academy of Masapang Victoria Laguna Inc.219 National Highway, Victoria, LagunaK-082, s. 2016E-065, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
113Laguna ProvinceMater Ecclesiae School (Victoria, Laguna), Inc.Quirino St., Brgy. San Roque, Victoria, LagunaK-100, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
114Laguna ProvinceMissionari Della Fede Community Learning Center Inc.11 Quirino St., Victoria, LagunaK-023, s. 1995E-019, s. 1996NoneNoneNone
115Laguna ProvinceMissionari Della Fede Community-High School, Inc.11 Quirino St., Victoria, LagunaNoneNone027, s. 2009NoneNone
116Laguna ProvinceSaint Francis College MontessoriM.L. Quezon St., Victoria, LagunaK-082, s. 1996E-018, s. 1996004, s. 1976NoneNone
Division: Lipa City
1Lipa CityAcademia De Lipa City, Inc.San Sebastian, Lipa CityK-162, s. 2014E-163, s. 2014S-477, s. 2016NoneNone
2Lipa CityAges and Stages School of Lipa, Inc. (F.:Ages and Stages Learning Center, Inc.)Brgy. 7, Granja, Lipa CityK-358, s. 2015E-359, s. 2015NoneNoneNone
3Lipa CityAnne-Claire Montessori de Lipa, Inc.M. P. Casanova St., Tambo, Lipa CityK-071, s. 2012E-175, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
4Lipa CityBatangas College of Arts & SciencesBanay-Banay,Concepcion, Lipa CityK-015, s. 2003E-015, s. 2003019, s. 2003NoneNone
5Lipa CityBerean Integrated School of Lipa Inc.M.K. Lina Street, Lipa CityK-025, s. 2013E-026, s. 2013S-046, s. 2022NoneNone
6Lipa CityCanossa Academy-Lipa City, Inc. (Formerly: Our Lady of Rosary Academy)Brgy. San Carlos, Lipa City276, s. 1951275, s. 1951172, s. 1955NoneNone
7Lipa CityChrist Centered Academy of Lipa City, Inc.Purok I, Brgy. Inosloban, Lipa CityK-048, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
8Lipa CityDagatan Family Farm, Inc.120 Narra St., Dagatan, Lipa CityNoneNone009, s. 1991NoneNone
9Lipa CityDaughters of St. Dominic SchoolRiverside,Purok I Kayumanggi, Lipa CityK-017, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
10Lipa CityDe La Salle-LipaJP Laurel Nat.Hi-way, Lipa CityK-021, s. 1993E-038, s. 199378, s. 1964/ 22, s. 1965NoneNone
11Lipa CityDivine Shepherd School of Lipa City Inc.Tambo, Lipa CityK-010, s. 2011E-027, s. 2012S-413, s. 2015NoneNone
12Lipa CityEarly Start Learning Center, Inc.M.K. Lina St., Lipa CityK-020, s. 2001NoneNoneNoneNone
13Lipa CityHolistic Academy for Achievers-Lipa, Inc.Purok 2, Marawoy, Lipa CityK-365, s. 2015E-366, s. 2015S-462, s. 2015NoneNone
14Lipa CityHoly Trinity School of Padre Garcia Bats. Lipa City Branch Inc.Mataas na Lupa, Lipa CityK-033, s. 2011E-367, s. 2015016, s. 2010NoneNone
15Lipa CityImmaculate Conception Montessori School of Lipa City Batangas, Inc.Sto. Nino, Villa de Lipa II, Sabang, Lipa CityK-021, s. 2013E-022, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
16Lipa CityLa Milagrosa School of Batangas, Inc.Banay-Banay, Lipa CityK-081, s. 2012E-027, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
17Lipa CityLaygo Educational Center Inc.166 Pinagkawitan, Lipa CityK-069, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone
18Lipa CityLCC Silvercrest School (Formerly: Lipa City Colleges)L. Dimayuga St., Lipa CityK-009, s. 2013E-010, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
19Lipa CityLipa Adventist Academy-LAA Inc.Bugtongnapulo, Lipa CityK-363, s. 2015E-364, s. 2015AR28, s. 1980NoneNone
20Lipa CityLipa Montessori School of LearningTransville Home, Banay-Banay, Lipa CityK-001, s. 1999E-014, s. 2003008, s. 2005NoneNone
21Lipa CityLipa Adventist Elementary SchoolSan Sebastian, Lipa City138, s. 1956138, s. 1956NoneNoneNone
22Lipa CityMaranatha Christian Academy of P. Torres, Lipa City Inc.P. Torres Street, Lipa CityK-360, s. 2015E-361, s. 2015NoneNoneNone
23Lipa CityMGP Tribeca, Inc.City Park Ave. corner Gladiola St., City Park Subd., Sabang, Lipa CityK-104, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
24Lipa CityNew Era University Inc.Villa San Jose, Marauoy, Lipa CityK-031, s. 2002E-027, s. 2002007, s. 2002NoneNone
25Lipa CityOur Lady of Lourdes SchoolP. Layo St., Sabang, Lipa CityK-001, s. 1989E-007, s. 1989NoneNoneNone
26Lipa CityPagulingin Adventist Elementary School Inc.Pagulingin East, Lipa CityNoneE-018, s. 1995NoneNoneNone
27Lipa CityRev. Fr. Vincenzo Ida KindergartenBrgy. Marawoy, Lipa CityK-007, s. 2004NoneNoneNoneNone
28Lipa CitySaint Gerard Fidelis School, Inc.Maraouy, Lipa CityK-368, s. 2015E-369, s. 2015S-009, s. 2018NoneNone
29Lipa CitySt. Francis De Sales Seminary, High School Unit, Inc. (F.: St. Francis de Sales Seminary, Inc.)San Lorenzo Ruiz Road, Lipa CityNoneNoneS-002, s. 1976NoneNone
30Lipa CitySt. Joseph SchoolR. Soliman St., Lipa CityK-021, s. 1992E-012, s. 1996NoneNoneNone
31Lipa CityStonyhurst Southville International SchoolDagatan, Lipa CityK-015, s. 2013E-016, s. 2013040, s. 2012NoneNone
32Lipa CityThe Golden Grace School, Lipa, Inc.San Jose, Lipa CityK-328, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
33Lipa CityThe Lipa Grace Academy , Inc.28 B. Morada St., Lipa City275, s. 1975E-044, s. 1996006, s. 2005NoneNone
34Lipa CityThe Mabini AcademyBalintawak, Lipa CityK-023, s. 2012197, s. 1951289, s. 1947NoneNone
35Lipa CityThe Magnificat Learning Center of Lodlod Inc.Lodlod, Lipa CityNoneNoneRecognizedNoneNone
36Lipa CityThe Meradian School, Inc.City Park Subd., Sabang, Lipa CityK-370, s. 2015E-478, s. 2016S-463, s. 2015NoneNone
37Lipa CityThe Nazareth School of Lipa City Inc.Dagatan, Lipa CityK-017, s. 2012E-176, s. 2014039, s. 2010NoneNone
38Lipa CityThe Shepherd Chriistian Learning Center of Lipa City Inc.San Lorenzo Village, San Sebastian, Lipa CityK-438, s. 2015E-439, s. 2015NoneNoneNone
39Lipa CityUniversity of Batangas, Inc.Maraouy, Lipa CityNoneNoneS-456, s. 2015NoneNone
40Lipa CityVINMAR School Inc.Brgy. Inosloban, Lipa CityK-014, s. 2004E-047, s. 2012NoneNoneNone
1Lucena CityBaptist Voice Bible College, Inc.Lot1 Blk. 41 Citta Grande III, Ibabang Iyam, Lucena CityK-107, s. 2016E-102, s. 2017None None None 
2Lucena CityBristol Integrated School Inc.Km. 133 Diversion Road, Kanlurang Mayao, Lucena CityK-024, s. 2008E-105, s. 2009009, s. 2012SPED-001, s. 2009None 
3Lucena CityBwest College, Inc.Gomez Extension, Brgy. Uno, Lucena CityNone None S-466, s. 2015NoneNone 
4Lucena CityCalayan Educational Foundation, IncorporatedMaharlika Highway, Ibabang Dupay, Lucena CityK-049, s. 1999E-014, s. 2002032, s. 1999NoneNone 
5Lucena CityChildren's House A Montessori School Lucena Inc.Don Crisanto cor. Mangg St., Market View, Lucena CityK-051, s. 1996E-023, s. 2004035, s. 2009NoneNone 
6Lucena CityChrist the Lord Institute Foundation Lucena City, Inc.Maharlika Highway, Ibabang Iyam, Lucena CityK-069, s. 2018None 004, s. 2007NoneNone 
7Lucena CityGood News Christian SchoolAgila St., Calmar Homes, Kanlurang Mayao, Lucena CityK-001, s. 1996E-001, s. 1996001, s. 1996NoneNone 
8Lucena CityGrowwe Learning Center, Inc.Garnet St., Pleasantville Subd., Phase II, Iyam, Lucena CityK-010, s. 2009None None NoneNone 
9Lucena CityHarmony Christian Education Foundation Inc.4 Don Crisanto St., Market Avenue, Marketview Subd., Lucena CityK-006, s. 2005E-004, s. 2005017, s. 2004NoneNone 
10Lucena CityHarvest of Hope Foundation Inc.San Antonio St. Our Lady of Lourdes Subd., Phase I, Brgy. Isabang, Lucena CityNone None None SPED-043, s. 2017None 
11Lucena CityHoly Infant Jesus Montessori Center Phils. Lucena Inc.North Employee, Lucena CityNone None Recognized since 2001NoneNone 
12Lucena CityHoly Rosary Catholic SchoolQuezon Avenue Ext., Cotta, Lucena City181, s. 1971182, s. 1971129, s. 1969; 28, s. 1970; 9, s. 1972NoneNone 
13Lucena CityInfant Jesus Montessori Center, Phils.1329 Daleon St., North Employees Vill., Gulang-Gulang, Lucena CityK-029, s. 1991E-079, s. 1997042, s. 2001NoneNone 
14Lucena CityInternational School for Better Beginings-Lucena, Inc.Moscow Ext., University Vill., Lucena CityK-006E-019, s. 2003051, s. 2006NoneNone 
15Lucena CityKids on Keyboard Computer Enrichment Ctr. Inc.Quezon Ave., Brygy. 6, Lucena CityK-013, s. 2010None None NoneNone 
16Lucena CityL.C. Young Learner's Home Co. Inc.Kalaw St., Brgy. Mayao Kanluran, Calmar Homes Subd., Phase 3, Lucena CityK-107E-137, s. 2013029, s. 2011NoneNone 
17Lucena CityLa Sapienza Learning Center Inc.#637 Azucena St., Purok Maligaya, Brgy. Gulang-Gulang, Lucena CityK-033, s. 2017None None NoneNone 
18Lucena CityLittle Angels' Home of Learning, Inc.1886 Capistrano Subd.,, Lucena CityK-016, s. 1999E-011, s. 2013None NoneNone 
19Lucena CityLourdes Home of Learning, Inc.Alpsville 3 Subd., Ibabang Dupay, Lucena CityRecognized since 2009None None NoneNone 
20Lucena CityLucena Adventist Elem. SchoolGov. Leon Guinto, Brgy. IX, Lucena CityK-450E-421None NoneNone 
21Lucena CityLucena Hope Academy, Inc.Lot 7 Blk. 8 Ph. V-A Kalayaan Avenue, Calmar Homes, Kanlurang Mayao, Lucena CityK-007, s. 2008None None NoneNone 
22Lucena CityManuel S. Enverga Univ. FoundationUniversity Site Village, Ibabang Dupay, Lucena City88, s. 197537, s. 194836, s. 1948NoneNone 
23Lucena CityMaryhill College, Inc.M. L. Tagarao St., Brgy. V, Lucena City140, s. 1946140, s. 1946141, s. 1946NoneNone 
24Lucena CityMetro Lucena Integrated Learning Center Inc.118 M.L. Tagarao St., Lucena CityK-030, s. 2008E-109, s. 2016None NoneNone 
25Lucena CityRosarian Center Creative Education Foundation Inc. (F.: MSEUF-Rosarian Centre for Creative Education)Don Froilan lopez Building, Lucena CityK-022, s. 2019E-023, s. 2019None NoneNone 
26Lucena CityNorthview Schoolville Inc.Uranium St., Saint Peter 2 Subd., Gulang-gulang, Lucena CityK-103, s. 2017None None NoneNone 
27Lucena CityOur Lady Therese Integrated School, Inc.Kalayaan Avenue Ext., Calamr Homes, Kanlurang Mayao,Lucena CityK-030, s. 2010None None NoneNone 
28Lucena CityPhilippine Tong Ho InstituteMerchant St., Lucena CityNone None 138, s. 1960NoneNone 
29Lucena CityPrime Elite Integrated School Inc.Lot 18 Blk. 9 Ph. 2 Via Toscana St. Ph2 Citta Grande Subd., Brgy. Ibabang Iyam, Lucena CityK-135, s. 2013None None NoneNone 
30Lucena CitySacred Heart College#1 Merchan St., brgy. 11, Lucena City142, s. 1946143, s. 1946144, s. 1946NoneNone 
31Lucena CitySaint Philomena School, Inc.1106 Sampaguita St., Employees Village, Lucena CityK-086, s. 1997E-017, s. 2003003, s. 2005NoneNone 
32Lucena CityScuola Gesu BambinoMaharlika Highway, Isabang, Lucena CityK-069, s. 1991E-010, s. 1993021, s. 2002NoneNone 
33Lucena CitySr. Teresa of Sto. Niño Center, inc.Ferido St., Ph. 2 Pleasantville Subd., Ilayang Iyam, Lucena CityK-013, s. 2019None None NoneNone 
34Lucena CitySt. Anne College Lucena, Inc.Diversion Road, Brgy. Gulang-Gulang, Lucena CityK-008, s. 2008E-006, s. 2007074, s. 2006NoneNone 
35Lucena CitySt. Gerard School Inc.Nadres St. Ibabang Iyam, Lucena CityK-028, s. 1991None None NoneNone 
36Lucena CityTwin hearts Integrated School of Lucena City, Inc. (F: Twin Hearts Inetrnational School of Lcuena City, Inc.)1201 Daleon cor. Daisy St., North Employees Vill., Gulang-Gulang, Lucena CityK-039, s. 2000E-017, s. 2010None NoneNone 
37Lucena CityUCCP Magill Memorial School Incorporated150 Quezon Avenue, Barangay VIII, Lucena CityK-58, s. 2001E-024, s. 2004S-451, s. 2015NoneNone 
1Quezon ProvinceMater Carmeli Catholic School of Alabat Quezon Inc.Brgy. 2, Caliwara St., Alabat, QuezonK-027, s.2002E-007, s.2006S-430, s. 2015NoneNone 
2Quezon ProvinceAtimonan United Methodist Christian School Inc.120 Purok Bagong Silang, Brgy. Tagbakin, Atimonan, QuezonK-444, s. 2015None None NoneNone 
3Quezon ProvinceLeon guinto Memorial College Inc.443 Mabini St., Atimonan, QuezonNone None  #010, s.1986NoneNone 
4Quezon ProvinceLittle Angels Montessori Learning Center (QEC)Atimonan, QuezonK-031, s.1998E-077, s.1998None NoneNone 
5Quezon ProvinceOur Lady of The Angels AcademyAtimonan, QuezonK-035, s.1967E-113, s.1965#006, s.1971NoneNone 
