Data Request Procedure: 

*Requesting Agency/Company/Researcher*

  1. Prepare the document below:
    1. a.    Duly signed and scanned letter of request

The Request shall indicate the ff:

                                          i.    Addressed to the Regional Director

                                         ii.    Purpose of Request

                                        iii.    Listing of data being requested

                                       iv.    Preferred format (if any)

                                        v.    With return mailing address, contact number & email address

2.Scan the following documents to generate their “softcopies”

3. Email the scanned documents to the Regional Office thru the Policy, Planning & Research Division at, with the subject of “Data Request”.

4. Wait for notifications from the Policy, Planning and Research Division regarding the request (within the day upon receipt)

*Please be reminded that the processing time depends on the bulk and availability of the data being requested. (Maximum of 3 working days)

5. Upon signature of the Regional Director, the transmittal/reply letter with the attached requested data shall be emailed to the email address of the requester.