DepEd CALABARZON launches Regional Drive for Excellence toward PQA


DepEd Region IV-A CALABARZON launches regional drive for excellence toward Philippine Quality Award (PQA) today (February 4) at the Regional Office, Karangalan Village in Cainta, Rizal.

Dr. Lorna Dig Dino, Regional Director of CALABARZON, said that the region is the first in the Department of Education to launch the PQA. “To be the lead DepEd region in terms of good governance can be achieved if we strive for PQA,” Dino said.

Institutionalized through Republic Act 9013 in 2001, PQA is the highest level of national recognition for exemplary organizational performance. It aims to encourage and engage public and private organizations and other stakeholders to strive for and attain performance excellence.

PQA paves the region to realize its vision that by 2017, DepEd CALABARZON is a nationally recognized leading region for good governance and for developing functionally-literate and God-loving Filipinos.

Ms. Elena A. Cruz, the region’s consultant on this program, will orient and discuss to the regional staff on how to make the region achieve the PQA. She will assist Region IV-A to fully ensure that the aims of the region will be carried out.


DepEd CALABARZON’S battle cry:


One dream…

One mission…

Go for Excellence!

Go for Philippine Quality Award!

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