6Quezon ProvinceQuezonian Education CollegeAtimonan, QuezonNone None #012, s.1998NoneNone 
7Quezon ProvinceSt. Lawrence Academy (Buenavista, Quezon), inc. (F.: St. Lawrence Academy Foundation (Buenavista, Quezon), Inc.Buenavista, QuezonK-051, s 2009E-040, s.2009#020, s.1968None None 
8Quezon ProvinceSt. Lucille Child Development CenterBuenavista, QuezonK-034, s. 2013E-035, s. 2013None None None 
9Quezon ProvinceMount Carmel High School of Burdeos, Inc.Burdeos, QuezonNone None #24, s.1963NoneNone 
10Quezon ProvinceCalauag Central CollegeCalauag, QuezonNone 567 s.1953#568, s.1953NoneNone 
11Quezon ProvinceFroebelian School of Calauag, Inc.377 Don Pedro Pica Ext., Calauag, QuezonK-031, s. 2013E-032, s. 2013None NoneNone 
12Quezon ProvinceSt. Peter's SchoolCalauag, QuezonNone None #019, s.1973NoneNone 
13Quezon ProvinceTiniguiban Rural High SchoolCalauag, QuezonNone None #003, s.1977NoneNone 
14Quezon ProvinceGrabsum School, Inc.Sto. Niño St. SVPS Masalukot I, Candelaria, QuezonK-066, s.2000E-040, s.2002#001, s.2010NoneNone
15Quezon ProvinceHeadstart Christian Learning Institute, Inc.Candelaria, QuezonK-083, s. 2012E-056, s. 2012None NoneNone
16Quezon ProvinceM.S. Enverga University Foundation Candelaria, Inc.Candelaria, QuezonK-049, s.1996E-005, s.1996#005, s.1992NoneNone
17Quezon ProvinceManuel L. Quezon Elementary School, Inc.Candelaria, QuezonK-024, s.2010E-159, s.1973None NoneNone
18Quezon ProvinceNewton Science School Inc. (F: Newton's Apple Science School, Inc.)Bukal Sure, Candelaria, QuezonK-022, s.2010E-136, s. 2013S-015, s. 2017NoneNone
19Quezon ProvinceReyes- Montecillo Foundation, Inc.Candelaria, QuezonK-024, s. 2011None None NoneNone
20Quezon ProvinceTayabas Western AcademyCandelaria, QuezonK-003, s. 2011E-012, s.1012(day)#008, s.1993(Night)#007, s.1994NoneNone
21Quezon ProvinceThe Lady Mediatrix Institute, Inc. (F.: Lady Mediatrix Institute)Masin Norte, Candelaria, QuezonK-159, s. 2014E-160, s. 2014S-161, s. 2014NoneNone
22Quezon ProvinceUnited Evangelical School of Candelaria (U.E.S.C.) Inc.810-A Bustamante St., Candelaria, QuezonK-030, s 1991E-055, s. 2018None NoneNone
Quezon ProvinceBrentley Montessori School (BMS) Inc.Bustamante St., Brgy. Poblacion, Candelaria, QuezonK-059, s. 2022NoneNoneNoneNone
23Quezon ProvinceManuel S. Enverga University Foundation,Catanauan, Inc.Brgy. 9, Don Abella Drive, Catanauan, QuezonK-056, s. 2018E-243, s.1996#101, s.1950NoneNone
24Quezon ProvinceMt. Carmel Catholic School of Catanauan, Quezon Inc.Catanauan, QuezonNoneNone #059, s.2000NoneNone
25Quezon ProvinceParochial School of Catanauan Inc.Catanauan, QuezonK-050, s.1999E-041, s.2005#034, s.2006NoneNone
26Quezon ProvinceSouthern Luzon AcademyCatanauan, QuezonNone None #018, s.2003NoneNone
27Quezon ProvinceSt. Benedict School of Catanauan, Inc.Catanauan, QuezonK-048, s 2009None None NoneNone
28Quezon ProvinceCCD School Foundation, Inc.Alcala Arch. Brgy. Bayanihan, Dolores, QuezonK-055, s.2008E-054, s.2008#018, s.2010NoneNone
29Quezon ProvinceDolores Christian School, Inc.#1 Quezon St., Brgy. Bayanihan, Dolores, QuezonNone None #024, s.2002NoneNone
30Quezon ProvinceGesu Bambino Parochial School, Inc.Dolores, QuezonK-030, s.2006E-002, s.2007NoneNoneNone
31Quezon ProvinceOur Lady of Sorrows Academy, Inc.Dolores, QuezonNone None #744, s.1955NoneNone
32Quezon ProvinceGaudencio M. Sanggalang AcademyGen. Luna, QuezonNone None Recognized since 1947NoneNone
33Quezon ProvinceSt. Ignatius Parochial School Inc.Perez St., Brgy. 4, Poblacion, Gen.luna, QuezonK-048, s 2010E-141, s. 2013#006, s.2011NoneNone
34Quezon ProvinceMount Carmel High School of General Nakar Inc.Brgy. Anoling, Gen. Nakar, QuezonNone None #040, s.2009NoneNone
35Quezon ProvinceTribal Center for Development Foundation, inc.-Sentrong Paaralan ng mga Agta (SPA)Catbilingan, Gen. Nakar, QuezonK-283, s. 2014E-284, s. 2014None NoneNone
36Quezon ProvinceGuinayangan AcademyGuinayangan, QuezonNone None #603, s.1949NoneNone
37Quezon ProvinceSt. Aloysius Gonzaga Parochial School, Inc.Tupaz St., Brgy. Poblacion, Guinayangan, QuezonK-076, s 2011E-063, s.2003S-029, s. 2013NoneNone
38Quezon ProvinceCreative Genius Montessori Learning Center, Inc.Gumaca, QuezonK-016, s.2010E-017, s.2011None NoneNone
39Quezon ProvinceEastern Quezon CollegeGumaca, QuezonK-228, s.1966E-228, s.1966#015, s. 1951NoneNone
40Quezon ProvinceHoly Child Jesus College, Inc. (F.: Holy Child Academy, Inc.) (Holy Child Jesus Institute)Gumaca, Quezon185, s. 1953407, s. 1950177, s. 1960 (First Year); 16, s. 1961 (Second Year); 26, s. 1963 (Third and Fourth Year)NoneNone
41Quezon ProvinceSt. Didacus InstituteGumaca, QuezonNone E-162, s.1973None None None
42Quezon ProvinceLFJ Cornerstone Academy, Incorporated1 Bonifacio St., Poblacion 3, Infanta, QuezonK-032, s.2011None #007, s.2011NoneNone
43Quezon ProvinceMount Carmel School of InfantaInfanta, QuezonK-052, s.2009E-086, s.2008#045, s.1965NoneNone
44Quezon ProvinceRizal Marine & Techno Computer CollegeInfanta, QuezonNone None #052, s.2004NoneNone
45Quezon ProvinceStar of Hope Christian School (Infanta), Inc.Barangay Ilog, Infanta, QuezonK-135, s. 2016E-136, s. 2016None NoneNone
46Quezon ProvinceBeata Sai integrated Schoo Inc. (Beata Sai progressive School)230 Narra St., Brgy. Magsaysay, Lopez, QuezonK-053, s. 2010None None NoneNone
47Quezon ProvinceEastern Tayabas CollegeLopez, QuezonNone None #368, s.1955NoneNone
48Quezon ProvinceHondagua Port High SchoolLopez, QuezonNone None #220, s.1976NoneNone
49Quezon ProvinceLalaguna Rural AcademyLopez, QuezonNone None #010, s.1996NoneNone
50Quezon ProvinceLopez Adventist Elementary School, LAES Inc.432 San Antonio corner Panganiban Sts., Lopez, QuezonK-058, s. 2013None None NoneNone
51Quezon ProvinceMost Holy Rosary Parochial SchoolLopez, QuezonK-026, s.1990E-024, s.1992#013, s.2000NoneNone
52Quezon ProvinceNew Jerusalem School, Inc.412 Villanueva St., Lopez, QuezonK-063, s. 2016E-064, s. 2016None NoneNone
Quezon ProvinceLopez Quezon Multipurpose Cooperative Academy Inc.Gen. V. Yngente Ave., Brgy. Talolong, Lopez, QuezonK-060, s. 2022NoneNoneNoneNone
53Quezon ProvinceBanahaw View AcademyLucban, QuezonNone None #028, s.1999None None 
54Quezon ProvinceCasa del Niño Jesus de Lucban, Inc.Lucban, QuezonK-011, s.1988E-026, s.1992S-447, s. 2015NoneNone 
55Quezon ProvinceCentro Bambino Child Care & Dev. Center, Inc.Lucban, QuezonK-019, s.2011None None NoneNone 
56Quezon ProvinceClever Minds Haven School Inc.#12 Don Vedasto Cadeleña St., Lucban, QuezonK-005, s. 2019None None NoneNone 
57Quezon ProvinceGood Shepherd Diosecan School-IFIConcepcion St. Lucban, QuezonK-030, s.2002E-008, s.2010None NoneNone 
58Quezon ProvinceGreen View Integrated Learning School, Inc.Lot 27 Cattleya St., Greenville Subd., Brgy. Ayuti, Lucban, QuezonK-006, s. 2019None None NoneNone 
59Quezon ProvinceLucban AcademyLucban, QuezonNone None #372, s.1948NoneNone 
60Quezon ProvinceLucban Adventist Elemenatary SchoolLucban, QuezonK-066, s.2003E-021, s.1993None NoneNone 
61Quezon ProvinceLucban Christian School, Inc.Rizal Avenue, Brgy. Abang, Lucban, QuezonK-018, s.2003None S-007, s. 2019NoneNone 
62Quezon ProvinceLucban UCCP Learning CenterLucban, QuezonK-052, s.2001None None NoneNone 
63Quezon ProvinceLuv 'N Lern Childcare & Learning Center, Inc.Lucban, QuezonK-023, s.2010None None NoneNone 
Quezon ProvinceH.E.Z. Kiddie Garden Learning Center Inc.Maderal St., Brgy. 05, Lucban, QuezonK-061, s. 2022NoneNoneNoneNone
64Quezon ProvinceMacalelon High SchoolMacalelon, QuezonNone None #043, s.1957NoneNone
65Quezon ProvinceMary Immaculate Parochial School of Macalelon, Inc.Macalelon, QuezonK-028, s. 2003E-030, s.2003#071, s.2006NoneNone
66Quezon ProvinceMother Perpetua Parochial School, Inc.4330 Lual Poblacion, Mauban, QuezonK-023, s.1990E-023, s.1990#003, s.1995None None 
67Quezon ProvinceEduardo Cojuangco, Jr. Grade SchoolMulanay, QuezonNone E-003, s.1988None NoneNone
68Quezon ProvinceMulanay InstituteMulanay, QuezonNone None #137, s.1965NoneNone
69Quezon ProvinceSt. Peter Catholic School of Mulanay Inc.Mulanay, QuezonK-059, s 2001E-049, s.2001#050, s.2005NoneNone
70Quezon ProvinceChild Jesus of Nazareth School, Inc.Poblacion, 4303 Padre Burgos, QuezonK-063, s.2008E-008, s. 2009#003, s.2012NoneNone
71Quezon ProvinceHoly Cross Academy of Padre Burgos Inc.P. Burgos, QuezonNone None #078, s.1973NoneNone
72Quezon ProvinceAlcastle Educational School, Inc.Brgy. Castillo, Pagbilao, QuezonK-033, s.2008E-037, s.2008None NoneNone
73Quezon ProvinceCasa del Niño Jesus de PagbilaoC.M. Recto, Pagbilao, QuezonK-025, s.1990E-049, s.1990#019, s.2002NoneNone
74Quezon ProvinceCVE Colleges, Inc.T. R. Alvarez Subd., Brgy. Del Carmen, Pagbilao, QuezonK-070, s. 2018E-004, s. 201914NoneNone
75Quezon ProvinceLord's Angels Learning School, Inc.Phase II, Kasoy St., Intertown Homes, Pagbilao, QuezonK-046, s.2001 E-267, s. 2014None NoneNone
76Quezon ProvincePagbilao AcademyPagbilao, QuezonNoneNone#033, s.1955NoneNone
77Quezon ProvinceSt. Isidore Diocesan School (SIDS) Inc.Patnanungan, QuezonK-278, s. 2014E-279, s. 2014None None None 
78Quezon ProvinceSt. Paul Parochial School of Pitogo (Pitogo, Quezon), Inc.Pitogo, QuezonK-102, s. 2019None None NoneNone 
79Quezon ProvinceWestern Tayabas High SchoolPitogo, QuezonNone None #191, s.1955NoneNone 
80Quezon ProvincePlaridel Memorial SchoolPlaridel, QuezonNone None #010, s.1958None None 
81Quezon ProvinceMt. Carmel School of Polillo , Inc. (F.: Mt. Carmel High School, Inc.)San Jose St., Poblacion, Polillo, QuezonK-280, s. 2014E-281, s. 2014#____, s.1955NoneNone 
82Quezon ProvincePolillo Adventist InstitutePolillo, QuezonNone None #424, s.1955NoneNone 
83Quezon ProvincePolillo Adventist Institute Elementary SchoolPolillo, QuezonNone E-314, s.____None NoneNone 
84Quezon ProvinceQuezon Central Institute, Inc.115 Harrison St., Brgy. 1 Poblacion, Quezon, QuezonK-073, s.2003None #190, s.1955None None 
85Quezon ProvinceRicardo O. Macasaet Memorial AcademyReal, QuezonNone None #224, s.1967NoneNone 
86Quezon ProvinceSan Lorenzo De Brindisi Academy, Inc.Brgy. Poblacion I, Real, QuezonK-025, s.2011None #012, s.2010NoneNone 
87Quezon ProvinceSt. Raphael College of Business and Arts Inc.Poblacion 1, Real, QuezonNone None S-057, s. 2018NoneNone 
88Quezon ProvinceM. S. Enverga Academy Foundation, Inc.Sampaloc, QuezonNone None #360, s.1955NoneNone
89Quezon ProvinceSampaloc Adventist Elementary School Inc.Greenhills Subd., Brgy. Bayongan, Sampaloc, QuezonNone E-022, s.1993None NoneNone
SAN ANDREQuezon Province
90Quezon ProvinceEducator's Clinic For Early Learners Inc.#81 Leon Guinto St. San Andres, QuezonK-098, s. 2019None None None None
91Quezon ProvinceAcademia de San Antonio(Acad. de San Antonio de Padua)San Antonio, QuezonNone E-054, s. 2012None NoneNone
92Quezon ProvinceBixby Knolls Preparatory Academy Inc.Brgy. Loob, San Antonio, QuezonK-016, s. 2017E-017, s. 2017S-018, s. 2017NoneNone
93Quezon ProvinceManuel S. Enverga Institute Foundation, Inc. San Antonio, QuezonNone None RecognizedNoneNone
94Quezon ProvinceSaint Vincent Liem Dela Paz Preparatory School, Inc.#42 Brgy. Sampaguita, San Antonio, QuezonK-137, s. 2019None None NoneNone
95Quezon ProvinceSan Antonio Infotech School Inc.143 M. E. Harina St., Brgy. Poblacion, San Antonio, QuezonK-014, s. 2013None None NoneNone
96Quezon ProvinceSan Francisco Adventist Elem.Sch.San Francisco, QuezonNone E-032, s. 2012None NoneNone
97Quezon ProvinceSan Francisco Parochial AcademySan Francisco, QuezonNone E-062, s.2012#011, s.2007NoneNone
98Quezon ProvinceUtod Adventist Elementary School, UAES Inc.Brgy. Don Juan Vercelos, San Francisco, QuezonNone E-003, s.1979None NoneNone
99Quezon ProvinceOur Lady of Peace Parochial School of Abuyon (San Narciso, Quezon), Inc.Brgy. Abuyon, San Narciso, QuezonK-122, s. 2016None None NoneNone
