The National Nutrition Council (NCC) in partnership with Schools Division of Rizal, represented by Sampaloc Elementary School (SES) held its first ever graduation ceremony in the country for 10 Kumainments Nutrition School-on-the-Air at Sampaloc Elementary Covered Court in Tanay, Rizal, July 3.

NCC had chosen Sampaloc ES as one of 11 selected schools nationwide which was invited by Arch. Jonard S. Vital to join and participate in 10 Kumainments Nutritional School on-the-air program which is a popularized version of Nutritional Guidelines of Filipino that will be heard on air at DZRH radio station. Almost 325 pupils completed the program and attended the ceremony.

The program was led by Catherine Vital of Marcus Phoenix Media Production Corporation as the Master of Ceremony. It was followed by the invocation and the singing of Philippine National Anthem led by selected teachers of SES.

At the program, Sampaloc ES Principal Nenita A. Gaspar gave her welcome remarks and sincerely thanked the NCC for choosing the school as recipient of the program. She also added that the program gave additional knowledge to their learners which they could share to others especially at home.

Public Schools District Supervisor of Tanay II-A Raquel R. Piñon also expressed her support by monitoring the program of 10 Kumainments Nutritional School on-the-airs and also shared her gratitude towards NNC for choosing Sampaloc ES as one of the recipients.

Ira Dominique H. Guerrero, Nutrition Officer II at Nutrition Information and Education Division at National Nutrition Council said that from practicing this program of Nutritional School On-the-Air, schools can spread the message of Nutritional Guidelines for the Filipino.

Guerrero also underscored that all the knowledge that they have gained from the program should also be remembered. It should always be in their hearts and minds, and that they should be always applied in their every day life.

Selected pupils were one in saying that the program was of great help for them. It taught them the dos and don’ts on what they should apply to become healthy and it gave additional knowledge that they can share to everybody especially to their family.

During the graduation ceremony,  certificates were awarded to all the pupils who had passed the 12-session program. Recognition was also given to teachers who made the program successful.

Edzell Arcinue, Nutrition Officer III of National Nutrition Council Region 4-A guided all the pupils for their pledge of graduates.

The closing program ended with a picture taking of all the proud graduates of NNC program with the officers of NNC and teachers from Sampaloc ES. (Jennette Laine L. Espinola, Sampaloc ES)