To all teachers and mentors, Happy National Teachers’ Month and Happy World Teachers’ Day!

This year’s theme, “Gurong Pilipino, Dangal ng Sambayanang Pilipino” is a reflection of the honorable traits and unparalleled dedication our teachers embody.

For the past two years, teachers have resourcefully powered through the pandemic by providing quality basic education from their homes, virtual spaces, and makeshift classrooms. The earlier days were filled with anxiety and doubt. Many adjustments were made.  But our teachers prove to be resilient. Rising above the challenge with their unwavering commitment, they continuously strive to guide the Filipino youth in achieving their dreams.

We respectfully regard how our teachers managed to cope with the new normal brought about by the pandemic. And now, our learners are back in their second homes. This would not have been possible without the collaborative effort of the Department and teachers. We at DepEd CALABARZON applaud you. Thank you for making our learners feel safe and secure in their classrooms. 

Words are not enough to show how much we appreciate the many things you have done. It is an understatement to simply say thank you for your impeccable deeds. You deserve the loudest applause and pellucid respect. Always remember that your legacy is alive in your learners. You have imparted lessons and inspirations to many children who have now become the foundation of our society. According to Gandhi, “the fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose.” Especially, if it is the hand of a teacher whose lovely fragrance of a generous and caring heart lives on forever.

May you all be blessed with the happiness and love you deserve. May you all remain humble and kind in these trying times. And lastly, may you continue to serve as beacons of light to our children.

Again, Happy National Teachers’ Month and Happy World Teachers’ Day!


Regional Director

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