Team CALABARZON: One Heart, One Goal

One heart one goal

Solidarity. Treaty. Comradeship. Amity. Alliance.

This acronym flawlessly encapsulates the very essence of this year’s Southern Tagalog CALABARZON Athletic Association (STCAA) as the historical Region IV-A opens its annual sports event with a theme that calls for solidarity in promoting peace through sports.

The call for unity seems to be the region’s hammer to crush the wall of intense competitiveness that appears to border STCAA for years. Since its inception, the much-awaited meeting of the brawns and muscles in the field has been fraught with too much tension as the best of the best of the sixteen divisions spur their all to get the elusive gold. Skirmishes, not going beyond the accepted rules of course, have always been considered part of the game.

True. One cannot fault human nature’s tendency to want personal glory. In every competition, sports or otherwise, con-cerned individuals tend to focus on only one objective, and that is to bring pride and honour to themselves and to their home court. The scent of winning is at par with the bitter tone of disappoint-ment. This is doubly applicable to sports tournaments, with the atmosphere charged high, and it is but understandable for players and coaches when they inadvertently release certain emotions based on the outcome of the game.

However, this does not mean that we will all fail to recall what STCAA is about. Summon up the distinguishing personality of a CALABARZON player, coach and official. It is not about win-ning, isn’t it, but the wisdom we learned afterwards. It is not about the number of medals, must it not, but the number of friends we gained. It is not about individual efforts, but team work that should count. Because at the end of it all, we cannot deny that STCAA is for the triumph of CALABARZON, and we are but contributors to attain this coup.

STCAA 2013 aims to erase the line separating all the divi-sions and concentrate on one goal – to pin point the finest athletes who will represent CALABARZON to the Palarong Pambansa. This is our solitary objective. Forget the self-worth; instead, look ahead to producing a better-than-ever Region IV-A, as a team. It may be difficult, but nothing is impossible to a resolute heart.

Antipolo City. Batangas City. Laguna. Batangas Province. Calamba City. Lipa City. Cavite City. Cavite Province. Dasmariñas City. Lucena City. Quezon. Rizal. San Pablo City. Sta. Rosa City. Tanauan City. Tayabas City. Have that determination. Be the first to take up the challenge of the region. Affirm your support to the goal. Take the leap of faith in promoting peace through sports.

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