Question: What is the composition of the computer packages that the schools will receive for SHS?

 Answer :Recipients of the specialized SHS package will receive 50 PCs, 1 laptop, 1 projector. Recipients of standalone SHS package will receive 

Question : What does readiness mean?

 Answer : Readiness means readiness of the e-classroom counterpart requirements based on the DCP school readiness checklist.

Question : In our division we have more schools that are offering SHS but are not included in the list. Are they going to receive a SHS package?

 Answer : Please note that the SHS list provided are those that will receive computer packages for those schools that are offering the specialized SHS packages (ICT, Arts and Design), and for standalone SHSs. Schools that are offering SHS GASS, ABM, HUMSS, STEM are still not in the list as they are still under procurement process thus are still not included in the Google Sheets that was shared yesterday.