Lucena City National High School (LCNHS) is the first and only Smart Wi-Fi campus in Lucena City.

This was made possible during the launching of Smart Communications, Inc. to more than 1,000 people in the First General Parent and Teachers Association (GPTA) Assembly at City High Covered Court last June 16.

LCNHS and Smart team allotted five million pesos to let students enjoy 100Mbps of wireless reliability, powering the leading wireless services provider’s objectives, to increase accessibility of education, ease demands of 21st century learning, and make education wireless as linked to the Smart’s tagline, “Enjoy connections like never before”.

According to ICT Coordinator Fermela V. Calvario, all students will be able to put the world in the palm of their hands.

“Because of Smart, the power of accessibility is now in each of learner’s hands that’s why I believe that a lot of things will be developed to teachers and students in terms of knowledge, strategies and abilities,” Calvario explained.

The ICT Coordinator also thanked the telecommunication community for choosing LCNHS amongst the schools in Lucena to be a Smart Wi-Fi Campus.

Cristina B. Rogelio, Division IT Officer, headed the LCNHS Team for the accomplishment of the said project with the help of Dr. Epifania F. Carandang, SGOD, Chief and Dr. Aniano M. Ogayon, SDS, for the approval and Dr. Rolito M. Inojosa, LCNHS Principal II, for the provision.

On the other hand, Anthony Estagle (Development Manager), Nerwin Tan (Community Development Manager-Quezon), Misha Maloles (Retail Trade Marketing Officer), Jian Villanueva (WIFI-South Luzon), Rowell Ayalan (Operational Manager), Ric Candia (Community Development Supervisor-South Luzon) and Evona Rosero led the Smart team.

Smart also adopted and repainted one classroom as stakeholder during the Brigada Eskwela to contribute in the development of the school’s facility. (Louis Zner Mendoza Tierra, Grade 10 student, LCNHS, Lucena City)