In unity there is strength. The saying holds true in DepEd Tanauan City with the General Parents and Teachers Association Federation elections conducted on June 29. As the most established partner of DepEd next to the local government units, this school year’s PTA focused on the theme “Partnerships in Achieving Right-Based Education through Nurtured Environment”.

“The mutualism or interspecific cooperation in every activity of the division also strengthens the good relationship and bond between parents and teachers,”  OIC Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Shirley C. Siman, who graced the event stressed.

Marina L. Robert, Education Program Supervisor and OIC of the School Governance and Operations Division added, “this partnership program aims to support DepEd Order 77, s. 2009, in recognizing and seeking qualified officers of Division PTA Federation.”

Participants in the gathering were the elected officers from the 10 cluster-districts including North I, North II, North III, East I, East II, East III, West I, West II, South I, and South II. Also in attendance were the Public Schools District Supervisors and staff from SGOD.

Candidates in the federation stated key points to consider why they should be elected to the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, Peace Officer, and Public Information Officer.

During the discussions with newly elected PTA officers, Xander Castillo, Junior Education Program Specialist for Social Mobilization emphasized that teachers and schools should strictly observe the No Collection Policy. He also encouraged parents to become more visible in schools to continue the strong partnership with teachers especially in shaping the minds and values of young Tanaueños.

Re-elected President Emma Mendoza thanked the parent-officers for trusting her again and enjoined them to become more active advocates of education and promote transparency in every PTA activity. (Riblyn Joan B. Miraña, PDO I, Tanauan City)