Eleven Junior Girl Scouts from Padre Burgos District bagged six awards as they represent Quezon Council during the 20th National Overnight Camp at Helena Benitez National Program and Training Center, February 21-22.

Scouters Laura  Ashley Mendoza, Hannah Sophia Alpuerto, Julia Castilla Daygo, Gerel Vane Pimentel, Sabine Ashley Ricaplaza, Alyssa Karizma Milagrosa, Madisson Laurel Suarez and Araziel Maureen Villana from Padre Burgso Central School with Scouters Jasmine Toleros, Alara Lois Santos, and Elise Ann Verastigue from Kinagunan Elementary School were awarded Most Active Participants after winning in all of the activities on the said camp.

The girls finished the obstacle and rope course with the shortest time, having them declared as the winner. It was followed by another award “Best in Indoor Cooking” as their dish was chosen by the staff particularly the camp director. Their determination and luck continued as their output was selected as the best during the arts and crafts activity.

The girls likewise showcased their talents as they danced “We change the world” where they were chosen as the top performers. They were also recognized as Best in Campfire Presentation as they performed a dance-related skit which reflected the theme, “Live Happily, Use gadgets responsibly”.

Because of receiving all six possible awards, they wowed the camp staff from the National Office and Bataan Council and the other participants who came from different councils and regions, including Antipolo, San Pablo and Laguna Councils of Region IV-A.

Moreover, the girls were guided by their troop leaders, Margarette Elma, Maila Remo, and Czariza Mariel T. Mojares. They were also supported by their school heads, Tarcela Q. Eroles and Teresa V. Nadura, and permitted by PSDS Elenar B. Opena. Meanwhile Quezon Girl Scout Council Executive Imelda V. Cruz chose Padre Burgos District as the delegate for the said event. (Czariza Mariel T. Mojares, Teacher I, Padre Burgos District, Division of Quezon)