100Quezon ProvinceSt. Joseph Parochial School of San Narciso (San Narciso, Quezon), Inc.Brgy. Pagdadamayan, San Narciso, QuezonK-096, s. 2018None None NoneNone
101Quezon ProvinceSt. Joseph's High SchoolSan Narciso, QuezonNone None #746, s.1955NoneNone
102Quezon ProvinceBeersheba Christian School Inc.Brgy. Talaan, Sariaya, QuezonK-380, s. 2015E-042, s. 2017None NoneNone
103Quezon ProvinceCSTC Computer Systems Technological College Inc.CSTC Bldg., Gen. Luna St., Maharlika Hi-way, Arellano Subd., Poblacion 3, Sariaya, QuezonNone None S-304, s. 2014NoneNone
104Quezon ProvinceHoly Spirit Learning Center of Sariaya, Inc.Quezon Ave., Rizal St., Barangay 5, Sariaya, QuezonK-071, s. 2019None None NoneNone
105Quezon ProvinceImmaculate Conception Evangelization SchoolSariaya, QuezonK-056, s.2008E-005, s.2008None NoneNone
106Quezon ProvinceKin Yang Academy Sariaya Quezon, Inc.Sampaloc Bugon, Sariaya, QuezonK-024, s. 2019E-025, s. 2019S-464, s. 2015NoneNone
107Quezon ProvinceLutucan Adventist Elementary School, Inc.Sariaya, QuezonK-041, s.2006E-030, s.2006None NoneNone
108Quezon ProvinceOur Lady of Mt. Carmel SeminarySariaya, QuezonNone None #075, s.1968NoneNone
109Quezon ProvinceSariaya Conservative Baptist Christian Sch., Inc.Sariaya, QuezonK-050, S.2004E-001, s.2010None NoneNone
110Quezon ProvinceSariaya Inst. Child Development CenterSariaya, QuezonK-017, s.2003None None NoneNone
111Quezon ProvinceSariaya Institute Inc.Sariaya, QuezonNone E-064, s.2008#070, s.1951NoneNone
112Quezon ProvinceSt. Francis High School (Sariaya, Quezon), Inc.Rama St., Muntingbayan, Sariaya, QuezonNone None #053, s.1974NoneNone
113Quezon ProvinceSt. Joseph's AcademySariaya, QuezonK-005, s 1987E-138, s.1946#139, s.1946NoneNone
114Quezon ProvinceAleaxandra Computer College FoundationJavea Park Subd., Tagkawayan, QuezonK-014, s.2010E-009, s.2010#039, s.2009NoneNone
115Quezon ProvinceIEMELIF Learning Center Tagkawayan, Inc.Zone 5 Sta. Cecilia, Tagkawayan, QuezonK-015, s.2010None None NoneNone
116Quezon ProvinceMontessori of the Infant Jesus Tagkawayan, Quezon, Inc.Valencia Pass, Brgy. Aldavoc, Tagkawayan, QuezonK-087, s.1996E-054, s.1999#014, s.2001NoneNone
117Quezon ProvinceOur Lady of Lourdes AcademyTagkawayan, QuezonNone None #627, s.1953NoneNone
118Quezon ProvinceTagkawayan High SchoolTagkawayan, QuezonNone None #111, s.1951NoneNone
119Quezon ProvinceGaudete Study Center Inc.#28 Mayo St., Poblacion 4, Tiaong, QuezonK-020, s.2010E-012, s.2010S-047, s. 2016NoneNone
120Quezon ProvinceKiddie Corner School, Inc.Tiaong, QuezonK-024, s.1990E-024, s.1996None NoneNone
121Quezon ProvinceLuzonfield Academy IncorporatedBrgy. Cabatang, Tiaong, QuezonK-114, s. 2016E-058, s. 2018None NoneNone
122Quezon ProvinceMaranatha Christian Academy of Tiaong, Quezon, Inc.Brgy. Lalig, Tiaong, QuezonK-059, s. 2018None None NoneNone
123Quezon ProvinceSouthside Integrated School Inc.Brgy. Lusacan, Tiaong, QuezonK-020, s 2011E-203, s. 2014None NoneNone
124Quezon ProvinceSt. Francis AcademyTiaong, QuezonNone None #037, s.1973NoneNone
125Quezon ProvinceSt. John Parochial School, Inc.J. P. Rizal St., Pob. 4, Tiaong, QuezonK-123, s 1963124, s. 1963 (Gr. 1-2)/ 102, s. 1965 (Gr. 3-4)125, s. 1963 (2nd Yr.)/ 20, s. 1964 (3rd Yr.)/ 62, s. 1966 (4th Yr.)NoneNone
126Quezon ProvinceBethel Kiddie SchoolUnisan, QuezonK-022, s.1990None None NoneNone
127Quezon ProvinceDominican Academy (Unisan, Quezon), Inc. (F.: Holy Child Jesus Institute)Brgy. Rajah Soliman, Unisan, QuezonK-039, s.2001E-061, s.2003#189, s.1953NoneNone
Division: Rizal Province
1Rizal ProvinceALC High School Inc. (fr. Angels Learning Center High School)B5 L1,2,26 and 27 Duraville II Mahabang Parang, Angono, RizalK-057, s. 2004None041, s. 2005NoneNone
2Rizal ProvinceAngono Christian School, Inc.Quezon Ave. Brgy. San Isidro, Angono, RizalK-046, s. 2005E-039, s. 2005NoneNoneNone
3Rizal ProvinceAngono Private High SchoolDoña Aurora St. Brgy. San Roque, Angono, RizalNoneNone56, s. 1957NoneNone
4Rizal ProvinceBlanco Family Academy Inc.312-B Ibañez St. San Vicente, Angono, RizalK-002, s. 2001E-001, s. 2002032, s. 2005NoneNone
5Rizal ProvinceCharis Praise Christian Academy Inc.Isaac Avenue, Purok 3, Zone 1, Mahabang Parang, Angono, RizalK-061, s. 2016E-062, s. 2016NoneNoneNone
6Rizal ProvinceChrist The King College of Angono, Inc. (Formerly: La Mar Academy Inc.)Sulit Compound, San Isidro, Angono, RizalK-008, s. 1987E-011, s. 1987002, s. 1991NoneNone
7Rizal ProvinceAngono Catholic College, Inc. (F.: Colegio de San Clemente, Inc.) (fr. St. Clement Parochial School)Doña Aurora St. Pob. Ibaba, Angono, RizalK-006, s. 1990E-003, s. 1990001, s. 1993NoneNone
8Rizal ProvinceCrossmount School of Arts and TradePh I GVS Mt. Banahaw St.,Mahabang Parang, Anogno, RizalK-016, s. 2001E-019, s. 2001082, s. 2006NoneNone
9Rizal ProvinceGingergrace Academe1st St. Carebi Subd. San Vicente, Angono, RizalK-020, s. 1995E-015, s. 1995005, s. 1997NoneNone
10Rizal ProvinceHoly Deliverance Integrated Christian School of Angono, Rizal Inc. (F: Holy Deliverance Integrated Christian School Inc.) Jupiter St., Constellation Homes, Angono, RizalK-041, s. 2007E-049, s. 2007056, s. 2004NoneNone
11Rizal ProvinceHope AcademyGVS, Mahabang Parang, Angono, RizalNoneNoneRecognized since 1995NoneNone
12Rizal ProvinceLittle Lambs Learning CenterPh. III , Medalva Hills, San Isidro, Angono, RizalK-013, s. 1993E-009, s. 1993NoneNoneNone
13Rizal ProvinceMach Rench Christian School Quezon Avenue Angono Rizal, Inc.Quezon Avenue corner Rainbow Village, Angono, RizalK-046, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
14Rizal ProvinceNuestra Señora De Guia Academy of Marikina Inc.74 Doña Aurora St., San Roque, Angono, RizalK-007, s. 2022E-008, s. 2022S-009, s. 2022NoneNone
15Rizal ProvinceRaises Academy (Angono, Rizal) Inc.232 Sumulong St. San Pedro, Angono, RizalK-025, s. 2002E-024, s. 2002044, s. 2006NoneNone
16Rizal ProvinceSeven Angels College, Inc.Mt. Apo St. Mahabang Parang, Angono, RizalK-001, s. 2001E-011, s. 2001001, s. 2001NoneNone
17Rizal ProvinceShinil Christian Academy, Inc.248 Jasmin St., Nieves Hills Subd., Angono, RizalK-057, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
18Rizal ProvinceSt. Martin Montessori School, Inc.212 Second St., San Martin Subd. Angono, RizalK-008, s. 1994E-014, s. 1994016, s. 1997NoneNone
19Rizal ProvinceYoung St. John Integrated SchoolM. L. Quezon Ave., San Isidro, Angono, RizalK-045, s. 2013E-046, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
20Rizal ProvinceConcepcion Montessori SchoolLatigo Drive Brgy. Concepcion, Baras, RizalK-008, s. 1999E-005, s. 1999086, s. 2006NoneNone
21Rizal ProvinceSt. Joseph Parish School, Inc.San Jose St. San Juan, Baras, RizalK-011, s. 1998E-011, s 1998357, s. 1950NoneNone
22Rizal ProvinceSisters of Our Lady of Amersfoort Inc.Nagpatong St., Brgy. San Juan, Baras, RizalK-041, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
23Rizal ProvinceAngono Private High School (Angono, Rizal) Inc.Sitio Hangganan, Brgy. Pag-asa, Binangonan, RizalK-019, s. 2017E-020, s. 2017NoneNoneNone
24Rizal ProvinceArma Academy IncBinangonan RizalK-399, s. 2015E-400, s. 2015NoneNoneNone
25Rizal ProvinceBinangonan Catholic College Inc. (F.; Binangonan Catholic High School) (fr. Sta Ursula Parish Sch)Binangonan RizalK-108, s. 2016E-064, s. 2017400, s. 1949NoneNone
26Rizal ProvinceBinangonan Garden of Learners290 Sta. Ursula Subd. Batingan, Binangonan, RizalK-013, s. 1998E-013, s. 1998010, s. 2001NoneNone
27Rizal ProvinceBrain and Talent Achievers Learning Center Inc.P1 A Greenbridge Ave., Greenridge Executive Village, Binangonan RizalK-042, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
28Rizal ProvinceChild Jesus of Prague School999 Nat'l Road Calumpang, Binangonan, RizalK-017, s. 1990E-011, s. 1990018, s. 2002NoneNone
29Rizal ProvinceChildren of Isaac Learning School Academe, Inc.Antiporda St., Pila-pila, Binangonan, RizalK-241, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
30Rizal ProvinceChild's Place Developmentally Appropriate Program School Inc.453 Nat'l Road, Calumpang, Binangonan, RizalNoneE-049, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
31Rizal ProvinceClaremont School of Binangonan Rizal,Inc.86-B FIEV Ph I St. Michael Homes, Pantok, Binangonan, RizalK-058, s. 2004E-032, s. 2008008, s. 2011NoneNone
32Rizal ProvinceEarly Bird Learning AcademyPh II-B Lower, B2 L9 Mabuhay Homes, Pantok, Binangonan, RizalK-026, s. 2006E-020, s. 2006NoneNoneNone
33Rizal ProvinceElim Christian School of Binangonan Inc.Ceñidoza St., Mambog, Binangonan, RizalK-043, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
34Rizal ProvinceGenesis de Rizal SchoolB80 Ph3A Mabuhay Homes 2000 Darangan, Binangonan, RizalNoneNoneRecognized since 2006NoneNone
35Rizal ProvinceGreenview Montessori School, Inc. (F: God's Creation Christian School, Inc.)33 Pitimini St. San Carlos Hgts. Tayuman, Binangonan, RizalK-035, s. 2009E-235, s. 2014S-236, s. 2014NoneNone
36Rizal ProvinceLMB Learning School Inc.1176 Lirio Compound, Sto. Niño, Bilibiran, Binangonan RizalK-242, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
37Rizal ProvinceMaries Christian School (fr. Zenangie Learning Center)Ph I - Mabuhay Homes, Darangan, Binangonan, RizalK-010, s. 2002E-011, s. 2002NoneNoneNone
38Rizal ProvinceMeek AcademyNat'l Road Darangan, Binangonan, RizalNoneNoneRecognized since 1999NoneNone
39Rizal ProvincePBTS Academy - Bilibiran681 Nat'l Road Bilibiran, Binangonan, RizalK-064, s. 2000E-046, s. 2000006, s. 2011NoneNone
40Rizal ProvinceRaises Montessori Academe Inc.1320 Man. Rey Ville Col. Guido Ext. Pag-asa, Binangonan, RizalK-022, s. 2012E-005, s. 2003034, s. 2010NoneNone
41Rizal ProvinceRaises Montessori Academe of Pantok Binangonan, Rizal, Inc.Quarry Road, Pantok, Binangonan, RizalK-042, s. 2013E-043, s. 2013S-044, s. 2013NoneNone
42Rizal ProvinceShining Light Christian College (fr. Shining Light Christian Academy, Inc.)J.P. Rizal Ave. Ext. Hi-way Batingan, Binangonan, RizalK-022, s. 1998E-018, s. 1998037, s. 2001NoneNone
43Rizal ProvinceSMA School Inc. (F: SMA Learning Center)National Road, Pantok, Binangonan, RizallNoneE-054, s. 2016S-055, s. 2016NoneNone
44Rizal ProvinceSouthwell School152 Café Aurora Cpd. Darangan, Binangonan, RizalK-052, s. 2004E-036, s. 2004031, s. 2004NoneNone
45Rizal ProvinceSunnyvale Christian SchoolDiesel St. Ph. 2 Sunnyvale III, Palangoy, Binangonan, RizalK-014, s. 2012E-031, s. 2008052, s. 2009NoneNone
46Rizal ProvinceThrone of Wisdom Christian Academy Inc.#717 Metropolis East Brgy. Pag-asa, Binangonan, RizalK-055, s. 2004E-039, s. 2004076, s. 2007NoneNone
47Rizal ProvinceTres Ninos School, Inc. (fr. Tres Niños Learning Center)30 Rita St. San Carlos, Binangonan, RizalK-017, s. 1998E-014, s. 1998015, s. 2004NoneNone
48Rizal ProvinceZion Hills Christian School of Binangonan Inc. 328 Lirio St. Macamot, Binangonan, RizalK-036, s. 2016E-037, s. 2016074, s. 2005NoneNone
49Rizal ProvinceAcademy of Christian Excellence (Montessori) Inc.10 Monzon St. Ph 9, Gate 3 Vista Verde Exec. Village, Cainta, RizalNoneNoneRecognized since 2003NoneNone
50Rizal ProvinceAgapeland Christian Academy, Inc. (fr. Agapeland Learning Center)28 Chess St., New St. Francis Village Brgy. San Juan, Caintai, RizalK-002, s. 1999E-023, s. 2003009, s. 2011NoneNone
51Rizal ProvinceAngel's Light Learning Camp, Inc.39 and 41 Noriel St. Katarungan Village, Cainta, RizalK-007, s. 2006E-028, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
52Rizal ProvinceBeulah Land Integrated School Inc.Lot 3 B1 Suburban Hts. San Juan, Cainta, RizalK-250, s. 2014E-251, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
53Rizal ProvinceBrainworks School of Cainta, Inc.L8 B6 Main Street, Vista Verde Country Homes, Cainta, RizalK-059, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
