“We don’t need intelligent teachers. We don’t need the best teachers. What we need are committed teachers. Just be good.”

These were the words uttered by the Regional Kindergarten Supervisor and Early Language Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator Elena L. Lopez during the closing program of the region-wide enhancement training on Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Early Language Literacy and Numeracy for K-3 Teachers  (Phase 2) at DAP Tagaytay City last May 31.

The week long training which started on May 25 was attended by four divisions composing of Batangas Province with 50 participants, Batangas City with 28, Lipa City with 26, and Tanauan City with 33. Making a total of 137 participants.

The training was run by 25 facilitators who were divided into two classes. For Class 1 the facilitators were Mr. Johnson B. Cueto from Batangas City, Dr. Guillerma C. Bilog,Dr. Nancy C. Lubis, Dr. Julita  E. Ilagan, Dr. Agripina M. Martin, Ms. Violetia B. Mira, Ms. Elizabeth R. Tolentino, Ms. Conie M. Hernandez, Ms. Andrea N. Hernandez, and Ms. Gina M. Laksamana who was at the same time the Focal Person of the first group. They were all from Batangas Province.

The facilitators for Class 2 were from Batangas City were Dr. Ms. Marieta N. Perez, who acted as the Focal Person of the said class, Esperanza B. Lusanta, Dr. Edelyn B. Briones, Ms. Rowena T. Asi, and Ms. Teresita L. Culla.  Facilitators from Tanuan City were Dr. Cresencia A. Castillo, Mr. Adelio B. Balbin, and Ms. Melanie V. De Castro. Meanwhile, facilitators coming from Lipa City were Dr. Marife T. Morcilla, Dr. Leonides D. Chumacera, Ms. Theresa G. Exconde, Ms. Fe M. Lacatan, and Mrs. Maria Fe C. Bautista who acted as the Over-all Focal Person.

The one-week training turned out to be a success with the rating of outstanding as the over-all impression of QAME Process for the training and program delivery. This will not be possible without the support of everyone. The Regional Training Team provided the participants with all the training needs like the materials, session guides, and videos.

According to Bautista, being an over-all focal person became an easy task with the support of all the facilitators having the common goal of delivering the best for the participants. She adds that when they go back to their respective station, all the knowledge and skills that they have gained will be transferred to the most important clientele, the K -3 learners.

Furthermore, Bautista said that after the end of the weeklong training will be the beginning of spreading the Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy to K-3 learners by the committed teachers. (Maria Fe C. Bautista – Division of Lipa City.)