Morong Elementary launched a new school-based project called ANGEL or Awareness of Natal Day as a Gift for Every Learner. Margarita A. Rodrigo, school head, initiated the activity with the objective of recognizing learners’ birthdays during flag ceremonies every first Monday of the month.

The birthday recognition ceremony consists of giving away simple tokens to those celebrants for the current month. They also have the privilege to blow their birthday candles right in front of their classmates and friends.

“It is important to acknowledge pupil’s birthdays so that it will instill in their minds that being born is a gift and they should always be grateful for it,” said Rodrigo. Moreover, she thinks that it will minimize students’ absenteeism during flag ceremonies for they will look forward to the days when their names or their classmates’ names will be called out in front to celebrate their birth month.

The announcement of pupils’ birthdays during flag raising activity has been on-going since June 2018. Only now it has been recognized as an official project of the school.

Morong ES plans to continuously implement it for the next batch of students from Kindergarten to sixth grade. (Margarita A. Rodrigo, Principal I, Morong Elementary School)