Equipped with the passion, knowledge, and skills, the ICT team of Ungos National High School held its first one-day ICT training-workshop where participants were introduced to new trends and applications available online and offline in order to be more confident and equipped with the right knowledge and skills to face the challenge of the 21st-century education, June 9.

The event is part of the UNHS Computer Skills Enhancement Program or COMSEP and as support to the provision of Microsoft Office 365 accounts to all DepEd employees.

Nick Rinen highlighted the advantage of Office 365 over other office applications. He explained how to avail of the Office 365  freely by just using a valid DepEd email account. Through his walkthrough, the participants learned about the many features of Office 365 which cannot be found in other office application.

William Inte, Master Teacher and SHS ICT Coordinator of Ungos National High School discussed a series of important topics in ICT. He emphasized the difference between an offline and online setup and application in his basic and advanced network presentation. His demonstration on how an IPWebcam can be used in the classroom together with a laptop caught the interest of the attendees. The WebEx online application and its features were also tackled during Inte’s discussion.

Inte also introduced the many features of Microsoft Educator Community where participants can experience new learning style through online training and resources while being recognized by Microsoft with badges and certificates. The SHS ICT Coordinator also showed new skills the participants can apply in OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word.

Furthermore, Rhona Ordinado, the Junior High School ICT Coordinator spoke about office.com. Her presentation highlighted the Microsoft word online immersive reader. Through this online feature, the reading ability of learners can be enhanced from pronunciation to the word identification and definition. She also discussed Sway, an online presentation tool that is easier to use than a PowerPoint and can be used to create a collaborative presentation from different online participants. Another useful educational tool discussed was flipgrid, a website that facilitates online video discussions between teachers and their students.

Meanwhile, Jaicelle Taniegra, the school organ adviser tackled the use of Publisher in designing newsletters. She demonstrated different styles and techniques that can be applied using the said application. Taniegra also gave some important reminders in writing photo caption like the use of the present tense as if the event is “happening right now” and the proper way of identifying the main person in the photo.

Elmer Potes, Master Teacher I of Ungos National High School was the last speaker for the event. Participants were still interested and eager during Potes’ Photoshop presentation and demonstration in doing a basic tarpaulin layout.

On the other hand, School Head Yoleny R.  Portales, despite not being present during the event for a meeting, managed to observe and update herself with what is happening because of the CCTV camera installed in the school vicinity. This initiative of the school head has made the whole school community more secured and has helped in keeping a watch on the punctuality of all teachers and in monitoring and keeping track of all activities taking place in school premises.  (William P. Inte, Master Teacher I and SHS ICT Coordinator, Ungos National High School – Main, SDO Quezon Province)