Sampaloc National High School (SNHS) is setting the path of innovative strategies in monitoring students’ attendance and improvement of the attendance monitoring system.

In a classroom setting where teachers would normally check attendance by calling the names of the students or ask them to raise their hands or answer “Present!”, SNHS does it in an unlikely way.

Amelito Ojascastro, Master Teacher I of Sampaloc National High School found a way of modernizing students’ attendance by using a barcode attendance system. Ojascastro detailed the step-by-step process of using an application that uses barcodes and Microsoft Excel in monitoring the attendance of his students.

“I created barcodes which I can scan before they enter the room, easier and paperless,” the 38-year-old educator said in an interview. These barcodes are machine-readable black rectangles and lines that contain data and is readable when scanned.

Students will be more regular as the system notes down the time along with the attendance. No attendance sheet signature is required so no other person can make an attendance on behalf of others as barcodes are unique for every student. The system helps the teacher to easily identify late comers. The teacher can easily find the attendance history of a student. It saves time, cost, efforts, and organization resources.

As the ICT coordinator in the school, Teacher Mel is also pushing to integrate the barcode system in the school library for monitoring books and students borrowing books. Other innovations were put to practice such as the e-Learning corner in the school library to improve students’ literacy and numeracy by letting them play literacy and numeracy games. (Maria Carrmela Rachel G. Esclanda, Teacher I, Sampaloc NHS, Division of Quezon Province)