54Rizal ProvinceCainta Catholic College (fr. Cainta Catholic School)A. Bonifacio Ave., San Andres, Cainta, Rizal013, s. 1976009, s. 197972, s. 1964NoneNone
55Rizal ProvinceColegio Sto. Domingo Educational Foundation Inc. (fr. Colegio Sto. Domingo Inc.)1282 Sunset Drive Brookside Hills, Cainta, RizalK-297, s. 2014E-298, s. 2014S-299, s. 2014NoneNone
56Rizal ProvinceCollege of San Benildo - RizalMarcos Hi-Way Brgy. Halang, Cainta, RizalK-052, s. 1999E-307, s. 1999NoneNoneNone
57Rizal ProvinceCuatro Christian School Inc.B1 L1 Valley Golf Rd. Valley Golf, Brgy. San Juan, Cainta, RizalK-133, s. 2013E-021, s. 2017S-032, s. 2016NoneNone
58Rizal ProvinceDayspring Academy, Inc.183 Sunset Drive Brookside Hills Subd., Cainta, RizalNoneE-011, s. 1993055, s. 2000NoneNone
59Rizal ProvinceDivine Angels Montessori of Cainta, Inc.73 Village East Ave. Vill East Exec. Homes, Cainta, RizalNoneE-035, s. 2016S-087, s. 2019NoneNone
60Rizal ProvinceEmmanuel Child and Development Center, Inc.41 BMW Street, Village East Executive Homes, Cainta, RizalK-102, s. 2003NoneNoneNoneNone
61Rizal ProvinceFaith Academy, Incorporated (American International School)Cainta RizalK-059, s. 2004E-040, s. 2004051, s. 2005NoneNone
62Rizal ProvinceFaith Christian School, Inc. (F.: Faith Christian Foundation School, Inc.)Silva cor. Navia Sts. Ph. 7 Vista Verde Executive VIllage, Cainta, RizalK-008, s. 1990E-017, s. 1990002, s. 1987NoneNone
63Rizal ProvinceGodly Kids Christian Academy, Inc. (F.: Godly Kids Christian Learning Center, Inc.)#15 A. Ipil Street, St. Anthony Subd., Cainta, RizalK-038, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
64Rizal ProvinceGod's Little Angel Development Center, Inc.0265 Sunset Drive, Brookside Hills Subd., Cainta, RizalK-010, s. 2005E-252, s. 2014NoneSPED-002, s. 2008None
65Rizal ProvinceGreenland Academy222 Mayfair St., Montevista Park, Cainta, RizalK-029, s. 1990E-013, s. 1991008, s. 1997NoneNone
66Rizal ProvinceGreenpark High School56 B. Soliven Ave. Greenpark Village Brgy. San Isidro, Cainta, RizalNoneNone070, s. 2005NoneNone
67Rizal ProvinceGreenpark Montessori Learning CenterNo.56 Hon. Benito Solive Ave., greenpark Village, Cainta, RizalK-029, s. 1997E-041, s. 2000NoneNoneNone
68Rizal ProvinceHarvest of Wisdom Montessori School Inc.Mayflower cor. Iris St., Greenland Executive Village, Cainta, RizalK-033, s. 2016E-034, s. 2016NoneNoneNone
69Rizal ProvinceHope Academy, Rizal Inc593 St. Christopher St. Brookside Subd., Cainta, RizalK-003, s. 1989E-001, s. 1989001, s. 1997NoneNone
70Rizal ProvinceIntellistart School1290 Sunset Drive cor. Burbank St., Brookside Hills Subd., Cainta, RizalK-080, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
71Rizal ProvinceInt'l Learning Academy, (I.L.A.) Inc. (F: International Learning Academy)Blk 8 Cobra St., Vill East, Cainta, RizalNoneE-087, s. 2013S-056, s. 2016NoneNone
72Rizal ProvinceKids International Learning AcademyBlk. 8 Cobra St., Village East, Cainta, RizalK-028, s. 2006NoneNoneNoneNone
73Rizal ProvinceLa Petite Learning Center, Inc.#27 Ferrari St., Village East, Cainta, RizalK-040, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
74Rizal ProvinceLife Touchers Community School, Inc.157 Marick Drive, Sto. Domingo, Cainta, RizalNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
75Rizal ProvinceLight Bearer Christian Academy, Inc.Gate 2 Karangalan Village, Brgy. San Isidro, Cainta, RizalK-397, s. 2015E-431, s. 2015029, s. 2007NoneNone
76Rizal ProvinceLorenzo Ruiz de Manila School, Inc.Ph1 Vista Verde Executive Village, Cainta, RizalK-010, s. 1993E-007, s. 1994NoneNoneNone
77Rizal ProvinceMagis Academy (fr. Magis Young Achiever's Learning Ctr.)10 Tindalo St., Town & Country Exec. Vill, Marcos H-Way , Cainta, RizalK-055, s. 2002E-046, s. 2002059, s. 2005NoneNone
78Rizal ProvinceMarsha Montessori School Inc.#1229 Volleygolf Road, Volleygolf Subd., San Juan, Cainta, RizalK-081, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
79Rizal ProvinceMerry Bells Pre-School House12 Doyles Town St., Brgy. Sto. Domingo VVCH, Cainta, RizalK-002, s. 1993NoneNoneNoneNone
80Rizal ProvinceMetapelet De San Antonio Montessori School Inc.Mayflower St., cor Iris St. Greenland Subd, San Juan, Cainta, RizalNoneNoneRecognized since 2005NoneNone
81Rizal ProvinceMorning Dew Montessori I0269 Sunset Dr. Brookside Hills Subd., Cainta, RizalK-022, s. 1980E-023, s. 1993059, s. 1990NoneNone
82Rizal ProvinceMorning Dew Montessori IIBarrio Halang, Marcos H-way, San Isidro, Cainta, RizalK-004, s. 1994E-008, s. 1994004, s. 1994NoneNone
83Rizal ProvinceNHTA Center for Education Inc.273 New York St. Brookside Subd., Cainta, RizalK-088, s. 2019E-005, s. 2020NoneNoneNone
84Rizal ProvinceNuestra Señora de Medalla Milagrosa Learning Center001 Katarungan St. Pabton 2 Subd. Brgy. San Andres, Cainta, RizalK-022, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
85Rizal ProvincePeniel Integrated Christian Academy of Rizal Inc.42 Burgos St. San Isidro, Vista Verde Exec. Vill., Cainta, RizalK-248, s. 2014E-249, s. 2014070, s. 2007NoneNone
86Rizal ProvincePhil Christian Schools International14 Quail St. Don Mariano Subd., Cainta, RizalNoneNone021, s. 2000NoneNone
87Rizal ProvinceProcess-Oriented Learning Center83 Rodriguez Ave. Ext. Summergreen Subd. San Andres, Cainta, RizalK-011, s. 2005E-246, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
88Rizal ProvinceQueen Mary Learning Ctr. of Cainta, Inc. (fr. Queen Mary Early Achievers Learning Ctr)1607 Birmingham St., Brookside Hills Subd., Cainta, RizalK-092, s. 2003E-071, s. 2003010, s. 2008NoneNone
89Rizal ProvinceRoosevelt College, Inc. doing business under the name and style of FEU Roosevelt (Formerly: Roosevelt College, Inc.) (Roosevelt Memorial High School)Sumulong Highway, Cainta, Rizal340, s. 1965E-0024, s. 1976125, s. 1946NoneNone
90Rizal ProvinceSacred Heart Catholic School of Cainta, Inc.0155 St. Louis Ave. Brookside Hills Subd., Cainta, RizalK-442, s. 2015E-035, s. 2008078, s. 2007NoneNone
91Rizal ProvinceScholastica de San Alfonso Inc.24 Badminton St., NSFV, Brgy. San Juan, Cainta, RizalNoneNoneRecognized since 2009NoneNone
92Rizal ProvinceScholastica de St. Francis Montessori008 Samonte St. San Juan, Cainta, RizalK-010, s. 1998E-010, s. 1998045, s. 2003NoneNone
93Rizal ProvinceSmart TOT School - Rizal Inc. (fr. Smart TOT Pre-School)592 Gloria St., Marick Subd., Cainta, RizalK-435, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
94Rizal ProvinceSt. Elaine Learning Center, Inc.Lot 13 Blk. 27 Malachi St., Exodus Floodway, San Juan, Cainta, RizalK-418, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
95Rizal ProvinceSt. Francis of Assisi Montessori School of Cainta45 Golf St., New St. Francis Village, San Juan, Cainta, RizalK-075, s. 2004E-042, s. 2003067, s. 2006NoneNone
96Rizal ProvinceSt. Michael Montessori Integrated School315 Dama de Noche St., PFCI San Andres, Cainta, RizalK-079, s. 2013E-080, s. 2013050, s. 2007NoneNone
97Rizal ProvinceSt. Therese of Lisieux School of Cainta Inc.888 Sampaguita St. Midtown Village, San Andres, Cainta, RizalK-051, s. 2013E-052, s. 2013S-031, s. 2016NoneNone
98Rizal ProvinceThe Fairchild Learning CenterL 18 Sunrise St., Greenwoods Exec. Village, Cainta, RizalK-075, s. 2004NoneNoneNoneNone
99Rizal ProvinceTrees In Bloom Child Development CenterLuisa Bldg., Teachers Village, Cainta, RizalK-109, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
100Rizal ProvinceValley View AcademyL15 B4 Phase III-A Valleyview Exec Vill, San Juan, Cainta, RizalK-060, s. 2000E-043, s. 2000020, s. 2007NoneNone
101Rizal ProvinceVista Verde Learning CenterL11 B6 Moncada St. Vista Verde Exec Vill, San Isidro, Cainta, RizalK-064, s. 1997NoneNoneNoneNone
102Rizal ProvinceWesleyan Academy (fr. Wesleyan Learning Center)109 St. Joseph Dr. St. Joseph Subd. Sto Domingo, Cainta, RizalK-039, s. 1997E-039, s.1997006, s. 1999NoneNone
103Rizal ProvinceWrite 'N Play, A Pre-School44 Barcelona St. P2 Vista Verde Exec Subd. San Isidro, Cainta, RizalK-003, s. 2009NoneNoneNoneNone
104Rizal ProvinceZion Center of Knowledge School14 Norristown Vista V Country Homes Sto. Domingo, Cainta, RizalK-034, s. 1996E-020, s. 1996004, s. 1999NoneNone
105Rizal ProvinceCJ Learning Center, Inc.Brgy. Calahan. Cardona, RizalNoneNone033, s. 2010NoneNone
106Rizal ProvinceMV Montessori Integrated School, Inc.1446 Rizal St. Brgy. Real, Cardorna, RizalK-054, s. 2004E-038, s. 2004057, s. 2004NoneNone
107Rizal ProvinceQueen Mary Help of Christians Educational CenterNational Rd., Calahan, Cardona, RizalK-031, s. 2009E-027, s. 2009S-096, s. 2013NoneNone
108Rizal ProvinceSan Francisco Parish School, Inc. (fr. San Francisco High School)Pauna St. del Remedio, Cardona, RizalK-049, s. 1998E-033, s. 1998628, s. 1953NoneNone
109Rizal ProvinceTalim Island Academy Foundation Inc. (fr. Talim Island Academy)J.P. Rizal St. Subay, Cardona, RizalNoneNone160, s. 1974NoneNone
110Rizal ProvinceGreenfield Montessori School - Jalajala Branch219 M. Bellin St. Special District, jalajala, RizalK-025, s. 2005E-022, s. 2005030, s. 2005NoneNone
111Rizal ProvinceJiane Therese International School, Inc. (Formerly: Jiane Therese School, Inc.)Nat'l Road Linis, Bgy. Sipsipin, Jalajala, RizalK-125, s. 2003E-095, s. 2003047, s. 2005NoneNone
112Rizal ProvinceJohn Paul Integrated Montessori School of Jalajala Inc.56 G. Borja St. 3rd District, Jalajala, RizalK-036, s. 2006E-025, s. 2006025, s. 2008NoneNone
113Rizal ProvinceOur Lady of Mulawin Academy Inc.JICA hi-way, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Jalajala, RizalK-402, s. 2015E-403, s. 2015S-030, s. 2016NoneNone
114Rizal ProvinceSt. Michael Parochial School, Inc.C. Villaran St. First District, Jalajala, RizalK-028, s. 2016E-029, s. 2016236, s. 1968/ 144, s. 1970NoneNone
115Rizal ProvinceJesus My Shepherd Montessori School Corp.Tupas St. Ext. San Pedro, Morong, RizalK-005, s. 1998E-007, s. 1998034, s. 2003NoneNone
116Rizal ProvinceRenaissance School of Science and Technology, Inc. (fr. The PRISMS)National Rd. Sitio Paglabas, Morong, RizalNoneRecognizedRecognized since 2007NoneNone
117Rizal ProvinceSeeds of Faith Child Development Center in Morong, Rizal Inc.Interior Gov. Martinez St., San Juan, Morong, RizalK-097, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
18Rizal ProvinceSt. Jerome's Academy, Inc.Turentigue St., San Jose, Morong, RizalK-099, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
119Rizal ProvinceSt. John-Hill Academy014 Natividad St., Calero, Morong, RizalK-044, s. 1999E-044, s. 1999002, s. 2003NoneNone
120Rizal ProvinceTomas Claudio Colleges, Inc. (F: Tomas Claudio Memorial College, Inc.)Taghangin, Morong, RizalK-211, s. 2014E-107, s. 1973108, s. 1973SPED-212, s. 2014None
121Rizal ProvincePililla Academy Foundation, Inc.Quitong St. Takungan, Pililla, RizalNoneNone066, s. 1986NoneNone
122Rizal ProvinceSathya Sai School Pililla, Inc.Pahang, Halayhayin Pililla, RizalK-023, s. 2017E-124, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
123St. Peter the Apostle School of Rizal Inc.18 Mabini St., Brgy. Hulo, Pililla, RizalK-405, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
RODRIGUEZ Rizal Province
124Rizal ProvinceCenter for Positive Futures27 J.P. Rizal St. Balite, Rodriguez, RizalNoneNone081, s. 2006NoneNone
125Rizal ProvinceChrist the Foundation Christian Academy, Inc.Marang Rd., Ocampo Cmpd., Burgos, Rodriguez, RizalK-011, s. 2002E-012, s. 2002045, s. 2005NoneNone
126Rizal ProvinceCollege of Arts and Sciences of Asia and the Pacific Rodriguez Rizal, Inc.85-D Payatas Road, Brgy. San Jose, Rodriguez, RizalK-026, s. 2016E-027, s. 2016NoneNoneNone
127Rizal ProvinceCreative Steps PreschoolSan Rafael, Rodriguez, RizalK-084, s. 2008NoneNoneNoneNone
