DepEd Gen. Trias has always been committed to providing the best learning resources to its learners as much as possible.  Learning Resource in the division has been in effect since its establishment in 2017, and the materials made available to students and teachers continue to grow.

The Division believes that learning is best transmitted to students in terms that are real, tangible, and observable. Reliance entirely in DepEd material alienates the local atmosphere and makes learning concepts more abstract. To address this, the Learning Resource (LR) team, in cooperation with the subject departments, has been hard at work in conducting seminars and workshops with teacher-writers in developing teaching modules to localize and update learning materials in all subjects. Localized material is more relatable to the learners and thus bridge a learning gap between the conceptual and practical.

Reading materials from DepEd national are developed with considerations for the entire country in mind. Local dialects and vernacular will have to be incorporated into the learning process by supplemental material. DepEd GenTri has long recognized this and is helping teachers relate better to their students through localized material for reading instruction in early grades.

The creation and development of learning materials are best augmented by the availability of the materials developed. Thus, the Learning Resource team has been working with the division’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) team to digitize created modules and make these available to both learners and teacher online. This technology is still undergoing development as safeguards must be made against student access to teacher material.

This school year, thirty-five schools served as the pilot participants in the Learning Resource Management System. They followed the current LRMS processes and procedures and the LR team is currently observing the effects and output from these schools. This program will lead to further refinements in the LRMS methodology to better serve all schools in the Division.

Technology may be the more convenient way of providing learning materials to students, but schools should not neglect the practical nature of maintaining a school library. Public schools remain the bastion of learning for underprivileged students, and the internet is not yet available to all learners at all times. The Division of GenTri’s LR team continues to equip schools with functional libraries by providing books and modules to schools and encouraging teacher-librarians to remain updated by attending relevant seminar-workshops.

Not all learning is limited to books, however, and this is very true for Science and Mathematics. Learning is best facilitated by tangible tools so that learners may experience the theories discussed in class. The LR team has provided Science and Mathematics equipment to schools for use in their laboratories and classes.

DepEd General Trias City’s Learning Resource Department continues to look for new ways to better facilitate learning in our schools. We abide by our mandate to provide the materials necessary in the most convenient and accessible way for both teachers and learners.

(Ma. Criscel R.Negosa, Education Program Supervisor-LRMS, DepEd General Trias City)