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Gate 2, Karangalan Village, Cainta, Rizal, Philippines
Telephone No. +63-2-6821197
Telefax No. +63-2-682-2114

Office of the Director (RD)
Phone: (02) 682-1169
Fax: (02) 682-2114

Assistant Regional Director (ARD)
Phone: (02) 681-7249

Quality Assurance Division (QAD)
Phone: (02) 682-6941

Administrative Division
Phone: (02) 647-6204

Finance Division
Phone: (02) 647-5236

Field and Technical Assistance (FTA)
Phone: (02) 647-7487

Records Section
Phone: (02) 647-7076

Legal Unit
Phone: (02) 646-0097

Property Section
Phone: (02) 645-8406

Policy Planning and Research Division (PPRD)
Phone: (02) 647-5964

Cashier’s Unit
Phone: (02) 645-1569

Human Resource and Development Division (HRDD)
Phone: (02) 682-1223

Regional Payroll Services Unit (RPSU)
Phone: (02) 682-4587

Education Support Services/HNU
Phone: (02) 682-8132

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  1. Nerel B Valencia says:

    Are the school allowed to keep the books of the students in school? As per school principal their policy is to leave all the books in school to avoil conflict with the lesson of the teacher?honestly i cannot get their logic.they only let the students to bring the books at home when they have assignment. Other reason they mention is that the teaching kuno ng parents is deifferent from teaching in school.this school is a private school.kindly reply me on my email.thank you very much.

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