128Rizal ProvinceDivine Saviour Montessori School (DSMS) Inc.Lot 6 Blk. 1 Phase 1 Eastcom Central, Eastwood, San Isidro, Rodriguez, RizalK-021, s. 2007E-023, s. 2007028, s. 2012NoneNone
129Rizal ProvinceFrames of Mind School of Rodriguez Inc.#44 Canlaon St., Amityville Subd., San Jose, Rodriguez, RizalK-216, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
130Rizal ProvinceGain Christian Academy of Montalban Inc.Apo Ext. Metro Montaña, Burgos, Rodriguez, RizalK-393, s. 2015E-103, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
131Rizal ProvinceHoly Family Montessori School of Rodriguez, Inc.Lawaan St., corner Tanguile St. San Jose, Rodriguez, RizalK-031, s. 2004E-031, s. 2004033, s. 2008NoneNone
132Rizal ProvinceInfant Jesus Learning Academy of Rodriguez, Rizal Inc.B2 L2 Lot 2 P7 Eastwood Greenview San Isidro, Rodriguez, RizalK-290, s. 2014E-291, s. 2014S-292, s. 2014NoneNone
133Rizal ProvinceJolly Children Academic Center, Inc.Blk. 33 Lot 45 Ph. 1-A Kasiglahan Village, Brgy. San Jose, Rodriguez, RizalK-089, s. 2019E-090, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
134Rizal ProvinceLittle Guardian Learning Center Inc.Col. S. Cruz St., Brgy. San Jose, Rodriguez, RizalK-300, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
135Rizal ProvinceMaranatha Christian Academy of Manggahan, Montalban Inc.78 J. P. Rizal St., Manggahan, Rodriguez, RizalK-433, s. 2015E-434, s. 2015NoneNoneNone
136Rizal ProvincePapaya Academy Inc.Kasiglahan Main Road, San Jose, Rodriguez, RizalNoneE-074, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
137Rizal ProvinceRoosevelt College, Inc. doing business under the name and style of FEU Roosevelt (Formerly: Roosevelt College, Inc.) (Roosevelt Memorial High School)Lardizabal St., Libangco Subd., Manggahan, Rodriguez, RizalK-029, s. 2005E-026, s. 2005203, s. 1968NoneNone
138Rizal ProvinceSt. Margarette Integrated Learning School Inc.Blk. 9 Lot 11 Summit View Subd., San Rafael, Rodriguez, RizalK-215, s. 2014E-392, s. 2015NoneNoneNone
139Rizal ProvinceSt. Anne Child Study Center Inc.104 C. Reyes St. San Rafael, Rodriguez, RizalK-023, s. 2007E-010, s. 2008NoneNone None
140Rizal ProvinceSt. Anthony Learning Institute of Quezon City Inc.Ph. 5 Blk. 7 Eastwood Residences, San Isidro, Rodriguez, RizalK-302, s. 2014E-017, s. 2016NoneNoneNone
141Rizal ProvinceSt. Joseph Christian Academy (Macabud), Inc.0073 Macabud, Rodriguez, RizalNoneNone036, s. 2008NoneNone
142Rizal ProvinceSt. Joseph's College of Rodriguez Inc.J. P. Rizal Avenue, Brgy. Balite, Rodriguez, RizalNoneE-125, s. 2018S-126, s. 2018NoneNone
143Rizal ProvinceSt. Mary Magdalene Academy, Inc.B16 L11 Kanlaon St. Montaña, Rodriguez, RizalK-352, s. 2015E-053, s. 2016027, s. 2011NoneNone
144Rizal ProvinceThrones Rainbow Angel Workshop Inc.Lot 3 Blk. 3 Orlon St. cor. Vonel St. Litex Village, San Jose, Rodriguez, RizalK-018, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
145Rizal ProvinceValley High AcademyJ.P. Rizal Manggahan, Rodriguez, RizalK-019, s. 1998E-016, s. 1998016, s. 2001NoneNone
146Rizal ProvinceVirgen del Pilar SchoolIloilo St. Burgos, Rodriguez, RizalK-014, s. 2000E-013, s. 2003009, s. 2008None None
Rizal ProvinceLight of Hope Christian Academy in Philippines Inc.Blk. 14 Lot 61 Ph. 1 Kasiglahan Village, San Jose, Rodriguez, RizalK-042, s. 2022E-043, s. 2022S-044, s. 2022NoneNone
147Rizal ProvinceAcademe Deo Favente Inc. (fr. Academe Deo Favente Int'l.)Ph2 B2 L2-8 Sta. Barbara Villas I, Silangan, San Mateo, RizalK-016, s. 2007E-019, s. 2007043, s. 2009NoneNone
148Rizal ProvinceAcademia del Tierra Grande (fr. Tierra Grande Grade School) (temporary closure, SY 2021-2022)B5 L26 Ph1 Tierra Monte, Silangan, San Mateo, RizalK-119, s. 2003E-093, s. 2003027, s. 2007NoneNone
149Rizal ProvinceAngels Dream Learning Center Inc.Blk. 14 Lot 2 Villa San Mateo Ph. 1, Guitang Bayan I, San Mateo, RizalK-301, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
150Rizal ProvinceCenter for Positive Future (Banaba)9091 Pangan Comp. Banaba, San Mateo, RizalNoneNone088, s. 2006NoneNone
151Rizal ProvinceCenter for Positive Future (Guitnang Bayan)8 Leal Comp. Guitnang Bayan I, San Mateo, RizalNoneNone037, s. 2006NoneNone
152Rizal ProvinceCharles Science Integrated School of San Mateo Inc.10 Dama de Noche St. Doña Pepang Subd., Banaba, San Mateo, RizalK-219, s. 2014E-019, s. 2016NoneNoneNone
153Rizal ProvinceChrist the Lord of Harvest Academy, Inc.Blk. 30 Lot 4-6 Langka St. AFP Village, Silangan, San Mateo, RizalNoneNoneRecognized since 2005NoneNone
154Rizal ProvinceChristian Care Academy, Inc.2855 B4 B5 Paraiso St. Ampid II, San Mateo, RizalK-014, s. 2006E-024, s. 2006NoneNoneNone
155Rizal ProvinceEastern Star Academy94 Gen. Luna St. Ampid I, San Mateo, RizalK-016, s. 2003E-016, s. 2003011, s. 2008NoneNone
156Rizal ProvinceEDCHEL Learning Center Inc.Queensland Subd. Malanday, San Mateo, RizalK-221, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
157Rizal ProvinceGuardian Angel Academy Inc. (fr. Guardian Angel Learning Center)Blk. 17 Lot 43 Villa San Mateo, Guitnang Bayan, San Mateo, RizalNoneNone006, s. 2003NoneNone
158Rizal ProvinceHoly Name of Mary School (fr. St. Anne's Special School)80 Gen. Luna St. Guitnang Bayan I, San Mateo, RizalK-033, s. 1991E-015, s. 1991012, s. 1999NoneNone
159Rizal ProvinceKids' World Christian AcademyB9 L15 Earth St. Carrieland Homes, Ampid I, San Mateo, RizalK-023, s. 1998E-070, s. 2003038, s. 2005NoneNone
160Rizal ProvinceLittle Siblings Learning CenterLot 26 Blk. 10 G.S.I. Ampid, San Mateo, RizalK-025, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
161Rizal ProvinceManila Waldorf School, Inc.Spine Road, Timberland Subd., Guitnang Bayan II, San Mateo, RizalK-036, s. 2011E-202, s. 2011010, s. 2011NoneNone
162Rizal ProvinceMaranatha Christian Academy of Guitnangbayan 2 Inc.Kambal Road, Guitnang Bayan 2, San Mateo, RizalK-091, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
163Rizal ProvinceMoses Cradle Academy Inc. (fr. Moses Cradle Learning Center, Inc.)100 E. delos Santos St. Ampid I, San Mateo, RizalK-053, s. 2013E-054, s. 2013011, s. 2011NoneNone
164Rizal ProvinceNuestra Señora de Aranzazu Parochial SchoolGen. Luna St. Guitnang Bayan I, San Mateo, Rizal048, s. 1983E-012, s. 1987025, s. 2002NoneNone
165Rizal ProvincePearl of Great Harbor Academy Inc. (:La Coletta Academy)Ph. 4A Blk. 15 Lot 7-13 Palmera Tierra Monte, Silangan, San Mateo, RizalK-432, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
166Rizal ProvinceOur Lady Queen of the World Academy, Inc. (fr. Mary Grace School)B1 L13 Sunnyville 4 Ampid, San Mateo, RizalK-390, s. 2015E-391, s. 2015031, s. 2010NoneNone
167Rizal ProvinceSaint Raphael of Monterey School Inc.Monterey Avenue 2, Monterey Hills Subd., Ph. II Brgy. Silangan, San Mateo, RizalK-020, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
168Rizal ProvinceSt. Joseph Montes. Int'd School - MainGreenland Road Ampid I, San Mateo, RizalK-060, s. 1997E-048, s. 1997013, s. 2002NoneNone
169Rizal ProvinceSt. Joseph Montes. Int'd School (approved as branch)Holy Family Subd. Silangan, San Mateo, RizalNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
170Rizal ProvinceSt. Marcellin Champagnat Study CenterL8 B4 R20d3 Ph9 Bankers Village, Guitnang Bayan I, San Mateo, RizalK-047, s. 2006NoneNoneNoneNone
171Rizal ProvinceSt. Mary Integrated Learning SchoolBlk. 4 Lot 11 Mars St. Ampid I, San Mateo, RizalK-120, s. 2003E-094, s. 2003048, s. 2005NoneNone
172Rizal ProvinceSt. Matthew Learning Center5 Miguel Cristi St. Ampid, San Mateo, RizalK-030, s. 1983NoneNoneNoneNone
173Rizal ProvinceSt. Matthew College, Inc.Miguel Cristi St. Ampid, San Mateo, RizalNoneE-005, s. 1986017, s. 1986NoneNone
174Rizal ProvinceSta. Cecilia Parochial School Inc.Santa Cecilia St. Maly, San Mateo, RizalK-218, s. 2014E-005, s. 2002015, s. 2001NoneNone
175Rizal ProvinceStargate Learning Institute Inc.St. Patrick St., Marvi Hills Subd., Brgy. GUlod Malaya, San Mateo, RizalK-008, s. 2010E-436, s.2015NoneNoneNone
176Rizal ProvinceTierra Monte Integrated SchoolB36 L27 Tierra Monte Subd., San Mateo, RizalNoneE-010, s. 2012S-056, s. 2013NoneNone
177Rizal ProvinceAlpha Beth Christian Academy Inc.LG Fronting Water District Market Site, Sampaloc, Tanay, RizalK-060, s. 2005E-003, s. 2008004, s. 2008NoneNone
178Rizal ProvinceAmbassadors of Hope Christian Academy, Inc.Lico Bridge, Sampaloc, Tanay, RizalK-096, s. 2016E-055, s. 2022S-056, s. 2022NoneNone
179Rizal ProvinceBlessed Hope Christian School of Tanay IncorporatedM.H. del Pilar St. Kay-Buto, Tanay, RizalK-019, s. 2012E-055, s. 2007021, s. 2011NoneNone
180Rizal ProvinceChristian Baptist Academy of Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal Inc.220 Mabolo St. Sampaloc, Tanay, RizalK-024, s. 2016E-025, s. 2016051, s. 2007NoneNone
181Rizal ProvinceEsquire Christian School Inc.Lot 37 Blk. 1 De Castro Subd., Plaza Aldea, Tanay, RizalK-082, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
182Rizal ProvinceGreenfield Montessori School (Tanay, Rizal) Inc. - MainE. Rodriguez Ave. Katitupanan Bayani, Tanay, RizalK-007, s. 1999E-004, s. 1999009, s. 2001NoneNone
183Rizal ProvinceGreenfield Montessori School of Sampaloc Tanay, Rizal Inc.Sitio Masanting, Brgy. Sampaloc, Tanay, RizalNoneNoneS-004, s. 2022NoneNone
184Rizal ProvinceHighland Park Christian School Inc.Sitio Malapapaya Sampaloc, Tanay, RizalK-078, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
185Rizal ProvinceSaint Therese SchoolP. Burgos St. San Isidro, Tanay, RizalK-056, s. 1997E-046, s. 1997012, s. 2002NoneNone
186Rizal ProvinceSan Ildefonso College, Inc.M. H. Del Pilar St. Plaza Aldea, Tanay, RizalK-021, s. 199015, s. 1953286, s. 1949-50NoneNone
TAYTAYRizal Province
187Rizal ProvinceAmazing Grace Christian Learning Center Inc.Fermina Compound, Brgy. Sta. Ana, Taytay, RizalK-061, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
188Rizal ProvinceAngel of Wisdom Academy Inc.17 Zloty St., Meralco Village, Taytay, RizalK-030, s. 2008E-030, s. 2008032, s. 2010NoneNone
189Rizal ProvinceBede & Benedict Multiple Intelligences Development CenterLot 5 Blk. 14 Papaya St., Cainta Greenland Village, Taytay, RizalK-401, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
190Rizal ProvinceBaptist Bible Seminary and Institute, Inc.Kaytikling, Brgy. Dolores, Taytay, RizalK-009, s. 1998E-009, s. 1998047, s. 2007NoneNone
191Rizal ProvinceCalabrian Formation School, Inc. (fr. Ating mga Anak School)San Lorenzo Ruiz, San Juan Resettlement Homes, Taytay, RizalK-027, s. 1998E-070, s. 2013NoneNoneNone
192Rizal ProvinceDivine Child Jesus School, Inc.Golden City, Taytay, RIzalK-049, s. 1997E-044, s. 1997055, s. 2004NoneNone
193Rizal ProvinceFunland Learning Center Inc.Ph. 1 Lot 15 Blk. 29 San Lorenzo Ruiz, Taytay, RizalK-228, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
194Rizal ProvinceGolden Faith Academy, IncMt. Arayat Rd. Montevista Hts., Dolores, Taytay, RizalK-010, s. 2000E-031, s. 2004NoneSPED-031, s. 2017None
195Rizal ProvinceGolden Faith Academy, Inc.Cabrera Road, Kaytikling, Brgy. Dolores, Taytay, RizalNoneNoneS-093, s. 2013NoneNone
196Rizal ProvinceHarris Memorial CollegeGK Bunyi St. Brgy. Dolores, Taytay, RizalK-018, s. 1999E-014, s. 1999046, s. 2004NoneNone
197Rizal ProvinceHoly Family of Nazareth School of Tubigon Bool, Inc.Don Enrique Heights, Brgy. Dolores, Taytay, RizalK-137, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
198Rizal ProvinceJuan Sumulong Memorial Junior CollegeD. Espiritu St. Brgy. San Isidro, Taytay, RizalK-045, s. 2009None267, s. 1947NoneNone
199Rizal ProvinceLord's Jewels Christian School, Inc. (Formerly: TMCC-Little Jewels Christian School)Venes St., Brgy. San Isidro, Taytay, RizalK-293, s. 2014E-294, s. 2014S-032, s. 2017NoneNone
