This year’s gathering of teachers from the Division of Quezon made a clear statement of its long-term goal which is to further develop the culture of research in the province by having research-based instruction among academic institutions in entire Quezon through its event dubbed as Quezon Educator’s Research Convention on August 22 and 24.

Through an audio-visual presentation, the division shared its vision- mission to its teachers about its goal by highlighting the accomplishments of the office in the field of research through the Teacher Researchers Association of Quezon (TRAQ), which has served as its arms in taking actions in establishing and continuous improvement of research making, utilization, and implementation in the entire province through its series of plenum and volumes of publications.

According to the division office, since its establishment in 2014, TRAQ has held six research plenums with 4128 participants, produced five publications, completed 339 researches, published 124 outputs, and staged 457 presentations.

Gracing the convention as guest speaker was Dr. Allan B. De Guzman of the University of Sto. Tomas and a 2011 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Teacher awardee who gladly extended any form of help among the teachers in order to improve the status of making researches particularly action researches in the entire division.

“I am glad that Quezon province is now research perspective,” De Guzman said.

He also shared to his audience ten ways to produce and conduct an action research. His ten steps include: ASRIM ND1D2FA which means Area of focus statement, Study variables, Research questions, Intervention or innovation, Membership of action research, Negotiations to be undertaken, Data collection, Data analysis, Findings, and Action planning.

More so, he told the teachers how to group these ten steps by establishing first the classroom problem space which includes the ASR steps. Second, creative classroom which has IMND1 steps. Third, the gains which is made up of D2F steps. And finally, commitment which involves the last A step.

De Guzman also told his audience that two important elements a research question must have are the problem and the action to be taken.

In the end, he challenged everyone to make an action research in order to make a difference and reminded them the vital role of teachers which is to teach in order to celebrate learning.

Meanwhile Quezon Governor David C. Suarez was also present in the event and introduced Q1K to the teachers. The project is a health development program initiated by the provincial government of Quezon which aims to ensure the health   of   the mothers and their babies for 1000 days including conception and days after birth. The project is the first in the country and has been recognized by the UNICEF.

The governor also did not forget to pay tribute to the teachers whom he called heroes. He even told them that teachers have special place in his heart for his grandparents were also educators.

On the other hand, Schools Division Superintendent Merthel M. Evardome emphasized the importance of unity. She explained the value of having a harmonious relationship among the members of the DepEd Quezon family as well as in dealing with all the stakeholders of every institution that makes up the division.

She also extended her thanks to the teacher participants for consistently showing support to the annual event and encouraged everyone to be more optimistic in dealing with work by telling them to treat all challenges and problems as opportunities to learn and to grow.

Jayson A. Parentela, a Science SST-III of Quezon National High School, shared how glad he was with the convention especially the knowledge and energy shown by the speaker through his talk and exercises.

“Despite the more dominant academic vibe because of the research displays and the focus of this year’s gathering, still the event managed to maintain its high entertainment value that usually brings fun and enjoyment among us teachers,” added Parentela.

The event also highlighted performances from teachers and guest artists like the Phenomenal Diva Jessa Zaragosa and Wildflower’s star, RK Bagatsing gamely bonded with the audience through their song numbers. (Art Angelo A. Enelo, Schools Division Office of Quezon Province)