Busal Elementary School opened its Inspire Science Fair 2019 held on September 27 at the Grades 5 and 6 classrooms with the theme, Science for the People: Enabling Technologies for Sustainable Development.

The fair provided interactive hands-on learning for pupils through its eight different stations which concentrated on simple Science experiments and showcased manipulative instructional materials and projects. Likewise, experiments were also performed outside the classroom.

“We want the pupils to appreciate Science even without having those huge, complicated things,” said Adrian N. Naynes, Teacher-in-Charge of BES.

“In our case, the pupils can just come in here, and they can already perform the actual activity. As the pupils conduct their experiments, they also apply critical thinking skills; they raise questions about what they are doing,” he added.  

“Likewise, the pupils learn to explore the answers to their queries. We actually focus on the inquiry method that’s why there are different stations. It’s just as simple as learning by exploring the world around you,” said Patrick S. Bacera, a Grade 1 and 2 teacher.

Many of the participating pupils were excited about what they experienced during the fair.

Brian Jasper R. Almira, a fifth grader said he really liked the fair because it showed him things he didn’t learn every day during school.

Meanwhile, Akeem Aron P. Valdeavilla, the school’s Science Coordinator who initiated the activity, had his own ideas for the next year’s event and intends to do it “bigger and better.” (Akeem Aron P. Valdeavilla, Teacher II, Busal Elementary School)