200Rizal ProvinceLyncrest Christian Academy, Inc.Cabrera Road, Hapay na Mangga, Brgy. Dolores, Taytay, RizalK-092, s. 2019E-058, s. 2022NoneNone None
201Rizal ProvinceMaster's Vineyard Academy3F Manila East Arcade, Mla East Road, Taytay, RizalK-054, s. 2009E-041, s. 2009077, s. 2007NoneNone
202Rizal ProvinceMuzon Christian Academy, Inc.13 Florence St. San Francisco Village, Muzon, Taytay, RizalK-058, s. 2008E-060, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
203Rizal ProvinceNational College of Business and ArtsIlog Pugad, San Juan, Taytay, RizalK-066, s. 1987E-003, s. 1989001, s. 1985NoneNone
204Rizal ProvinceNazarene Child Development Academy Inc.L. Wood St. Brgy. Dolores, Taytay, RizalK-026, s. 2012E-071, s. 2017NoneNoneNone
205Rizal ProvincePhilippians Montessori School Inc.Paseo Carlo St., El Moteverde Subd., Brgy. San Juan, Taytay, RizalK-026, s. 2017E-027, s. 2017NoneNoneNone
206Rizal ProvinceRaises Montessori Academe of Muzon Taytay Rizal, Inc.Sardinia St. Francisco Village, Muzon, Taytay, RizalK-079, s. 2008E-072, s. 2008029, s. 2010NoneNone
207Rizal ProvinceSan Beda College - Rizal Campus1920 Highland Pointes, San Juan, Taytay, RizalK-054, s. 2008E-053, s. 2008067, s. 2007NoneNone
208Rizal ProvinceShalom Learning Cente, Taytay, Rizal, r, Inc.CRF Hall Florence St., San Francisco Village, Muson, Taytay, RizalK-052, s. 1996E-059, s. 1997S-112, s. 2016None None
209Rizal ProvinceSiena College of Taytay, Inc. (fr. St. Catherine's Academy)E. Rodriguez Ave. Brgy. San Isidro, Taytay, Rizal149, s. 1961Gr. VI-95, s. 1966/ Gr. V-144, s. 1965/ Gr. IV-53, s. 1964Yr. IV-100, s. 1960/ Yr. III-164, s. 1959/ Yr. I & II-117, s. 1958SPED-111, s. 2016None
210Rizal ProvinceSilver Gold Integrated School of Taytay, Inc. (fr. Silver Gold Learning Center)135 Langka St., Dividend Homes, San Juan, Taytay, RizalK-034, s. 2007E-041, s. 2007NoneNoneNone
211Rizal ProvinceSt. Anne Learning School of Lupang Arienda, Inc.Road 2 Lot 13 Lupang Arienda, Sta. Ana, Taytay, RizalK-295, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
212Rizal ProvinceSt. John The Baptist Parochial School, Inc.Sumulong St. San Isidro, Taytay, RizalK-030, s. 2008E-034, s. 2008S-028, s. 2017NoneNone
213Rizal ProvinceStar of Hope Christian School Inc.Brgy. San Lorenzo Ruiz, San Juan Homes, Taytay, RizalNoneE-015, s. 1992002, s. 1998NoneNone
214Rizal ProvinceTaytay United Methodist Christian SchoolApollo St. San Isidro, Taytay, RizalK-008, s. 1991E-001, s. 1991010, s. 1997NoneNone
215Rizal ProvinceThe Gift of Wings Learnings and Development Center, Inc. (fr. The Gift of Wings Christian Sch)Blk. 2 Lot 13 Beverly Hills, Brgy. Dolores, Taytay, RizalK-048, s. 2011NoneNoneSPED-110, s. 2016None
216Rizal ProvinceThe Little Farm House Holistic Education and Development Center (HEDCEN)95 Beverly Hills Ave., Beverly Hills Subd. Dolores, Taytay, RizalK-234, s. 2014E-091, s. 2003016, s. 2004NoneNone
217Rizal ProvinceTree of Life Learning Center72 Isagani St., Brgy. Sta. Ana, Taytay, RizalK-018, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone
218Rizal ProvinceVirgo Mariae Regina Learning Center, Inc. (fr. Mary the Queen Learning Center)Avenida Tanchoco St., El Monteverde Subd. San Juan, Taytay, RizalK-055, s. 1997E-030, s. 2005NoneNoneNone
TERESA Rizal Province
219Rizal ProvinceAnnie's Montessori School Inc.#141 Bagumbayan, Teresa, RizalK-092, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
220Rizal ProvincePhilsin College Rizal, Inc.178 Callejon 5, Brgy. Dalig, Teresa, RizalNoneE-030, s. 2009024, s. 2000NoneNone
221Rizal ProvinceSaint Agnes SchoolPacheco Subd. San Roque, Teresa, RizalK-016s. 2002E-015, s. 2002055, s. 2005NoneNone
222Rizal ProvinceSt. Rose of Lima Montessori SchoolP. Estrada St. Calumpang, Sto. Cristo, Teresa, RizalK-245, s. 2014E-043, s. 1997015, s. 2000NoneNone
223Rizal ProvinceSta. Dorotea Academy#22 Magsaysay Ave. Brgy. San Roque, Teresa, RizalK-127, s. 2003E-096, s. 2003055, s. 2006NoneNone
1San Pablo City4th Watch Maranatha Christian Academy of San Pablo City Inc.M. Leonor St., Brgy. II-C, San Pablo CityK-041, s. 2012E-152, s. 2013S-027, s. 2018NoneNone
2San Pablo CityAcademia de San Ignacio de LoyolaSchetelig Ave., Vesco Subd., Brgy. VI-A, San Pablo CityK-001, s. 2011E-032, s. 2009029, s. 2009NoneNone
3San Pablo CityCanossa College-San Pablo City, Inc.Lakeside Park Subd., Brgy. VI – D, San Pablo City12, s. 196113, s. 196146, s. 1951NoneNone
4San Pablo CityCREST Christian School of San Pablo City Inc.Lumang Kalsada, Brgy. San Francisco, San Pablo CityK-114, s. 2013E-115, s. 2013017, s. 2002NoneNone
5San Pablo CityDalubhasaan ng Lunsod ng San Pablo Integrated SchoolSan Pablo CityK-044, s. 2019E-045, s. 2019S-046, s. 2019NoneNone
6San Pablo CityEscuela de Valle VerdeGreen Valley Subd., Brgy. San Francisco, San Pablo CityK-012, s. 1994E-020, s. 1994NoneNoneNone
7San Pablo CityFirst Evangelical Learning Center Inc.Peñaloza St., Brgy. II – C, San Pablo City036, s. 1984E-258, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
8San Pablo CityGolden Liahona Kiddie Learning CenterNHA, Brgy. Sto. Angel, San Pablo CityK-038, s. NoneNoneNoneNone
9San Pablo CityGrace and Truth SchoolGreen Valley Subd., Brgy. San Francisco, San Pablo CityRecognizedRecognizedRecognizedNoneNone
10San Pablo CityHeadstart School for Child's Total Development Inc.Maharlika Highway, Brgy. San Vicente, San Pablo CityK-389, s. 2015NoneNoneNoneNone
11San Pablo CityHoly Dream Kiddie Learning CenterBagong Bayan, Brgy. I – C, San Pablo CityK-037, s. 1995NoneNoneNoneNone
12San Pablo CityImmaculate Conception School of San Pablo City (Formerly Immaculate Conception Learning Center of San Pablo City Inc.)Pope Pius Subd., Brgy. Concepcion, San Pablo CityK-026, s. 2008E-255, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
13San Pablo CityInfant Jesus Montessori Center Phils.Lakeside Park Subd., Brgy. VI – D, San Pablo CityK-012, s. 1996E-174, s. 1996023, s. 1997NoneNone
14San Pablo CityJ.A.J. Christian School, Inc.Cor. Cataluna St. & Avenida Delos Reyes Catolicos St., Teomora Ph. 4, San Pablo CityK-043, s. 2012E-127, s. 2017NoneNoneNone
15San Pablo CityKintner Christian AcademyAguinaldo St., City Subd., Brgy. I – B, San Pablo CityK-036, s. 1995E-024, s. 1995025, s. 1998NoneNone
16San Pablo CityLa Soledad Academe Corp.Purok 3, Barangay Soledad, San Pablo CityK-088, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
17San Pablo CityLaguna CollegePaseo de Escudero, Brgy. V – D, San Pablo CityK-973, s. 198353, s. 1962139, s. 1947NoneNone
18San Pablo CityLakers Nook Learning Center Corp.81 Col. Dizon St., Brgy. V-C, San Pablo CityK-049, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
19San Pablo CityLakes City Christian SchoolBrgy. San Francisco, San Pablo CityK-053, s. 2002E-047, s. 2002061, s. 2003NoneNone
20San Pablo CityLiceo de San PabloM. Paulino St., Brgy. VII – D, San Pablo CityK-011, s. 1986025, s. 1963014, s. 1952NoneNone
21San Pablo CityMelrose School of San Pablo CityPook Kasiyahan, Brgy. VI-D, San Pablo CityK-071, s. 2004E-023, s. 2007NoneNoneNone
22San Pablo CityNiño Jesus Science-Oriented Montessori School, Inc.Farconville Subd., Phase I, Calihan, San Pablo CityK-171E-113, s. 2016S-089, s. 2017NoneNone
23San Pablo CityOpen Door Christian AcademyFule-Sahagun St., Brgy. VII – A, San Pablo CityK-027, s. 1999E-011, s. 2000048, s. 2000NoneNone
24San Pablo CitySan Pablo Christian School, Inc. (temporary closure, SY 2021-2022)Schetelig Ave. cor Balagtas St., Brgy. III – D, San Pablo CityK-045, s. 1999E-046, s. 1999S-039, s. 2013NoneNone
25San Pablo CitySan Pablo Chung Hua SchoolZamora St., Brgy. V – C, San Pablo CityRecognizedRecognizedNoneNoneNone
26San Pablo CitySan Pablo CollegesHermanos Belen St., Brgy. III – A, San Pablo City230, s. 1948230, s. 1948229, s. 1948NoneNone
27San Pablo CitySCLC Adventist School, Inc. (F: San Rafael Adventist Elementary School, SRAES Inc.)240 Maharlika Hiway, San Rafael, San Pablo CityNoneE-001, s. 1978NoneNoneNone
28San Pablo CityScuola Dei Bambini di Sta. Teresita Montessori Inc.Patria Village, Brgy. Del Remedio, San Pablo CityK-042, s. 2004E-071, s. 2008S-059, s. 2016SPED-058, s. 2019None
29San Pablo CitySouth Lakes Integrated SchoolBrgy. San Jose, San Pablo CityK-346, s. 2014E-443, s. 2015S-066, s. 2016NoneNone
30San Pablo CitySt. Anne Carmelli Academy Inc.Aranville Heights, Brgy. San Jose, San Pablo CityK-092E-022NoneNoneNone
31San Pablo CitySt. Joseph SchoolColago Avenue, Brgy. I – A, San Pablo City103, s. 1974002, s. 1980034, s. 1999NoneNone
32San Pablo CitySt. Therese Montessori School of San Pablo, Inc.Brgy. San Nicolas , San Pablo CityK-042, s. 2012E-118, s. 2013S-084, s. 2017NoneNone
33San Pablo CitySta. Isabel Adventist Elementary School, SIAES Inc.Brgy. Sta. Isabel, San Pablo CityK-051, s. 2019189, s. 1975NoneNoneNone
34San Pablo CitySts. John & Philomel School of San Pablo City, Inc.Brgy. San Juan, San Pablo CityK-030, s. 2008E-247, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
35San Pablo CityWest Greenville (Laguna) Colleges Inc.***Green Valley Subd., Brgy. San Francisco, San Pablo CityK-011, s. 1999E-006, s. 1999006, s. 1997NoneNone
36San Pablo CityZamora Learning Center Inc.Zamora St., Brgy. V – D, San Pablo CityK-256, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
37San Pablo CityFrontline Christian Academy Inc.Baloc Road, Brgy. San Ignacio, San Pablo CityK-011, s. 2022E-012, s. 2022S-013, s. 2022NoneNone
1San Pedro CityAcademia De Castellano for Children Inc.Bagong Silang, San PedroK-009, s. 2000E-017, s. 2002034, s. 2005NoneNone
2San Pedro CityAcademia Institucion de San PedroPacita Complex 1, San PedroK-041, s. 2000E-003, s. 2002046, s. 2003NoneNone
3San Pedro CityAgnus dei School System280 Quezon St., Cuyab, San PedroK-085, s. 2003E-003, s. 2002062, s. 2006NoneNone
4San Pedro CityAmazing Grace School, Inc.137 Brgy. San Vicente, San Pedro, LagunaK-020, s. 1991E-027, s. 1993021, s. 1997SPED-005, s. 2022None
5San Pedro CityAngelium Academy, Inc.Blk. 9 Lots 15-18 Southern Heights 2, San Pedro, LagunaRecognizedRecognizedNoneNoneNone
6San Pedro CityBright Life Montessori Academy Inc.Blk. 39 Lot 2 Gumamela St., Elvinda Village, San Pedro, LagunaK-117, s. 2017NoneNoneNone None
7San Pedro CityCasa Del Niño Schools System Inc. doing business under the name and style of Casa Del Niño Montessori & Science High SchoolFe Medalla St., Pacita Complex 2, San Pedro, Laguna032, s. 1984E-002, s.1987001, s. 1992SPED-123, s. 2019None
8San Pedro CityCaterina and Giuditta Cittadini School, Inc.52 Magsaysay Road, San Antonio, San Pedro, LagunaK-025, s. 2006E-004, s. 2010S-453, s. 2015NoneNone
9San Pedro CityChantal Academy of San Pedro Inc.Blk. 1 Lot 11 Villa Castillo, Pacita 2, San Pedro, LagunaK-007, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
10San Pedro CityChristian Bible Baptist Academy, Inc. St. Francis Homes II, San PedroK-048, s. 2002E-042, s. 2002NoneNoneNone
11San Pedro CityChrysville Academy Inc.Blk. 1 Lot 42 J. Sevilla St., Chrys Village, San Pedro, LagunaK-026, s. 2004NoneNoneNoneNone
12San Pedro CityColegio De San Pedro, Inc.Pacita Comp. I-A, San Vicente, San PedroK-034, s.1983E-049, s. 2012002, s. 1988NoneNone
13San Pedro CityConcepcion Kids Learning Center, Inc.#42 A.V. Hernandez St., Chrysanthemum Village, San Pedro, LagunaK-044, s. 2009E-049, s. 2012NoneNoneNone
14San Pedro CityCreative Star Montessorian School Inc.Blk. 19 Lot 2 South Fairway Homes, Landayan, San PedroK-072, s. 2013E-237, s. 2014S-238, s. 2014NoneNone
15San Pedro CityEarly Readers Montessorians School, Inc.#7 San Vicente St., San PedroK-120, s. 2016E-121, s. 2016NoneNoneNone
16San Pedro CityExcellent Wisdom Christian Academy of San Pedro Laguna, Inc.Blk. 1 Lot 27 Olivarez Compound 2, San Rqoue, San Pedro, LagunaK-065, s. 2016E-083, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
