My heartfelt congratulations to all completers and graduates of School Year 2023-2024 on reaching a milestone!

End-of-School-Year ceremonies proclaim the jubilant culmination of ten months of new breakthroughs, learnings, and experiences. It is the opportune time to celebrate accomplishments, harvest the fruits of perseverance, and manifest success. It also concludes another rewarding year of partnership among parents, education stakeholders, teachers, and school officials who have worked enthusiastically towards a shared goal.

This year’s theme, “Kabataang Pilipino Para sa Matatag na Kinabukasan ng Bagong Pilipinas” brightlines the youths’ powerful role in paving the way towards a resilient future that exemplifies the New Philippines. Millennials absolutely have a fundamental contribution to the attainment of the hopes and ideals of Bagong Pilipinas. Therefore, our country requires proficient, highly skilled, and innovative graduates who would become responsible citizens. Likewise, we are in need of creative, altruistic, patriotic, and understanding nation-builders that embrace diversity.

Rest assured that with the MATATAG Agenda, the Department of Education (DepEd) commits itself to providing you with 21st-century skills to make you competent and job-ready. Moreover, through the MATATAG Curriculum, DepEd shall unceasingly strive to introduce key reforms in our educational system to guarantee that you become expert, pragmatic, and enjoy plentitude of opportunities.

I salute all unsung heroes, our diligent teachers, for molding the minds of our Filipino youth and providing them with the much-needed knowledge and competencies that will impel them to thrive in their preferred fields. The long hours spent in the classrooms may be exhausting, but nurturing these youths for the future will positively improve their lives and the country’s economy as well.

I am sincerely grateful to the parents for your untiring sacrifices in providing for the needs of your children. Through your guidance and support, they have developed their self-confidence.  Life may constantly offer challenges, but you have instilled in them the values that whenever faced with adversities, will encourage them to remain steadfast and rise to the occasion.

Again, congratulations!

Tayo na, sama-sama nating itaguyod ang Matatag na Bagong Pilipinas!


Regional Director

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