To showcase schools’ best practices, teachers’ performance and pupils’ accomplishment, the Schools Division of Laguna held the Second Division Portfolio Day with the theme ‘Fiesta De Cartera Celebrating Skills, Works and Achievements for Professional Progress’ at Lumban Central Elementary School, Lumban District, September 27.

Schools Division Superintendent Josilyn S. Solana mentioned that leaders should not stop pursuing and doing their best for others.

“Don’t be a parrot in life, be an eagle,” SDS Solana said as she explained that a parrot talks way too much and can’t fly high but an eagle is silent and has the willpower to touch the sky. She continued that an eagle symbolizes courage, strength, and wisdom that educators must possess.

“Continue to soar high like an eagle, don’t let the parrot hinder you from being the best that you can be, but you should know how to respect and serve others like what you are doing now to your teachers, you are guiding them into the right path,” she added.

The schools division superintendent also suggested that in this kind of activity, she wants to see more pupils’ output displayed because who knows that someday, somewhere, and someone from Laguna will be like one of the most famous persons in the world like John L. Gokongwei Jr.

The said activity was also attended by the Municipality Mayor, other SDO Laguna Management Officials, education program supervisors, public schools district supervisors, school heads, Lumban district teachers, parents, and selected pupils.

Education Program Supervisor in LRMDS Godofredo C. Mercado and his company gave their honest review in the strengths and weaknesses of teachers’ portfolio. According to him, one of the best school practices of Lumban District is the use of ICT-based technique in checking pupils’ answer sheet which is being implemented at Lumban Senior High School. Godofredo is hoping that other schools will also apply this system.

Portfolio Day not only aimed to provide technical assistance but also to share some of schools’ best practices and to improve Results-Based Performance Management System from the four Key Result Areas – KRA 1: Content Knowledge and Pedagogy, KRA 2: Learning Environment and Diversity of Learners, KRA 3: Curriculum and Planning, and KRA 4: Assessment and Reporting in the Division of Laguna.

Finally, SDO Laguna congratulated everyone for the success of the Second Division Portfolio Day and promised that officials and teachers will continue to do their best for the benefit of their stakeholders especially the youth. (Jeneth D. De Robles, Teacher III, Lumban Central Elementary School, Division of Laguna Province)