17San Pedro CityGolden Lampstand Grade SchoolB3 L15-17 Scotland St. Greatland Subd., San PedroK-029, s. 2006E-022, s. 2006NoneNoneNone
18San Pedro CityGreatland School of San Pedro Laguna, Inc.Blk. 4 Lot 21-25 Ma. Aurora Heights Subd., San PedroK-025, s. 1991None037, s. 2010NoneNone
19San Pedro CityGrinhar Academy and Montessori SchoolCataquiz Subd., San PedroNoneNoneRecognized since 1959NoneNone
20San Pedro CityHabakuk Christian School Inc.#690 Brgy. Cuyab, San Pedro, LagunaK-035, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
21San Pedro CityHaddassah Academy Inc.21 Sto. Rosario Drive, Phase I-C, Pacita Complex I, San Pedro, LagunaK-124, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
22San Pedro CityHoly Angels Learning School, Inc.Molave St., Southern Heights II-A, Brgy. Vicente, San PedroNoneNone018, s. 2004NoneNone
23San Pedro CityHoly Children Academy of San Pedro Inc.32 San Cristobal St., Phase 6, Pacita 1, San Pedro, LagunaK-073, s.1997NoneNoneNoneNone
24San Pedro CityIETI College of Science & TechnologyPurok 2, Brgy. Magsaysay, San PedroK-056, s.2001E-010, s. 2003038, s. 2003NoneNone
25San Pedro CityImmaculate Heart Of Mary School (of San Pedro, Laguna) Inc.Pacita II/Guevara Subd., San PedroK-006, s.1989E-008, s.1989006, s. 1990NoneNone
26San Pedro CityInfant Jesus Montessori Center (San Pedro, Laguna) Inc.Blk. 26 Lot 11-14 Woodpecker St. Camella Woohdills San Antonio, San PedroK-031, s.1995E-022, s.1995NoneNoneNone
27San Pedro CityJesus The Faithful Savior Christian School, Inc.B26 L11 Southern Heights I, Langgam, San PedroK-092, s. 2012E-065, s. 2012028, s. 2010NoneNone
28San Pedro CityJesus the Rock of All Ages Christian School, Inc.F. T. San Luis, Brgy. Laram, San PedroK-087, s.2003E-068, s.2003066, s. 2007NoneNone
29San Pedro CityJoseph and Mary AcademyPacita Comp. II, San Vicente, San PedroK-003, s.1986E-010, s.1987042, s. 1999NoneNone
30San Pedro CityLaguna Northwestern College, Inc. (Formerly: Laguna Northwestern School, Inc.) Laguna Northwestern InstituteA. Mabini St., San Antonio, San Pedro City, Laguna007, s. 1982048, s. 1981A.R. 79, s. 1981NoneNone
31San Pedro CityLiceo De San PedroLuna St., San PedroK-001, s.1977E-014, s.1977NoneNoneNone
32San Pedro CityLiving Water Christian SchoolSan PedroNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
33San Pedro CityMaranatha Christian School-San Pedro Laguna Inc.#44 Quirino St., Landayan, San PedroK-081, s. 2016E-061, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
34San Pedro CityMater Ecclesiae School, Inc.Villa Olympia Subd., San PedroK-013, s.1991E-012, s. 1994012, s. 1996SPED-101, s. 2016None
35San Pedro CityMontessori De Casa Blanca Elementary School Inc.#2 Sapphire Cataquiz V Subd., Poblacion, San Pedro, LagunaNoneE-059, s. 2017NoneNoneNone
36San Pedro CityMontessori School of San Pedro4 Rizal St., San Pedrok-009, S. 1986NoneNoneNoneNone
37San Pedro CityOur Lady of Assumption College of Laguna Inc. (Formerly: Our Lady of Assumption Schoo, Inc.)Villa Olympia Subd., San PedroRecognizedRecognizedRecognized since 1993NoneNone
38San Pedro CityOur Lady of Carmelite Montessori School (San Pedro, Laguna) Inc.16th Blue Ridge St., Pacita Complex 2, San Pedro, LagunaK-009, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
39San Pedro CityOur Lady of Fatima Learning Center for Street Children, Inc.Purok 6, Landayan, San Pedro, LagunaK-090, s. 2017NoneNoneNone None
40San Pedro CityOur Lady of Miraculous Medal School of San Pedro, Laguna Inc.P4 B21 L4-6 Pacita Complex, San PedroK-012, s. 1989E-010, s. 1994048, s. 2004NoneNone
41San Pedro CityRosewood Children's Formative Learning SchoolSan PedroK-059, s. 2012NoneNoneNoneNone
42San Pedro CitySaint Maria Goretti School of San Pedro Inc.Blk. 6 Lot 19 Phase 2 St. Joseph Village 10, Brgy. Langgam, San Pedro, LagunaK-084, s. 2016E-036, s. 2017NoneNoneNone
43San Pedro CitySaint Vincent de Paul Mont. & Science High SchoolSan PedroNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
44San Pedro CitySan Francisco de Sales SchoolNational Hi-way, Canlalay, San PedroNoneE-021, s. 1984NoneNoneNone
45San Pedro CitySan Geronimo EmilianiSchoolOur Lady of the Guia St., Rosario Complex, San Pedro004, s. 1986E-006, s. 1981003, s. 1993NoneNone
46San Pedro CitySan Lorenzo school (San Pedro), Inc. (Quality Kindergarten Grade School, Inc.)608 Mayumi St., United San Pedro Subd., San Pedro, LagunaK-004, s.1981E-009, s.1987018, s. 1997NoneNone
47San Pedro CitySister of Mary Immaculate SchoolHoliday Hills, San PedroK-008, s.1986NoneNoneNoneNone
48San Pedro CitySouthern Heights MontessoriB9 L39-41 Southern Heights Brgy. UBL, San PedroNoneE-049, s. 2005NoneNone None
49San Pedro CitySt. Louis Anne Colleges of San Pedro, Laguna, Inc.Console 12, San Vicente, San PedroK-307, s. 1990E-309, s. 1990007, s. 1988NoneNone
50San Pedro CityST. Paul Montessori SchoolSt. Joseph Village, San Vicente, San PedroK-036, s. 1998E-025, s. 1998009, s. 2002NoneNone
51San Pedro CitySt. Peter AcademySan PedroK-018, s.1997E-001, s.1997037, s.1999NoneNone
52San Pedro CitySt. Therese of the Child Jesus School(Main)15 Topaz St., St. Francis Homes 3, Landayan, San pedroK-017, s.1995E-013, s.1995009, s.1995NoneNone
53San Pedro CitySta. Cecillia KindergartenSan PedroK-341, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
54San Pedro CitySto. Niño Montessori of Academic Excellence, Inc.St. Joseph 9, Brgy. Langgam, San PedroK-062, s. 2018E-063, s. 2018S-122, s. 2019NoneNone
55San Pedro CityNucleus Zion School Inc. (Formerly: The Kids Nucleus School of Laguna Inc.)Phase 5 Block 2 Lots 12-14 Honesty St., Olivarez Homes, San Pedro, LagunaK-073, s. 2016E-037, s. 2017NoneNoneNone
56San Pedro CityThe Strong Tower Christian Academy Inc.Lot 14 Blk. 2 Narra Road, Crismor Subd., Brgy. San Antonio, San Pedro, LagunaK-064, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
57San Pedro CityTiwalan Christian Academy Inc.San PedroK-028, s.2004E-035, s.2005095, s. 2005NoneNone
58San Pedro CityUnited Montessorean School218 Malaya St., United, San PedroNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
59San Pedro CityUppervillages Christian Acdemy, Inc.#25 Brgy. Riverside, San PedroK-091, s. 2012E-064, s. 201228NoneNone
60San Pedro CityVian Rechel Academy, Inc.Magsaysay 2, Magsaysay Avenue, San PedroK-123, s. 2016E-120, s. 2019054, s. 2011NoneNone
61San Pedro CityWellspring of Grace School, Inc.Blk. 46 Lot 11-14 Southern Heights 1, Brgy. Langgam, San PedroK-047, s. 2009E-141, s. 2016S-340, s. 2014NoneNone
1Santa Rosa CityAcacia School Foundation, Inc. Hacienda Sta. Elena, Brgy. Don Jose Sta. Rosa CityK-049, s. 2009E-042, s. 2012NoneNoneNone
2Santa Rosa CityAcademia De Maria Elena, Inc. Blk.1, Lt. 1,2,3,4 & 5 Villa Susana Subd. Santa Rosa CityK-079, s. 2004E-049, s. 2004012, s. 2011NoneNone
3Santa Rosa CityAnahaw Kiddie Learning CenterMarquez Ave. Anahaw Homes, Dita Sta. Rosa CityK-011, s. 2009NoneNoneNoneNone
4Santa Rosa CityB.U.I.L.D. Up Christian School Inc.Unit B 883 Rizal Blvd., Brgy. Pooc, Sta. Rosa CityK-094, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
5Santa Rosa CityBlessed Christian School de Sta. Rosa, Inc.East Ave. Subd. Pooc, Sta. Rosa CityK-011, s. 2003E-012, s. 2003010, s. 2005NoneNone
6Santa Rosa CityBright Achievers Academy-Laguna Inc.Laguna Bela-Air, Brgy. Don Jose, Santa Rosa CityK-140, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
7Santa Rosa CityThe Canossa School, Inc.Zavalla St. Brgy. Kanluran, Sta. Rosa City041, s. 1956416, s. 1948/ 318, s. 195142, s. 1956/ 130, s. 1957/ 32, s. 1958/ 25, s. 1960NoneNone
8Santa Rosa CityCasa del Niño Montessori School (Formerly: Montessori de San Lorenzo)P1,B3,L1-22, San Lorenzo South, Sta. Rosa CityK-014, s. 1996E-026, s. 1996025, s. 1998NoneNone
9Santa Rosa CityChair of St. Peter School of Sta. RosaSta. Rosa Comm.Complex, Balibago,Sta. Rosa CityK-004, s. 2003E-003, s. 2003033, s. 2009NoneNone
10Santa Rosa CityChild Formation Center of Sta. Rosa Inc.Purificacion St., Zavalla VIllage III, Brgy. Tagapo, Santa ROsa CityK-031, s. 1996E-032, s. 1997012, s. 2004NoneNone
11Santa Rosa CityColegio de Sta.Rosa de Lima, Inc.Olympia park Subd. Sta. Rosa City030, s. 1984E-012, s. 1989004, s. 1992NoneNone
12Santa Rosa CityContezza Learning Center, Inc.Phase 3 Blk. 8 Lot 1, Celina Plains Subd., Brgy. Pooc, Sta. Rosa CityK-067, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
13Santa Rosa CityDetorres Christian School, Inc. (formerly:Sta. Rosa Bible Baptist Church Academy)National Hi-way , Dila Sta. Rosa CityK-118, s. 2016E-084, s. 2018NoneNoneNone
14Santa Rosa CityDominican College of Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Inc.San Lorenzo South, Santa Rosa CityK-042, s. 1995E-027, s. 1995012, s. 1997NoneNone
15Santa Rosa CityEmmanuel Christian SchoolPIC B-25 ,L-15 San Lorenzo South Sta. Rosa CityK-038, s. 1996E-033, s. 1997007, s. 1997NoneNone
16Santa Rosa CityEmmanuels' Christian School of Sta. Rosa, Laguna Inc.Ciudad Grande Subd., Santa ROsa CityK-009, s. 2019E-010, s. 2019S-011, s. 2019NoneNone
17Santa Rosa CityEphphetha School for the Deaf, Inc.Dia. Layco Subd. Sta.Rosa CityNoneNone077, s. 2006SPED-260, s. 2014None
18Santa Rosa CityFaithlife Academy Inc.Blk. 37 Lot 3 Garden Villas 3, Brgy. Malusak, Sta. Rosa CityK-038, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
19Santa Rosa CityFaithlife Academy Inc.Blk. 9A Lot 22 Villa de Oro Subd., Bryg. Tagapo, Santa Rosa CityK-129, s. 2016E-012, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
20Santa Rosa CityGreen Fields Integrated School of Laguna, Inc.San Lorenzo South Villa Segovia, Brgy. Dita, Santa Rosa CityK-377, s. 2015E-378, s. 2015S-379, s. 2015NoneNone
21Santa Rosa CityGreenfields Int'l. School of Sta. Rosa Laguna Inc.San Lorenzo South, Corner Villa Segonia Santa Rosa CityK-043, s. 2011E-024, s. 2011006, s. 2010NoneNone
22Santa Rosa CityHarvesters Baptist Academy of Sta. Rosa City, Inc.Hi-way Homes, Tagapo, Sta. Rosa CityK-041, s. 2010E-17, s. 2012016, s. 2009NoneNone
23Santa Rosa CityHawks Prairie School of Sta. Rosa Laguna Inc.Blk. 5 Lots 15-17 Rover St., Garden Villas I, Labas, Santa Rosa CityK-476, s. 2016E-068, s. 2017S-029, s. 2019NoneNone
24Santa Rosa CityHoly Family Home of Learning Center, Inc.RCA Cmpd. Tatlonghari St. Sta. Rosa CityK-088, s. 2002E-069, s. 2002044, s. 2010NoneNone
25Santa Rosa CityHoly Rosary Academy of Sta. Rosa Laguna, Elementary Department Inc.Kanluran F. Gomez Street, kanluran, Santa Rosa CityK-094, s. 2017E-085, s. 2019NoneNoneNone
26Santa Rosa CityHoly Rosary College of Sta. Rosa Laguna, Inc. (Formerly: Holy Rosary Academy of Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Inc.)Tagapo, Sta. Rosa CityNoneE-014, s. 1987017, s. 1988SPED-376, s. 2015None
27Santa Rosa CityHSOL School of Laguna, Inc. (formerly:Harvard School of Laguna)Daystar Business Park, Pulong Sta. Cruz, Sta. Rosa CityK-064, s. 2002E-057, s. 2002007, s. 2010NoneNone
28Santa Rosa CityInternational Montessori School (IMS) Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Inc.B-18 L-11-13 P-3 Golden City Subd. Sta. Rosa CityK-043, s. 2008E-041, s. 2008034, s. 2005NoneNone
29Santa Rosa CityJesus The Exalted Name School, Inc. (Formerly: Jesus the Exalted Name Full Gospel Ministries, Inc.)Jasmin St. L.M. Sta. Rosa CityK-005, s. 2003E-008, s. 2011005, s. 2012NoneNone
30Santa Rosa CityKainos Learning Center (formerly - New Life Learning Center)8485 F. Reyes St., De Leon Comp. Balibago, Sta. Rosa CityK-013, s. 2009E-007, s. 2009004, s. 2012NoneNone
31Santa Rosa CityKindertech of Uno Cevita, Inc.59 National Hiway, Brgy. Dila, Santa Rosa CityK-092, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
32Santa Rosa CityLaguna Bel-Air SchoolLaguna Bel-Air Subd., Don Jose, Sta. Rosa CityK-053, s. 1998E-037, s. 1999039, s. 2002NoneNone
