Oplan PUSH CALL or Proper Upgrading and Systematic Harnessing of Competencies and Attitude of Learning Leaders is another notable undertaking spearheaded by the Schools Division of Calamba City in line with its goal to provide quality education to all its school children.

Launched on May 16 to 18, this program focuses on transforming winning into living and making a big difference to the lives of its pupils and students.  This was conducted at Tanza’s Oasis Hotel and Resort. It was attended by EPSs, PSDSs, Unit/Section Heads, School Heads, Guidance Counsellors, and School Department Heads.

It aimed to upgrade leadership and management competencies and instill the value of commitment, dedication, and public competitiveness. Further, it was an avenue for the 220 participants to be acquainted with one another to establish team building, collaboration, and camaraderie. Moreover, it was crafted to make a difference in the lives of school teachers, non-teaching personnel, and also, the school learners.

The three-day seminar was full of relevant, timely, and informative leadership lectures and activities.

Schools Division Superintendent Rosemarie D. Torres discussed How to Become Effective Supervisors/School Heads/Guidance Counselor where she emphasized in making a difference in the lives of the learners and in making the learner leaders to be worthy of emulation and praises. The SDS also reminded the participants that they need to strive to capacitate themselves, not just the minds but also the hearts. She further stressed that the they should be open to unlearn and relearn things for them to be excellent learner leaders.

Consequently, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Lourdes Bermudez, discussed Listening with the Heart where she accentuated how one can use his listening skills in inspiring students to be great. She explained that listening is an important skill since it affects the performance, not only of the students, but of every individual who influence students to greatness. She added, “Not everyone is capable of listening though we have the sense of hearing. Listening is a skill that most of us must learn and practice.”

She further explained that listening is not just about being quiet while someone else is speaking. It is an active process and is the process of receiving, constructing meaning from and responding to spoken and/or nonverbal messages.

SGOD Chief Marisa A. Dedumo discussed Job-Embedded Professional Development while the CID Chief Dolorosa De Castro expounded on Inspiring Learning Leaders to Greatness. Moreover, HRTD Paulino S. Castro dealt with Enhancing Competencies of Learning Leaders and the Values Education ESP Clariza Terrones tackled the Qualities of a Dream Team.

Participants were also able to express themselves, face their personal issues and be reconnected to God during the Deepening Oneself segment of the program.

The last day was devoted for the team building activities and different games which included Scavenger Hunt, relays, performance of skits, and other games. Prizes were given to best teams and individuals who gave their best in the presentations.

A rewarding finish

During the closing program SDS Torres reminded the participants to be excellent and to be armed with the skills and knowledge they acquired in the training. She added it inculcated in their hearts that part of their commitment in education is to face the challenges of their everyday life inside and outside their classrooms and offices.

Fr. Jason David was also present and emphasized that a leader must learn how to be a servant whose main agenda is the growth, well-being and welfare of his people and the organization where he belongs. He further described the concept that a leader is someone who is on top of the pyramid, but instead, a true leader, is someone whose heart is service to others.

Certificates were given during the closing program. It was also highlighted by the singing of the song “If we Hold on Together” by the participants. (Minariza M. Gillaco, DIO, SDO Calamba City)