To show their support in keeping the school environment a living laboratory of learning and to promote a sustainable eco-friendly school, Bukal Sur Elementary School (BSES) exposed learners on peers’ outputs as products of their performance from indigenous and recycled materials as part of their projects in different disciplines where eco-sustainability is integrated, March 22.

Around 1,300 pupils and stakeholders witnessed the display of pupils’ craftsmanship and artistry in producing pieces of art out of trashes while promoting entrepreneurship and love for nature. It could be recalled that during the first week of March, these materials were also showcased in the school’s Eco Bazaar where the school earned around Php 3,000 as proceeds in selling these items which would be utilized in sustaining the school without harming the environment.

Meanwhile, pupils were amazed with the different pieces of outputs because of their natural beauty and uses in the community, which promotes the culture of care for environment as integrated in the curriculum.

In an interview with some of the pupils, they said, “This activity helped us pupils to become responsible in sustaining environment while learning eco-concepts and turning trashes into functional pieces of arts.”

The activity also promoted the school’s vision and mission anchored on DepEd’s core values Maka-Diyos, Makatao, Makakalikasan at Makabansa. It also raised pupils and stakeholders’ awareness on environmental issues and concerns towards realizing their roles as agents of change in order to have clean and safe learning environment which was also cascaded to the community.

This exhibit has been implemented for two years, spearheaded by the Curriculum Committee chaired by Nina Madel Bandoy, assisted by Josephine Peller.

“This made our learners to be more vigilant in opposing negative activities against nature while leading them to become effective and efficient stewards and users of resources in school and community as they turn garbage into gold,” Bandoy added.

Echoing the same sentiments, Peller said, “This program will be perpetuated for the good of the learners, the school and the community as well, for as long as there were used empty plastic bottles, cans, containers, wrappers or papers around, the school will never cease to continue this activity. Pupils’ will be encouraged and challenged to turn this garbage into useful materials again. With these, eco-friendly projects and programs will continue to improve our ways of living.”

Principal Josephine Arquiza hopes that with the program, everyone in their community will be an eco-hero or an eco-advocate. Pupils awaited the yearly conduct of this event which brings excitement and enthusiasm to share their own pieces of materials out of used and recycled things scattered around the school and community premises. This also taught the learners to be aware of their social responsibilities as members of the school and the community as well, then apply it to the wider society until everyone becomes learned individuals. (Rodel D. Briones, Master Teacher 1, Bukal Sur ES, Candelaria, Quezon Province)