In response to the call of Region IV-A Curriculum and Learning Management Division, the Schools Division of Lipa City issued a division memorandum titled Division Assessment on Fractional Numeracy for Grade 6 pupils to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the learners on fractions, March 10, 2016.

Identified as the least learned topic most pupils are struggling with, based on the recent National Achievement Test (NAT) results, a total of 5 864 graduating elementary students were given a 20- item test 12 days  after the release of the aforementioned memorandum.

The results were consolidated by the Public School District Supervisors (PSDS) assigned in each district to develop appropriate interventions to improve pupils’ mathematical skills and identify the training program to enhance the learners’ performance in Mathematics. Results showed that Finding the Equivalent Fractions and Simplifying Fractions are the most mastered skills of Grade 6 pupils.

On the other hand, it has been evident in the statistically treated data among all schools that pupils have the highest percentages of difficulty in Answering Problems Involving Application of Two or More Operations of Fractions, Addition and Subtraction of Dissimilar fractions, and Answering Problems Involving Division of Fractions. Now, the Curriculum and Implementation Division (CID) encourages teachers to develop appropriate interventions to improve pupil’s mathematical skills as constant drill on basic skills should be practiced. Likewise, the use of individual show- me- board to maximize pupil’s participation in the recitation or discussion is encouraged.

Further, the use of Performance Cards is cited as a way to motivate and inspire pupils to be accountable on their daily school performances and Journal Making, as homework, is recommended to develop pupils’ communication and understanding skills through constant reflection.

The CID has already planned the continuous implementation of Project 2ME or the Mathematics Mentors Education, a series of training program to capacitate teachers on pedagogical and content knowledge in Mathematics. Topics about fractions had already been discussed during the instructional enhancement through Project P2ME – Phase 2, last April 2016.

Theresa G. Exconde
EPS-Mathematics, SDO Lipa City