Bukal Sur Elementary School (BSES) in collaboration with stakeholders through the Eco-Friendly Committee launched five out-reach activities from its several eco programs that raised environmental awareness among the school personnel and extended it to the community in the strategic sites of Barangay Bukal Sur, Candelaria, Quezon on March 9.

These activities were clean-up drive, tree planting, storytelling and symposium. The program also included climate change mitigation, Eco-bazaar, and Feeding program where the recipients and main participants were people in the community. The activities were facilitated by the school personnel, club officers, GPTA, and other external stakeholders.

A total of 425 stakeholders, which was beyond the target of 150, took part in the conduct of the said activities in response to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2017-2022 to make the school and community as living laboratories of learning.

Coordinators of the different programs guided by school principal, Josephine S. Arquiza and the Eco-friendly focal person, Maricon V. Estrellado, spearheaded the conduct of these activities, while the Local Government of Barangay Bukal Sur manned by Engineer Morel L. Escalona with the permission of Public Schools District Supervisor Mario Pablo V. Umali Jr. supported the activities.

“It’s hitting five birds with one stone,” Arquiza said in an interview.

With this in view, the out-reach programs realized simultaneously in the pre-identified sites of the barangay who were in need of support, was helpful in gathering valuable insights on how to become living stewards of the environment and transforming it to a learning environment.

The committee also conceptualized and created eco models like heroes who lived in the spirit of learning by loving nature. They were named as “Super Eco and Eco Princess,” pupils who came from grade 6 class who exemplified awareness on environmental concerns and were tasked to oversee the whole programs which helped in persuading everyone to be eco heroes, too.

Additionally, information dissemination on issues and concerns regarding nature to mitigate climate change became the focus of the symposium where a total of 36 participants were enlightened and challenged to become proactive members of the community in sustaining a safe and friendly learning environment.

Meanwhile, 217 stakeholders joined the clean-up drive and tree planting activities at Riverside where 100 fruit-bearing trees and mahogany were planted to be tended by the stakeholders whose houses were closer to the planting site and will be monitored by the committee.

Moreover, Php 14,260 was raised as proceeds from the Eco Bazaar out of the crafts created by the pupils from the re-used, recovered, and recycled materials including used clothes and accessories donated by stakeholders which were still usable were sold in the cheapest price. This amount will be utilized by the committee in perpetuating its goals and objectives of sustaining an ecofriendly learning environment while educating the community.

Finally, the process owners of these activities vowed to continue these endeavors making the school as the main agent of change until every learner, parent, and member of the community is aware of its social responsibilities in nation building in response to the three pillars of PDP 2017-2022 and UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals through Eco-friendly activities. (Rodel D. Briones, Master Teacher 1, Bukal Sur ES)