Pursuant to DepEd Order No. 42, s. 2017, also known as the National Adoption and Implementation of the Philippine Profession Standards for Teachers, Lakeside District of San Pablo City, spearheaded by its supervisor and school heads conducted a rollout on the Results-Based Performance Management System (RPMS) Tools for teachers and Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers(PPST) at the Rizal Hall of San Pablo Central School on August 23-24.

The objectives of the rollout are to review or discuss the importance of RPMS and its phases, disseminate and orient teachers on the use of RPMS Tool, and resolve issues and concerns on the new results-based assessment tools implementation.

The RPMS was aligned with the PPST to develop new results-based assessment tools which will aid in the crucial role of teachers in improving the quality of the teaching-learning process. Moreover, the RPMS-PPST is an organization-wide process to ensure that teachers will focus on their work towards the achievement of DepEd’s mission, vision, and values. Relatively, it is an approach or strategy for continuous individual and professional growth for all DepEd personnel.

Through this system, teachers will be rated and evaluated according to their performance, accomplishment and development. It will also serve as basis to determine the teachers’ eligibility to the Performance Based Bonus (PBB), allowances, incentives, or compensation.

Through the implementation of the RPMS-PPST, the work ethics, culture, performance and accountability of teachers will be revitalized. The productivity and delivery of quality service in DepEd will be gallantly enhanced because teachers will be motivated and committed to work hard in the achievement of its goals. Furthermore, their consistent efforts will be rewarded with reasonable and just compensation.

Aside from the orientation regarding the said DepEd Order, teachers from the district underwent some worthwhile activities and workshops on how to use the RPMS tools. They were also grouped according to their years in service namely; Beginning (0-3 years), Proficient (Teacher I-III) and Highly Proficient (Master Teacher I-IV). They also had a walkthrough on the modules of the RPMS Tools. The speakers provided teachers with sample modules, and were asked to give their interpretations and understanding on the different parts of each module.

With the District Learning Conference’s successful and smooth implementation of the RPMS-PPST rollout, the division hopes that the positive impact on teachers with the collaboration of School Heads will let them embrace the inevitable change and recent trends in the facilitation of quality and accessible education for all. (Ryan Lester C. Macandili, Teacher III, San Pablo Central School, Division of San Pablo City)