Schools Division of Calamba City has its own unique way of celebrating the Love Month. While they are fond of sharing and giving love, the Division does it in a different avenue through Project Love for Life, Share Blood.

Through Schools Division Superintendent Rosemarie D. Torres, SDO Calamba City was able to partner with  Philippine Red Cross and Calamba Medical Center to build a project where DepEd were able to contribute in bridging and building life through blood donation.

The two-day blood donation drive was able to garner 232 bags from the teaching and non-teaching forces of SDO Calamba City, a true testament to the event’s theme Dugo Ko, Alay ko para sa Calambeño.

The first day was facilitated by PRC, headed by Dr.  Jonie Dee C. Ramiro with six medical technicians and nurses while the second day was headed by CMC through  Dr. Jennifer Torres, Pathologist/Laboratory head. They were assisted by the Schools Division’s health personnel.

SDS Torres also visited the on-going event where she was able to check on the donors and mingle with the participants and technical working committee.

All participants were very eager to donate blood as they went to the process. The donors were asked to register first followed by the screening of their weight, age, and blood pressure by the Division’s health personnel. Further, the screening of the blood platelets was done by the volunteer phlebotomist and the fitness checking of the donor was done by the physician. Qualified donors were asked to proceed with the blood-letting.

After donating blood, they were advised to take a rest, enjoy a film, eat rice porridge (lugaw), boiled balut, and drink plenty of water.

Donors expressed their positive feedback for being able to extend help to those in need.

First time donors such as Eder Gallego, principal of E. Barretto Sr. Elementary School, appreciated the event that even though she felt dizzy after the process, she stressed the importance of the event.

“[It’s the] willingness to donate for the welfare of others and for health benefits as well kase kailangan din natin to,” she explained.

East 5 District Supervisor Dr. Randy Punzalan, who has been donating blood for five years now, explained that to him donating blood is an act of repaying to others.

“It’s a celebration of life… my daughter for three consecutive years was a recipient of donated blood…what I did today is giving back to others what they have given our family and that is the life of my daughter.” (Minariza M. Gillaco, DIO, SDO Calamba City)