33Santa Rosa CityLaguna Eastern Academy of Sta. RosaAmbrosia Subd. Brgy. Ibaba, Sta. Rosa CityNoneNone024, s. 2002NoneNone
34Santa Rosa CityLaguna Northwestern College, Inc.-Sta. Rosa BranchF. Reyes St., Balibago Santa Rosa CityNoneE-002, s. 1995050, s. 2000NoneNone
35Santa Rosa CityLakeside Early Academic Development (LEAD) Christian School Inc.124 F. Gomez St., Aplaya, Santa Rosa CityK-088, s. 2016E-109, s. 2017NoneNoneNone
36Santa Rosa CityLearning Ladder Child Development Center, Inc.Blk. 22 Lot 29 Grand Chestnut Grove Subd., Brgy. Pulong Sta. Cruz, Sta. Rosa CityK-120, s. 2017NoneNoneNoneNone
37Santa Rosa CityMaranatha Christian Academy of Sta. Rosa, Inc.Dna. Rosina Comp., Amihan Subd. Tagapo, Sta. Rosa CityK-016, s. 2011E-259, s. 2014S-079, s. 2019NoneNone
38Santa Rosa CityMarie Margarette School IncorporatedB-4,L-9 Roseflor Subd. Tagapo, Sta. Rosa CityK-012, s. 2002E-050, s. 2004019, s. 2009NoneNone
39Santa Rosa CityMary Immaculate Academy of Sta. Rosa, Inc. (formerly: International Learning School)Ph IC, B-13, L-14 San Lorenzo South , Sta. Rosa CityK-099, s. 1997E-071, s. 1997013, s. 2011NoneNone
40Santa Rosa CityMary's Ville Academy of Sta. Rosa Inc.Golden City, Brgy. Dila, Sta. Rosa CityK-079, s. 2004E-049, s. 2004NoneNoneNone
41Santa Rosa CityMater Dei School of Sta. Rosa Inc. (formerly Queen Mary School Inc.)Calle Jose Zavalla Vil. II, Sta. Rosa CityK-018, s. 1996E-019, s. 2000NoneNoneNone
42Santa Rosa CityMeridian Educational Institution Inc.B2,L6, Golden City Subd. Sta. Rosa CityK-026, s. 2000E-009, s. 2002049, s. 2003NoneNone
43Santa Rosa CityMirriam Institute Inc. (formerly: Mirriamville School, Inc.)B25,L10,P3A, Golden City Subd. Sta. Rosa CityRecognizedNoneRecognized since 2010NoneNone
44Santa Rosa CityMt. Rushmore Academy of Laguna Inc. (F: Mt. Rushmore Child Learning Center)3rd Street, Hi-way Homes Subd., Brgy. Tagapo Santa Rosa CityK-089, s. 2012NoneNoneSPED-026None
45Santa Rosa CityOur Lady of Assumption College of Laguna Inc. (F.: Our Lady of Assumption School, Inc.)RSBS Blvd. San Lorenzo South SUbd., Brgy. Malitlit, Sta. Rosa CityK-160, s. 1996E-171, s. 1996003, s. 2000NoneNone
46Santa Rosa CityOur Lady of Guadalupe AcademyF. Gomez St. cor. Añonuevo, Sta. Rosa CityK-065, s. 2001E-067, s. 2003059, s. 2003NoneNone
47Santa Rosa CityOur Lady of Pilar Academy of Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Inc.Blk. 4 Lot 6-8 Camia St., J.B. Village Tagapo, Santa Rosa CityK-088, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
48Santa Rosa CityOur Lady in Pink and Blue School Inc.486 Emerald St., Perlas Village Tagapo, Santa Rosa CityK-253, s. 2014NoneNoneNoneNone
49Santa Rosa CityPanorama Montessori SchoolMariquita Pueblo, Dita Sta. Rosa CityK-011, s. 1989E-015, s. 1989003, s. 1994NoneNone
50Santa Rosa CityPrecious Treasures Christian School of Cabuyao Inc.Blk. 1 Lots 76-77 Carlton Residences, Brgy. Dita, Santa Rosa CityK-070, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
51Santa Rosa CityPrinceton Academy Inc. (formerly Dynamic Synergy Preparatory System, Inc.) Phase IV B-71 L-14A Freindswood St., Laguna Bel-Air II, Santa Rosa CityK-026, s. 2009E-021, s. 2009NoneNoneNone
52Santa Rosa CityQueen Anne School of Sta. Rosa Inc.Mariquita,Pubelo II Dita, Sta.Rosa CityK-001, s. 1997E-001, s. 1997030, s. 1999NoneNone
53Santa Rosa CitySaint Francis of Assisi College of Santa Rosa, Inc.Purok IV, Brgy. Sinalhan, Santa Rosa CityK-383, s. 2015E-115, s. 2016S-116, s. 2016NoneNone
54Santa Rosa CitySts. Peter & Paul Early Childhood CenterBlk. 10,Lot 88/89, Golden City Subd., City of Santa RosaK-042, s. 1996E-051, s. 2001NoneNoneNone
55Santa Rosa CitySan Geronimo Emiliani School of Sta. RosaPIC San Lorenzo South, Sta. Rosa CityK-039, s. 1996E-047, s. 1997041, s. 1998NoneNone
56Santa Rosa CitySan Lorenzo Christian School Inc.B3,L4,P1-A San Lorenzo South , Sta. Rosa CityNoneE-033, s. 2003006, s. 2002NoneNone
57Santa Rosa CitySan Lorenzo Rhythm Academy of Learning Inc.Blk. 33 Lot 15 Phase 1 San Lorenzo South, Brgy. Dila, Santa Rosa CityK-119, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
58Santa Rosa CitySanta Rosa Educational InstitutionTatlonghari St. Santa Rosa CityK-021, s. 2011E-034, s. 2012318, s. 1947NoneNone
59Santa Rosa CitySeven Pillars Educational System Inc.Laguna Bel-Air Subd., Don Jose, Sta. Rosa CityK-012, s. 2009E-009, s. 2011008, s. 2012SPED-261, s. 2014None
60Santa Rosa CitySolomon Kiddie World School, Inc.F. Gomez St., Brgy. Ibaba, Santa Rosa CityK-139, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
61Santa Rosa CitySpring of Life Academy -SOLA Inc. (F: Spring of Life Child Development Center Inc.)Blk. 21 Lots 3, 4 & 6 Blk. 22 Lots 5 & 6 Ph. 3 Golden City Subd., Brgy. Dila, Sta. Rosa CityK-105, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
62Santa Rosa CitySt. Judiel Learning Center, City of Santa Rosa, Inc.Blk. 30 Lots 3, 5, 7 & 9 Daisy St., Ph. 3 Garden Villas 3, Brgy. Malusak, Santa Rosa CityK-075, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone
63Santa Rosa CitySt. Ruiz Montessori SchoolB44,L3, PIC San Lorenzo South Sta. Rosa CityK-038, s. 1997E-070, s. 1997029, s. 1999NoneNone
64Santa Rosa CitySta. Rosa Laguna Christian School (SANROLACS)104 F. Gomez St. Sta. Rosa CityK-058, s. 1996E-084, s. 2008NoneNoneNone
65Santa Rosa CitySts. Paul & Mark School Inc.Blk. 1 Lot 3 Panorama Ville, Brgy. Dita Santa Rosa CityK-013, s. 2011E-051, s. 2022NoneSPED-002, s. 2011None
66Santa Rosa CityTechnow Montessori of Santa Rosa Inc.Blk. 2 Lot 8 Rosaflor Subd., Brgy. Tagapo Santa Rosa CityK-086, s. 2016E-087, s. 2016NoneNoneNone
67Santa Rosa CityTheresa Margaritte Child Learning Center and Tutorial Inc.Blk. 30 Lot 20 Celina Homes, Brgy. Tagapo Santa Rosa CityK-089, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
68Santa Rosa CityUnited Montessorean School of Sta. Rosa Laguna Inc. (close of operation, SY 2018-2019)Celina Homes, Tagapo Santa Rosa CityK-090, s. 2013NoneNoneNoneNone
69Santa Rosa CityVincent Clare School Inc.Blk. 4 Lot 1 Zeramyr Subd., Brgy. Macabling Sta. Rosa CityK-033, s. 2004NoneNoneNoneNone
70Santa Rosa CityWondrous Works Speed Learning Center, Inc.B-5,L-49 San Lorenzo South Sta. Rosa CityK-033, s. 2002E-019, s. 2004006, s. 2012None None
Santa Rosa CityNew Sinai School and Colleges Sta. Rosa Inc.Old National Highway, Brgy. Tagapo, Santa Rosa CityK-048, s. 2022E-049, s. 2022S-050, s. 2022NoneNone
1Tanauan CityBuhay na Pag-asa Christian School#259 Lauan Avenue, Mt. View Subd., Brgy. III, Tanauan CityK-087, s. 2003E-422, s. 2015NoneNone None 
2Tanauan CityCarolina Tanauan Intervention Center Inc.Tanauan CityNoneNoneNoneSPED-002, s. 2008None 
3Tanauan CityCreative Corner and Learning Center Inc.199 C. Garcia St., Barangay 4, Tanauan CityK-049, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone 
4Tanauan CityDaughters of Mary ImmaculateF. Laurena St., Tanauan CityK-002, s. 1994E-050, s. 1981S-033, s. 2013NoneNone 
5Tanauan CityEscuela Sagrada FamiliaHoly Family parish Comp., Luyos, Tanauan CityK-047, s. 2002E-014, s. 2007NoneNoneNone 
6Tanauan CityFirst Asia Institute Of Technology and Humanities2 Darasa, Tanauan CityK-022, s. 2002E-021, s. 2002039, s. 2004NoneNone 
7Tanauan CityHis Care Christian Institue, Darasa, Tanauan, Batangas, Inc.1167 Darasa, Tanauan CityK-008, s. 2012NoneS-123, s. 2017NoneNone 
8Tanauan CityHis Care Christian Institute of Tanauan Batangas Inc.Bagumbayan, Tanauan CityK-053, s. 2017E-054, s. 2017S-144, s. 2018NoneNone 
9Tanauan CityIntellimind Learning Center Inc.#577 Zone 5, Brgy. Tinurik, Tanauan CityK-035, s. 2019NoneNoneNoneNone 
10Tanauan CityJesus Is Lord Christian School Foundation Batangas, Inc. J. V. Pagaspas Street, Tanauan CityK-046, s. 2005E-037, s. 2005061, s. 2007NoneNone 
11Tanauan CityKudos! Kiddos Learning Academy, Inc.Ambulong, Tanauan CityK-050, s. 2016E-036, s. 2019NoneNoneNone 
12Tanauan CityLa Consolacion College Tanauan (F.: Our Lady of Fatima Academy)Brgy. II, Tanauan City341, s. 1950142, s. 1951143, s. 1951NoneNone 
13Tanauan CityLily Rose Educational Foundation, Inc.A. Mabini Avenue, Tanauan CityK-004, s. 1993E-018, s. 1994012, s. 2012NoneNone 
14Tanauan CityMabini Educational Institution (Balele)Balele, Tanauan CityNoneNone038, s. 1957NoneNone 
15Tanauan CityMabini Educational Institution (Janopol)Janopol, Tanauan CityNoneNone055, s. 1974NoneNone 
16Tanauan CityMabini Educational InstitutionS, iNC.a)Talaga, Tanauan CityK-051, s. 2016E-037, S. 2019066, s. 1951NoneNone 
17Tanauan CityMaranatha Christian Academy, Fourth Watch Inc.174 F. Platon St., Tanauan CityK-007, s. 2012E-007, s. 2012NoneNoneNone 
18Tanauan CityMaster Creator’s Learning Center Inc.Brgy. Gonzales, Tanauan CityK-027, s. 2012E-0389, S. 2019NoneNoneNone 
19Tanauan CityMontessori East TanauanB9 L5 Bagtican St., Poblacion III, Tanauan CityK-021, s. 2005E-004, s. 2008NoneNoneNone 
20Tanauan CityMultiple Intelligence Learning Center of Tanauan City Inc.A. Mabini Avenue, Tanauan CityK-023, s. 2005E-423, s. 2015NoneNoneNone 
21Tanauan CityNova Schola Tanauan, Inc. (Formerly: NTC Education Batangas Inc.)A. Mabini Avenue, Tanauan CityNoneNoneS-006, s. 2018NoneNone 
22Tanauan CityOne in Christ Church School of Bagbag, Inc.Bagbag, Tanauan CityK-024, s. 2012E-017, s. 2012NoneNoneNone 
23Tanauan CityOur Lady of Assumption CollegeN. Gonzales St., Brgy. Poblacion, Tanauan CityK-020, s. 2012E-014, s. 2012015, s. 2012NoneNone 
24Tanauan CityPenleigh School Inc.130 F. Onate St., Barangay 2, Tanauan CityK-048, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone 
25Tanauan CityQueen of All Saints AcademyBalele, Tanauan CityK-110, s. 1997E-083, s. 1997NoneNoneNone 
26Tanauan CitySt. John Academy of Visual And Performing Arts Inc.229 A. Mabini Avenue, Tanauan CityK-092, s. 2017E-093, s. 2017S452, s. 2015NoneNone 
27Tanauan CitySta. Cecilia Integrated School-TAnauan Batangas Inc.74 F. Platon Street, Tanauan CityK-048, s. 2001E-048, s. 2001S-040, s. 2019NoneNone 
28Tanauan CitySunhill Developmental Education-Tanauan, Inc.431 Dau St., Mt. View Subd., Brgy. 3, Tanauan CityNoneNoneNoneSPED-125, s. 2017None 
29Tanauan CityTanauan Insitute, Inc.J. Gonzales St., Tanauan CityK-025, s. 1992E-018, s. 1992095, s. 1947NoneNone 
30Tanauan CityThe Child’s Light SchoolZone 1 Bagumbayan, Tanauan CityK-005NoneNoneNoneNone 
31Tanauan CityThe Tanauan City Academy, Inc. (F: The Readers Kidz Learning Center of Tanauan Inc.)Barangay 6, Tanauan CityK-420, s. 2015E-421, s. 2015S-007, s. 2018NoneNone 
Division: Tayabas City
1Tayabas CityCasa del Niño Jesus de Tayabas, Inc.St. Michael Comp., San Roque Zone-1, Tayabas CityK-031, s.1993E-073, s. 2022NoneNoneNone
2Tayabas CityDidache Educational Institute Inc.Tayabas CityK-065,s.2000NoneNoneNoneNone
3Tayabas CityIlasan Adventist Elementary School Inc.Brgy. Ilayang Ilasan, Tayabas CityNone195, s.1975NoneNoneNone
4Tayabas CityLittle Mikko Child Learning CenterP. Nadera St., Tayabas CityK-083, s.2002NoneNoneNoneNone
5Tayabas CityMaryhill College, Inc.Sta. Isabel, San Juan Estates, Sta. Barbara Village, Tayabas CityK-030, s.2011E-244, s. 2014NoneNoneNone
6Tayabas CityOur Lady of Victory Integrated School, Inc.Brgy. Wakas, Tayabas CityK-022, s.2001E-024, s.2001#006, s.2004NoneNone
7Tayabas CityPillars of Faith Christian Academy, Inc.Brgy. Mateuna, Tayabas CityK-060, s. 2016NoneNoneNoneNone
8Tayabas CitySaint Therese of Leveriza Chidlren's House IncorporatedBlk. 27 Lot 32 Leveriza Drive Heights Subd., Tayabas CityK-037, s. 2018NoneNoneNoneNone
9Tayabas CitySan Roque Parochial School, Inc.Ilasan, Tayabas CityNoneE-069, s.2008#016, s.1986NoneNone
10Tayabas CitySt. John Bosco College of Tayabas, Inc. (F.: St. John Bosco Academy of Tayabas Inc.)San Roque, Tayabas CityK-030, s. 2013E-053,s. 2001#124, s.1970NoneNone