A post from a social networking site concerning teachers not doing their job amid the COVID-19 crisis reaches the knowledge of educators. Although teachers are not frontliners in battling the spread of corona virus, still they are doing their part to better serve the community.

An example of this is the teachers of Emmanuel Elementary School of Cuenca District in Batangas Province who are working from home. Not leaving their house, they become role models to children following the mandate of the president. They help prevent the spread  of  the virus by staying indoors.

So, what are these teachers doing at home? They are computing grades, encoding grades in Form 138, SF10, SF5 which is done online, and preparing SF2, SF1, and many more school forms needed in school. They are also Communicating to learners to access DepEd Commons, checking of forms, video conferencing with school head and stake holders. These are responsibilities  teachers are doing that others do not know . They are still busy with school work even in their houses.

Moreover, teachers salute all doctors,nurses,medical staff, soldiers, policemen, and all the frontliners in facing this challenge. (Maria Cristina H. Ramos, Teacher III, Emmanuel Elementary School, Cuenca District, SDO Batangas Province)