The Agricultural Training Institue (ATI) Region IV-A CALABARZON strengthened its partnership with Baras Senior High School to bring the e-Learning program to the students in the Technical-Vocational Livelihood (TV) Track.

“The students can learn and at the same time cultivate interest in agriculture-related courses for their tertiary education through e-Learning program, “emphasized by Dr. Ronald V. Maningas, Chief of ATI-Information Services Section, during the briefing held to the TVL students on Spetember 27, 2019.

Based on the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by Baras SHS and ATI, during the course of the program, the learners will complete three e-Learning courses namely Lika Usap Tayo: Effective Human Communication and Human Relations (COMM1), Climate Change 101: Understanding Climate Change in Agri-Fisheries (CC101), and a course of their choice until November 2019.

A total of 56 students under TVL track took the program from September up to November 2019. All of them have satisfactorily completed the requirements to pass the e-Learning course which lead to the graduation ceremony on December 11, 2019 at Baras Senior High School with the theme, “Engaging the Youth in Agri: Introducing e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries to TVL Track”.

The graduation rites highlighted the giving of certificates of participation and recognition to the students was attended by Chief Ronald V. Maningas, Maridelle G. Jaurige, program officers and other staff of ATI CALABARZON.

“I would like to thank Baras Senior High School, its teachers, staff and school head for allowing us to introduce e-Learning program to your students. I hope that some of you, if not all, will pursue agricultural-related courses in college to be of help to the sector and the nation as a whole,” said by Maningas during the culminating activity.

Likewise, Jaurige congratulated the TVL students for demostrating hardwork and commitment during the course of the program. She also lauded the teachers for their full support and cooperation toward the realization of the objectives of the e-Learning course.

“I express my deep gratitude to ATI led by Chief Maningas and Ms. Maridelle for chooosing Baras Senior High School as one of only five recipient schools in DepEd CALABARZON. Rest assured that we will enrich the knowledge and skills gained by our students from your worthy endeavor,” said Marvin B. Se, Assistant Principal II to the program proponents during the ceremony.

The graduation ceremony culminated with the commitment board signing led by Assistant Principal Se and Chief Maningas. The activity aims to further strengthen and sustain the partnership between Baras Senior High School and Agricultural Training Institute. (Marvin B. Se, Assistant Principal II, Baras Senior Hig School, Division of Rizal)