The Schools Division Office of Batangas Province initiated its mission to equip 58 teaching and non-teaching personnel with monetary management literacy through the Financial Empowerment Seminar for DepEd Employees held at La Virginia Resort, Mataasnakahoy, Batangas, August 28 to 30.

The first module was delivered by Education Program Supervisor Marian Arias who focused on Financial Planning. She informed the participants on the importance of having passive income aside from an active one that teachers already have. She also reiterated the drawbacks of having too much debt, describing it as a double-edged sword that can make employees rich or poor.

Module 2 was discussed by Principal Dulce Amor Abante from San Pascual District where she tackled Savings and Budgeting. The ideal formula for saving was presented, showing that for employees to save money, they should practice the idea, “Income – Savings = Expenses”.

Abante also discussed Borrowing and Debt where she differentiated “good debt” from “bad debt”. Furthermore, she emphasized that a debt can be upright if it can give extra income in the long run, while it can be a liability if such gives you higher debt.

Modules 4, 5 and 6 were discussed by Avelino B. Mortel, PSDS of Balayan District and Division Information Officer. Topics he delivered were Investment, Fraud and Scam, and Financial Consumer Protection. It was emphasized in the session that saving money for the future is a must for all employees, and for them to do it proficiently, they should invest. Yet, before they learn how to make their money grow, they should first know how to keep their money safe and secured. According to him, one way to do that is to protect finances from fraud and scam.

The last day was intended for Principal Erickson Gutierrez of Rosario District who gave further ideas relative to financial management and prepared the partakers for the demo run of the entire session. This was followed by the simulation activities conducted by all the partakers being divided into six groups constituting for the modules that had been discussed. This is a preparation for the cascading of the participants in their respective districts and stations.

The three-day seminar concluded through a closing program wherein hopes and aspirations were high that this would make every teacher and personnel financially capable of applying such education for apt decision making.  (Lloyd I. Alvarez, Teacher III, Division of Batangas)