One of the major programs of Ungos National High School is to strengthen the partnership with the stakeholders and with the Local Government Unit as they believe it would contribute to the more successful program on addressing the need of the learners.

While Senior High School work immersion program took place from November to December 2018, the UNHS ICT immersion students assigned to MSWDO together with William Inte was able to develop the MSWDO Information Management System.

This system is a customized software application capable to handle the transaction of the Senior citizens, Solo Parents, Persons with Disability, Indigenous People, and the Sustainable Livelihood Program of the Municipal Social Welfare Development Office of Real, Quezon. The  system not only faces the task of ensuring that the office procedures are accurate and efficient in MSWDO but also contributes to the Regional GAPAS Award 2018 received by the Real Local Government Unit for being the Best LGU Sustainable Livelihood Program implementer. (William P. Inte, Master Teacher I, Ungos National High School – Main)