A total of 497 public school teachers from 36 participating schools have been capacitated and guided in the application and implementation of the Results-based Performance Monitoring System – Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers in Luis Palad Integrated High School, Tayabas City, April 22-26.

The PPST which aims to set clear expectations and standards for teachers along well-defined career stages of professional development and engage them in a continuing effort to improve performance was effectively discussed with its partner-tool, the RPMS.

Through the leadership of Schools Division Superintendent Catherine P. Talavera, the facilitators of each of the classes walked the teachers through the PPST, i.e. on career stages, the 7 domains, the sample modules for the 12 priority strands for 2019-2020; the RPMS, i.e. on its cycle, the criteria/objectives in the IPCRF; and the preparation of Means of Verification (MOV’s), i.e. the main and the supporting ones.

During abstraction, teachers realized how the RPMS, a tool to gauge teachers’ performance and the PPST, a standard for Filipino teachers are married to facilitate DepEd’s goal to ensure quality teachers.

“Now, I realize that preparing the MOV’s is not a burden after all,” one teacher said.

Another participant expressed, “It is consoling to know that the results of my class observations are our main MOV’s while our DLPs, IMs, Performance Tasks, Assessment Tools are our supporting documents. That means, we will not find it difficult to achieve an Outstanding Rating.”

The matrix and the SLEs spelled out the following for the participants: Revisiting RPMS-PPST Journey, Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of Teachers based on COT, Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST), the RPMS Cycle highlighting the Roles of Rater and Ratee in Each Phase of the Cycle, Understanding RPMS Tools and MOVs, Use of PPST-Based Classroom Observation Tool (COT) in the RPMS, COT-RPMS Portfolio Organization and Assessment, Classroom Observation Protocols, Simulation of Inter-Observer Agreement Exercise, E-SAT, IPDP Preparation, Preparation of Action Plan by School.

A total of 28 facilitators and 13 class managers helped accomplish the objectives of the sessions.  (Luzviminda E. Saludares, EPS II, SDO Tayabas City)