DepEd Batangas City saved two significant dates for the administration of two national assessments namely Language Assessment for Primary Grades (LAPG) and National Assessment Test (NAT).  The former was administered to Grade 4 pupils last July 13, 2016 and the latter was given to Grade 7 students on July 15, 2016.  Two hundred eighty one (281) teachers facilitated the test to five thousand six hundred ninety one (5,691) Grade 4 public school students. The test started at 7:30 in the morning and ended before midday.

 Mr. Eugene Adrao, LRMDS Supervisor from DepEd Region IV-A CALABARZON visited a number of elementary public schools to monitor the administration of LAPG . He was given a warm reception by the school heads of Batangas City East Elementary School, Batangas City South Elementary School, Bolbok Elementary School and Sta. Rita Elementary School.

He also monitored the conduct of NAT in private and public secondary schools.  Two thousand six hundred twenty four (2,624) room examiners administered the NAT to a sum of nine thousand seven hundred ninety-eight (9,798) Grade 7 students in private and public schools. Private and secondary school heads exuded the same warm reception to the monitoring team that made Mr. Adrao feel homey in Batangas City.

         Despite a number of rescheduling in the administration of these national assessments, the Bureau of Educational Assessment (BEA) prepared the learning materials with precision and   was able to deliver them ahead of time. Schools were clean and loiter free providing examinees a fresh breath of air while taking the test. The conducive environment allowed test takers to focus and concentrate on the test.  Room examiners strictly observed the needs for a smooth and fair test administration.   Mrs. Angelisa A. Amoto, EPS for SGOD and Division Testing Coordinator (DTC), made sure that the room examiners and test materials were sufficient in respective schools. Miss Sally L. Mendoza, SEPS, Mrs. Ponciana R. Arevalo, EPS II  of SGOD –SM&E and Analiza Aleta, Admin Aide , acted as support staff in the administration of the aforementioned assessment. Dr. Donato G. Bueno, OIC-SDS, made his rounds of monitoring, likewise the Public School Distirict Supervisor and Education Program Supervisors.

It was Mr. Adrao’s  first ever visit in the Division of Batangas City and when asked how was the experience, “I enjoyed the accommodation and the greenery of the schools which is refreshing and relaxing,” he answered.

Mr. Adrao maximized his visit in Batangas City that he was able to meet and greet  ASDS, Mrs. Rhina I. Silva; CID Chief, Dr. Sacoro R. Comia; SGOD Chief, Dr. Victoria G. Fababier; LRMDS PDO, Mrs. Vilma Miguel and Library Hub Librarian, Mrs. Marie Paz B. Closa.

Sally L. Mendoza
SEPS-SGOD, Batangas City