Governor Ferrer Memorial National High School – Main from the Division of General Trias City continues its mission of bringing topnotch education for all Gentriseños. While the metamorphosis of the young division rapidly developed, its separation from the mother division brought no negative effect at all. In fact, the Ferrerians’ teaching and learning practices gave a better image to the neophyte division in terms of getting appreciation from the Department of Education as its programs and projects became a point of interest in benchmarking especially from the other schools and other divisions.

Just last year, the Reinforced Strategies Toward Reading Efficiency (RESTORE) was hailed as Best Reading Program, making the school as one of the best learning institutions. More than 20 projects are anchored in this program which cater the needs of the students especially in enhancing their reading prowess. This program underwent different evaluation procedures through the great mind of Anna Faye D. Tamio, the reading program coordinator. Believing that the ability to read transforms lives and changes outcomes through the opportunities it brings children, the program envisions a future where all students in GFMNHS-Main (Junior) possess the reading skills to reach their full potential.

One of its highly recognized projects is the Mobile Reading Tour (MRT) where volunteer teachers and students conduct a ‘Barangayan Reading Roadshow’ with children of different communities. This project has three major highlights accomplished by facilitators – Interactive Storytelling, One-on-One Reading, and Fun and Games where reading is integrated. The recipients of this project are able to get a chance to improve their reading skills while also enjoying the show prepared by the school. These children also witnessed firsthand storytelling from the teachers. Most importantly, these children are able to read and learn new stories as the final activity of the day focuses on enhancing their reading skills.


From a simple reinforcement to addressing students at risk of dropping-out, the importance of MRT has catapulted into something huge as it has become a major activity of GFMNHS-Main. It has garnered vast support mostly from the local government unit officials of the barangays in General Trias City as well as from stakeholders and Schools Division Office.

The project has three main objectives which are to provide a venue for learning to out-of-school children; to develop the love for reading among the children in the community; and to provide worthwhile activities for children, teachers, employees, and barangay officials.

It is apparent that MRT looks to be sailing smoothly and on the right track of fulfilling its extended mission especially that DepEd has noticed the said program. The sturdy backing from the school head, Prudencio M. Animas, Principal IV of GFMNHS, also has become a major factor in reaching new heights by following one of DepEd’s order, Education for All (EFA).

Annaliza Q. Aviles, MRT Coordinator, once said during the implementation of the program that collaborative effort will surely take them to success. One of the purposes of the reading program is to bring out the passion within, especially among teachers and learners. They are able to get new knowledge which encourages them to show their real character in a more positive way.

“It is always about reaching the goals of our program. We want these children to learn from us. This is the nature of being a teacher, you always want someone to learn from you especially these kids. Helping them learn makes us happy,” added Aviles.

Principal Animas, also mentioned the cliché ‘Nasa Pagbasa ang Pag-asa’ in his opening remarks in one of the MRT activities. This is to reemphasize how valuable reading is to every learner.


Various barangays from General Trias City have signified their intention to be a recipient of the mobile reading program. After the opening of classes for school year 2019-2020, the school visited three communities: Pasong Camachile I, Bacao I and Dulong Bayan where local officials supported the said event.

“Natutuwa kami na maging kabahagi ng programa ng inyong paaralan. Naniniwala ako na napakahalaga ng pagbabasa sapagkat ito ay malaking tulong sa bawat isa. Suportado po namin ang ganitong mga programa lalo pa at para ito sa mga kabataan ng barangay namin,” said Bacao I Brgy. Captain Ernesto C. Parin.

Last year, the school visited at least eight barangays surrounding Governor Ferrer-Main. Up until now, MRT project is on the bucket list of every teacher’s travelogue.


While the local officials continuously show support to strengthen the MRT program, the children obviously are the ones enjoying the stay while watching them speak in front of the crowd. It is more exciting to be at a place where you could learn and enjoy at the same time. Sitting next to a friend and hearing valuable stories while waiting for their turn to read and learn is a bliss for the young minds.

For Jon Joseph R. Dollete, a 9-year-old resident of Barangay Bacao I, the happiness brought to him by the comical action of the teachers during the storytelling gave him more reason to stay and listen to  more stories. He never felt bored as he patiently waited for another charade, be it happy or a sad one.

“Mas ginaganahan po akong manood lalo po masaya silang mga teacher. Nakakatuwa po sila. Kase po ang gagaling nilang magbasa saka mag-acting,” answered an amused Joseph in an interview with ‘The Ferrerian’ news writers Xhiela Mie Cruz and Jester Macadenden.

He also mentioned how his parents encouraged him to go to the reading program. According to him, he was told by his mother to attend the said activity because it would help him to be more knowledgeable in reading. Also, this triggered his utmost dream of becoming a teacher someday.

“Pangarap ko pong maging guro para makatulong sa mga batang katulad ko. Gusto ko rin po makatulong sa mga magulang ko,” he added.

Just like any other young kid, the happiness and excitement were overwhelming. The small haven became a heaven for these young Bacaoueños who sacrificed their time just to learn and be part of the mobile reading program of the school.

Indeed, reading transcends limitless power to conquer the world. (Hernane Buella and Kath Abuyo, Schools Division of General Trias City)