After the successful launching of Project ABCD or Absolvement of Birth Certificate Deferment last February, wherein 38 Bogon elementary school pupils benefitted from the program, it became known in the locality and made a buzzing effect.

Many parents approached Bogon ES and requested for the availment of PSA birth certificate of their children. They were thankful because they do not need to exert effort of going to Lucena City plus the cost-cut was beneficial to them. This further prompted the school to expand the program to Project ABCD-EF.

Why ABCD-EF? The program Absolvement of Birth Certificate Deferment before catered issues concerning birth certificate of Bogon ES pupils. Now, it became ABCD-EF where “EF” stands for Extended Form as it now also caters to parents who have issues and concerns regarding birth certificate. Their problem is no longer the problem of the school. Now the school sees this as an opportunity for a more stable relationship between the school and community plus the leverage that may be produced from the program.

But aside from the issues and concerns of the pupils, it was discovered that birth certificate deferment also affected some parents. Some of them in the community have not yet requested from the local civil registrar and they asked the help of the school about their concerns. The school listened to their woes and decided to include them in the said program, after all, parents are part of the school.

By tapping the LGU support and Head of the Municipal Civil Registrar Roldan Luna, Bogon ES felt fortunate for the success of the program.  (Arlene R. Dinglasan, Principal I, Bogon Elementary School, Sariaya West District, Division of Quezon Province)