In its commitment to provide quality basic education to all Baraseño students, Baras Senior High School of Rizal Province formally launched its flagship program titled BarasHENYOS or Highly Enthusiastic and Youth-Oriented School on December 6, 2019.

Through the leadership of principal and primary proponent, Marvin Belisario Se, BarasHENYOS aimed to address the pressing needs of the school in terms of access, quality, and governance with the end-goal of achieving ACCES’s or A Child and Community – Centered Education Systems. BarasHENYOS also aimed to gain and mobilize the support of all school stakeholders towards the achievement of its objectives. This is also in line with DepEd’s Sulong EduKalidad.

BarasHENYOS is composed of different projects which focus on various key results areas. These projects all underwent Continuous Improvement (CI) process to meet the needs of the learners. Project RaISE or Raising and Increasing School Enrollment addresses the relatively low enrollment rate of the school. Project ReACH or Reducing Absenteeism through Collaboration and Home visitation employs innovative strategies in order to raise students’ attendance and reduce drop-out rate. In fact, the school released and implemented its localized guidelines on attendance checking and home visitation which serves as guide and standard to be followed by the teachers. Weekly reporting is done by the advisers in order to properly monitor the attendance of the students. A standard process on home visitation was also established which made the job of the teachers easier.

Insofar as quality is concerned, the school introduced Project EnSciangMATtuto. Intervention and remediation activities have been maximized in this project in order to address the least mastered skill of students particularly on Communication Arts, Science, and Mathematics. Since the school has just been established in 2016, its resources and facilities still need improvement. Thus, BSHS introduced Project LIFT or Linkages towards Improvement and Facilities Transformation. The project is utilizing strategies in order to attract different partners from the local government unit, non-government organization, and other private entities. Presently, the school is in the final stage of the development of the Partnership Manual which could help attain its vision to become a Center of Excellence on Institutional Partnership in Baras District.

All these innovative projects are under one umbrella program. Pitsberg B. De Rosas, public schools district supervisor of Baras District and Municipal Mayor Kathrine B. Robles have expressed their full support to these projects. Both officials have commended the school for launching this needs-based program.

Meanwhile, Assistant Principal Se challenged the teachers and stakeholders to continuously work together. “I laud the efforts and commitment of all teachers and school stakeholders during the crafting and initial implementation of these projects. The aims of these endeavors will only be realized if we hold on together for the sake of the BarasHenyo learners. Let us prove that our school is truly the Home of the BarasHenyos,” said Se.

Baras Senior High School will remain steadfast in its mission of producing value-laden and holistically developed learners by continuously engaging, collaborating and serving with a united heart and spirit. (Marvin B. Se, Assistant Principal II, Baras Senior Hig School, Division of Rizal Province)