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Gate 2, Karangalan Village, Cainta, Rizal, Philippines
Telephone No. +63-2-6821197
Telefax No. +63-2-682-2114

Office of the Director (RD)
Phone: (02) 682-1169
Fax: (02) 682-2114

Quality Assurance and Accountability Team
Phone: (02) 682-8132

Administrative Division
Phone: (02) 647-6204

Budget and Finance Division
Phone: (02) 647-5236

Field and Technical Assistance Team
Phone: (02) 647-7487

Records Section
Phone: (02) 647-7076

Legal Unit
Phone: (02) 646-0097

Property Section
Phone: (02) 645-8406

Planning Unit
Phone: (02) 647-5964

Cashier’s Unit
Phone: (02) 645-1569

Training and Development
Phone: (02) 647-7076

Regional Payroll Services Unit (RPSU)
Phone: (02) 682-4587

Regional Physical and Building Facilities (RPBAC)
Phone: (02) 682-5773

Education Support Services/HNU
Phone: (02) 682-6941

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  1. Enedina Gencianeo says:

    Are schools are allowed to have field trips at this time? I have heard in a news a month ago that Field Trips are all cancelled, but as per my kids school they will be having a field trips this coming November 2014.

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